how do you properly maintain an aeg?

How do you properly maintain an aeg?

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Where can I get a decent Airsoft AEG Rifle for under $50?

I'm looking a decent Airsoft AEG Rifle for no more than $50. I know that $50 is a very low budget, but I only want this for small games with a couple friends in backyards/woods. Low FPS is fine. Only real requirement (besides it being an AEG rifle) is that it doesn't fall apart right as I get it. The only thing I've been able to find is a Crosman Pulse R71/R73, and both seem to have poor build quality, therefore a little over priced. Thanks a bunch!

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Your opinion on this DOWNGRADE of and airsoft gun ?!?

Hi ... as usual my another airsoft rifle is to powerful for the site rules. Because it's NEW, iw ould like to avoid open it and the gear box as well and change the spring. Or to clip the spring. What about to make a small hole in the valve that is pushing the BB in the barrel ??? With those small/fine drill bits (0.3 - 0.6 mm) ??? That should make the pressure smaller, you wouldn't have to fight with the spring and it would be cheaper to replace it ?!?! Do I see it to optimistic or do you think it could work ??? Thanks ...

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where is the cheapest place to full scale airsoft AEGs? Answered

I want to get an AEG with a least 250 fps but don't know where to find one for under $60. can yoU HELP?

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Today I was shooting some targets with my SRC M16A3. All of a sudden, during a full auto burst, the gun stopped firing. Now, whenever I pull the trigger, I here this terrible whirring sound like a power drill, and the gun does not fire. I check the battery. Then, I tried to adjust the motor height, and that didn't do anything. I removed the motor from the grip to see if anything was wrong with it, and it is totally intact. Can somebody please explain to me how this problem can be fixed with minimal internal gearbox work? Because it is a sportline type gun, I don't feel that overhauling the gearbox with reinforced components would be worth the money or labor. I have a bad feeling that the bevel gear or piston may be stripped, and don't want to deal with the hassle of replacing, shimming, and re-lubricating all of the gears.

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How the made the motor NOT to spin ???

Hi ... Does anybody know, how they made it that the motor stops to spin when supplying the power through the MOSFET ??? Please, have a look at the video.;=player_embedded I have plans for airsoft "mosfet", but not with the braking control. Does anyone know what to add, to make it work like on the video ??? Thank you in advance.  

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What is a nice, quality airsoft aeg rifle for less than $50? Answered

Please don't suggest that I buy a more expensive rifle, because I am not willing to commit that much money to airsoft just yet.

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Where can I get a decent Airsoft Electric AEG Pistol for under $50?

I'm looking for a decent Airsoft AEG pistol for under $50. I realize that for the same price I could get a much nicer spring one. but right now I'm looking for an electrical one. FPS can be low, I don't need things like blowback. It just can't absolutely suck and fall apart in a week. Thanks!

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How do I build an airsoft gun?

             I want to play airsoft, but all of the guns that are relatively cheap seem pretty crappy, and all of the good guns are really expensive.  Thus, I want to build my own AEG with the following specifications:  Full/semi auto capability; hop-up; and 100-200 foot range.  I saw the basic inner workings of one in the comments on an airsoft instructable, and it looks like something I could do.  Any help with machining ideas, parts suppliers, and detailed plans are welcome.  Thanks!

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Broken AEG Airsoft gun, how do i fix it? Answered

During a match, the gun slowed down like the battery was dieing but now it wont hold a charge, and the trigger may be jammed its an M16 but im not really shure on the brand

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Beginner airsoft? Answered

Yo 'iblers i was wondering what a good starter airsoft gun for under 50$ I would like it to be an AEG please. I have found a couple i like but i was wondering what gun that you guys would recomend

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i have a G&P Metal M4 Rapid Fire II. i want to upgrade my spring to the Systema M130 Irregular-Pitch. can i will do it?

My airsoft aeg is G&P; Metal M4 Rapid Fire II Assault Rifle AEG the full name off the spring is Systema M130 Irregular-Pitch Airsoft AEG Power-Up Spring (420~450 FPS) and if i can. do i need to upgrade more stuff in the gun?

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Airsoft field weapon for about $200?

Im a "n00b" , as some people would call it, to airsoft. Im looking for an aeg with 350+ fps, good accuracy and range. I prefer the m4 family of weapons, something that gives you that tactical look.

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how to choose a good beginner airsoft aeg assault rifle and a gas 1911?

