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can any planes that are made out of knex actually fly?

Can cay of these planes actually fly, or get airbound?

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losing nerf darts

Any one have any suggestions on how not to lose darts? cuz i just hate that!

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Prize suggestions and feedback needed! What would YOU like to win?

Hi everyone! Here at HQ we're always planning contests, but sometimes we run out of prize ideas. :D I would love to hear any and all suggestions for products you guys would like to win! I'd also love to hear feedback about prizes we've offered this year - what did you like? What didn't you like? Do you prefer getting a shiny new electronic toy or a prize pack more suited to the theme of the contest? Have a suggestion for a contest theme? Check out this topic!

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howto make 3d shutter glasses?

I cannot find any instructable on making something like shutter glasses. my idea is: the left-eye image gets a white 10x10px rectangle in the top-left corner of the computer screen, the right-eye image gets a black rectangle. the shutter glasses would have a photoresistor glued (or somehow placed) onto that 10x10px-area for timing. but i don't know how to use that (binary) signal to control the transparency of the 2 LCDs. i don't even know which LCDs to use or where to buy it.

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Any suggestions on creating a "doorbell" for my cat to use?

My cat comes to our (glass) sliding door or window several times a day and either sits outside and waits or scratches on the glass to be let in. For the most part, we see him at the door/window or hear him banging on the door, but sometimes he waits out in the cold. I thought it might be cool to design a "doorbell" he can use so that even if we're in another part of the house, we can still hear when he needs to come in. Right now, I'm thinking something that will register his weight, either outside the window or the door (he usually goes to the door first and then the window if no one comes right away), and that will ring a bell -- maybe a regular doorbell set-up, just messing with how the "button" is pushed? It would be cool to design a little button/pad that he actually has to press (he's smart; he can figure it out), but placing something where he likes to stand/sit would probably work just as well. Right now I'm going to start by looking into how doorbells work, and then whether I need to make a weight-sensing device or if I can jerry-rig an actual doorbell to respond to some kind of pad for him to sit on. I don't know how much doorbell's cost, but I'm assuming they're pretty cheap. I could probably pick one (or two, if I need to do multiple trials) up at my local hardware store, but if anyone knows of online suppliers who provide free samples of doorbells or doorbell-like devices, or things that I could use for my pad, that would be nice. I think my main qualifications for the pad/button are that it be easy for him to sit on/push, sensitive enough to read his weight (probably 10 pounds), and sturdy and weatherproof, since it will be outdoors in all seasons.

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K'NEX Karambit Knife

Hi, it's me again! I've got an cool weapon its a Karambit, that gave me an idea of making a K'NEX Karambit. I hope You will like it. If I get 10 requests, I promise to make instructions for you. :)

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What is the square root of -2? Answered

 I need to prove my math teacher wrong

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Can you get rabies from eating the meat of a rabid animal? Answered

For instance, you kill a squirrel that happens to be rabid, cook the meat and eat it (not the brains, of course). Could you contract rabies?

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Question about bicycle cassette

HI,I bought an Shimano HG-50 8 speed cassette.When fitted, I could see that it did not seem to be exactly true.For example, if I turn it backwards with my fingers and use a spoke as a reference point, it deviates by at least 1mmI took everything apart and tightened up the free-hub.The free-hub run perfectly true.It was still the same when reassembled.So I sent off for another HG-50 ( intending to send the defective one back).The newest HG-50 was the same.When I try I put on another new cassette ( an HG model but very old stock) it runs true ( it is a 7 speed with a spacer).Does anyone have any helpful input.Thank you

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What is this tool?

Hi, This seems to be some type of puller,I am guessing. Does anyone know what this is used for?

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What is this tool Answered

I found this metal detecting on an 1800’s Farm site. The fine tips are split as though it would hold thread maybe?????

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What Is Your Favorite Shotgun , Rifle , and Pistol?

What are Your Favorite Shotgun , Rifle , and Pistol? my favorite pistol is the 460. Smith & Wesson, My Favorite Rifle is the Weatherby Mark 5 460. Weatherby Magnum, my favorite sniper rifle is the edm arms windrunner in 408 cheytac, my favorite assault rifle is the sturmgewehr 44, my favorite machinegun is the mg 42, and my favorite shotgun is the AA-12. So what are yours?

