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ACT Test

Sometime soon i am going to take the ACT test. Has anyone taken this test and know of anything it asks about that i might need to learn?

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Act Of Kindness

I am having a difficult time here in the Kottage. This is the most extreme and difficult thing to ever ask of my community, but here I am. Our family is, and has been, facing the worst devistation, alot like most people here in the U.S. (and I'm sure everywhere else in the world). I have been disabled and running my shop to help with financial obstacles for me and my family. My husband was laid off, and during his time of becoming unemployed, he has become very ill and unable to work any longer. His disability has been exhausted, and he is now awaiting S.S. benifits. He has been denied twice, and now the Sr. Attorneys have taken on his case. It will be a few more months until his decision comes in. I would like to ask anyone who can help, to please hear my plea. If you, or anyone you can refer, to please help by way of shopping for gifts, Christmas, or any other occassion you may have in the near future, to please think of me and my family. If you can, please post my shop links to your facebook, twitter, blogs, or any other social network you can post on. Any donations can be sent to paypal via My website is  I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you in advance for your prayers, support, and most of all your friendship. I have seen many tweets from my community in the past. Keep them comming! We really need your well wishes during this difficult and stressful time in our lives.

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Pictures are acting weird?

Whenever I click on a photo on a instructable it will pop up on am other page instead of the box.  This has never happened before to me.

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boyfriend is acting funny

My boyfriend is acting real distant and he's always hiding his phones texts from me. he always has this look on his face like he is upset and i ask him whats wrong and he just says nothing. i think he is cheating on me but i don't know. he also goes outside when he gets a call like he doesn't want me to hear what he is saying. what do i do?

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Shower acting up?

 Hello everyone,           I have an issue with our families upstairs shower. When I turned the shower on this morning it seemed that the cold water was very low on pressure, luke warm was normal, and hot water was also very low. The sink was working just fine. I was walking around the house and all other sinks, appliances and showers were working just fine. There are no pipe bursts to my knowledge. Does anyone have any idea what on earth is going on?

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What are some good acting tips?

In the middle of march this year Im trying out for the drama class in my school. Yes, you have to audtion to take the class. what are some tips and things I can do to get prepared. I really want to make it!!!! I just got the instuctions for the auditions. its monday and the auditions are next monday!! Help! I need to choose a mologue and perform it!!! give me some options plzzzz

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How do i build my acting resume up if i have no way to get to New York or Los Angelas anytime soon?

Hello, I am an aspiring actress and I live very far from any prestigious acting schools, and the job prospects for actors are slim to none around this podunk little town. All of the extra jobs I could do like community theater or school plays are mainly musical, although I love music, I'm not that great at singing or playing some of the instruments to want to make a career out of it. I'm really interested in acting for films though, making people feel something is the reward for doing something like this and it feels so great and I love it so much that doing it for a living would really make me happy! I was just wondering, how do I build my acting resume up if I have no way to get to New York or Los Angelas any time soon?

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My T.V. is acting strange

Since we first our T.V. a while ago, its been acting unusual. Every night at about 2:40, it changes inputs.  It did something similar to this before on a different T.V. , but on that one it would just go black for a second. The wierdest thing about it is that it does it at the same time every night.

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Weight sensor to act as a button? Answered

I had the idea for a prank I would love to try at some point, but I'm having some issues with the basic idea... What I need is a way to hook up either a sensor or button to a scale. What I want to have done is when someone steps on the scale, and exceeds a certain weight (say 50 pounds, just to make sure a pet won't set it off) it will act as a button, and toggle on a small speaker which will just scream at them. Cruel, I know, but it'll be a fun laugh if I can get it working. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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ATV Headlights acting up!

Hey everyone, I bought my 2001 warrior this summer (yes thats where 2001warrior came from) anyways it has been giving me some issues with the headlights. The headlights work great in lowbeam but when I put them in highbeam my left headlight goes out! does anyone have any suggestions to what I should do?

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Wine Stand that is a Balancing Act

Does anyone know how to construct this balancing piece of wood that holds a bottle of wine. I hate to spend over $20 for a 50 cent piece of wood that I could make at home.I appreciate your help, and I just know there are a few of folks that are mechanically inclined that can solve this...Thank you!;_medium=email&utm;_content=bottle_balances&utm;_campaign=topBalancing ActCoolest way to store a bottle of wineIs this magic? No, it's a little science. The weight of the bottle shifts the center of gravity that makes the wine appear to be suspended in mid-air.You'll get loads of comments, smiles and laughs! These positive reactions make these wine bottle balances a perfect gift! After all, Ben Franklin said, "Wine is constant proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."Made of solid wood.

