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This question has been pusaleing me all day if we have "c" in english , why do we have "k"? they both make the same sound.

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English lessons for spammers !?

I don't know if you noticed but lately our spammers seem to have problems with the dictionary. Someone must post an Instructable on how to use the right translator to get something readable in english. To me it often looks like there is a guy somewhere in the Gobi Desert with a bunch of spam messages. For the posting he seems to use a dictionary from his language into french, than from french to russian anf finally over spanish to english. Creating random text that is readable is easier than this, so please guys help the spammers!   Anyone with a good idea on how to solve the problem? ;)

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What's the English name for this? Answered

I'm working on an Instructable and I don't know the English word for this type of threaded connector. Does anyone know?

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Learn Spanish & English

Happy new year!!! 2017 This group was created for estabishing a Knowing of the other countries students, young people, and meet people from universities. Please note: (This group is for to mmet people not for loving or sexting).

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PDF download not in English

When I download a Pdf instruction    all the words are in jibberish (a mix of letters, numbers, common symbols and non-alphanumeric symbols with odd spacing and can not be read.  The pictures are all good.  What can I do to print these out in English as it is viewed on the Instructable site?  My system is Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002, browser is Firefox 3.6.3 and Adobe  Hope this helps.  Also, when I am looking at my screen the text is in English.  It is only when I print it comes our as described above.

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Help needed for english in a lab

I need some help with english in connection with scientific work in a lab and things like that. I am able to speak english nearly fluent in normal conversation but on special subjects i am lost. I am studying chemistry and a few days ago, when i had to talk to a lab assistant, who didn't speak german(my native language), I thought something like 'WTF is that thing called where you store volatile compounds and where you do the experiments etc.'. It would be nice, if you could tell me some words for common lab equipment and phrases that are essential in a chemistry lab, especialy for the case that something goes wrong. (well of course i also need a short explanation if the meaning isn't obvious) Thanks in advance.

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Greek/English translation question? Answered

I am told that the word "porousias" is Greek, but not what it means. I've tried a few translation websites, but none recognise it. Can you help?  Is the spelling correct? Thank you in advance.

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Common written English errors.

