Introduction: Yarn Wall Hanging

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This is a yarn embroidered wall hanging.this is really simple to do..due to lockdown I couldn’t framed guys can make it easily at home


1.jute cloth
2.acrylic color
3.colorful yarns-green,red,black,brown,yellow,pink,Orang(you can choose your favourite colors for flower)

Step 1:

First of All you have to cut the jute cloth according to the size you want to hang on the wall.I have taken15 inch length and 11 inch width cloth..then you have to color the need 3 acrylic colors for the sky..first you have to color the bottom dark blue..then you have to shade with light blue and then white..then the sky will done..

Step 2:

then in the 2nd step you have to color the mountains with green acrylic can also do shade with yellow color..
then you have to stitch the border of the mountain with green yarn..

and then you have to stitch the border of the house with black yarn.i have also add a line with white yarn just to make it more attractive.then you have to make the roof.the roof of the house should be stitched line line with red yarn.. just to add some more Detail you have to do the lines under the will make your hut more attractive

Step 3:

in the next step you have to color the steam with extra light blue color.if you Don't have this color you can mix white coloe with light blue color to make it extra light. you must color the Field at the bottom of the steam .then you have to make the bushes in the bottom of the hut..first take yellow colored yarn akhn stitch round and round like bushes..once you have done two huts with yellow bush you have to take green yarn to make yellow bush just below the yellow bush.

Step 4:

once you have done the bush you have to take the brown yarn and stitch the body of the must add some bricks..then you have to take the green yarn and made the leaf of the tree with the same stich you have done at the bushes.

here I added some pictures of the stitches which i have used in the bushes and the leaf of the have to put the needle in and bring it out just like the picture..then you have to take the yarn and round it around the needle.. you have to do approximately 4/5 rounds then you have to bring the needle out akhn put it back in another will creat one leaf.I used this stitch for the yellow as well as the green bushes.I hope i abled to make you understand the stitch🙄

you must have to add the doors and windows of the houses.and also you have to color the doors and windows.

Step 5:

i also add a small boat with two boat man and two lampposts.. then to make it more colorful you have to add flowers at thee bottom field.I have also add tow birds with black acrylic colors .then you diy yarn wall hanging its read..frame it and hang it in wall..

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