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"related" column acting strangely

Finding that with both Chrome and Firefox: 1. go to any Instructable 2. look at "related" 3. click "see more" 4. I get the same page with five more related 5. this is normal and desireable 1. go to any Instructable 2. click "download" 3. look at "related" 4. click "see more" 5. I get a new page of "everything" instead of the same page with five more related; the address of the new page seems always to be: 6. this started for me a week or so ago and seems very consistent (at least for me); would appreciate if someone would look at this 7. maybe this is happening to others? W7 64bit

Topic by corporatelab  

Know any 8 minute female monologues? Answered

I need an 8 minute female monologue from a well known movie or play. It needs to have a lot of emotion ( preferably a crazy women having a break down getting angry and then sad and then being calm, or something like that.) If you know one please help :)

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how to connect a sensor to act as a potentiometer?

 I deed to connect distance measuring sensors with my keyboards potentiometers so they become midi volume controls

Question by nikaki    |  last reply

can a battery in reverse act as a resistor??? Answered

I was wondering if for example, putting a 1.5 volt battery in a 9 volt circuit, but in reverse would act as a resistor and take the 9v down to 7.5 volts?  I am too scared to try it, and just wanted to know if it has been tried before.

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What would this circuit act like?

I am building this cirucit flashes an led once every 2 seconds, if I am reading correctly.I need to modify it so that it acts like in this vid below.Any Ideas?I am making many of them so that I can scatter them all around our house on halloween to make it have a sort of twinkle effect. (the leds are going to be connected at different times so they blink at different times)

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Arduino joystick to act as 2 joysticks

Hi guys hope some 1 can help me out I've made a 3 axis joystick for my computer using an arduino Pro micro which works perfect however ide like to be able to flick a switch which would then make that joystick work as another joystick so would turn a 3 axis joystick into 2 3 axis joysticks if that makes sence I've seen it done but can't find any info on how to wire it or how the code needs to be altered as I'm new to coding so not the best any info would be greatly appreciated thanks

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AAA solar batteries acting weird? Answered

I recently got a bunch of solar garden lights intended for a different purpose of course ;) During the modding stage I made a simple wireless charger for one of the lights an it worked as intended. However, while testing the light and how long it works I got a bit confused. The battery states 300mAh (NiCd), which is fine for a single LED solar light and a small cell. The light uses between 6 and 10mA, depending on the current color. With my dumb calculations I would say a fully charged battery should last around 30 hours - 24 at least. But after 8 to 9 hours the light goes off and the battery is down to a low level. Being dirt cheap I tried the same again with a good 1000mA NiMh battery, which otherwise does a good job in other applications. The 1000mA battery lasted 3 days, which again is way short of the calculated target. At this stage I suspect the Joule thief used in the solar light is the culprit as my own circuits don't show this problem... Would it be worth to get the oscilloscope out to check the actual spikes produced by the circuit? And how would I go with properly calculating the consumption? Being a color changing LED (circuit inside the LED) does not make it much easier :(

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Do I need a license of some sort to give children summer drama lessons for a small fee?

They would be held at a local cultural arts center which I would rent.

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Getting two LM3916 chips to act as one?

I've tried to connect two LM3916 chips together in a VU meter to increase the number of LEDs to make the range broader with no luck. Each chips acts independently as if it were stand alone. Does anyone have a suggestion or possibly a diagram showing how to connect the chips to make them act as a single chip increasing the number of lights to increase the range? I followed the cascading connection in the manufacturer's data sheet, but I'm not sure how to power and deliver the signal to the second chip so I connected it like you would a single chip, tested it in dot mode with a potentiometer and than connected pin #9 from the first chip to pin #1 on the second chip. The power connection where the same as they were for the 1st chip. Any advise and/or assitance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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Really Bad Movies Productions; Impromptu Acting

Okay, these videos probably need some sort of context.  Here's the context: my friends and I make script, film, and edit really bad movies in our spare time, and I am in a few of them.  I thought I'd share them to you in all of their 'one-take-is-all-we-need' glory.  The last video, 'Flagellant Affliction,' was scripted and directed by me, and it is truly, truly awful.  My name is Andrew, so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out who I am in these if you look in the credits, but I can give you a description: I'm the one with the raging acne and reddish-brown hair. (Cool Instrumental EP by KILN). -Dark Owl

