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Introduction: Ultra Cheap Articulated Warhammer 40k Power Fist

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I was just browsing around the site, then I saw this

https://www.instructables.com/id/3D-Print-an-Articu... I was immediately interested in building one. However 3D printing is not an option, so I searched for something that would be relatively easy to build and ofcourse super cheap. I came across this video on youtube:

And decided to make my version of the power fist based on this concept.

So let's get started.

Step 1: Gather Scraps

Essential materials for this build are the ff:
1. 2 empty ballpen ink tubes or cue tips (cotton buds) or anything that is a hollow small cylinder.

2. Instant glue or glue stick and glue gun

3. EVA foam (this varies depending how big you want the power fist to be) I used up about 5 pcs of 12" x 12" EVA foam squares.

4. rubber bands (I used thin ones)

5. Corrugated cardboard about 14" x 12" I just used an old box.

6. 4 pcs washers or key chain rings (big enough to fit on your finger)

7. Nylon strings or any string that would fit on your small cylinder.

8. Spray paint (red) That's the only one I have. But if you got some extra cash or you could get some from a friend go get some gold, black and white. I used water color mixed with acrylic emulsion. works just as fine. These colors are mainly for ornamental detail.

9. Acrylic Emulsion

10. Old CD case or CD

11. and lastly some time and enthusiasm.

The power fist I wanted to make wasn't particularly large. Just wanted something about 2 or 3 times bigger than my own hand. I wanted it to be light also, thus the EVA.

The first thing I did was to create a template of my fingers scaled to the proportion I wanted. traced them on the EVA then cut them out. I also created v-cuts on the fingers where the joints are. Next is the assembly of the pull strings to bend each finger. What I did was similar to the youtube video on the intro page. Go ahead watch it for reference. The only difference I did here was instead of directly hot gluing the small tube on the EVA foam, I glued them on a small piece of plastic first, then glue the plastic on the EVA foam. I got mine from an old cd case. this will give the tube more area to stick on, thus becomes stronger.

Step 2: String Em Up and Put a Ring on It.

Thread the nylon string and tie the other end on the first tube, the one in the finger tip and tie the other unto a ring / washer or anything circular that your finger can fit in to. In the picture you can see I enlarged the opening to allow my fingers to move or extend a bit more.

on the other side of the fingers, glue some rubber bands to straigthen up the fingers and this will also spring back the fiingers once tension is released.

Cover up the strings with a palm and wrist cover. I did not have any template or what so ever. I just went and covered the whole assembly up.

do the same for the fingers. I ran out of EVA before I could cover up the finger tips.

Step 3: Skulls and Wings

Drew a skull and a pair of wings on EVA, then just cut them out. For the skull, I heated the cut out shape and pushed it against our rounded door knob. That gave the skull that dome shaped forehead.

Step 4: Paint / Hang to Dry, Then Test.

brushed the whole thing with acrylic emulsion. I coated it 3 times just to make it smooth and non porous.

I painted mine red. I originally painted the skull white with just water color. I wasn't happy how it looked and tried washing it off, once the water hits the skull it came out looking that the paint was peeling off or fading. I wanted that sort of effect and repeated that on the wings as well. To preserved the color, I lightly brushed them with acrylic emulsion.

here is a video of the test. the articulation is small since the strings have been painted over.

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    Buddha Cookie
    Buddha Cookie

    6 years ago

    Awsome, I want to something similar for a starcraft marine I am thinking of making.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Wow! that would be an awesome build. I suggest making the joints stronger if your planning on grasping something heavy. If you have access to a CO2 laser cutter it would be a lot easier to make.

    Buddha Cookie
    Buddha Cookie

    Reply 6 years ago

    Yea. I mean I intend to take the suit to a paintball event. No clue when I can start or will, kind of still looking for a job.


    6 years ago

    Cool project. Great use of EVA foam.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    The outside knuckles should have been longer to help hide the joints (and make it look more like a powerfist). The inside joints could be dressed with small bits of black, stretchy fabric to not only hide the joints but make it look more solid.

    This is a great tutorial and a great way to make this. I had an idea to do this almost identically to how you did it. my difference was the fingers (which I mentioned above) and a wrist brace to hold it in place and secure it to my arm.

    Also, you painted it wrong for a Space Wolf powerfist... ;)


    Reply 6 years ago