I'll add to this as errors come to my attention. Perhaps this, or someone else's similar post, could be made a sticky - an always available point of consultation distinct from individual requests for, or offers of, help. I have a 2:1 Honours degree in Librarianship and Information Studies, and I also have a City and Guilds Certificate in teaching Adult Literacy. English is my native language. ------------ THERE, THEIR, THEY'RE THERE: Position: "The school is over there."; "There is the temple we have been looking for." Information: "There is a stray dog wandering around the house."; "There is a train leaving in 15 minutes." Slang: "He's not all there." (He is a bit stupid.) THEIR: Exclusively belonging to someone or something - no other meaning. "The coats are theirs." (the coats belong to them); "This is their car." (the car belongs to them); "Fords are OK, but their brakes can be spongy." (the brakes belonging to Ford cars can be spongy). THEY'RE: Short for "They are..." "Try some, they're very tasty."; "Surely they're not ending the gig without playing "Us and Them"?" A spellchecker may not locate words that are spelled correctly but used incorrectly. "My car is over their." is wrong usage, but the word, "their" is spelled correctly. A grammar checker may or may not locate such errors. (Microsoft Word 2007 combines spellcheck and grammar check, and does find such errors, offering the correct "there" as a replacement. -------------------- ITS, IT'S: ITS: Belonging to. "The pedal on the left is its clutch pedal." (the left pedal is the clutch belonging to the car - "its" = "the car's"); "Its mechanism is a bit fiddly, and poorly designed." (the mechanism belonging to something not explicitly mentioned is fiddly and poorly designed). IT'S: Short for "it is". "It's raining."; "It's cold."; "It's quite warm for November." -------------------- YOUR, YOU'RE YOUR: Ownership. "That is your car."; "Your instructions are misleading."; "What was your day like?" YOU'RE: Short for "you are". "You're wrong about that, it's the other way around."; "You're pulling my leg, that's not even remotely possible." -------------------- THAN, THEN THAN: Comparative. "My car is better than yours."; "I feel better than I did yesterday."; "I would sooner be there than sitting here doing nothing." THEN: Sequence; "Add an egg, then whisk until fluffy."; "Go to the corner, then turn right." Also colloquially, "Then again, I might decide to fly, after all."; "What's all this about, then?" Usual error is "then" instead of "than". I've never seen it the other around. Becoming more common, and it has appeared as the only error in a good few Instructables. -------------------- SHOULD OF, COULD OF, WOULD OF, etc. All simply wrong. They do not exist in English, and are misheard shortenings of "should have" (should've (sounds like "should of")), "could have" (could've), "would have" (would've), etc. -------------------- TO, TOO, TOO TO: "It's time to go to school."; "Let's go to the cinema."; Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go." TOO Also\as well. "I'm coming, too."; "I, too, use Linux Mint." TOO Excessive. "That's far too much for me!", "You go, if you like, but I think it's too expensive to get in." -------------------- THE APOSTROPHE The apostrophe does a few unconnected things. Indicates ownership: "The dog's bowl." (The bowl belonging to the dog.); "That pink collar is the cat's." (That pink collar belongs to the cat.); "Microsoft's Windows 7 is the best Operating System." (The Operating System belonging to Microsoft.) Indicates missing letters: "They're" (They are); "Can't" (cannot); "I'bles" (Instructables). To indicate ownership of a plural that ends in "s", or pronoun (name) just add the apostrophe at the end without any additional "s": "The ship's (a single ship) colours have been changed to red and grey." "The ships' (all the ships in the fleet) colours have been changed to red and grey." (Else you would get "ships's"; which Golem might say.) "Mr Jones' car is a Skoda." Not Jones's, although, it seems, it's a matter of preference. My preference is brevity.   BUT an apostrophe NEVER EVER makes a plural, "banana's" is wrong, it's just "bananas"; "goat's" is wrong, it's just "goats". Used this way it could indicate ownership, "The banana's skin is yellow." (The skin belonging to the banana.) Detailed examination at; -------------------- DIFFERENT. You will often see "different" used with "than", or "from", or "to". The preference is "from", because one says "it differs from", not "it differs than", or "it differs to". Detailed discussion at; -------------------- "REPLACED WITH", or "REPLACED BY". Both can be correct. See MilkyBarKid's post in a thread at; -------------------- MISLED, MISLEAD Both are correct, but have different uses. "He was misled by the sneaky salesman." "The sneaky salesman tried to mislead him." -------------------- LESS, FEWER Fewer is used when individual things or people are being referred to; cars, telephones, knives, people, churches. Less is used when things being referred to cannot be counted or don't have plurals; traffic, communication, cutlery, worship. Fewer cars mean less traffic. -------------------- If you have any particular points or questions, I'll be glad to research and post.

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How to speak old english?

What would be the correct way to reply to 'good day fair maiden, how do you fare?' using old english,...?

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How is that switch called in english?

Hello everyone, for my instructable I need to know how that switch is called in english. Thank you for helping! Mischka

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How is a toy like this called in English?

How is the toy in the pictures called in English? The figures collapse or bow when a button in the base is pushed in. There's no real name for them in Dutch... Any advice on how I should call these in my upcoming Instructable?

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the International-English language guide (v0.4a)