Topic by DarkOwlProductions    |  last reply

Birding Challenge - my first official act

Oh, looky looky! It's great what sort of things you can get up to when you're in the same room as the people who sign the cheques*! Actually, to be honest, this was Noah's idea, but he wanted somebody that cared about the subject to do the donkey work. So, announcing my first actual official Instructables Challenge! Autumn is the bird-spotters’ peak season, and the time that garden birders prepare their garden for the next seasons’ bird activity, so to launch our new Birding Channel, we’ve put together some awesome prizes to reward your birding-related projects, be they equipment you make or modify, projects for the back-garden birder, or you’re passing on the essential skills and insider tips of birding. It would also be interesting to see what software tools or apps you could create to use in the field. As a guide, I'm after something a little bit beyond a bird feeder.  Feel free to enter those, but I'd like folk to stretch themselves a bit. For instance, I am, personally, very tone deaf (and I know a few older birders that are losing their hearing altogether) - can you create an app that would help me identify birds by their calls? Or is there something cool that you've done to your birding kit, and other birders try and copy? Or maybe you have a particular way of ensuring great photographs of birds in the open? There are hundreds of dollars' worth of birding equipment at stake here. Oh, and I'd appreciate those bloggers and tweeters out there to highlight the challenge as well - the more entries we get, the bigger the prizes get. (Look how excited I got - I used bigger font all the way through!) *Ha, that upset this American spell-checker!

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a simple electric component that acts like a spark gap?

Is there a simple electric component that acts like a spark gap? something that will not conduct until a voltage is reached? i would like to replace the inefficient spark gap in the Tesla coil. also, also voltage needs to be very precise, the breakdown voltage across a gap varies for a clean oscillation. then, the coil should be less noisy.  

Question by -max-    |  last reply

Send button acts funny when sending a pm.

I was replying to a pm and when I got ready to push/click the SEND button it was large.  As I moused over it, it studdered and changed size to a smaller different color button.  Is that normal?

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My 11 year old cat is acting strange?

My cat is always up on the couch or on the table he is never in the ground. He won't jump down, only when he is eating or going to the bathroom. I'm scared my mom says he might has fleas cause that's what he did when we had them. But my mom bought the stuff just incase   He did, but when she put the stuff on him he still is acting  weird. Please help he is my best friend I have had him since I was 4.   

Question by Rachealray419    |  last reply

what fuse to use or gauge wire to act as a fuse?

Im making a battery powered coil gun.. each coil draws about 180-200 amps of a pulsed current. I want to know what fuse ratingi should use to protect the circuit.? or if there aint such a fuse.. what gauge wire should i use as a fuse..

Question by icey.hood    |  last reply

A firmware acting as emulated storage when connected to a PC?

Hi all, I am working on a project that involves firmware development for a micro controller based device. For the device i want it that when i plug it into a PC's USB port it should interact with the PC's OS and mount the storage on the device as an emulated drive automatically. as it happens for example on some USB GSM modems, which, when plugged into the PC mount a drive where the modems driver and associated communication software is already present and ready to use. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks

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Right mouse menu acting weird? (windows 8)? Answered

Hi there, Today, I've been experiencing a weird 'bug' on my laptop. Whenever I want to use the menu that comes up when pressing the right mouse button in an explorer-related location (documents, music, windows media player etc.), the menu is empty, The menu starts out as completely blank, and the options normally shown appear don't appear until you hover over them with the mouse. When I click the right mouse button in, for example, firefox, it works normally. Does somebody know what causes this, and how I can fix it? Thanks in advance. System information: Lenovo G500-20245 laptop Windows 8 64 bits Intel Core i5-3230M processor. GeForce 720M

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help with a transistor circuit that acts like a latching relay

Hello all,, I just joined and this is my first post even though I have lurked here for some time. Now my question. I am trying to build a circuit that behaves like a latching relay. I can build a latching relay from ordinary spdt relays, however im working on a project that is going to require several of them and size is an issue. Im pretty sure a few transistors will do what I want and im sure I could figure it out on my own. I just figured I would ask here to see what kind of answers I get. I don't want any arduio stuff or microcontrollers.. My goal is to keep it as simple as possible and completely solid state and electromechanical.. basically I need it to be triggered by a negative pulse and stay on until a different negative pulse is sent to turn it off.. If possible I want to work into the circuit an adjustable output, either - or + so I can just set it to suite my purpose. It wont need to handle much current, I can add relays to the circuit to handle the higher current stuff.. I have basic to moderate experience and knowledge with electronics so I can understand some terms, but please keep it worded as plain as possible.   Thank You...

