Animatronic "Skin"

Hello, I am making an animatronic tail, similar to the one pictured below and I am not sure how to go about covering it so I can put the fur on. I am thinking that some type of rubber tubing (and what kind of tubing) or nylon/mesh stretchy fabric, but I am worried about glue seeping through the fabric and onto the moving parts. What do people use for this stage of their project? Help!!!

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Anyone from the UK. - near Bedford even better

Hi - just like it says - anyone around from the UK, I live in Bedford (not that that matters too much). I am looking to get in touch with some like minded folks to chat, swap ideas etc. I am on Facebook and always around sometime in the day. Cheers for now.

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Entry for the gift exchange

My skills include: cooking, sewing, sculpting, zookeeping / herpetology, painting, puppet-making, electronics hacks for Halloween Here's a link to my featured Instructable: What I'd like to make for someone: I love gift exchanges but I lived in apartments for many years, so I know that sometimes it is best to receive a memorable but consumable gift. For my gift entry, I will create special chocolates from a custom sculpture designed for the recipient.  I have been casting art in chocolate for several years.  First, I make a sculpture using special food-safe clay.  Then I take a mold using special food-safe silicon mold material.  And finally, I cast the sculpture in chocolate, using powdered sugar as a mold release.  You tell me what the recipient likes and I'll make the sculpture to match their interests.  I can also cast one piece in acrylic if that would be desirable, so the recipient will have a memento after the chocolates are eaten.  Note, however that after I cast with acrylic, the mold will be unusable for food, so it will all be a one-of-a-kind food art experience.  Transient, impermanent, never to be repeated. This process is incredibly flexible, so use your imagination.  Imagine a big chocolate Cthulhu surrounded by little chocolate Cthulhu minions.  Or a flight of diminutive chocolate butterflies.  Or a bust of lincoln. Actually, I don't think I'm that good a sculptor.  Maybe I could do Beethoven. I already have created molds for large and small Venus of Willendorf, several small calaveras, a tiny bite-sized penis, a delicate dragonfly, several sizes of scarab beetle, an ammonite fossil, and a large spider.  I can send a box of any of those, or create a new one.   The Venus of Willendorf are very popular with my friends.  The ammonite fossils were a hit at the office.  What design would you like? I'd be willing to make this size gift package for someone (choose all that apply): (S,M,L) S or M (I don't think I could refrigerate L sized chocolate for a trip in the mail.) I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else: I don't want anything larger than a hat rack, unless it is for outside. What I like: Art, light toys, knitted Cthulhu beasties, things that have been made more useful than the original designer intended What I don't like: Things made from trash that still look like trash I absolutely can't have: (due to allergies, pets, etc) No foods except for unflavored chocolatey chocolate.  No herbal concoctions, soaps, essential oils, or anything like that.  I have lots of plant and food allergies. Type of thing I'd love to receive: wall art, light toys, sculpture, anything with a zombie theme, anything that has been more useful than the original designer intended Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country? No, because I will have to ship the chocolates with dry ice and I'm just not sure they would let me do that, plus it would all melt sitting in customs and be a big unattractive lump by the time it arrived. Confirm that are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you have the approval of a parent or guardian:  I am older than 18. (opt) Here's someone who can keep a secret that knows what I like, in case you want to PM them with questions: I will cast a few chocolates today and post better photos later.

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Received an email saying the instructables is featured but not featured in site

I got a mail saying my green house instructables is fetured. But it is not showing up in site as featured. Kindly look into this issue. I had given a considerable amount of time in making it. Passion Make

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Searching for CAN-BUS overview for VW vehicles

Hello, I want to start hacking my VW CAN-Bus. In detail, i want to sniff some vehicle data (RPM, Indicator status, gear status etc.) For that I want to use an Arduino or RPI with a MCP2515 module. Is there an overview which shows all available identifier for vw vehicles  build <2010? Best regards

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I'm thinking about buying a pocket watch...