International-English Grammary rules :Rule #1 : "-ize" versus "-ise" In International-English language, we don't speak American-English or British-English. So, we are free to choose whichever ending we want.However, it is recommended to adapt ourselves to our interlocutors. For instance, if you write to an American-English speaker, you'd rather prefer the -ise ending, and when you'll write to a British-English speaker, you'd rather prefer the -ize one.It's also possible to select -isze or -izse endings, and you're absolutely welcome to change all along your sentences.However, it is absolutely forbidden to improvizse excentrical endings such as -izzzz, iszsze, etc.Examples :I realize that we could recognise that he did not organizse this exercisze as expected. (correct)Yeah, I agree. It was a great surprizzszsze ! <------- bad ! very bad ! Don't !Same rule apply to words like civilizsation, coloniszation, etc.Rule #2 : "-our" versus "-or" The rule is almost the same than #1.The alternative International-English ending is : "-oor".On the other hand, the "-ur" ending is not an acceptable alternative !Examples :I love the couloor of yor eyes and the flavoor of yoor tongue ! (correct)Yeah, yur right ! <----- bad ! extremely bad !Rule #3 : "-re" versus "-er" Again, same as #1 and #2.Unfortunately, there is no International-English alternative ending.However, keep in mind that this rule only apply to words that have a different spelling in American-English than in British-English.When available, always prefer international spellings over american-english spellings : litre and metre instead of liter and meter Examples :As I was lost in the centre of this commercial center, I drunk three litre ... (correct)Three liter of what ? Of wine or of watre ? <---- bad ! very very bad ! never do that !I don't remember, so I guess it was not water. (correct)Rule #4 : conjugation :If you forget the -s or the -es at the third person, it do not really matter as long as the pronoun is present in your sentence.By default, every past form of verbs take a final -d or -ed, and it is acceptable to ignore irregular verbs.It is also acceptable to conjugate the verb after its auxiliary : I did not conjugated correctly.Examples : She don't understand because she's a girl ... (acceptable)Yeah, that's because girls have a smaller brain than men. (correct)(and true)Yes, you're right. I have readed that in a magazsine writed by eminent scientists. (acceptable)Rule #5 : plural forms :By default, plural form of words take a final -s, and it is acceptable to write the plural form of words like child and "man" with a final -s (childs, mans), instead of children and men.Also, if you accidentally add a final -s to children, it does not really matter ... as for men with a final -s, it's rather a women's problem that you should better avoid.Examples :I hate childs ... (acceptable)Why did you made childrens then ? (acceptable)Because I wanted to play Lego and Play-doh again ... (immature and stupid)International-English Dictionary and Vocabular :CColoorCoulorCouloorCoulournounSame as color and colour.This is a beautifull coulour, how did you made it ? - Thanks, I simply mixed them all.This afternoon, KillerJackalope cut Cameron just to show him his favoorite coulour.EExcentricaladjective1. strange or unusual, sometimes in an amusing way :He thinks he is an artist, but this guy is just totally excentrical !2. which is not in the centre : The axis of this wheel is excentrical !GGOTOverbTo go to somewhere without possible return.You'll GOTO hell !GOSUBverbTo go to somewhere with a possible return.You'll GOTO hell without even GOSUB purgatory !!GrammarynounSame as grammar, but ending with a y :Why this y ? - Because that's the International-English grammary !HHolyHollyHolllyadjrelated to a religion or a godthis holly book makes not sense at all ... it's all writted in Outdated-English language.Yeah, I agree. It would have maked more sense if it was an hollly manga ...HoolyHoollyHoolllynouna small evergreen tree with shiny sharp leaves and small round red fruitWhere did you go for your Hollydays ?I went to Hoolllyhood ...the holy place of the movies industry ?Nah ... Hoollly HOOD ......But that makes no sense !Yeah, it's because it's an holly definition.LLoginphrasal verb when you connect to your account on a computer or a website by entering your name and your password :Please login to your account and watch my website !Okay ! I'm loging in !logingnounthe activity of loging in to a computer.a loging userPParalleliseParallelize Parallelizse Parallelisze verbto put in parallel :He parallelised the laser beams together.ParallelisedParallelizedParalleliszedParallelizsedadjectivethat have been put in parallel :These laser beams are perfectly paralleliszed.Pronounciationnounfrom the verb "to pronounce" ; how words are pronouncedWhat is the correct pronounciation of the word 'zeitgeist' ? - Don't ask me ! I don't even know how to spell it !UUnbannableadjectiveimpossible to ban ; that can't be banned :I can hardly believe that Nachomahma got banned from many site : he seems so unbannable !This guy is unbannable because he respects all the rules of the site.VVocabularnounSame as vocabulary, but without the ending y:Why not the y ? - Because it's the International-English vocabular !International-English pronounciation :As we all know :- most American-English speakers emit ducks and cats noises through their nose, and almost "vomit" some vowels- most British-English speakers emits vowels through their nose from the back of their throat, and consonants between their teeth without using their lips- most Australian-English speakers don't pronounce at all (they just make noises)So, you are free to pronounce your words with whatever accent you want. It's your right. After all, English is not your first language. You can be proud to know more than one language, and thus, it's your entire right to customise this second language with your natural accent.However, if, for the sake of compatibility, you absolutely want to imitate an accent, it is highly suggested to pick the Canadian-English pronunciation. They are the only ones to pronounce words like "about" and "house" correctly.For instance, they don't say : "abawt" and "hawse", they say "aboot" and "hooze".(c) all right reserved, aka chooseausername on instructables.comShiver irrrrrelevant Humens !Now that we have assimilated your tongue,You have therefore no secrets for us !