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Building a EDGE-540

Hi, I am Tiger, currently doing my bachelors in mechanical engineering. I want assistance please help me honourable and respectable professionals of this field thanks. Me and my team are participating in competition in which we have to make a aircraft and we have chosed EDGE-540 as our design, all the details are described in last paragraph.But the problem is we are totally new to this field and building rc plane first time and don't have idea as how to make its frame, how to chose parts, how to chose engine, how to automate it using arduino for manuevers and other things.Now I'm telling the details of plane and our mission one by one.1- Weight must be under 3.5 kg.2- It must be engine powered. Guide me which engine is good for the plane weights 3.5 kg.3- It must be made from wood, may be the wood used for planes is BALSA??4- They instructed us to first design the whole thing on ant CAD software then procede for its fabrication. But the point is HOW?? we don't know what is the shape of EDGE -540 ribs and whole body. What dimensions are for each rib so we can design it with the same dimensions on CAD software which will give us 3.5 kg wood made engine powered EDGE-540.Now towards our missions, we have FOUR missions in this competition.1- To do these manuevers through your plane, BARREL ROLL, VERTICAL LOOP, HAMMER HEAD all three in 4 mins and max. score is 70 POINTS for all three maneuvers. (FIRST STEP WHERE WE HAVE TO OBTAIN ALL POINTS TO WIN)2- Second mission is performed with external payloads. In payload flight, the aircraft will take-off and first fly two different laps. one lap means that in one lap plane must complete 360 degree turn on one side RIGHT and in other lap it take 360 degree turn to the LEFT. Plane must be capable of carrying 2 payloads each of 156 gm carried externally. And drops the payload on target with servo drop mechanism. And finally perform Immelmann turn followed by barrel roll. FOR ALL THESE WE HAVE 4.5 mins with 50 POINTS MAX. ( second opportunity for gaining points and WIN)3- Third mission is OPTIONAL, to automate your plane by using microcontroller arduino for aircraft maneuvers like vertical loop, barrel roll. ( THIS MISSION HAS BONUS POINTS WHICH ARE 35 ) (THIS MUST BE ONE OF THE KEY TO OUR VICTORY TO GAIN THESE BONUS POINTS)4- The fourth and final mission which is also OPTIONAL BUT ANOTHER KEY TO GAIN VICTORY BECAUSE OF BONUS POINTS is BANNER TOWING, your aircraft must be able to tow two banners one of 30 inches and other of 15 inches. ( FOR 30 INCH 35 BONUS POINTS AND FOR 15 INCH BANNER 15 BONUS POINTS).THESE ARE ALL THE MISSIONS.One more point why we chose EDGE-540 as our design as this design has additional points in competition AS WELL AS WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO MAKE BEGINNER, HIGH WINGERS LIKE UGLY STICK. These are all the things which produce extra points for me and my team and key to success in winning this competition.Now point comes HOWW???? Please help. If you want more information. I will definitely provide but I don't think so I've left anything.IF STILL SOME CONFUSION I'M ATTACHING MY INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR THIS COMPETITON.

Question by binasim.anas  

How can I control mp3 module with ultrasonic sensor...???

I want to play music with mp3 module when someone is near the module. So I connect ultrasonic sensor with mp3 module. But I don't have code for that. Please provide me appreciate code for it