I need good idea's for good beginner/intermediate airsoft aeg assault rifle such as a famas,ak-47,m4,etc. and metal internals and good upgrade ability and around $150 and a good gas 1911 for around $100  and what to get after this? m14,p90,mp5,l85,shotgun,etc too many choice's, for example: also I will be doing cqc and woodland

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what m4 should i buy?

I need help picking my airsoft gun. should i buy the Echo1 M4 ST6 Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle or should wait to get more money and buy the kWA Full Metal KM4 RIS Airsoft AEG or any other m4 under 350$.

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Whats the best possible airsoft gun for 100 dollars?

Never really played before. But i might play with some pretty good people. I think i want an AEG.are these any good?

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Two Airsoft Related Questions! Answered

I've seen outer shells of airsoft guns on Evike, and I was wondering... Is there an easy way to put a cheaper gun in a different shell? ALSO can anybody think of a way to put a vertical grip on a shotgun?

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im new to airsofting and need help.

Im new and i want to know where can i get good aeg pistols and rifles for under $100 i live in pennsyvania and would like shipping to be kind of low too

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What is the best airsoft gun you have ever seen?

From Aegs to Snipers and any thing else even grenade launchers! I want to make a big list of some of the best airsoft guns in the world! 

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What airsoft gun should I get? Answered

I am planning on geting an airsoft rifle soon, I have many choices, but I would like some outside input. My criteria are: - AEG/ Gas (doesnt matter what kind of gas) - Version 2 Gearbox - Full metal/ wood (if applicable) - Under $200 - Reliability - Doesnt matter what type of gun This might seem a bit picky for a n00b, but I want to start off well. If you can help me, it is much appreciated.

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airsoft gun under $100?

Please help . I need a good airsoft aeg under 100 dollars . I like m4s thomsons galils and mp5s please also give a link or write a link to the website it is on .and also is the crosman nightprowler good.

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Give me your opinion for airsoft?

Ok, I have a problem. I am just getting back into the sport of airsoft and need some of your experience. well, i used to be an avid airsofter, but i switched to paintball and got rid of most of my airsoft stuff, including my sidearm. well, now ive gotton some money and would like to get back into airsoft. well, i have recently purchased the echo 1 m8a3 cranestock aeg, an nc star 3-9x40 scope, and a madbull gemtech blackside supressor. but i forgot one thing, my sidearm. Well I have around 130 bucks left to spend on a pistol. I was wondering if you guys know of anyhting in that price range within these general perimeters: I want it to be a gas pistol mainly blowback (im flexible), over 300 fps, and all metal. let me know of anything that you may know of or just comment on the gun lol. Thanks, The lonelysandwitch

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how do i open the battery case on my M-4 airsoft aeg? it uses a battery case disquised as a flashlight. Answered

I can't use my new gun because I don't know how to open the battery case. the instruction manual only says to put the battery in, it doesn't tell how to open the battery case.

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Which airsoft gun do I choose? Answered

I have a $100 gift card to dick's sporting goods and I'm thinking of getting an airsoft gun.  The only problem is that I don't want to buy another piece of junk. So I was wondering on what I should buy and something that can be somewhat durable.  What type of gun should I be looking for(AEG, spring, gas)? And if you are able to visit the dick's website, what exact model?

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I need a good airsoft primary, preferably automatic.

I have a few airsoft guns, a Swiss Arms sniper rifle that fires at 435 FPS, a crappy Crosman Pulse R70 that fires at around 115 FPS, and has a fried battery, and a UK Arms M4 carbine M- series that fires at 350 FPS, and I'm looking for another AEG with a good range, has good size for close quarters combat, fires at at least 350 FPS, and is in the price range of 100 to 150 dollars 

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Airsoft Megastore not safe?

When I open Airsoft on google chrome, put something into my cart, then hit checkout, Chrome says the site is not safe to input valuable or personal information to. This got me thinking as to why it wouldnt be safe. No security protection against hackers? Or has it been hacked and if I input my credit card info will they be able to steal my info? I just dont want anyone getting ahold of my credit card info and buying stuff... Is ASM a trustworthy site, and Chrome just has a glitch or something that is causing the site to be deemed 'unsafe'? Or is it all a scam? This dillema has stopped me from buying a gun during their black Friday Doorbuster Deals, which was a great deal. Oh well better safe than sorry I guess. Thanks

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Need your advice for airsoft build.