I'm not certain about how this is entirely relevant to Instructables, but I need some help on picking out a pocket watch. (Perhaps I could write up a "How to buy a pocket watch" sort of thing...)I've always loved mechanical things, parts working smoothly together, things that go tick, clockwork, blah blah blah. Plus, I've been told that I come across as saying we should take everything back to 1800's. ("We should use gold nuggets as currency, or even go back to the bartering system!" "Zeppelins kick ass!" "Get rid of cars, let's all ride bikes!") :DAnyhow, I wanna buy a pocket watch for about one hundred American dollars. I'd like it to tick, I'd like it to be wind-up, I want to be able to see the clockwork inside, and I don't want it to fall apart after a week. Does anyone have any tips for me? Like, "Make sure it says '17-jewel,' or else it's no good."On that note, if a watch is listed as having "17 Jewel Skeletonized Mechanical Movement," does that mean that it's wind-up?How much of a problem is it if you buy a watch with a plain, smooth case? (I'm worried about scratching).If it isn't too much trouble, I'd appreciate it if you'd share what watch/es you've had in the past.

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professional arrow keypads functions using mikroC compiler and PIC microcontroller

Hello, I want to design a professional arrow 5-keypad functions using mikroC compiler and PIC microcontroller to navigate on a LCD page or screen so that; a cursor can move UP , DOWN , RIGHT , LEFT  and ENTER (enter and select functions) on the a 20X4 LCD or a T6963C GLCD to select an item on it and to do a function or output for each of those mentioned  5 keypads using mikroC compiler and a PIC microcontroller. Would you please place the above circuit request;its hardware and codes(programs/software) here as a project?                                                                                                                     Thanks,

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1 inch glass rods

I have 8 glass rods, 1 inch diameter and 4 to 6 feet long.  Believe it or not, they were rods in the master closet of a 60's house we purchased 10 years ago.  I still can't think of anything to do with them, but would love to make some kind of garden installation.  We are VERY skilled.  Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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Images not getting uploaded - SOLVED

I am unable to add images to instructable. Whenever I click the upload button it gets disabled and nothing happens. I can upload images via app, but them moving images around from computer to phones is a pain, also editing on phone takes too long. Here too getting file uploads disabled due to server maintenance for Flickr import.

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Gcode Help

I'm having a lot of trouble finding resources and software to convert Illustrator vector drawings into gcode for a cnc. I tried exporting from Illustrator and importing into Inkscape to use the gcode extension, but it doesn't always follow the lines. Please help!

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why in the world "ible" ?

It makes me wince when someone uses 'ible in the comments section of an Instructable. It just seems wrong, it doesn't make any sense, and it seems lazy. How did this come about? Who thought it made sense? Why did the A change to an I when someone was lazy and chopped off the INSTRUCT?

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Sweep motion clock isn't silent anymore; what to do?

Hello all,  I hope to find some help here!  I own a sweep motion ''silent'' clock that was indeed silent until a few days ago. For unknown reason, it started to make a buzzing, motorized sound, as if I can hear the motor running inside. It's particularly noticeable when the clock is upright against the wall, not so much when its laying flat (which is totally useless) What to do ? Common sense with other clocks would be to lubricate the gears inside (sorry about my lack of clock-related vocabulary) but I don't know if I can do it with a sweep motion clock? Is it even the cause for this? Or the motor is just ruined? Also tried to insulate the back, helps a little but not so much. The reason I own a silent clock is that I am particularly sensitive to noises, it's driving me insane. Any help would be much appreciated. 

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why Instructables member removed my entries from contests

Instructables member just removed my entries from all contests. I don't know why but I want to know why this is happening to me.

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Testing LED light strips

More questions regarding this: I've added my 30 led strips and have soldered them in place.  The video says it's a good idea to test your strips at this point by connecting them to a power source. I presume it means to connect the two paired wires on the back of the panel to a power source.  However, I don't know electronics so I'm not sure how to do this. I have a 12v AC adapter as well as some other power adapters from old laptops.  How do I connect this to the wires? Is there a link to an existing instructable that might explain this for a newbie? Videomom

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I really apologize if it's not going to proper topic. But I need help and here is my problem. I was working with illustrator and ran on the following error: “Can’t open the illustration. The illustration contains an incomplete or garbed object description.” Any ideas how to save my work?

