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12v underwater camera sys w/ monitor problems Answered

i have 12v ir camera w 80' lead to a small handheld monitor (aquaview) switch is bad i need schematic or diagram info to fix, contacted dealer and was told no info or service option thru them other than a new monitor from them at $125 tot. have searched everywhere but cannot find this info anywhere, suggestions?had to "dremel" water proof case to access once in found switch is fine but several pwr/ground/vid wires disconnected at solder terminal no way to determine what/where, i need schematic info or suggestions.



9 years ago

If you could give a picture, it would be really helpful, and I might be able to help because I can picture it. Whatever you do, be careful when you solder. I've had some bad experiences with soldering electronics. if you solder it wrong, you could royally screw the monitor up. I still might be able to help, though. if the colors are what I think they are, the Ground should be a uncovered wire, and go to the center. the power should be either red or black, most likely black, and it should go to the contact that looks like a power circuit (look for either a diode and transformer or a white or red wire.) Finally, the video should be either yellow or white, and go to the contact that looks like a video system (look for a microprocessor or imager.) That's my best guess. Good luck!