Introduction: Weeping Angel Costume

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I made this weeping angle costume out of a mop, some house insulation foam sheet and a drop cloth... wasn't to bad. The results were great, everyone stops her to ask for pictures with the weeping angel

Step 1: Making Weeping Angel Wings

I had some left over Dow (Common: 2-in x 4-ft x 8-ft; Actual: 1.875-in x 3.937-ft x 7.785-ft) R10 Faced Polystyrene Foam Board Insulation from a project... so that is what the wings are made out of.

  1. Draw the wing pattern
  2. Dremel with a metal mill bit. It goes really fast. I just hogged out the drawing then sculpted each feather. Each wing took only 45 minutes of carving
  3. I spray painted the wings gray
  4. touched up the color with an airbrush adding some dark shadows and light highlights.
  5. the back plate is held on with flat bungee straps... like a backpack. I glued some foam onto a sheet of board and attach the wings with long plastic dowels. It took an additional wire to secure the wings in place when in use.

Step 2: Make a Mop Wig for the Weeping Angel

Made the mop wig out of an old ball cap, 2 mops from the dollar store, a ribbon and some spray paint

  1. cut off the brim of the hat and remove the little button on top
  2. Leave the center parting line clean while you hot clue mop pieces in place
  3. I covered the whole hat in one layer of mop to create bulk
  4. gluing on strands one at a time next to the parting line and then folded them back across.
  5. i added a ribbon and a few extra hairs
  6. spray paint....while not wearing it.

Step 3: The Weeping Angel Dress

This is made from a drop cloth and a thrift store shirt... and some paint

  1. cut the half circle out of some drop cloth
  2. Hem the bottom edge
  3. to a larger hem around the top, small circle area, for a draw string
  4. i bunched it up to give it some depth
  5. Paint it with gray spay paint
  6. ad some depth with with airbrush making the valleys of the wrinkles dark and the upper edges light with black and white

Step 4: Pointy Fingernails

simple... just spray paint the nails to match... but be sure to clean your fingernails with rubbing alcohol or fingernail polish remover before applying. She had a bunch of makeup on her fingernails from painting her hands gray.

Step 5: Go Scare People

Paint your face and hands. We used gray, white and black face paint on her arms, face and hands.

  1. don't blink
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