Introduction: Tutorial: Shell Pendant Necklaces

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Necklace, I love necklace! I would never feel enough with my necklace!

As there is a variety of shells, I’ve tried to make a shell pendant necklace by use of different kind of shells.

Where the shells come from? Ah, ha! Go to the seashore and you will get a lot. Or you can get it on the store if it is inconvenient.

This is what I did and can be used as a reference.

Step 1: Materials

Let’s get the list of materials and tools before making.


Sea Shell Beads

Trumpet Shell Beads

Iron Oval Cross Chains

Iron Jump Rings

Platinum Brass Lobster Claw Clasps


Glass Beads


Flat Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Side Cutting Pliers

Noweverything is ready.

Step 2:

We choose a shell and wear a hole in with an iron jump ring. Then pick up an iron oval cross chain and pass the shell from the iron jump ring.

Step 3:

Select several shell beads and repeat the first move. Next, we need to find a proper place and make the shell fixed on the chain.

Step 4:

Put what’s going on aside, it is time to treat the glass beads.

Let the glass bead wear a headpin from the hole and then bend the part of the excess into a circle. One headpin, one glass bead. However, we need a special one with three glass beads in one headpin.

Step 5:

Repeat the second move and the glass beads can be fixed on the chain.

The necklace is basically finished.

Step 6:

Don’t forget the special glass beads pendant! It is a shell pendant necklace, remember? It would be great.

Cut out some spare cross chains and make one side connected with the special one glass-beads. The other side then can be connected with the necklace chain.

That’s over!

Step 7:

You can round two circles around the neck as the main picture shows, or just one circle. It's up to you.

Anyway, hoping it would bring you a good mood!

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