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Creating Multi Source power to store in batteries and convert for home use

 I am planning on using multi source electricity producers to store in batteries and convert to 110/220 AC for home use. I am going to set up as many generators as I can, including solar panels, wind generators, water flow generators and heat flow generators. I am building an underground storage room for the batteries. What would be the best batteries to use? What do I need to be able to use my generators to charge the batteries (I am thinking I will need a separate battery charger for each battery, but what do I need between the generators and the chargers?) and then how do I convert the DC to AC and hook it up to the house? As I will be doing this a little at a time, we will be using electricity from the power company at the same time. As we save money on the electric bill with the power we supply, we will expand our own generation of power, until we no longer need to buy electricity. Thank you in advance, Michael C. LaMay

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Vizio repair

HI, im new to this site and need some help!!! my Vizio tv will no longer communicate with my remotes :( Does anyone know how to fix this problem???

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Nichrome wire rope cutter

I've recently started working on a nichrome wire rope cutter. I've built a prototype that uses 2 9V batteries that connect in parallel to a 2" piece of 24 AWG nichrome wire. It works, but burns through the batteries within a minute of running them before they don't output enough current to heat up the wire.  I would like to improve this by turning it into something that is much less likely to burn itself down, or electrocute me in the process. I've been looking into ac to dc converters so I don't burn (almost literately) through 9V batteries. I'm kind of a bit hung up on the electrical engineering portion of this however. If I were to use something like a 12V 5A power supply, and then nearly short it with the nichrome (a resistance of .2477 OHMs) is the adapter limited to 5A, or would something start to melt. I have a feeling I need another resistor in there to reduce the current (if I but a larger PS), and or a potentiometer to dial in the temperature.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Prism Selection

I thought I posted this already but now I can't find it. wanting to build a pair of these for my dad;=ps&lpid;=82 but with the lenses articulated so that he can move them wherever he wants. trying to find a prism that would work correctly without inverting the image (I want it to be disorienting, but......not that bad)

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Engineering, automatic gate

Hi everyone i'm building an automatic swing gate (for my project) which uses a pneumatic actuator to open it but i'm struggling to determine how the gate is going to close, as the actuator does not have a longer stroke. i only have two and half weeks left for my due date, any help would greatly be appreciated. thanks

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paracord bracelet d shackle

Hi, I've made a few paracord bracelets mostly with the plastic buckles. I bought some stainless d shackles and wondering if there are any dangers using the shackles? Mainly getting the bracelet caught on something. I would think the plastic buckles would break, where the metal d shackles won't. I see a lot of bracelets with the d shackles. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Instructables en Español... ¡Fantástico!

Señoras y señores, distinguidos miembros de la comunidad hispanohablante, mi Gente Latina: ¡TENEMOS INSTRUCTABLES EN ESPAÑOL! Como diríamos en Colombia: ¡Qué berraquera! Después de varios años, el sitio DIY (Hágalo Usted Mismo) más importante del mundo nos ha abierto una puerta, no sólo para que podamos tener acceso, en nuestro idioma castellano, a sus instructables más importantes; también para que podamos mostrarle al mundo todo nuestro sabor. Muchas personas querían compartir sus ideas, pero se veían frenadas por la barrera lingüística. Pero ahora, ¡no tenemos excusa para no crear! Por el momento, podemos publicar instructivos usando la aplicación de Instructables en dispositivos IOS y Android. Pronto podremos publicar también usando el computador personal. ¿Quieres unirte a la revolución? Si te gusta cocinar y quieres mostrar el pozole que hacía tu abuela, cómo hacer un ajiaco con pollo, un seviche o la receta para el choripán con chimichurri perfecto; si sabes hacer un sombrero de Charro o un sombrero "Vueltiao"; si puedes construir los robots más geniales o los cosplays más fantásticos; si ya tienes listos tus geniales diseños en CAD mientras llegan las impresoras 3D a nuestros países; si quieres dar unos tips de cómo bailar Tango, Cueca, Bambuco, Salsa, Merengue; si quieres conocer y estrechar lazos con la gente más creativa y "echada pa'lante" de Latinoamérica y España... ¡Éste es tu sitio!