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can someone translate these songs into english? Answered

Translate these songs for me so I can get at least a faint idea of what they are's the link to the songs :

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ESL (English as a second Language)Forum

Would you find an ESL (English as a second language) forum helpful? I think we have quite a few users who might benefit from something like that. It'd be a place to either ask for or offer help with both publishing in English and understanding Instructables that might not be clear if you aren't a native English speaker. Encontrarías util un foro de Ingles como segunda lengua....? Veo que hay algunos usuarios que podrían beneficiarse de algo asi, sería un lugar donde preguntar , ayudar u ofrecer ayuda para publicar Ibles en ambos idiomas y entender Ibles qu no son claros si no eresun Hablanta nayivo es asi cuenten conmigo para hacer mas Accesible este sitio al que todos queremos.  

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Survey on

I'm writing a Web Site Evaluation Paper for freshman English.   Obviously I could think of a better website to evaluate.  I would love to get some feedback from random authors and forum onlookers.  Please feel free to answer as many or as few questions as you would like.  I need info/ DATA to satisfy my professor.  Also I intend to make a larger Instructable about writing this paper.   1. How often do you frequent Instructables? 2. When you come here, are you looking for something specific or just browsing for cool stuff?  What other reasons might bring you here? 3. Do you author @ Instructables?  If so, Why? 4. What is your absolute favorite Instructable? 5. What has been your experience with the service, employees and other users if this site? 6. If anything, what would you like to see different around here? 7. Have you won any contests? 8. Any other thoughts you like to share?

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Pedal-Powered Blimp to Cross English Channel

Over in England, plans are afoot to cross the English Channel in a pedal-powered blimp. The semi-recumbent bike will power two propellers and French pilot Stephane Rousson hopes to complete the trip in five hours. Looking forward to hearing the results. Linkvia Treehugger

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If you Need Help with your English Instructable - I'll Help Edit & Fix it Up

Hi Everyone! I love that Instructables reaches the global community and love seeing creations from people all over the world. But, I know sometimes people have issues and struggles with writing, if English isn't their first language. I just wanted to offer some free help. If you need some quick editing and fixing up - just send me a message or post on here - and I'll happily do it as long as time permits. I used to be a journalist - and enjoy writing/editing and have helped people with papers and resumes in the past. So, just let me know if you need a little help! Holly

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Can someone translate this? Pretty sure it's supposed to be Russian.

I need this translated from Russian into English. Please and thank you :)

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Is the word "neat" old fashioned?

I'm about to write an English press release for my product CameraClip. English is not my first language. I would like to use the word "neat' to emphasize that the product is small, smart and cheap. Is "neat" an old fashioned word in this context? If so, what alternatives could I use? Hope to hear from you all.

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For tonight, in this one moment, I know what it is to be an Englishman.

For I have cooked, killed and consumed mine own crumpet, and it was good. End transmission...

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FEATURE REQUEST: Language Selection

There are more and more instructables that are posted in different languages.  Please add a setting somewhere so I only have to see (1) language at a time. Thank you! Mark

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Dutch / Nederlands

Hey, my native tongue is Dutch so if you need any translation into / from Dutch send me a message. Hallo, mijn moedertaal is Nederlands dus als je vertalingen nodig heb naar / van Engels stuur me een berichtje.

