Why does the SPI library not work on an Attiny?...

Why does the SPI library not work on an Attiny?.. I found some code on gethub to get around this but... Can anyone point me to a good reference (guide, reference book, etc) for programming that might answer these strange truths that I am oblivious to. My background is Mechanical Engineering and Arduino. thanks! this picture is from randofo's helpful arduino ISP attiny programming instructable.

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Electric motor running backwards

I have an electric motor on a large Hobart vertical mixer 80 quart.I had the brushes replaced and put it back together It now runs in reverseIt is a single phase motor with four brushes that have no power to them there is no capacitor eitherIt is an old style motorAny help would be greatly appreciated even what type of motor this isThanks David

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Stepper Motor Controller Problem

I recently set up an Arduino Uno, stepper controller, stepper motor, and power supply. Connected the motor to a shaft on a device I`m making and was able to turn the shaft as I wanted.The controller was a TB6600 that I borrowed from a friend. Received 3 new controllers from Ebay and swapped the new one for the borrowed one. Tried all 3 controllers and none worked. Any ideas on what`s wrong or should I just return them and buy 3 more from someone else?

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Post your Computer Setup

I'm surprised nobody's done this yet. Post your desktop/computer/workstation setup. Pics of mine below:

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what materials and methods would you use to fortify cardboard with a resin of some sort?

 In some of make your own halo suit of armor instructibles they briefly go over creating the armor from cardboard and an aqua resin although the description is not detailed enough to grasp. I am aiming to make sculptures out of this cardboard fortified with resin, does any one know how i would go about doing this?

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How do I power an UNO and two servos with a wall wart?

I have a project that I want to power with a wall wart (6v 2A). The project is a "Useless Machine", so it's not a complicated project. It uses 2 standard servos and one micro. I have searched a LOT, but I'm unable to find out how to properly do this because most projects use batteries. I know the motors and the UNO need to be powered separately. I thought I could simply splice and connect the 6 volts from the adapter to VIN, and also connect 6 volts to my servos, and tie the grounds together. And that worked for a little while. But then it quit working. Now I have >3 volts going to both my Arduino and my V+ line to servos unless I disconnect one. I honestly don't know which way to go at this point, so I'm reluctantly posting this question. I would appreciate any direction.

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Arduino Serial monitor to LC

UPDATEI manage it to work, now i have a short, cross and continuity tester for cables.PM if u need the code.Best regards,Paul L.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello everyone,Can some help me to change the code in order to use a push button to start the test and all the result to be moved from serial monitor to an LCD with I2C, the address of the LCD is (0x27) and it`s useing pin21_SCL, pin20_SDA 5V and GND. If its anyone with more experience then me and could do that, the help is welcome :)Download the Code <- here you will find the code named test28.ino and the LCD code that I used to test the LCD, and a text file with the pins used by the LCD.Thank you,Paul Lungoci

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Astable transistor component calculation Answered

Greeting AllI made a few astable and monostable circuits. The one in the attached picture gives me an output of about 1 second, but i need to know which RC components i need to make it give a mark space ratio of 6 seconds.I'd appreciate if i can get the answer along with the calculation and an explanation of how to do the calculation.Thanks in advance for any assistance.KRGK

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GIF's not working on Mobile device

Hello all,I have been embedding GIF's lately into by 'ibles and have found that they work on a PC or laptop but not on a mobile device. Has anyone else had this issue? I have read that you can embed the GIF into the text of the 'ible which makes it work on mobile devises but I'm not sure how to do this.Any thoughts?

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LED amplifier from 12V controll to 20-24V 30W 350mAh

Hello everyone,First of all I'm totally new to electronics. Actually I'm a programmer, but wanted to work out some LED home lightning system.My LED Home lightning system will be driven by arduino. I allready figured out how to power 12v RGBW LED strips.But now i want to incorporated 30W RGB LED chips with heat sinks (that I will make into celing lamps), that are driven by 22-24V 350mAh. I want to have RGB LED amplifier/extender, to be able to achieve modularity. So each 30W RGB LED would get input from common anode RGB LED controller (arduino or any other on market RGBW controller) or RGB LED strip.So question would be: Can anyone help me with schematics and transistor or mossfet choices for creating such amplifier?I'm attaching simple ilustration.

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Unable to edit the answer to a question.Can't delete my answers.No good, people changes their mindes.