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Noob project help, raspberry pi 2 controlling indoor growing environment

Hello everyone, im new to the raspberry pi world. I have raspberry pi 2 module b (the new one with 1g ram) that im not using. i want to use it to control indoor small growing environment. I have 4 x 12v pc fans that i want to control  the speed of, due to the humidity and temperature. I have 3 led bulbs that i want to switch off/on with a schedule maybe in the future i will connect 5 / 12 V small water pump.  and to connect a camera to use time laps. I dont mind of using external power sources for the 12v fans and bulbs. im all new to this world, with the programming i think i will handle, but dont know much about electronics. im searching for easy way to do this,  dont mind of working hard and spending money on this, just need a good ideas and help :) thank you all.

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Instructable only has 2 views

Hello, I published my Instructable on the weekend and it only has two views and its not showing up in the explorer. I understand about the human filters but It wouldn't normally get two views under those filters. Could someone tell me the possible problem? Jack,

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Purchased 2 year pro, but my account remains as free

I purchased 2 years pro membership ( 39,99 $ ), but my account is still set as free account, where I can't download anything.  I payed via paypal, my CC got charged ( March 8 ) and nothing changed. I wrote to on Saturday and on Monday about it, but I haven't received any response from them.  Has anyone else had such problem, because I don't know if I can cancel that payment now and noone is responding on my emails from instructables? Please help!

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CO2 gas flow detector

Hi all,  I have a 1/4 inch id plastic pipe fed by co2 at very low pressure, normally there is no flow,  but when there is flow (actually suction) I want to to operate a switch that allows flow from the source gas cylinder.  Can anybody help.  A friend can help with making components on a lathe.  Thank you.

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should I give up on entering contests/posting detailed unique ideas?

Disheartened by contest results, I really feel like pulling some of my instructables and not publishing any further ones (I am taking some time right now to work on another project I was documenting for instructables but I feel like there isn't a point to the extra time involved in pausing to take pictures of every little thing).  It probably seems silly, but I did end up shoving a whole bunch of my priorities aside to make sure it was in before the deadline. My original idea was not among the top 5%, some of which were things I could buy derivatives of in a store or have definitely seen before.  I guess I am just looking for affirmation that this is a pretty commonplace occurrence, and as a first time contest entrant that eventually something will pan out and I'll wind up with a tshirt (I mean that's pretty much all I want out of the deal, the prizes are nice but the tshirts are cooler. not that anyone would really ask about them, but maybe when I visit geek-saturated areas...) if I keep trying.   Perhaps I was too confident and it takes way more than 50 hours to make a winning instructable (through all my trials and errors, it might have been more than 50) You could tell me that my pictures or use of language were not as good as the others, but I am pretty sure I have a decent command of the English language and most of my photos were ok, with the exception of having a few from a cellphone, in the dimly lit space I had to work in.  Granted, those steps were so self-explanatory others would've just added them as a sentence i.e. "Cut the chain".  I also went through the other entries, also from last year, and was pretty certain I'd place. Could ascribing it as "NoDerivs" possibly have anything to do with how the sponsor judged it?  I just don't want someone using their modified idea for an NGO without considering consulting me, I am only partially employed and am looking for that kind of employment, even being consulted without pay would be a CV boost at this point.  I could care less how many people make it for themselves or other groups in their backyards, as long as they aren't selling the idea or trying to one-up me.  Perhaps I should consider a different license attribute and just write in plain text what I mean by it? How does everyone else network to get people to vote for their entries? When your instructable is complicated, how do you shorten it enough to make sure people of all levels can understand?   Do a few cellphone pictures in an instructable of many photos ruin it (I don't always have a camera on hand and until super recently I didn't have an SLR as mine was stolen in Peru - I had to borrow one for some of my photos)?  Not as many people seem to like my most complicated instructable, so I wonder if length or complexity factors in... Do you think length factors into contest decisions?  Because my next project is also long, as unique ideas often are.  And I don't want to skip describing details and just say "put the capacitor in" or "build a rectifier circuit" when, since I started building circuits this Fall (partially thanks to instructables), I would have wanted to know details like to bend legs of a capacitor if I was following an instructable, and I was super confused by an instructable (a featured one at that) that said simply "build a rectifier circuit".   Sigh, I guess I am just bitter that I won't get one of those awesome tshirts. should I post the next idea on instructables once it is completed or not?  Or are ideas like that generally not appreciated in this community?  (hint: it is similar to the light up swing powered by a bicycle dynamo I posted, but implements another piece of playground equipment instead).  Perhaps I should just keep them to myself until I've built them beyond working prototypes?   Sorry for all the questions and being a Debbie Downer, I am just reflecting on what could have factored into my entry not having been selected as one of the top 25.  I was pretty sure it was at least in the top 10 or so.  If I am going to improve on future projects, I want to know what I should consider focusing on, and if complex projects don't really belong here (or if others have good ideas on how to shorten them).  Thanks all.