Hello you all, Not new from visiting, but anyway, I have these parts, etc, that I am hoping someone is able to tell me a way, or how I can use them, to build an aeg, or something of the like _ a few motors with a gear on them. Some plastic gears. Airbrush thing from testors, and propellant can, the remains, everything but the gearbox, one of the gears. the remains of a umarex, sig 5522 commando including the plastic outside, mag, and all, just the gearbox is totaled, and so is one of the gears, and the one of the soddered on cable joints to the motor has come off again.  plenty of large and small springs. maybe some wood if any, paperclips. With the stuff, or some mentioned, Can anyone tell me how I can make a mechanism, or something so the sig can shoot again. ;D would greatly appreciate help. Crews

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Help wiring a toggle switch??

Hi there, i need some advice on how to wire a toggle switch between a battery voltage monitor and a battery so that I can switch the monitor on and off as required. My problem is that i need to pass 4 seperate wires through the toggle switch however I do not know enough about how a toggle switch works to achieve this. Here is a video that shows what I am trying to achieve;;=feedlik This is a voltage monitor for a lithium polymer battery for use on an Airsoft Electric Gun (AEG) the battery is stored inside a plastic box ,which is shown below, and i would like to insert the voltage monitor inside the plastic box with a toggle switch for turining it on and off I have some pictures attached to show what exactly it is I am using and to hopefully explain more clearly. Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated as I am at a loss about how to approach this.

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Does anyone know anything about this typewriter interface?

The typewriter is an AEG Olympia ES-95i. It's a big beige electronic machine from maybe the late 70s or early 80s.On the back there is a 20 pin rectangular male connector with 2 rows of 10 pins. If I connect random pins with something metal, it types various characters. I'm wondering if anybody knows what kind of interface this thing might use so I can go about connecting it to my computer.EDIT1:I've found a bit more random information about this type of device which might help: Olympia made another typewriter in the same line that was basically the same as a bytewriter model. Irritatingly the article says the bytewrite provides no technical information "other than the pin-out assignments for the connector. "It would appear from the rest of the article that the connector might be some kind of modified centronics interface.I'll try to get a picture up soon.EDIT2:Here's the photo. Whatever it is I hope it turns out to be bidirectional so I can use this as a tty :).

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calling "real" airsoft players

When i say airsoft for "reals" i mean not springers unless it is a high quality sniper rifle. and by high quality i mean 250 for stock gun and 800 dollars more in upgrades... just wondering, anyone else rock AEG's, gas pistols, sniper rifles?.. etc.... familiar with brands like tokyo marui, classic army, ics, g&g, tanaka, western arms, etc etc. also... not playing in parks, backyards... in the house. or places that will ruin the sport by getting shot to death by cops. even if it does have an orange tip, cops come anyways when they're called. and yes they are ready to blast you away if they feel their life is in danger... legally too. i would know. personal experience which was years ago. by no means am i bashing people.. im not saying that playing with springers is not okay, i understand not everybody has the time or money. its just i noticed a lack of any airsoft instructables for those serious about the sport?... and yes i've spent well into the thousands for the sport, no i dont think its a waste of money, i have a lot of fun doing my thing.

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Im selling my knex.

Well..... yes, im selling my knex. i just dont have enough time or ideas for projects. im also in my 2nd last year of school and i will be getting alot of homework taking up most of my spare time. ive also moved on to airsoft, and i am planning to buy an AEG. for now, ive put advertisments in some irish ad sites. if they dont sell, i will most likely put them up for bid on ebay. ive just over 5800 parts and they are all in great condition. ive also thrown in a big bag of rubberbands and 3 rolls of 20m tape (each). i was just wondering what people would bid if they were to if it goes up on ebay. i will stay active on my account until they are sold. after they are sold, i will not be active on instructables. i may come back every once in a while just to see hows things are going. on a final note, thank you to everyone who has supported me during my time on instructables and i enjoyed talking to you all! (my account may be handed over to someone, im not sure yet, ill decide that in the future) -picture 1: all of the parts.......... -picture 2: big / tiny parts / instruction booklets etc.......... picture 3: another view. picture 4: another view. picture 5: another view. picture 6: another view. -picture 7: gears / wheels / chain links etc.......... picture 8: another view. picture 9: another view. -picture 10: connectors.......... picture 11: another view. picture 12: another view. -picture 13: rods.......... picture 14: another view. picture 15: another view.

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