Introduction: Wire Heart Bracelet

Impress your friends with this modern, simple, beautiful, wire bracelet. See the shock in their faces when you say that you made it yourself.


  • Wire

Step 1: Cut Your Wire.

Cut the wire 19 inches long for a medium wrist. Fold the wire in half.

Step 2: Make a Heart.

Make a heart at the end of one wire with some wire leftover (1/2 inch).

Step 3: Wrap With the Other End of Wire.

Wrap the bottom of your heart with the other end of your wire.

Step 4: Curl the End of the Wire.

Curl the non-heart end of doubled wire. Curl into a hook.

Step 5: Shape to Your Wrist and Hook.

Shape the finished bracelet to your wrist and hook the hooked end to the heart.

Step 6: Show to Your Friends!

Show off your new cool bracelet that you made.

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