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Building a taller lift for my chair

So, I own an  adjustable bar-height stool with min-height of 24" and max-height of 33" and I wonder if it is possible to either   1) retrofit the existing hydraulic lift so I can get 10" more in height  2) Or completely build from scratch a similar hydraulic lift as the one I currently have installed except the new one would provide a max height of about 45"   I would appreciate any tips in accomplishing either of the above listed options please.

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How would you convert a nice stack of dice into an art piece?

Hello Community! Sice you are the most creative people I know I think you'll be able to help me: I used to collect dice and I have a nice stack of them. I'd like to turn them into a piece of art without destroying them but I don't know what would look nice on my wall. Any ideas?

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Profile shortcut broken

Hello, I added the "profile" shortcut to the shortcuts option available in settings. It directs me to rather than my actual profile, which results in an error. 1- Windows 10 x64 2- this happens regardless of browser 3- this happens regardless where I am on the site 4- image attached 5- description above

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micro electronics

Basic of this post is where e to buy micro size electronics for micro flying drones which are insect size? I asked arduino and raspberry pi, no answer yet.  in this post :     there is electromotor which OP claim that was used also by inventor of little flying drone...regarding arduino uno board i am not sure that was really used by inventor, please see pictures and videos on if someone knows please post where to buy such micro size electronics. Thank you  

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help programming arduino

This is my code so far what i would like to do is connect a pir sensor,once activated there should be a delay of 2min then the two sevo's should be activated and run for 20 min then reset and only be able to reactivate pir after an hour #include Servo vert; Servo hor; void setup() {   vert.attach(10);   hor.attach(11); } void migrate(Servo &myServo;, int newPos) {   int wait=random(1,20); //randomize the wait to make it more interesting   int pos =; //Read the current servo position   if (pos < newPos) {     for (int i=pos; i < newPos; i++) {       myServo.write(i);       delay(wait);     }   } else {     for (int i=pos; i > newPos; i--) {       myServo.write(i);       delay(wait);     }   } }

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Project Sooky You

Hi all, Just to say that Project Souquillou - sooky you - just went facebook. Yes there will be weird 'other than english' languages also, but base-camp is in France, destination in England and the carver is a Belgian, so. Steady building, that canoe. The horizon is getting closer every day.. Thanx for watching! bart

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BF494 Replacement

Hi I am looking for a replacement for a BF494. I have searched the web and I believe a 2n222 would work. Thank you! I am making an FM radio receiver by the way the schem. is up above.

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Jump Box

While the autoparts place was testing my battery(projected to take 1.5 hrs) I drove home with just the emergency jump box running the system. Probably not factory recommended for long durations, but it was just a mile or 2. What's the worst that could happen?

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Arduino project engenniring.