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Change phone language from spanish to english

I have a Sprint Sanyo Katana, some of my friends thought it would be funny to change the language to spanish. I can not find how to change the language back, partially due to the menus in spanish are different from the english menus on Sprint's online manual, and partially due to everything is abbreviated to fit on the screen. Google was no help.

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Pilot flies over English Channel with jetpack

A Swiss pilot has crossed the English Chanel with a jet-powered wing. He started the trip by jumping out of a plane over Calais and landed with a parachute in Dover. All together, the whole flight lasted 10 minutes to make the 22 mile flight.The 49-year-old flew on a plane to more than 8,200ft (2,500m), ignited jets on a wing on his back, and jumped out.Mr Rossy had hoped to reach speeds of 125mph.It felt "great, really great", said Mr Rossy: "I only have one word, thank you, to all the people who did it with me." Hit the link to see the video. Video of flight

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English Spiderman climbs walls with vacuum cleaner

Jem Stansfield is a great guy. He cobbles together a Spiderman suit with some vacuum cleaners and climbs the outsides of buildings with it. That's just awesome. From the article: "I hope activities like this teach children that if you understand the world around you, you can make it work for you," he said. "Normal boring day-to-day objects can do exciting things for you." This dude is my new hero. And it gets better. His future plans involve driving a car powered by coffee beans. He's like an alternate universe version of Tim Anderson. The first video covers the making of the gloves and the second is a climb up the outside of a building. Link via gizmodo

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How does the 8x8x8 cube (english) connect to your pc?

How does this connect to your pc?

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How do I make real english tea-cakes? Answered

When vacationing in Britain I had teacakes in a café. They were these round pieces of bread with raisins in them and tasted of cinnamon among other things. Does anyone have a recepie? Can't get that taste out of my mind.

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New proposed legislation to make English the official language of the United States.

There is new talks to make English the official language of United States. Although some states have made English their official language it is interesting to see that sometimes more than one language is recognized as official. I agree that English should be the official language of the nation. As a matter of fact is the de facto language of the land. The problem I see is people trying to push the law in areas where is not necessary. English could be used for government business but the use of any language while engaging in commercial, religious, or personal use should not be prohibited. Imagine someone eating at a restaurant and being told to leave the premises because his or her use of her native language offends other patrons. I see this last scenario the misguided and extreme interpretation that some people will try to give to this new legislation.

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is there someone who can help with my english? in return i can teach him Chinese

As the subject say, I need someone who is willing to help with my English.  I am Chinese.

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What are the most commonly used to least comonly used English phonemes? Answered

Here is a list of 44 phonemes. I've search all over google, but I can't find a list listing them from most commonly used, to least... Thanks for a link! -Brian

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Translate Projects

I notice that you are presenting more projects in French and Spanish. I think this is a very good objective. But, I am a uni-lingual person (English). I have tried to get Google to translate these projects, which can be a hassle, but all the images and their references are lost. Is there a simple way to get the PDF translated (or have access to an English version) I'm not suggesting that the original version be dropped, as translations can have errors! but can an English version be available or a procedure that I could do to get it translated with the image and graphic content intact?

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Spanish translations of Instructables / Instructables traducidos al Espanol

English We are seeking native Spanish speakers to help us evaluate several translation services with the intention of translating Instructables projects.  If you or someone you know is a native Spanish speaker, please help us out by taking this questionnaire. You'll note we have several other languages on the questionnaire; these are not yet ready.  I want to see if Spanish speakers have any trouble or comments about the questionnaire before we open it to the other languages. ------------------- Español Estamos buscando personas que hablen Español como idioma nativo para que nos ayuden a evaluar varios servicios de traducción para los proyectos de Instructables. Si tú (o alguien que conozcas) hablas Español como lengua materna, por favor ayúdanos diligenciando este cuestionario: Notarás que en el cuestionario tenemos varios idiomas adicionales; no están listos todavía. Quiero ver si la comunidad de habla española tiene algún problema o comentarios sobre el cuestionario antes de abrirlo a otros idiomas.

