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Sony HandyCam

Sony HandyCam camcorder. Two batteries (one 6 hour, the other 4) All the cords Case Operation manual Two tapes Make me an offer (over $130)

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Sony Handycam DCR-TRV280 NTSC Error message: "reinsert the cassette"      Ok, I remove and reinsert it.... Same error message. So, I google and get this video: I don't really understand which pin they refer to removing and cleaning, so I try solution 2-remove battery for a while. It works for a short time, but the battery removal solution no longer works. Suggestions?

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Light for Panasonic GS320

Hi Everybody... Somebody have a project for a camcorder light???? I have a Panasonic GS320 ... I need a light for my battery pack... 12V 7A... Or another power supply... Thanx a lot !!!!

Question by sirjax  

How can I turn a Sony Handycam w/nightvision into a Thermal Imaging cam with temp?

I want to View Electrical Wiring and motors for hot spots and lose connections. I have a Sony Handycam with the night vision that I can use. It is going to be used in a Vocational High School for Teaching Students electricity

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i have a british dvd-rw camcorder. will it work in the usa?

Its all in the title

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I have the CCD sensor from an old Sony Handycam (Sony DCR-HC36), What can I do with it?

Can I somehow mod it so that I can use it with a telescope? (for lunar and planetary photos) I have attached an image of the sensor.

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How much time will a 12 volt input LED DC run on my car batter continusoly ?

How much time will a 12 volt input LED DC run on my car batter continusoly ? I need this to make a light for my handycam .Will the battery consumption increase for an additional LED . A) How much time will one LED run on full charge ? B) How much time will two LED run simultaneously on full charge ? (I am asking this since i can calculate for 20 LEDS since i am going to use 20 LED lights to make the flash light for handycam )

Question by vasan406  

Video Programs

I've been looking for a good program for making videos, and was wondering what other people have used. I tried the trial version of Vegas,but can't buy it because of the price. Anything over $100 is too much, ~$50 is better. Ulead has been suggested to me. It has to handle mpeg-2 video from a Sony Handycam, too.

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