Question by agarwalmayank319  

Refurbishing a bearing

I have the problem at work that we have less than perfect oil pumps - for vegetable oil of the really hot kind.If you ever had to deal with hot vegatable oil you know getting proper sealing is only one problem.The other and much bigger is esterfication - when the oil turns into a resin like goo.Depending on the ongoing temperature and blend of oil this goo is anything from rubber like to really rock hard, like amber without the trapped insects.Recently the manufacturer changed the pump design, so instead of getting my expected spare parts I got a new pump.With that one they fixed the problem of a leaking housing by providing a leaking ceramic seal on the drive shaft LOLNow, instead of having to replace pump/motor shaft seals every 3 months or so I also have failing motors.The hot oil has no issues getting into the front bearing....Can't really get fully sealed bearings that tolerate the heat and justify their price around here, so I needed som ideas.If you need a spanner to turn a motor of just 1/2hp and know the bearing isn't worn out it is time for drastic measures.This trick also works for stainless steel cookware but most won't have a big enough container to submerge them.The "resin" is oil based but with the esterfication it is more a polymer or plastic.Most solvents struggle to even soften the stuff, let alone remove it.The bearing in quesion is a common and in the caged form cheap 6203ZZ - standard on many bikes, alternators and well motors.After scraping off what came off from the outside I pulled it off the shaft.Needless to say I was unable to make it spin or move it by hand - but I had to check once it was off LOLThe cleaning involves dangerous chemicals, so be advised that proper PPE with face shield, gloves and apron is highly recommended!Same for doing it outside for ventilation purposes!I used a magnetic stirrer/hotplate cobo and a stainless steel jug.Filled enough water to allow the bearing to stand upright and fully submerged on the inner wall.For the about 150ml of water I added 3 tablespoons of sodium hydroxide (drain cleaner without the aluminium shavings).Last but not least I set the temp to a cosy 100°C - just under the boiling temp for this mix.After about an hour the water was brownish from the dissolved gunk.All up 3 hours and I decided to clean the bearing, netralise the mix and dispose it in into my collection container.I was able to move the bearing but could feel the rubbery bits moving along on the inside.Another round of 3 hours fixed this and the bearing was spinning freely.Just in case I did one more round with a fresh mix but it showed no visible discoloartion anymore.Wrapped in some paper towel I shook the remaining hydroxide solution out and let it sit for a few minutes in alcohol-.This step was repeated several times to ensure all the corrosive mix is out and that the bearing will dry quickly.How to re-grease a caged or even sealed bearing??I don't have a suitable adapter for a high pressure grease gun...But I do have a hotplate and a vacuum pump....Long story short the grease was heated in a small tuna can (I ate the tuna, sorry)´, the bearing added and fully covered.Into the vaccum chamber, pump on...First round quite some air came out and formed bobbles that left some open channels.Could not heat the grease to go fully liquid as it started to smell at just over 200°C :(Two round later however I could not see anythng happening anymore when the vacuum was at max.I hate the cleaning but at least after that was done the bearing was back to its old glory.If you have bearings that are really hard to get and that are just dry and a bit dirty inside then this trick might help you.So why does the sodium hydroxide work so well?In a concentrated solution and hot it is a potent agent - do not let any aluminium get near it!Nothing in a bearing however is affected by it and it transform most oils and greases into a soap like thing that helps with the removal of the remaining stuff.The "cooking" also makes sure there is little to no oxygen left in the water, so no rust will form unless you forget the alcohol cleaning.Once you see how easy you can shake the hydroxide solution out of the bearing to get it dry and even better with the alcohol you realise why caged bearings are no good in a wet or dirty environment.

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Arduino code for LED light game

I am constructing a led cyclone game . In the attached arduino code, How can I add a section that will trigger the buzzer sound when the light stops on the winning location? I have this this far

Question by mccaskilltamara  


I got a vhs to dvd recorder and trying to convert vhs tape to dvd but some of the tapes have some type of copyright protection and will not allow to be copied is there a mod or device that a can use to bypass the copyright. I am just coping these for own use.

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Tops of cans

I have been saving tops of veg and food cans cut with the new type can openers that leave nice edges and was wondering if anyone can give any suggestion on what can be made with these. Have many of them all sizes and thought some day I could do something with them. I just can't come up with an answer. So if anyone can give me some advise on this please give me a email at thanks and have a great day!!!

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Can some one make this sewer cam?

Can someone make the sewer camera at this link?  It looks really easy.  The only thing I can't find right now is the color camera with LEDs (This is not an IR camera, which are easy to find.)

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I want to put casters on a black pipe table base. Want clean look without a wood base or welding. Answered

Has anyone added casters to black pipe furniture or shelving?  Ideally this would be without having to add on a wood base for a good clean look.  Welding is also out of my skill set. 

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My Favorite Bands

1.311 2.iron maiden 3.slipknot 4.KoRn 5.avenged sevenfold 6.megadeth 7.pantera 8.stone temple pilots 9.alice in chains flag NEW N IMPROVED 10!

