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2x Feature request: Concerning the Slideshow feature Answered

Two things about slideshows that I think could use some improvement.

1. When I put my mouse cursor over one of those tagged areas (yellow rectangle outlines), I'm probably doing that so that I can read the comment that shows up. It would make sense to automatically pause the slideshow until I pull the cursor out of the rectangle, so that it doesn't switch pictures while I'm reading.

2. I'm not sure about this, but it appears to me that the slideshow first decides that it's time for the next picture, and then loads it. This means that on a slow connection, the time it takes to load the picture can significantly shorten the time that you get to see the picture. Then, after an all too short viewing period, the picture goes away, and the slideshow shows only a big white area while loading the next pic. It would make sense to try and switch pictures every T seconds, and load all pics as quickly as possible. If the next pic is not availible yet, don't hide the current one just yet.



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Funny, I was just thinking of those same things. With the tagged areas is it me or is the font smaller?
It would also be nice for an option to be able to specify the duration of each slide, e.g 2sec, 5sec, 10sec etc.

Doctor What
Doctor What

11 years ago

I've had that concern too.

I've also noticed that, even on a fast connection, the slideshows go to fast.  Having to hit the pause button on every slideshow I bring up tends to get old, fast.

BTW, nice username!  UP TOP!