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Apple Tablet

So what's everybody heard about it? think it'll just be a large ipod touch or could it replace my laptop?

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A HUGE Apple!

I found this huge apple in my grandparent's back garden (yard)! I have never seen an apple so big before...

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Rotten Apple

Who is this Guy?? All I wanted was to warn people about the danger of using pop tab chainmail armor. Suddenly I am the subject of crap campain??? If You do'nt get what the gist of it was GIVE UP!!AND SHUT UP!!! Your continued slams only accentuate Your stupidity!!! As a result of the affore mentioned slam-a-thon I will no longer be loging on to this web site. Nor will I recomend it to anyone.  I apoligize to the rest of the good folks who contribute very good and interesting things, however I do'nt think I should have to put up with degrading and STUPID e-mails just because I wanted to help!                                                                          Roy.

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Apple OS on a PC? Answered

After seeing, I learned that they used iStopMotion for the graphics. Also, I was able to play on a Mac, and I have to say, I kinda dig it. Is there anyway possible for me to install the Apple OS on my computer and still keep my current OS (Windows XP)?

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I hate apple.

So i heard of a few apps from some friends I try them out and I like them. So when I go to the app store to get the apps, they tell me that I have to accept their new terms. Since the wifi at my house is knocked out, I had to wait a very long time for it to load. When it finally loads and I hit that one button, it tells me to try again. That means I have to reload the app store, find that app, and download it again. This is a literal equivalant of an eternity. I wouldn't be whining so much if Apple was nice enough to resume the download when I accepted their licence.

Topic by DJ Radio  

Apple Touch Icon

Could you include an Apple Touch Icon on the website? I know Instructables doesn't have an iOS app. Primary reason being that you want to focus on the website. I fully support that. I would like to add a shortcut to Instructables (my feed) on my iOS devices and I would like the bookmark to have a proper (Apple Touch) icon. Just because it looks nice and I think it would support Instructables' web app approach. Thanks.

Topic by pietervankessel  

Apple scripting question? Answered

I am new to Apple computers, I just got an older system off of ebay for testing purposes and so that I can learn how to use them.  (I want to go into IT for a living, so I will need to learn how to use them.) I need a little help getting started with my first project.  I have made a working program for what I want to do in Windows as a batch file (which I then compiled into an .exe).  For a company that I am starting, people often need to send me large files, and I want to give them a way to do this.  I have two FTP servers (one in the cloud, and one at home that my parents make me shut down every night).  Since these files are large enough that it takes awhile to download them from my cloud server, my script automatically selects which server to use based on the current time.  It then prompts the user to drag and drop their file into the dos window to select the files they wish to upload.  After that, it creates an FTP script which is then executed using the ftp /s command.  This program works great. I would like to get this program working on my mac as well (I realize that I probably can't use the same script, I will have to change it).  I considered using a bash script, but it seems that you would have to start the script from terminal (it can't just be executed by clicking on it like in windows).  I've also looked at automator, but as far as I can see it doesn't even have the ability to upload to FTP. At this point, I just want to make an easy way for people to upload to a specific FTP server without having to enter usernames, passwords, IP addresses/ urls, etc.  I don't even care if it automatically switches between servers like my other script... that is a bonus.  To any mac programmers out there, if you were going to do this; where would you start?  (Stick with bash, applescript, automator, another programming language, etc.) Thanks!

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gmjhowe - Apple Fanboy

Well, I made a purchase this sunday just gone.I have bought one of the original Macintoshes from 1984, the model I bought was the Macintosh 512k, called the 'Fat Mac' due to its upgraded ram from 128k to 512k. It was the second model of Macintosh released.The Specs are as follows, Processor Speed: 8 MHzSystem Bus Speed: 8 MHzROM Size: 64kData Path: 16-bitStandard RAM: 512kBuilt-in Display: 9" Monochrome - 512 x 384 1-bitAvg. Weight: 16.5 lbs.Introduction Date: September 10, 1984So, now the question is, what do I do with this? The spec makes it useless as a machine, and I have no OS disk.So far, I have three options, Gut the inside of the mac, and install a new mini-itx system, and make it into a Hackintosh.Gut the insides. Try and fix the free ps3 thats heading my way, install linux on ps3, install inside of macGut the insides, and use it as the shell for a 'companion' tower for my iMac, housing back up drives, USB devices, and my small USB powere 7" mimo screen.Let me know what you think, or suggest new ideas!- gmjhowe

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Apple-Bose headphones

Hey guys, try this!!!

Topic by Javvy    |  last reply

Apple floppy disk?

Hi,    I have been searching for a way to get the info from some floppy disks that were used on an Apple format computer in the early 90's. The disks are 3.5's. I have a disk drive. I have tried to find a converter  program online but none seem to apply to this.  I can't get them on the PC because if they are formatted they lose the data. Does anyone know a way to convert the data to PC inexpensively?    Thanks Much,   Savex

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Apple G4, useful?

