Introduction: Wood Sprite Hairstyle and Jewelry!

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Are you in office and bored out of your mind? Or are you going out of your mind trying to figure out a wood sprite look? comes your paper clips to the rescue! it's so simple and you can change it to anyway you like!

Step 1: Office Supplies! are going to raid your drawers and cupboards and get your paper clips...
also you might want some colored A4 sheets of paper and of course a needle nose pliers...(hmm...don't know if that qualifies as office supplies??)
Hot glue gun

Step 2: The Swirl

To do the swirl..straighten the the paper clip.
make a small loop with the needle nose plier.
then clamp tightly and slowly make a swirl. stop half way and continue on the other end in
the opposite direction.

Step 3: The Spring

Grab your pen and remove the casing. wrap the straightened paper clip around it
remove from the pen and make small loops at the ends with your plier.

Step 4: Assembling the Chain

 Attach the spring loops to the spirals....find the center and then attach another spiral to the spiral...tighten the spring a bit so that it does not move.
To connect the chain...simply  make a bigger loop in one spring like a hook and attach it when necessary.
It's that simple!

Step 5: Earings

straighten  paper clips but keep the last bend...then make the swirl.
make complete swirls with another two paper clips but make a small loop at the for a pendant. Attach to the earrings...make an extra one for the chain.

Step 6: Do You Need More???

If you like you could leave it like that ...or you could add tight circles in the gap or the center of the swirl....
simple ..glue some paper according to the colors you like...pass it through the paper shredder...and roll to make a tight circle   if you are going for the wood sprite look make some paper roses

Step 7: Wood Sprite Hair

Straighten paper clip and then make it into a spiral. push the spiral slightly up. Make some paper roses and hot glue to the spiral. The spiral is pretty could just leave it like that in your hair...or if you want to attach something to your hair...simply hot glue it to the spiral.

for the grass - slit green shredded paper in two...wrap the strips tightly around a pen...and then gently remove it off the pen.

Now simply attach to hair by entangling the grass with the roses and twisting it to the hair. To remove the spiral...just twist the other side.

Isn't it lovely? it's so easy you would always be able to add any accessory to your hair with the spiral hair clip!

Hope you like it...and if you do please rate and vote...
I'm going to enter it for the office supplies and Halloween prop...and if accepted to the hack it contest too! so please vote if you like. thanks!

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