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Learn Filipino or Translate Filipino to English and Vice Versa

Magandang araw sa inyo! - Good morning guys! Want to learn Tagalog or Filipino? This is helpful if you want to visit my lovely country the Philippines! You can message me or use my contact details if you want to learn English or you want to be my friend. If you're planning to visit the Philippines don't forget to contact me so you're not alone when you're in my country. I am willing to help! (If I'm not busy). My Contact Details: Email: Facebook: Twitter: @waren_gonzaga Instagram: @waren_gonzaga Patreon: Comment down your questions, thoughts, opinion or what ever you have. Thank you!

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English to Spanish translation for Rubbing compound? Jewelers rouge?

Hola. I do get by in every day English, but specific terms are a challange. I tried a web search but did not find it. How would you translate those terms? Can you recomend a "handy man" web /site English-Spanish diccionary ? Gracias

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English-Spanish transltion for Rubbing Compound and Jewelers Rouge?

I get by in every-day English, but specific terms are a challange. I tried and did a web search but I could not find it. Is Rubbing compound the same as Polish compound (as used on car paint)? Jewelers Rouge ? Can you recommend a "handy man" web/site English-Spanish diccionary ? Gracias

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Ogden 200 - Teach basic english to India's poor

Hello I am looking for a solution to self teach English in Indian villages using a microprocessor based solution for audio together with a paper book. Learning English opens the door to better opportunities and job skills in poor countries. Requirement : 1. Final product should be dirt cheap ($1- $5) 2. Bilingual audio (English and a regional language) toy with buttons. I am a software engineer, can someone guide me what microprocessor or solution set for my need? Plan to develop it as an open source project.

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The world stops outside of a subset of English speaking countries?

Before you got taken over, there used to be a token amounts of competitions that were opened to the whole world, now it's all restricted to "US, CANADA (excluding Quebec), UK and AUSTRALIA" (and somtimes Holland). I'm a Brit. I live in Europe, Do I really have to fake my address at my aunt's place outside of London to be able to enter? Why the about face? Also, a side note, where did the option to edit your own comments go? Unhappily yours, bpfh

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Pronounciation for one of the longest words in the English Language, (Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis)

I found pronounciation for the longest words I've seen.Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis:Peumono = Noo-muh-NoUltra = Uhl-tra (DUH)Microscopic - Mahy-kruh-skop-ik (Double DUH)Silico - Sil-i-kohVolcano - Vol-key-noh (Triple DUH)Coniosis - Kon - ee - oh - sisPneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is a disease you get from inhaling quartz dust.

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Did we all sleep through English class?

I mean really!  I know this isn't school, or professional publishing in the comments.  Really I do.  But what's with the runon ramblings?  You all know you have read one (at least).  These people sometimes really have something valuable to say, but they say it all in one ridiculous runon sentence and you can't tell where one thought ends and the next begins and oh by the way I stopped reading it ages ago because I got tired of decoding.  The whole point of posting a comment is because you wanted someone to read it, right?  So be kind to our eyes and make it a little easier, please.  Periods, commas, these are our friends.  Insert them in the spaces you pause for breath when speaking. And a side note: Your- ownership, belonging to you You're- You are, a contraction Their- belonging to them They're- They are, a contraction Things-plural of a thing Thing's-again, ownership, not a plural the only time to use an apostrophe in making plural is if it is an abbreviation, as in the law suit between the two WWF's. I feel better now, thank you.

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Volunteer : Need Help : English language : Past and Present tenses

