Introduction: Wall Shot Glass Holder

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This is a cool way to store shot glasses. You can make it to fit as many shots as you want. I made mine to fit four shot glasses. This was inexpensive to make. I had a spare piece of wood that I used to make this. It is held up on the wall with to small L brackets. I stained mine to give it a nice look. Do some measuring, cutting and drilling and you have yourself a wall shot glass mount. Add your shot glasses and you're set. Also you can add tealight candles to make it a wall hanging candle holder.

I always like having cool shot glasses

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

piece of wood

L brackets




drill bits

tape measure

straight edge




finishing sander

sand paper

tealight candles (optional)

Step 2: Make Template

I started by making a template on a sheet of paper. I used a shot glass to determine how big I would need to make the holder. The dimensions of this is 3 inches by 10.5 inches. The width of the wood is 1 inch thick. I have a half inch space going around the edge of all the shots. I measured the half inch and made a straight line so they would all be even. I set the shot glass upside down and drew a circle around it. This will allow you to add the other half inch line for your edge. From the edge of the circle i measured another half inch space for a gap of wood in between. I then traced the shot glass again upside down. Do this for as many shot glasses as you want. Then once you've made everything straight you can fold the paper in half. This will give you the half of the center of each of the circles. Or you can measure to find the center of the circle. Another way is eyeing up the bit when you drill to the center of the circle you drew.

Step 3: Cut Wood

Start with a piece of wood and lay down the template you made.

Trace the template with a pencil onto the wood, or measure your template and cut your wood to that.

The size of my wood was 3 by 10.5.

I used a jigsaw to cut this out. You could use a handsaw or circular saw.

Once you have your frame cut you need to drill the holes. I used a 1 and 1/2 inch drill bit.

You can lay your template on the frame that you cut. There will be the circles you traced from your shot glass.

Find the center of the hole and drill out a hole.

You should be able to find the center of the circle by measuring or eyeing it up. Cut out all four holes.

Take some sandpaper and sand the holes that you cut.

Also sand all the edges of the frame. Also I used a finishing sander to sand the top and bottom.

Step 4: Stain & Add Shot Glasses

After you sand your frame you can stain it. (optional)

Make sure you don't add too much. You will want to add the stain evenly to all sides of the frame.

Make sure to stain the inside of the holes you cut.

set it on something so that it is lifted off your panting surface.

Paint both sides of the frame.

Screw in your two L brackets and mount it to the wall.

Also you can add tealights to the shot glasses and use it as a candle holder.