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Remap Old Keyboards Keys to act as Dedicated Shortcut Keys.

I have a spare USB keyboard and Plan to Remap its Keys so that when i connect it to my computer it acts as shortcut keys for any application or keystroke that i wish to assign it to.... need help?

Question by SharmikFrost    |  last reply

New site for an acting school, made with our new beta App

We just finished work on a website for an acting school with our new beta application Wordpress. You can read more about the project here:

Topic by Greg Inc.  

Has anyone made a robot that looks and acts like the Pixar lamp? Answered

I think that it should be able to hop up and down a bit, and look at people when they enter its range of vision. Any ideas as to how to make something like this?

Question by javajunkie1976    |  last reply

Is there a way to use my USB microphone with my PC acting as an amplifier? Answered

 I have a blue snowball microphone, and wanted to use it to amplify my vocals, but have no amp. I know how to record with it, but are there programs out there that will amplify its input?

Question by jwinskill09    |  last reply

how would a Tesla turbine act if it was able to receive regular wind? Answered

 well i'm trying to build a small turbine so that i can make a dc voltage that i could then use for whatever my mind thinks up next. what i want to know is if the tesla turbine is more effecient in regular sporadic wind than more conventional wind turbines. the thought is i would take one of those spinning turbines you see on roofs and mount it stationary so that wind from any direction would make a sort of cyclone type deal, then by putting the discs in, cut to size, so that it forms a ball in the middle and put a shaft in it. some vent holes on top and i'm thinking that i could then stick it where those vent fans are supposed to be for easy mounting. thoughts? science? help?

Question by waldosan    |  last reply

3 Free 3-Month Memberships for New Members - Act Fast!

Did you join Instructables in September 2011? Are you cool posting a comment here to introduce yourself? Just hit ‘Add Comment’ and share some fun fact(s) about yourself – why you joined, favorite Instructable so far, a good movie recommendation or your favorite superpower…anything at all! The first three posts will receive a 3-month Pro membership to Instructables! Welcome to the community : )

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my 11 year old cat has been acting strange lately Answered

My 11 year old cat has been acting strange lately. when she peed she got in her litter box but she peed on the outside out the box and when she walks shell go 3 feet then stop she usually aggressive toward others but now shell let anyone pet her or pick her up. and she seems more mellow im am scared that this is serious and that i might loose her(im really attached, ive had her since i was 3 and she was able to leave her mother) I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF SHE WILL BE OKAY

Question by ddj    |  last reply

Transistors, connecting them in paralell. Will they act as one transistor to use them for higher amp? Answered

I want to build a PWM but am having trouble finding transistors powerful enough. Will they act as one if I connect them in paralell?

Question by omnibot    |  last reply

can laser be used as a frequency source for a photodiode which can act as a transmitter/oscillator? Answered

Photodiode induce current when a light of paricular wavelenth/frequency  strikes on them..laser have a high frequency and low wavelenth......instead of light but electromagnetic waves,can it act as a source of frequency on photodiode hence making a oscillator????

Question by arihant    |  last reply

On a manual transmission will the clutch slip if there is not enough oil in it? Or at least act like its slipping?

I have a 1999 Nissan Maxima with a manual transmission and has 120,000 miles. Within the past few weeks, I have noticed that I am able to get into all gears while driving but when I step on the gas the rpms go higher than normal- then come back down. Just wondering if this could be a symptom of not enough gear oil in the transmission?

Question by patrick_m_walsh    |  last reply

How clouds act as an air pump to suck in air. Not how you think they do!