Hello my friends my name Mohamedi need sime help to my arduino project.itcontains an arduino,keypad and lcd.its about IMC(indice de masse corporelle)to input the weeight then height and mesure the IMC.which IMC=weight/height*height.actually everything was fine.i can input nulbers with the keyoad for the height and weight but when i d like to see the result i mean imc value it showd on the lcd ilc=-1.00 its like don t use the value what i put with keyoaf.plz i need help and i will send u later my arduino code that i made it by myself.thank u friends .

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Professional Teddy Bear Seamstress

I need a professional Teddy Bear seamstress to create a bear with my fabric Thank u

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Arduino: HELP: How to perform action if two rfid tag UIDs have been detected?

I'm using an rfid-rc522 and I want to print to the serial a string of text if two rfid tags have been read in a given time period. Essentially this: 1. First tag is read (print to serial: Tag 1 has been read) 2. Wait 2 seconds 3. Second tag is read (print to serial: Tag 2 has been read) 4. Print to serial: Tag 1 and Tag 2 has been read) 5. Bonus: Keep this state - and then when a button is pressed (print to serial: Tag 1 and Tag 2 are finished) I know how to read the UID and print to the serial if one is read. Thank you so much for your help, it's greatly appreciated. Here is my code so far: #include     // Core graphics library #include // Hardware-specific library #include #include // For the breakout, you can use any 2 or 3 pins // These pins will also work for the 1.8" TFT shield #define sclk 4  // SainSmart: SCL #define mosi 5  // SainSmart: SDA #define cs   6  // SainSmart: CS #define dc   7  // SainSmart: RS/DC #define rst  8  // SainSmart: RES Adafruit_ST7735 tft = Adafruit_ST7735(cs, dc, mosi, sclk, rst); #define SS_PIN 10 #define RST_PIN 9 MFRC522 mfrc522(SS_PIN, RST_PIN); float p = 3.1415926; void setup(void) {   Serial.begin(9600);   SPI.begin();   Serial.print("Starting cornhole leaderboard...");   mfrc522.PCD_Init(); // Init MFRC522 card   Serial.println("Scan PICC to see UID and type...");   // Use this initializer if you're using a 1.8" TFT   tft.initR(INITR_BLACKTAB);   // initialize a ST7735S chip, black tab   // Use this initializer (uncomment) if you're using a 1.44" TFT   //tft.initR(INITR_144GREENTAB);   // initialize a ST7735S chip, black tab   Serial.println("Initialized");   uint16_t time = millis();   tft.fillScreen(ST7735_BLACK);   time = millis() - time;   Serial.println(time, DEC);   // large block of text   tft.fillScreen(ST7735_BLACK); } void loop() {   // Look for new cards     if ( ! mfrc522.PICC_IsNewCardPresent()) {         return;     }     // Select one of the cards     if ( ! mfrc522.PICC_ReadCardSerial()) {         return;     }     if (mfrc522.uid.uidByte[0] == 0xA4 &&        mfrc522.uid.uidByte[1] == 0xB8 &&        mfrc522.uid.uidByte[2] == 0xB8 &&        mfrc522.uid.uidByte[3] == 0x96) {           Serial.println("Nate has checked in to the game.");           tft.fillScreen(ST7735_BLUE);           tft.setTextSize(2);           tft.setCursor(0, 0);           tft.setTextColor(ST7735_YELLOW);           tft.print("Nate ");           tft.setTextColor(ST7735_WHITE);           tft.println("has checked in ");           tft.setTextSize(2);           tft.println("to the game.");           delay(2000);           tft.fillScreen(ST7735_BLACK);     }     if (mfrc522.uid.uidByte[0] == 0x03 &&        mfrc522.uid.uidByte[1] == 0xFD &&        mfrc522.uid.uidByte[2] == 0xBC &&        mfrc522.uid.uidByte[3] == 0x02) {           Serial.println("Ted has checked in to the game.");           tft.fillScreen(ST7735_RED);           tft.setTextSize(2);           tft.setCursor(0, 0);           tft.setTextColor(ST7735_CYAN);           tft.print("Ted ");           tft.setTextColor(ST7735_WHITE);           tft.println("has checked in ");           tft.setTextSize(2);           tft.println("to the game.");           delay(2000);           tft.fillScreen(ST7735_BLACK);     } } Thank you!

