Introduction: Tulip Tower Loom Bracelet

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This is an easy and fun bracelet for you and it is really beautiful good luck

Step 1: Things Needed

Things you need for tulip tower bracelet
A loom
A hook
Some rubber bands
A C or S clip

Step 2: Placing Bands

Now you have to place bands
Place a band facing with the arrow facing forward as you can see in the picture above

Step 3: Placing Bands

Then place a band to the left and then to the right easy

Step 4: Adding Bands

Then add bands from the right to the bottom peg and from the left to the bottom peg

Step 5: Placing Bands

Add another green coloured band and then a white or yellow coloured band and do the same as i am using pink and yellow for flowers well it is your choice you can use any colour you want

Step 6: Cap Band

Place a cap band on the last peg on top of the band i hope you know how to add a cap band it is easy on your finfers turn the band into an 8 shape the carefully place it on the peg there would be 2 layers of the cap band dont forget to notice that

Step 7: Lets Get Hooking

Now start hooking go inside the cap band take the first band you see and place it on the peg which you get
Then same with the left peg
After that to the front peg

Step 8: Hooking

Then from the left peg to the front peg and from the right peg to the front peg

Step 9: Hooking

Do the same till the end i hope it is easy

Step 10: Almost There

For taking off the bands, take your hook inside the last peg of your loom and from the inside to the outside tyen add a band to it and reverse back from the inside to the outside but be careful do not let the band in the hook let out
And now take it off the loom

Step 11: Extension

Now for the extension , place your incomplete bracelet only the last band like a cap band on a peg of the loom
Then add bands for a single chain extension like this above
As you now you have to add a cap band instead of the cap band add the bracelet's last band and it should be place like a cap band
Then start hooking from the cap band and you will have your single chain extension ready

Step 12: Taking It Off

Take the single chain off like this
Hee you have your extension but you see it is too small for you do the same for the other side of the tulip tower bracelet
Look here you have it

Step 13: Finishing Touches

For the finishing touch yu have to add a s clip
Add a s clip on each of the end of the bracelet

Step 14: Congrats

Congratulation you have completed your bracelet
Now dont forget to comment share and make it one of your fave pleaseeeeee