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Whats the best way to cover up exposed screws? Answered

I read somewhere that using vacuum plugs would work. But I don't have any of them. So what would you do?

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The new interface just made this website much worse.

What is it these days, it's like a competition that big websites want to change their visual design just for the sake of change even though the previous design was extremely clear and functional, and recently more often than not, the new design is a downgrade. Why fix something that wasn't broken? Now everything is less intuitive, you can't find anything, you have to do a lot more scrolling, and having to look at that makes your eyes sore sooner, you just want to quit. I get it that you're all obsessed with trying to make everything look like mobile phone UIs but it's a terrible idea: we're not all that obsessed with phones, plenty of us still prefer a proper computer because its large display allows us to see more things at the same time so there's no need to scroll to and fro and you can make connections between a lot of things simultaneously.Having to scroll through a lot of material because you can only see very little at a time is extremely counterproductive when you're trying to grasp the holistic picture of something, work on something that requires working memory. Using a phone UI on proper computer displays is an absolute nightmare and makes you want to not use websites that waste your time with the hide and seek game and sense-irritating visuals. It helps a little bit if I downsize the font of the entire page by several notches but because everything gets smaller, the texts that were small to begin with, will get too small, and that still doesn't fix the unintuitive randomness of how the page is composed now.I'd really appreciate it if users could at least choose which "skin" or UI to use for the site so it would be accessible to everyone.

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How do you favourite something now?

This new design of the website is probably the most user unfriendly I've come across in a long time, how do you favourite something now? There used to be an obvious Favourite button at the top of an instructable page, there's just a row of icons now on the left that do nothing! I think you need to go back to the drawing board if you're going to keep this layout, and make it a bit more intuative, better yet, go back to the older version!

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Treadmill DC Motor Control

Hi all,I have been given a treadmill motor by a friend, sadly none of the control boards have come with it, just the motor and a transformer bolted to the same bracket.I'm hoping someone can tell me the best way for a layman to hook this up for variable speed, as I would like to improve on my 1/4hp single phase motor currently attached to my lathe.I don't know much about the motor and could not find a datasheet, but a pic is attached.Is there any plug and play options that don't cost the earth, ideally i would like to be able to plug it into the mains (UK) and just control with a pot.As always thanks in advance, you guys make this place a great resource for us noobs.

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90 degrees gyro: which sensor to do it with arduino?

I would like to make the movement attached in the picture with a vehicle powered by two dc motors on the wheels. I need to sense the angle from starting position and stop the motors when it has reached 90 degrees. Any ideas and which sensor to use? I will use Arduino Thank you!!

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Photocell dropping resistor size for photocell input to a Arduino UNO

I purchased an Arduino UNO. The plan is to use a photocellas and input to energize a relay as an output. The photocell I have has a value of 2.3K ohms when it sees light and 30K ohms when dark.What value dropping resistor should I put in series with this photocell across 5 volts dc to gnd?

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How do i or is it ok to connect 100 LEDs (BLUE) with 12V DC 2amp supply in series? Answered

Hello Everyone, I bought 1000 5mm LEDs ( Blue) pack and now i want to make a string of 100 LEDs in series. Is that ok if i connect all 100 in series and connect them with the ac to dc adapter i bought ( 12V DC , 2 amp)? if not, then how much LEDs i should use in a series with this adapter ? What I have :-- 1. Soldering iron 2. 12V DC 2 amp power supply. 3. 1000 5mm LEDs ( blue), IF = 25mA, VF = 3.0~3.4V. 4. Thin insulated wire.

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50w LED on 54vdc?

Good day I have a couple of led chips of various wattage, and as I understand it is thirty something volt chips, And i have a BIG 54v 2,5A power supply, and no 30v regulator, when I trim the pot it gives me 44v Will this be too strong for my led chips? Ty~ ia Des

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I want to build a voice changer that takes its input from a line out?