A friend, who knows I love to demolish things, just gave me an old powermac G4. The freaking thing still works! It has a HDD of 26 and one of 6Gb, as well as an Iomega Zip drive and a CD-R. I'm no fan of apple or anything i-****, but the machine seems to be well built, seems to be a waste to just rip apart for a power supply, some fans and a few super magnets. The university of Amsterdam used to have quite a lot of them in the days... Can this machine still serve a serious purpose (add some value above and beyond a contemporary windows 7/ XP computer)? How about installing new software (no idea about what is available or can be run on OS9.2) Perhaps there is niche software for it, where to find it...?

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New apple ad

Yea ok i understand im not pro, and i can handle the ad's but this rather piggy apple ad currently on the site has 1 main problem (besides it takes for freakin ever to load) now i cannot see the contest's and I have no idea where to go looking, I was kinda looking forward to see what new projects there are but i just get pc (who IRL owns a mac) and mac squabbling over which is better ... and i really dont care as i own both, but thats not the point where do i find the contest links while this is going on?

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Apple Magic Mouse problems? Answered

I just got my apple magic mouse about three hours ago and hooked it up to my macbook right when  I got home. The problem is when I try to use the one finger scroll it or the two finger swipe to go back and forward it doesn't work so I'm thinking there's a problem with the multi touch. I tried to fix it but I couldn't, does anyone know what the problem is?

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apple ipod battery dead?

I have an ipod nano, the battery seems to not wanna take a charge. is it broke, or can i fix it? plz help me out. i'd really appreciate it!

Question by sci4me    |  last reply

Can you bake apples?

Question by JammerB    |  last reply

make dried apple dolls?

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Apple iPad - comments and opinions?

OK, you've all seen it now. What do you think? (Image via Reddit)

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Making apple earbuds better?

I took apart some apple earbuds and there was some washer shaped magnets inside on a little rod.  It would be easy to add more magnets and i was wondering if that would make the earbuds better.  Also i would like to know if it would be at all dangerouse

Question by awesomeepiceli    |  last reply

Fusion 360 on Apple MacBook

Hello - I've recently been having troubles running Fusion 360 on my Windows 10.1 laptop. I've seen that most people use Apple MacBooks with Fusion 360 CAD software, and it runs quite fast and reliably too! So, I was wondering which MacBook would be the bet for this application? I am thinking about getting the new MacBook. Let me know what you think, and past experiences you have had. Thank, Dylan

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Apple Pie; how to keep the sliced apples from shriveling up?

Cooking in sugar tends to draw the moisture out of the apple and you end up with slim dried out slivers!!  I have had the same trouble if I cook carrots or sweet potatoes in the sugar! To prevent the carrots and sweet potatoes, I cook them separately and at the last minute I add the cooked sugar syrup!  But am at a loss as how to make the apples in a pie that does not shrivel up!

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​Is ISO automatic in Apple phone-6 ? Answered

ISO means the International Standards Organization - who is the governing body that standardizes sensitivity ratings for camera sensors. The ISO adjusts the camera's sensitivity to light. Picture credit is Cdog2897

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Apple headphone Jack to 2 Speakers

I am trying to attach a apple headphone jack to 2 speakers. Which wires do I have to put where because on the right side there are 3 wires which are the red, copper, and the red and green wire twisted together and on the left side there is the green and the copper and is there anyway that you can control the volume on your ipod from the remote that's on the headphones??

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What really happened with Apple and Linux?

                   As a faithful Linux user, I know that I am obligated to disparage and insult Apple every time I receive the opportunity to do so.  What I want to know is why this is so.  I understand the fact that their computers are built really tight and that they (like Microsoft) cater to a market of users that I'm supposed to feel superior to because I can take my computer apart and put it back together.  I generally get a bad, anti-modding vibe from their devices as well.  However, I really have no idea why Apple is so disliked amongst the open-source community.  If anyone could explain what all of this is about (specifically Apple's use of Unix), I would much appreciate it. 

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Apple wired keyboard bluetooth hack?

I bought the wired keyboard for the numeric keypad and I don't mind it being wired but I was wondering if there were any hacks that made it bluetooth. I have googled it with no luck. Does anyone know of any, if any, hacks that would make it bluetooth?

Question by DBMods  

Apple MacBook Laptop with lots of Softwares

I am selling my Macbook with softwares such as the Adobe Creative Suite - Outlook 2007 - Microsoft Software 2011 - Skype - ichat and more. Here is the link -;=item43b4ba5231

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Help with Apple aluminum keyboard mod.

Ok so i need help with this new idea i had. i wanna mod the new imac keyboard. all aluminum n white keys so they are backlit almost like a MBP since they dont make/sell them anywhere or for that instance make them anywhere online i've checked other mod sites and no one knows how to go at this. anyway i was thinking it'd be cool to use the style they got on the caps lock and put lights where the letters would go. anyone up for this? if so please email me/pm me. thanks.

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apple ipod touch or android tablet

Anyone out there,,, do you have anything in mind to create something with a spoil Apple Ipod touch or an Android tablet.?

