Kiteman visits Torchwood...

We just got back from a trip to South Wales - lovely weather, and we managed to visit a couple of iconic locations; The stealth entrance to Torchwood. It's just a real shame that the base got destroyed last year, so the kerbstone wasn't working... Pendine Sands. Unfortunately, the Sands but up against an active MoD firing range, so most of it was shut (we could hear explosions and something that sounded like the mother of all machine guns). We did get to play on the sand, though - it is astonishingly flat, and very firm.  Apparently that's all down to the precise shape and size of the grains. I also found a new favourite castle (Kidwelly), and Conker-X found a new favourite duck (White Headed), and Roger-X was savaged by yet another species (Coscoroba Swan). If anybody is planning a holiday, we can all heartily recommend a stay in South Wales.

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People in the UK, where do you buy your electronics components? Answered

I'm 18 and just getting into electronics after messing around for some time, and i really need to build up a basic kit/bits no bobs box with the usual myriad of resistors, capacitors, transistors, switches, LED. I don't know of any store near by (I'm in Chepstow, so Cardiff, Newport or Bristol) or are there any good online stores that aren't extortionate in small quantities or pricy delivery for tiny parts? (bearing in mind i wont be buying bulk) Cheers James

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