Hi I want to build an "in-line" voice changer. There are loads of kits and devices to build one that takes input from a microphone but I cannot find an inline one at a sensible price. I bought a Vellman kit - but this too has an on board mini microphone.   I was considering just replacing the mic with a line-in socket. I will also attach a line out socket to the speaker output pins. I have done some reading and it appears as if: The mic output will be a few millivolts. The line input will be 1-1.5v So looks like something will go phut. Can I just put a resistor in line with the line-in socket - and if so what size? Any other thoughts on how I can do this with hardware (not software). Many thanks Steve

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Does solid state relay needs a protecting diode for the pin 3 out of a 555 monostable? Answered

Recently i need some timer for my capacitor charger to be used in a coilgun. i just finished a 555 one shot monostable pcb design.  my charger require about 24 watt of power which is unsufficient for the 555 pin 3 out,. I know that a protecting diode can be put with a relay. but a solid state for a solid state realay. does it need a diode. i just want to know because i will put it in my design 

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wooden deck lift system?

Is there a simple method for making a pulley/lift mechanism for hauling up groceries, firewood, deck furniture, etc. from ground to 2nd story? needs to be off-set from deck rail by 2 feet. hand cranked? thanks.

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I paid for Premium

I paid for Premium and can not download the printed Mobius Apron pattern only the instructions. Is this common with Premium?

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Portable Camping Stove

I'm in the market for a portable camping stove and I came across this 2 burner WITH a STOVE! This thing looks awesome, assuming you have the space to tote it around with. I have declared 2010 the year of camping for our family. I'm in the process of gathering camping lists and preparing for my buying spree. Any suggestions welcome!

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Making an external camera for smartphone?

Hi, everyone. My smartphone's camera is really bad and i wanted to change it but when I thought about the risks i changed my mind. Then i got an idea, which is to make an external mini usb camera for my phone from another phone's camera. I searched the internet but there is no results (I found some videos where they use a webcam for this but I am no sure if it is the same thing) . So, is it even possible?

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How to solve Problem email spam with my BellSouth Email Adress?

HiSomeone is using my bellsouth domain email address and using it to spam folks to folks i have sent emails to in the past. Just started occuring yesterday. How do I stop this mess? Do i just stop using the address and get another?ThanksBellSouth Net Email Login | BellSouth Email Setting | BellSouth Customer Service

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The 40 LED blink

Is this possiable the program on Arduino for the 40 LED blink that which we want?help me out?

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Cordless Car Heater

Hi all, I am camping in my SUV in northern CA. It's a bit cold at night and in the morning, and can stay warm with blankets and a sleeping bag, but, when I get up, and want to change clothes or just sit, it is really cold. It's a 1999 Ford Explorer V6, and I am trying to find or make a device that would heat the interior without turning the engine on.  I've seen handwarmers on amazon and ebay, but I don't see anything that warms that much space without a plug and without CO2 emission. Any ideas?

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how to increase W of audio output ? Answered

Hello , i have a amp with output ~0.5W . I want to make a simple circuit to get a higher output (1w or higher). Please tell me what part i need and how i do it . Thanks! sorry for my bad English :(

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Not getting notified when comments are made on my Instructables

Although a while back I was being notified of comments on my Instructables, they have now stopped.I have checked the Email Settings andNotify me when someone comments on my work or replies to comments I've madeis set to Daily and my email address is correct,What have I missed?

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Voting Glitch?

I have noticed that the voting system seems messed up. So I can vote for a ible, then shut down the tap, reopen it, and come back to the same ible I voted for, and it says that I didn't vote for it! So I can do this again and again and again... Is it supposed to be like this? Does it give a legit vote every time I hit the 'vote' button? Is it not voting at all? Help is appriciated!

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is there a knex digital designer?

I love knex but I dont have many peices.  I know there is a lego digital designer, but I cant find one for knex. can u help?

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Stylish: How to get the picture thumbails on the same line

I've got my phase one/first cut of de-white-spacing the new instructables layout done using Stylish. See first image.I have shrunk the picture sizes. However I have been unable to get the photo thumbnails to go across the page. As-is they are below each other.The new instructables layout has one larger photo on the first line, then two smaller photos on the next lie, then three smaller again on the third line. (or something like that - I haven't worked out all permutations)Any other arrangement I tried had small images equally spaced across the page with lots of white space. See second photo.I'm, at best, a CSS hack, any tips on how to get them aligned horizontally. I've attached the first-cut Stylish code.

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I believe this format to promote good looks over education...

No longer is there a Best Answer, a Follow, a personal comment Delete and the old click spam to help indicate the what is inappropriate or desirable...This is a sad state of affairs...

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Centering the title thumbnail picture

I am unable to center the thumbnail of a published instructable. I can drag the picture around when publishing the first time but when it is published the photo is always moved off center. This seems to have only changed recently as I have not had this issue in the past.Any help or thoughts would be apprechiated! Thanks in advance.

