Introduction: Treasure Your Trash! No Money Valentine's Day Scarf!

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Hey Mr. Cheapo!!!!
You have no $$$? It's ok!!! Don't get left out in the cold on Valentine's Day.
We want you to invest time than money in our relationship!

Turn your trashy shirt into a gift.

Take it from me this means more than decaying flowers.

Step 1: Supplies

~Cotton Shirt

30 minutes

Step 2: Find That Special Shirt!

Maybe it will have some meaning? First date, gift, or just scrap!
This is your shirt so it has meaning regardless! But the extra thought will get you some extra ❤️

Step 3: Cut the Trunk of the Shirt

Cut below the armpit to the other armpit. You'll have a square piece when done.

Step 4: Lets Roll...

Roll the square.

Step 5: Cut the Roll

Cut the roll into 1/2 inch pieces.

*Play with the width if you need to.

Step 6: Stretch It Out

Stretch out the loops. Grab each end and stretch it.

Step 7: Cut the Seams

Cut the seams off. You'll end up having long strings.

Step 8: Cut the Collar

Step 9: Tie the Strings Around the Collar

Keep your knots the same throughout. You can make a simple knot or be a extra creative.

*Cut different lengths to add some flare. See final picture.

Step 10: Keep Tying

Keep working around the neck collar. I trimmed mine so its reverse mullet... long in front short in back!

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