Topic by msufian    |  last reply

Funny apple cider making video

Http:// description made me think of posting it here - "Dr. Mullins demonstrates how to make delicious wholesome booze out of boring old apples, using his 220V grinder, super-custom apple press with 12-ton car jack, and only the most sanitary laboratory conditions."Totally funny short video.

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iPhone 5s Stuck on Apple Logo

I've been trying to restore and update my iPhone 5s but its stuck on the Apple logo with the progress bar not moving. iTune is at the latest version and  I have tried different USB cables and still not working. Any idea how to fix it? I've waited for 6 hours and still no update on the progress bar.

Topic by Melbonene    |  last reply

Would you have eaten the Apple?

Eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? Opened Pandora's box? With all it offers, both good and bad?What are your opinions on this?And let's try to open to other peoples' views! These are opinions, people ;-)(This one is always a fun question to ask)

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Acrylic apple m6531 speaker mod???

I inherited a pair of these round acrylic speakers but the jack is a weird quasi-mini thing that is incompatible with all my gear. Can this "mini" jack be replaced by USB?

Topic by senor gatos  

how to connect an apple g4 to dls internet?

I was given an apple g4 that has only been used for video editing

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How do you take apart an apple earpods container?

I want to take apart an apple earpod container so i can use the case for a project

Question by Schmidty16    |  last reply

Apple iPod touch 64GB (4th Generation) cannot be recognized by my computer.?

I bought an Apple iPod touch 64GB (4th Generation). But it cannot be recognized by my computer. And i am unable to connect it to my iTunes and the computer. I want to update the software, but first i have to make it recognized by my computer.

Question by jinakin  

how to get itunes free id?

Question by atiya ali    |  last reply

I really want blue apples, how do I make blue apples? Answered

Is there any way to make blue apples? My Quest is to make blue apples that are not only blue but also taste good I will not stop until I succeed!!! P.S. If I succeed on my own I will share with everyone the secret of blue apples!

Question by Slayerfan666    |  last reply

Transfer song from computer to iPod nano ?

Hi guys i need help i format my iPod nano and now i want to transfer my song to iPod. i tried but it doesn't show in iPod. is there is specific way to do it ? 

Question by easyway  

How to connect a landline to Mac on OS X?

---The Problem---- I've searched high and low for something that will allow me to connect my normal landline (see links at bottom of post) to my MacBook Pro (2.16GHz core 2 duo, on OS X Snow Leopard).  The landline is my work landline, so I can't change it. I really just want to connect it to my Mac through its "To TEL" port, which according to the manual is for connecting phones in parallel. The minimum I want to be able to do is get audio from the landline to my computer's speakers and audio to it from my computer's speakers. My goal is to be able to work handsfree on my computer while I type. I'm not keen on a headset for the landline because I hate cables and get tangled up while I type. If I get my voice routed through to the phone through the Mac's microphone and sound to come out through my speakers from the caller's voice I'd be jumping for joy. I'd be rocketing for joy if through some way I managed to use an AppleScript I found (see links at bottom of post) to dial out of AddressBook to the landline. That would be tres cool, but that'd be me getting greedy. ----What I've been able to find out (I'm pretty clueless)------ PCs can do this with an RJ11 to USB adapter. There are rumors that the DLink DPH-50U works with OS X with a driver no one can seem to find. Apple stopped making their USB external modems, which didn't cater for voice anyway. I'm willing to buy stuff to make something if I need, although if it comes to writing drivers I'd need a lot of direction. ----The question----- Does anyone have any clever ideas on how to solve the problem? ----Links------ My landline manual: AppleScript to dial from AddressBook:;=10 Most thankful in advance for any ideas!

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Nokia N95 8gb,Nokia N96,Apple iPhone 16gb,Apple iPod Touch 16gb


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How do I do the Apple tab? Answered

I just watched this video : . How does he do the Apple tab ?

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Corn Starch for Flour in an Apple Pie Recipe?

Can you substitute Corn Starch for All-Purpose Flour in an Apple Pie Recipe?  I have all the ingredients but Flour, please let me know. Thank you,

Question by angelforever53    |  last reply

Germinating Apple Seeds? Answered

Has anyone here ever successfully germinated seeds from store-bought apples? if yes, how should I proceed?

Question by jensenr30    |  last reply

Just picked up an old Apple monitor. I don't use Apple anything, so what can I do with it?

Found this in my local Fred Meyer parking lot.  No one was around to claim it (this was close to closing hour), so I picked it up, knowing I could do something with it, but now not sure what.  I can recycle it, and if I do, I'll be removing the enamel-coated wire around the tube, but I wanted to see if anyone here has other ideas

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For Sale Brand New Apple iphone 16gb for $200usd

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can anyone help me in making an ipod charger?

i want the total circuit design.. and the working of it ..

Question by sid901    |  last reply

Battle of the bands

Whos better the Jonas Brothers or Guns N Roses? Please put if you are a girl or a boy because my sister thinks that Guns N Roses will win because only boys will vote because she thinks only boys go on instructables.

Topic by DizzyReed    |  last reply