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Unstitching the back of a new coat? Answered

I recently bought a long coat and it has a small stitch at the back at the bottom region. I was wondering if I am supposed to cut the small stitch to open the flap it holds shut. Please help

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Need advice converting an AC motor to a DC motor

I have a 3.5 hp AC motor I'd like to run on 12 volts.Any potential problems forseen with this?What changes would I need to make to the motor other than the 110 plug to a positive and negative battery hookup?Thanks for any advice and thanks for any help.skip

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Need to resolve this issue

Please see the attached photo. I use a Canon EOS M3 digital camera, lens removed and C-mount used. Then, an adopter tube is used to connect to the eye lens of my microscope with a LED ring light. In the center of the image, an annoying purple blub always shows up. Tried to change light and microscope. The problem is not resolved. Please help.

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A high power LED with Glediator?

I know you can use ws2801 led strips with Glediator and make a 10x10 matrix, but can I use a high power LED?I'm not quite sure what I'd need to make this work, that's why I'm here lolBy high power LED i mean something like this:

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Fitlight trainer using arduino

I want to make a fitlight trainer with arduino. I want to make it with leds and LDR ligtht sensors. A random light pops up and when you hover over the sensor it sets it to LOW and then another random light pops up and over and over. Can anyone help me with this idea? I have the code for one light: int LDR = 0;     //analog pin to which LDR is connected, here we set it to 0 so it means A0 int LDRValue = 0;      //that’s a variable to store LDR values int light_sensitivity = 20;    //This is the approx value of light surrounding your LDR void setup()   {     Serial.begin(9600);              pinMode(13, OUTPUT);      } void loop()   {     LDRValue = analogRead(LDR);      //reads the ldr’s value through LDR     Serial.println(LDRValue);       //prints the LDR values to serial monitor     delay(50);        //This is the speed by which LDR sends value to arduino     if (LDRValue > light_sensitivity)       {         digitalWrite(13, HIGH);       }     else       {         digitalWrite(13, LOW);       }   }

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I need ideas for clothes management; (hanging/storing without a closet.)?

Store, organizing, hanging, etc... Ideas needed for my clothes since I now have no closet.

Question by killabreath    |  last reply

Where can i see the origin of my Instructables's views ?

Hello everyone, i'm actually getting a little hype and i'm curious to know where does it come from. I remember i could check where my views come from (from Facebook,Thingiverse,the Instrcutables homepage,...) .Do you know if this feature is not available anymore ?Thank you !

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How to reset root password of Huawei MA5683T?

Hi,everyone!Is anyone here good at networking? I have lost the root password of my Huawei MA5683T, I want to know how to reset the root password or get it back?

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The FET gate gets charged and lights the LED until R2C falls below 66%

Question by iceng    |  last reply

SMTP to send email directly to a client

I have a project idea to create a BTRD, or Beer Theft Reporting Device. (Yeah, I need to come up with a more creative name... :P) The idea is to use an ESP32 microcontroller connected to an accelerometer and 6 pressure sensors mounted to a board, on top of which sits a six-pack. I do see a few problems though. hopefully wifi can penetrate the cold metal coffin without too much loss in signal. (I'm afraid the fridge may end up functioning like a faraday cage...)Assuming that isn't going to be a problem, I have been googling around trying to figure out if it would be possible to send automated emails from this device to inform of potential theft. Since I am not concerned about receiving emails at all, It seems overkill to have to use SMTP to send the mail I want to send to some server first, which then itself forwards the email on over through the internet over to a client. Is it possible to simply send the SMTP email directly to the recipient? I mean, if this is a product that I sell, then I would not want the end user to have to bother too much with configuring the device too much.

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make bench power supply Adjustable Voltage Control?

Ok so i have a atx bench power supply i made and now i need to be able to put a Adjustable Voltage Control dial on it so i can go from 0v to 12v how do i do so? And can i use any spare parts from around the house?