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100 facts about gluten!

I figured this could be helpful for a lot of people whether you've recently been diagnosed, know someone who has or are just simply curious! <3 Click here for the video

Topic by FreckledR 

Auto Save in editor randomly breaks

This is been going on for a few weeks, Ill be typing away and the auto save will kick in and then just keep spinning. Once it starts I lose all  of my text or photos etc. The only work around it is, to copy all my text, shut down the editor reopen it and paste it back in..... if i notice it not saving. It does it randomly but once it spins longer than 5 seconds or so, it just keeps going. Im using a mac book with firefox 43.0.4 anyone else having this problem?

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Advice on riveting moving joints

Hi guys. I've been prototyping some very basic steampunk mechanisms that I'm preparing an Instructable for, and I'm looking for a bit of advice on how to make the moving joints. The mechanisms are simple, with parts I'm cutting from brass sheet myself. They'll be using joints that I'd like to make reasonably permanent and low profile, yet able to move (elbow joints, for want of a better description). I've not tested it yet, but I've read that putting a piece of paper between the two arms before riveting them (blind/pop rivets) will allow the joint to move once it's fastened together. I was also considering whether it might be advantageous to put a nylon of teflon washer between them before riveting, instead. Any advice on whether this type of moving joint would be any good, if it would last with moderate use, whether it would work at all, and what some possible alternatives might be would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Looking for an Electrical Engineer and an Angel Investor or a Business Specialist (in SF Bay Area preferably) to partner with on a high dollar ($500M) value project

I am Mechanical Engineer in SF Bay area an have a series of patent pending revolutionary industrial pumps. The project has gone through hydraulic and mechanical design iteration and looks very promising. These equipment require electric hardware and circuitry design as their driving mechanism which is technically a smart integrated motor. So if you have experience and/or willing to get deep in this area that would be very desired. I am looking for motivated and committed partners and will equally split the profit and share of the business. This patent pending project has a potential to grow up to 500 million to a billion dollar; these numbers are coming from the current competitors that have an inferior product!   I'll ask you to sign an NDA before we get going. Please contact me here or at bk.amir at gmail com. Regards, Amir 408 585 8115

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Button pressed

Hello guys this is a weird question but do you know a way that i can calculate the time while i press a button on my keyboard

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My latest instructable is not showing up on the Recent page.

My latest instructable is not showing up on the Recent page. Here ins the URL: Thank you JRV31

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Spy cam from built-in laptop Web cam

Looking for a way to use one of the small Web cams from a laptop to create a spy cam. Just wondering if anyone has done this before? The cameras that are in laptops are super small. Surface mount. I like how small these cams are. Anyone have any info or ideas please let me know?

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Every single Instructable is verified by an editor to be on Homepage/Featured?

I'm just wondering if every single Instructable is viewed by one of the editors, or an algorith/program chooses the Featured Intsructables or both? I think that real people are choosing them, but someone made me unsure about that. So when an Instructable gets featured we get an e-mail that "one of our editors thought that you are awesome", so I think that editors are choosing them, but do they check all recent Instructables? Or have they any software help?

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"Joule Thief" LED Night Light Kit is Now Shipping

Thank you so much for those who pre-ordered the kits! I have shipped all orders now, and the kits are in stock. New orders will be shipped within 2 days. To purchase, please go to Please see this post for the pricing and more: Thanks!

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Glass alternative

I have a large map (55" x 40") that I am building a frame for, yet there's no way I can afford a piece of glass this large and am looking for cheap alternatives. I am aware of plexiglass, but am wondering if there is anything else out there. My last ditch resort is to laminate it, but do not like that idea to much for aesthetic reasons. Thanks

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How to make pure sodium?

Is there anyway I can make pure sodium from salt or balking soda,and no I would not make a bomb with it.

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