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Creating copper nano particles

Be it conductive ink, decorations or just a special pigment for your paint project, Copper is nice.Only problem is grinding this soft metal fine enough to be of any good use.A not so well documented feature of food additives is that they often have "unwanted" side effects.In our case E300, Ascorbic Acid or just Vitamin C.So how to make copper nano particles with it you might wonder?Prepare a well saturated solution of Copper Sulphate, you find the blue crystals in the gardening section together with fertilisers.It is best to use destilled water and not plain tap water, if in doubt go at least with the demineralised stuff for batteries.Adding E300 either dissolved in water or directly as crystals will start a nice reaction.The copper solphate is reduced back to metallic copper.There are a few problems though...For best results you need a saturation copper sulphate solution, low temperatures and a magnetic stirrer.This produced the finest particles for me at around 5°C.But even warm or at room temp the constant sirring is beneficial for even particle sizes.The ascorbic acid is used up in the process as well.You can start with a little and see how much you end up with in terms of a layer of copper particles at the bottom.Adding more E300 will cause a "rain" of fine copper particles - once this no longer happens you know the copper sulphate is used up as well.A dark greenish color of the solution will indicate this as well.Getting the copper out of the glass...Keep in mind the copper is extreme fine!As long as it stays in the solution it won't oxidize or otherwise react.Once out and in contact with just water and air oxidation happens quickly, after all it is pure copper...I found removing the watery solution and then adding destilled water to repeat the process is a good start.The waste from the first round can still be usefull though...In the final round I try to remove as much water as I can and then add methyled spirit to prevent the reactions.You can use oil as well or do a quick vacuum drying and store it in a sealed and oxygen free container.What to do with it?As a condictive paint with the right binder it only needs some rubbing with a smooth tool to create a conductive cover with a low resistance.In a clear paint or resin it provides some stunning color effects.You can even dust the dry powder onto a freshly painted surface to get a copper look.Leave without a top coat and you quickly get an old copper or even green look.If you ever wanted extreme fine metal particles you will come up with more ideas...Like shielding or sintering....

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What can someone do with a CRT flyback transformer?

I recently just finished desoldering components from a CRT TV's circuit boards and I got the flyback transformer. What can I do with this flyback transformer? Can I make an ozone generator out of it? I've seen how to make an ozone generator using a neon sign transformer but those are expensive. Maybe I can use a flyback transformer to make the high voltages instead?

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editing instructables

If you have already published an instructable and want to edit it, do you have to re-publish it to make the changes appear in the published instructable?

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How to Turn lcd + digitizer into an external monitor with pen support

I know it's possible to turn an old laptop lcd into an external display using a controller board. However I want to use an lcd panel with digitizer support ( like this one and use it as an external monitor. I think this board ( will work with the panel. What I want to know is will the touch functions work as well? I've never done this sort of help and would really like to be pointed in the right direction before I start purchasing parts. Basically I want to use the external monitor as an artists drawing tablet. All help would be really appreciated

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How to make fabric stiffener and paper stiffener at home? Answered

I've been searching for homemade fabric stiffener and paper stiffener and found many as well. There are many ways to make fabric and paper stiffener at home, but do they really work? Which one of them are really effective? 

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Does anyone think they could develop a COVID19 smartphone test similar to this $34 test they made for aids?

Hiv testI found an article about a $34 smartphone attachment that used a lab on a chip to test for multiple infectious diseases in 15 minutes and thought I would set out a challenge and see if anyone in the inscrutables community could develop a similar thing for COVID-19

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Make for me and share sell

I need a 3D model to make a plastic piece for me and others.

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DPScope software

I have an old DPScope module that has worked with Windows XP. The software I have does NOT work with Windows 10. Has anyone got working software?

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Accessing the pattern download for the OLSON FACE MASK

On the Instructables page for making the OLSON FACE MASK, there are two download for pattern pieces. The first one is fine - It is Piece A of the pattern and I have successfully printed it. However the second link just takes me to Google Drive. I have tried all ways to access it with no success. Anyone else had this problem?The problem link is:

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I want to make my kitty-seat-toilet-thing have a rough texture... Answered

Hello!I will be getting a kitten sometime soon, and I want to train the kitty to use the toilet (because that'd be GREAT!!). I would like to put a sandpaper like texture on it so there is something to scratch ;) , but I can't find anything about putting a sandpaper like texture out there! And I would cut out a path to the bowl...Don't know why there isn't one... HELP!! :)

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How to create motor or generator resistance system for exercise machine?