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The Instructables editor appears to have a number of serious bugs

I encountered the following unfortunate bugs when using Google Chrome to publish my latest instructable.The floating panels and sidebarsThe right-hand sidebar masks what you have written when previewing your text.Even when the sidebar is minimized it still masks the bottom line of text. The side-bar should be anchored to the top of the screen ...Try saving your work then click "You" to exit your draft. The list of options appears beneath the horizontal top-panel making it impossible exit your draft. I got here by closing then reopening the browser :(HighlightingThe editor for creating this topic allows you to highlight your text and see the highlighting immediately.When writing an Instructable the instructable editor doesn't immediately show the highlighting. You only see the highlighting in the Preview mode.

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Building Audio System, Have Questions About ICs? Answered

So as the title states I want to design an audio system, I purchased an old shortwave radio someone gutted, but the case is in great shape and looks really cool, would make a killer looking amp.  So a little background, I want to make a stereo amp I can hook up several inputs to and my speakers; likely a turntable, iPod, radio, and whatever else I feel like.  The radio came with a nice little 5 position rotary switch for that.  The main problem I am facing is what ICs I want to use, and what order.  I have not dealt much with audio and at first I thought of buying a radio and just putting the guts into this unit, but I thought this would be a good project to dive into audio work.  You can't learn if you don't push your bounds a bit, am I right? The first IC question is about chips like the PT2322.  There are several I have looked at that use a microcontroller for control, and I am not against using an Arduino Micro in this unit, but I am unsure of how the acknowledgment bit works.  The data input seems to just be a shift register, data gets clocked in, then latched.  Data is fed in in 8 bit strings, but then it mentions an acknowledgement bit as a 9th bit.  Is this bit for the latch, or is there a 9th bit fed in before everything is latched?  Should it be hi or lo?  As well I was looking at the commands, several commands have 7 of their 8 bits written as a *, does this mean that those bits can be set hi or lo?  I am sure these aren't difficult questions and I glossed over something important in one of the many data sheets, and that I do not use these chips with any regularity, if ever, doesn't help either!  But I like that these ICs all seem to have a 3 band tone control and volume control built into them. If I were not to use an IC controlled by a microcontroller, I am looking at using a BA3812 for the tone controls, 5 band is a little more then I need, I really only wanted 3, not 2 but not more then 3.  Bass, treble and mid range.  But I could not find a 3 band IC without microcontroller inputs required for operation, and it was not for the lack of trying.  I can handle 5 bands though, however I am wondering, should I go preamp to equalizer to the main amp, or where would I wire in the BA3812?  This seems like a stupid question to me, I feel like an audiophile is going to come along and say, "You never put the equalizer after the preamp, it always goes here or there!" or something along those lines.  As well, regardless of where its going to get wired in, since I am doing stereo not mono, I assume I will need 2 BA3812's, but the datasheet supplies a circuit for 3 Chips as well.  Which would be suggested, 2 or 3?  I am wanting to control both left and right tone controls together, so using 5 pots instead of 10, and would also like to be able to have a balance control.  I didn't see anything about balance control in the BA3812 datasheet, would there be a good way of accomplishing that with these ICs or the use of a couple op amps maybe?  I didn't really look into balance, I should have before asking questions. For the preamp the LM1036 seemed like a good choice.  I was reading into preamps, and they seem more important for the turntable then anything else.  The way the grooves on a record are cut they boost the high frequencies so they don't fade awayat lower volumes or something like that.  Because of that a preamp that boosts bass and cuts treble is useful and improves sound quality when using turntables.  Should I use a preamp only for the turntable input or for all inputs?  If I adjust the equalizer for records is a preamp necessary or should I use the preamp and set it with trim pots to boost bass and cut treble a little, or should it be fully adjustable as well? As far as what to use for the final amplification I am at a bit of a loss.  A home theater system I have is 1500W and is adequately loud, but the system I have for my turntable right now think is only 250W I believe and it seems louder.  Never really understood wattages for "loudness"  or output on sound system.  I saw an IC (can't remember number, its a TDA though) dual 50W amplifier.  Not sure if 50W for each channel would be enough.  Advice would be helpful. As a side note, if I do go the route of a microcontroller, I found this NJW1186 with stereo input and 5.1 surround output which I thought would be cool. I really appreciate any help. Thank you

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I need to add a time to flashlight or lantern so that it will switch itself off after maybe 20 seconds, what is the simplest way to do this please?

I'd imagined it activating with a momentary switch, then maybe a dial /potentiometer to adjust the time, which would definatiely be less than a minute. I don't have any way to make up a pcb so please bear that in mind, thankyou

Question by oragamiunicorn    |  last reply