I have been thinking a long time about the biotic pump theory but I still don't understand it.  The math is too hard for me.   BUT it got me to thinking.   It is a point of major dispute in the meteorological world.   Does condensation cause low pressure?  2 russian nuclear physicists say yes,  almost everyone else says no!   So,  I thought and thought and thought.  Now I think I have a simple enough explanation And yes, they may not necessarily cause low pressure under the cloud (probably do)  but they definitely suck in air from elsewhere.  Imagine a fleet of huge doughnut shaped dirigible airships. They are sitting at 10,000 ft just floating there.   Now the commander tells everyone that they must now fly at 5000 ft.   So they turn on their propellers (in the hole in the doughnut) and drop down to 5000 ft by propelling air up  through the hole.   Now staying at 5000 ft is achieved by running the propellers at just fast enough.  So at 5000 ft they are pumping air from under the doughnuts to above them.   Now imagine a cumulus cloud.  Even though it is not fixed in size or shape and it does not have a propeller,  it is doing the exact same thing.  Air is being pumped up the middle and the clouds are sitting lower in the sky than they "should",  because they are sending that column of air up into the sky.   Here is my video to explain it visually.

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Cat acts like he is drugged up with morphine, not himself. Rat poison is mysteriously missing. Could it be? Answered

What symptoms of the standard green rat poison will be present in cats? For mild symptoms. (does anyone have experiance with this?) I have found that vitamin K is almost an antidote, although not sure. The symptoms listed here are not present, or we cannot tell for sure. No litter in the box, no noticeable bleeding yet, he has been acting funny like that all day yesterday too. I suspect it may be a very mild poisoning, but do not know what symptoms may exist for such. Thank you.

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how do I make an oversized button with a usb cable act as one of the buttons on my keyboard?

what Id like to do is have an oversized button on my desk that will act as the f12 button on my pc. its the button that blender uses to render images. I can make the button no problem, but how do I get it to "tell" my pc that it is an f12 button?

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How can a LED be flashed like a strobe, motion activated and installed outside to act as a security light?

This is about home security.  I have posted another security question on single LEDs in the same category. We have a remote house under construction at the end of a cul-de-sac.  My idea was to create some type of motion-activated single flash strobe or LED burst of light.  This light would be installed at the cul-de-sac and the motion sensor could be further away.  I just want to create this big flash so that any one coming around in the wee hours has to decide if they just had their picture taken and do they want to go further.  The strobe would just flash once like a camera flash, not flashing repetitively. So the final product would have to be weather and water proof.  The house is about 200' from the cul-de-sac but there are a number of empty, underground PVC conduits run from the house electrical panel which could be used to run out 120v or low voltage wiring. I've looked everywhere on the net.  The closest I could find were cameras that are made to take flash photos of animals at night and are motion activated. 

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Ethernet connection - strange problem. Green wire acting like a starter & is not needed when a connection is made!

I connected 2 ethernet cables together by simply removing their shields and twisting the naked wires together. I was able to get a good connection but a very strange thing is happening. I need to connect the green wire just to start the connection. Once the connection is established it does not matter if the green wire is connected or not. After some time the connection turns off and to turn it back on I need to re touch the green wires together. The connection comes off if I turn off or on any switch in my room! What is happening? I have also made a video of the thing if anyone wants to see it, in order to better understand the problem. This is the youtube link ( Please, if anyone knows what is happening and the reason for this let me know. Also, how can I make this connection more durable? Note: I just added an image to show the distance between the two unconnected green wires. The net connectivity is On even when the green wires are not connected.

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my car's been acting slugish and ive put some injector cleanr in it, what else could be wrong with it?

It's a '93 buick with a v6 in and suggestions are soooo welcome.

Question by cheezies    |  last reply

What parts are needed to build a sensitive, push-plate activated, solenoid valve to act as a cat water fountain?

Hello Instructables Community! I am on a mission to water my cats! I have two cats that prefer to drink straight from a running water tap than from their bowl. I don't know if it is a freshness thing, or if it is just their odd nature, but they will always go for running water over a clean bowl of water any day! Also, they tend to drag their bowl of water around and it gets everywhere and is ruining my hardwood floors. So, I would like to accomplish the following: Build a push-plate activated water fountain that has flow controlled by a solenoid valve. I hope to train the cats to push on the plate in order to activate the water so that they can drink. I am hoping that the community may point me in the right direction to find the parts I may need for this project. I am hoping that the plate will be something small and relatively flat so that it does not stick up from the side of the bathroom sink too much. Many thanks!?

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****kool knex site****


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if you wired two 3 volt leds in series, then three in parallel, would it be able to be hooked up to a 9 volt battery?

Would the first two act as a resistor, then the rest (being in parallel) act as one big led?

Question by codongolev    |  last reply