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how to amplify a dc power of 7v and 130mA to maximum?

I know that i could do that using transistors, but how , what type and what rating of components should i use? should i supply transistors a separate current in order to power it? if i have to supply, is it profitable even after giving that current? Becuz we are wasting a power to increase another power!!

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Power a 12VDC cooling fan using LEAST amount of space possible using a switch. This needs to fit in a small helmet. Answered

I bought a 40MM 12VDC Cooling Fan (130mA 1.56W) from Raido Shack and I am trying to put it inside my modded Mark VI helmet from the Halo video game series. I bought a small Switch from Hobby Lobby ( Switch Harness #5600) and a 9V battery. I know the volts are off so I need to know what I need to do/buy to get this working. I connected the fan (+) to the switch (+) and those to the battery (+), then the fan (-) to the switch (-) and those to the battery (-) It worked just how I wanted but after about 60 seconds the battery got VERY VERY hot. I did my research and found that this outcome is normal but couldnt find out how to fix it. PS: I am new to this website ans suck at electrical stuff. Any questions or pictures need email me @ (hunter_ii7)

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adapter/ converter/ transformer /power supply?

Does anyone know a good place to buy them? personally, i need something that will turn 240v ac into 17-21 volts dc 130mA. I've become very frustrated looking for specific adapters.

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