Researching a method to use resistance from a motor or generator for an exercise machine.  There is an axle from which both foot and arm levers extend, so there is rotation, but only about a half turn in each direction, so very low speed, and back and forth.  I have used magnets and eddy current and flywheel from exercise bikes, geared up with a belt.  This works ok, but does not provide enough resitance even when magnets are adjusted very close to flywheel (due to low speed of rotation). I hope to find something already built and available for a similar application, but can locate parts and build it if I understand how.  Resistance must be variable from low to very strong and controllable so user can adjust it.  I have DC motor, and shorting the cord greatly increases the drag, but how do I vary/control it?  Would adding resistance between the wires in the cord increase drag and make it harder to turn?  I have experimented with this and it does not seem to have an impact.  Thanks for your help.

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Is this site a scam or is it good? Answered

The site  is: I just wanted to know because i sent them a song and they sent me some information and a contract. The email says: Congratulations! We are impressed with your song lyrics (BLANK) and I’m happy to tell you that we have accepted them to be set to music and Professionally Recorded! We have many credentials and accomplishments and we hope to add your song to our list. With sales, radio air-play, television, motion pictures and live performances a prolific songwriter can easily earn in excess of One Million Dollars! Please open and read the attached letter and contract. Our contract is for your benefit. It protects you as 100% owner of your words and provides that you receive all money that they may earn, in addition to, our "Cash Bonuses"! I look forward to a rewarding relationship. Respectfully, Ronnie James President, Horizon Music (615) 417-1945 The contract says:                                                                                      SONG RECORDING CONTRACT                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Date: May 25, 2011 Songwriter: Vincent Dolliole I would like for Horizon Music to produce a professional recording of my song listed below: (Blank)                                                                                                                                                     Horizon Music agrees: 1. To compose music for the Songwriter’s words and produce a professional song recording using five Nashville musicians and one Nashville singer. 2. To provide the Songwriter with two compact disc copies of the completed song within approximately three weeks from the date that their contribution is received in full for that song. 3. To submit the song to music industry professionals as Horizon Music deems appropriate. 4. To ensure that the songwriter is paid 100% of all money that may be earned by their words from sales, radio airplay, television, motion pictures, live performances and to pay $80,000.00 Cash Bonus for each song that reaches the Number One position and $20,000.00 Cash Bonus for each song that reaches the Top Ten position in the internationally recognized Billboard Magazine Chart. 5. To edit the Songwriter’s words only for phrasing and commercial time allotment and to protect them from plagiarism to the best of our ability.                                                                     Songwriter agrees: 1. To make a one-time contribution of $369.00 for the song listed above to be professionally recorded. 2. To make a partial payment of $_______________________ (minimum $123.00) and send the balance in payments that are convenient for my budget. I understand that I may use a personal check, money order or use my charge card below. 3. Please charge my: Name on Credit Card: ____________________________ Amount $_________________ Card Number: _______________________________________________ Expiration date: _______________ Check song style preference: ____ Country ____ Pop ____ Christian ____ Rhythm & Blues ____ Rock Print, sign and mail one copy of this contract with your contribution to: Horizon Music, P.O. Box 292006, Nashville, TN, 37229 If you do not have a printer, e-mail us your regular address and we will send you copies by regular mail. _____________________________________ _________________________________ Songwriter’s Signature Ronnie James, President

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How do i determine the number of coil winding/size in a axial flux generator ?

I am building a axial flux wind turbine, i have built a small one, now want to move onto a bigger one. but i couldn't find any information on how to calculate the size of coils for the required power output. example i want to make a 48v 5kw generator, how would i calculate how many turns is required, the wire thickness, how many coils per phase. can someone please explaining the process in determining all this?all the resorces online just give me numbers, example 72 turns of 1mm wire to get 48v, they dont tell me how to calculate it myself for different voltages or different power power output.any help would be appreciated thank you

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Is there a way that I can add an analog VU meter to a simple circuit that just has an audio input and speaker?

Is there a way that I can add an analog VU meter (the one with the PIN that jumps up and down) to a simple circuit that just has an audio input and speaker? It would go like this: Audio input -> VU meter -> Speaker (See image below) Can anybody please help me? I think it would be a cool feature to the project I am making but I don't have any electrical engineering background at all and am pretty lost with this stuff.... Thanks

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What can I do with 1-Gal. Arizona Tea jugs? Answered

I have a bunch and I'm sure they could be used for something awesome.

