Introduction: Wood Pendant Necklace

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Turn scrap pieces of wood into jewelry. In this instructable I made pendant necklaces by sanding small pieces of wood and stained them with a non toxic stain. Use different types of wood (cherry, maple, ash etc) for different colours and picking wood pieces with an interesting grain pattern makes for unique jewelry.

Step 1: Material:

  • Wood
  • Pendant bails
  • Mineral Oil (baby oil)
  • Strong coffee


  • Wood cutting tools (saw, Dremel etc.)
  • Sandpaper (varying grits)
  • Pliers
  • Paint brush
  • Rag

Step 2: Shape Wood

  • Cut the wood to the shape and size that you like with a saw or Dremel tool (one of the pendants I made was about  32mm X 25mm in size with a thickness of 5mm.)
  • Round the edges of the wood, I used 60 grit sandpaper for this.

Step 3: Sand Until Smooth

Sand the wood with increasing grit sandpaper until it is nice and smooth, I used 80,100,150,180, 220, then 320 grit.  Always sand with the grain, and don't skip more then one grit size.

Step 4: Drill Hole for Bail

  • With a pencil mark the centre of the pendant where the hole for the bail should go.
  • Drill hole with a small bit (1/16th).

Step 5: Stain

Since I will be wearing the wood necklace near my skin, I didn't want to use a polyurethane stain.  So I choose a natural, non toxic way of staining the wood, coffee.
  • Brew some coffee stronger than you would drink, I made it about 4X stronger. Filter and let cool before you use.
  • Apply the coffee stain with a small brush, this may take several coats ( I did 5 coats), dry between coats.
  • Since it is a water based stain, it will make the wood a bit rough (it raises the grain) so lightly sand to make it smooth again.

Step 6: Oil

I used mineral oil as a non-toxic finish.  It also deepens the colour of the wood.  Pour a small amount of mineral oil on a rag, rub it into the wood and wipe off the excess.

Step 7: Add Bail and Chain

Put the bail on and squeeze shut with pliers and add a pretty chain.

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