Hi !The use of English past and present tenses are not that intuitive ......... and I find them quite limiting and rigid ........Let's say I need to write a story. Traditionally, that's the past tense that is used :Bob entered the office of Mister P, his boss.The old man was looking seriously angry. He was red like a tomato."Sit down Bob ! We have to talk !", he yelled, moving nervously some files on his desk.Bob sat down and was smiling politely, with the hope that his boss was going to calm down a little.But showing his beautiful teeth did not had the expected effect :"Why are you smiling at me like that ?!, yelled the old man.Bob jumped on his seat. Like by magics, the fear changed his smile into a giant contracture.etc ..."Is the use of past tense correct ?Now, let's say I need to tell the same story, but using Present tense, like if it was happening in real time :Bob enters the office of Mister P, his boss.The old man is looking seriously angry. He is red like a tomato."Sit down Bob ! We have to talk !", he yells, moving nervously some files on his desk.Bob sits down and smiles politely, with the hope that his boss is going to calm down a little.But showing his beautiful teeth don't have the expected effect :"Why are you smiling at me like that ?!, yells the old man.Bob jumps on his seat. Like by magics, the fear changed his smile into a giant contracture.etc ..."My natural reflex is to use present simple (like I'd do in my language). But present simple is described as a tense for generalities .......How do you tell a story in present tense ? Do you make heavy use of present continuous (which is not really beautiful) ???Thanks for your help =o)

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Alright, you iBle-obians are a smart and experienced bunch...

The other day, in English class, something occurred to me:raze (v) : to demolish; to level to the ground; to scrape as if with a razorRaze. Always loved that word.Okay, Instructalobians, what is the term for a word that sounds like the opposite of its meaning? As far as I know, such a category of words does not exist.If no one knows, then I shall name it after Instructables. :DAlso, first person to post another word like "raze" gets a prize. An actual, material prize that I will mail to you. Seriously. It's pretty cool. Go for it. Stop reading this. Now. I mean it, cut it out now. Okay, you know what, if you read this sentence, you are disqualified. Aww, that's too bad, it was a really cool prize................Are you still here? Geeze.PS- this is what the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated.Pic is not related, just awesome.

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Should the phrase &quot;all new&quot; be hyphenated? Answered

Google hasn't been able to provide a definitive answer yet.  I've seen it hyphenated many times, but by the rules I can seem to find on the subject, they suggest that it probably shouldn't be.  Any grammar whizzes here who can help me out?  The sentence I'm looking at is along the lines of "go look at our all(-?)new website".

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Why is it that even though I'm a pro member many features are not available to me

I have been a member of Instructables for many years and have always been reticent about posting here. This is simply because as I do not live in the USA , even though I am British I seem excluded from many activities here eg competitions forum groups etc. I know rules and regulations may be varied between nations but  I always thought the world wide web was a place to celebrate skills wherever they arise on the planet  . I do off course accept that any obstruction of such freedoms is a denial of that freedom but does not authorise  surely freedom to partake in abetter world..... ho hum rant over any thoughts good people

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HEY,am here to help you understand swahili to english

Free English to Swahili translation. Translate English to Swahili online

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How can I publish an instructable in different languages? Answered

I speak English, Spanish and some French. I'd like to translate my instructables (in English) to Spanish and French, so that more people could read them, but I don't know how to do it. Do I have to make a new instructable written in Spanish or French? I've seen that when you create a new instructable now, they ask you to choose a language. You have the option of choosing Spanish, English, German... but not French. What should I do? BTW, I created a few years ago an instructable that got many views. One day I realized that I had 5 "drafts" I have not created in my profile account. When I clicked on the link I saw this instructable automatically translated to Spanish , German, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. Why did this happen? What should I do? Thanks for the help!

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Can I create an instructible in german that I made in english? Answered

Can I do this for any contest?

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Translation program

Would it be possible to have instructable to get a translation capable program put on the site, This way we can translate spanish to english and english to spanish. I think this would help so many of us DIY people. 

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hello ,i am a chinese girl~I English not, please understand.

Hello everybody, I am a Chinese girl! A few days ago on the Internet to see this wonderful site, so I joined and became a member. Thus, a Chinese girl on the Internet and can with you. We hope we can good friend.

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I'm an English Major, I want to be an Engineer, Currently Peace Corps

Hello Makers I am an English Major, I like making things, particularly micro controllers. I really want to be an engineer. Has any one made the switch from Humanities undergrad to engineering grad school? Or some kind of tech post grad? I really want a job doing working on technical stuff doing problem solving. Right now I'm in the peace corps working with Agriculture, I have been thinking of using my experience to work with irrigation for small farmers, and micro controllers. Any advice? thanks

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