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I need help with car amplifier audio

Hello guys , im new member here , my name its dionisis and i want your help please!I dont know if that black its glue or damaged capacitors to replace .The problem its that music plays extreme low.amplifier audio : Cadence FXA5050

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Wiring a floor buffer

In the picture I have 4 black wires a line in,2 on capacitor, 1 going to the contact switch1 red wire coming from motor1 yellow wire coming from motor2 white wires, 1 from line in and 1 from motor I am rewiring the 1.5 hp 110 volt floor buffer. I forgot to take a picture before I cut the wires, so I need help finding what wires get attached together.I sure would appreciate any help. Thank you!

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Have an idea of taking 2 identical bikes and welding 4 pipes to seperate them about 4 feet apart.Now I have a free standing 4 wheel vehicle, now I want to use 5 hp briggs and stratton gas engine with centrifical clutch for power.The steering has me puzzled, but I think you have an idea of what I want to build? any help would be grateful,Also gearing and drive setupg...

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How should i go about making my Spring-Action Airsoft Pistol semi auto?

Okay so i'm suiting up my old Airstrike 240 pistol to be semi auto. Though i'm not sure how to go about this. I know i want it to be electric, powered by a motor, but i'm not sure which one i should get or if this is even possible. If someone can give me a wevsite i can go to to look at motors i can figure out how to install it. Thanks.

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how do you make artificial sapphire?

Im not looking for how industries do it large scale, i need to know how to make clear and/or colored artificial sapphire at home

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Is there something wrong with my new Leatherman Wave? Answered

So I finally got a Leatherman Wave after finding a good price at a sports store for $55 (Wave+Croc+bit extension) but it isn't quite what I expected. I've never had a Leatherman before or a large multitool (Wave replaced a Gerber Dime), so maybe this is normal, but it is really stiff to fold at the pivot points. Some people say that it just needs to be opened and closed a lot to loosen it but I would like some advice. I haven't oiled it yet but I'm not sure what kind of oil to use. The tools and knives are ok, they don't require much force, but I am surprised by the folding action. Is the folding action supposed to go different ways? From the pictures I included, sometimes it goes to the right and sometimes to the left.

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Minecraft Server IPs

Post your Minecraft server IPs here! NM

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Nodemcu esp8266 possible to connect multiple soil moisture sensors ?

I'm planning to make automation of my garden to check moisture, temperature, etc.. I got a query is there any possibility to connect multiple soil moistures to one nodemcu. If possible then please help me understand how to design it.

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Honda vfr800 can this motorbike be restored?

I have a Honda vfr800 2008, and I want to restore it. But seems like the prev. Mechanic gave up because he said it is not economically Viable.. Now I'm also out of hope

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Lawn tractor magnito for wind power generation?

Lawn tractors have AC alternators built around the crankshaft with a rectifyer to DC. Would a wind generator using this for the power generator work, and how much power would it make?

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Game replica airsoft guns? Answered

For the last four/five months, I've been on the search for a site selling a large number of airsoft replica guns.  By that, I mean replicas from games, movies, etc. Specifically, Halo. I lack the time, resources, money, skill, and tools to build one myself, and can't seem to find any site no matter what search engine I use.  Any help would be very greatly appreciated!

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Beading Tutorial

What software would you use to make printed beading tutorials?

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How to make a wick for an oil lamp?

Does anyone know how to make a wick for an oil lamp?? I don't really know how the wick works, so I don't have ANY clue on how one would make it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Trying to figure out how ultrasonic humidifier detects low water level

Hello all, I'm currently working on a home automation system and have decided I want to throw my fragrance diffuser into the mix. What I'm trying to accomplish is I'd like the diffuser to come on whenever the unit has power so I can simply control it with a Sonoff SV. I was originally planning on just replacing the guts with an Arduino Nano or something until I tore into it and realized I have absolutely no clue how this thing detects when the water level is low! There's no sort of float switch or resistive fluid detection. In fact, the only part that has contact with the fluid is the ultrasonic transducer. I'm curious if anyone can look at the PCB and give me some more insight as to what's going on. On the far left the five pins coming into the board is the cable connector for the buttons and LEDs, the two large pins beneath that are the buzzer for making beeping noises when buttons are pressed, The SMD IC towards the middle is from what I can tell the brains of the operation. The three large pins (two with solder) near the top center are where 24vdc comes in. The two large pins on the upper right are for the fan and the two large pins on the bottom right are for the transducer. If anyone has any insight as to how this thing reads a low water level it'd be very much appreciated. Thank you!

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