Introduction: Tutorial of a Colorful Beaded Bracelet With Shell

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Last time I have made a necklace with shell at my leisure. That’s a really pleasant experience! Therefore, it occurs to me how about a bracelet with shell. So excited!

Come with me and make yourself a special bracelet!

This is the finished product we will get. How cute they are! It makes me feel as if I were a little girl!

Step 1: Materials

This time, we will use fewer materials, so easy. Well, the variety of beads seems a bit more. Forget that.

Materials: beads, wire and so on

Steel Wire

Iron Jump Rings

Iron Round Spacer Beads

Cotton Thread Tassels Pendant Decorations

Gold Wire

Silver Tone Alloy Lobster Claw Clasps

Crackle Glass Beads Strands

Glass Seed Beads

Trumpet Shell Beads

Tools: pliers

Pointed-nose Pliers

Round-nose Pliers

Jewelry Pliers

Step 2:

About steps, I have to say that I’m not good at describing, thus I will prepare enough pictures to help.

First, take out the shell and the gold wire. We need to wrap the gold wire around the shell.

Step 3:

Second, find your steel wire, and link the wire to the shell on the both sides. Then we will get a half-product in the shape of bracelet.

Step 4:

Third, give full play to your ingenuity. Choosing the beads and tassels you liked to fill the wire.

We will use the pliers.

Step 5:

At last, use the clasp to finish the bracelet.

Then put it on your hands!

This is a tutorial of a simple beaded bracelet with shell. Hoping you will like it.

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