Why is so awesome?

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I was just wondering if there was such an app, if not is someone willing to port the iphone one to android devieces? This would be soooo sweet ^^

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Hi, Just to let you know we have featured your website under the Web of Wonder section in The Snippet. The Snippet is a free weekly 5 minute upbeat read with no bad news. 2000 copies are distributed in each of 4 areas in the UK at the moment.

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Suggestions for

1. Main categories should be divided to sub categories - Ex: science - Electronics . 2. Search should be better (with sub cat) and smarted (AND OR .. etc') - find only with video etc'. search for X stars or more .. ,most viewed etc' Now if these are available - I couldn't find it - may be not as clear and intuitive asit should be . 3. I wonder if any one reads these comments ... if any one from Instructables does read it pls post me a message - Moris_zen Tx

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Hello All, I have been in the Instructables community for the past 9 months on a personal account.  I currently teach computer technology to grades 5 and 6.  I had a thought that this community could be a great resource for my students to look for information and also share. My question to the community is this.  Is there a designated area of the site or community that is solely education based or are there groups of teachers that share how they use this site and contents in the classroom?  More specifically computer tech type classes. Hoping to hear back from some fellow educators. Regards, MyDemonsTech 

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Proposition to

Hi, instructables. I've been following this site for a year now, and i like what you guys did and do here, i wish my country had this kind of "hobbies", wich is why i'm posting this message. I want to show people that we sometimes we can pick up simple things a make art pieces! :) I'm taking a Multimedia course at my school, and for my final project i need to do either create anything using 3d, since rooms to cars, or games/applications in Flash, or even create a website. And i'm about to choose the last one. My thought is to use your site as base to make my own. My problem is, i wanted to talk to you guys first so that you wouldn't consider that i'd be breaking any copyright, or whatever. And i wanted to ask you if i can go with this project onward. Best regards Frederico Ramos

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Survey on

I'm writing a Web Site Evaluation Paper for freshman English.   Obviously I could think of a better website to evaluate.  I would love to get some feedback from random authors and forum onlookers.  Please feel free to answer as many or as few questions as you would like.  I need info/ DATA to satisfy my professor.  Also I intend to make a larger Instructable about writing this paper.   1. How often do you frequent Instructables? 2. When you come here, are you looking for something specific or just browsing for cool stuff?  What other reasons might bring you here? 3. Do you author @ Instructables?  If so, Why? 4. What is your absolute favorite Instructable? 5. What has been your experience with the service, employees and other users if this site? 6. If anything, what would you like to see different around here? 7. Have you won any contests? 8. Any other thoughts you like to share?

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Thank You!!

Thank you!! I got my burning questions prize pack in the mail today. the stickers are cool and the patch I like a lot. The laser etched robot was unexpected... very cool!! thanks!

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How to Create

Here's an idea - an Instructable about how came to be Made by the Instructables Staff in their spare time. The first step would be the original idea. Then how some of the staff came to be a part of Instructables, how scripting started, how Instructables has changed and so on..... Oh Oh! And how the Instructables Robot came to be!!!!

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who conceptualized

Who dunnit?

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iframe with source

I'm trying to add a swf file in a step-by-step that was uploaded to ( src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" height="637" width="529"> It's visible in preview but removed when saved. I understand for external domains but for the same domain? Is it a bug? Thanks

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infinite loop on

whenever i try to open i get an infite loop in my browser and i cannot access the page. linux tool "wget" gives this output: $> wget --2011-06-01 10:37:35-- Resolving Connecting to||:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 Moved Temporarily Location: [following] --2011-06-01 10:37:36-- Reusing existing connection to HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 301 Moved Permanently Location: [following] --2011-06-01 10:37:36-- Reusing existing connection to HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 Moved Temporarily and so on... that does not seem to be right :) when i open a saved link everything is fine, i just can not access the root page. no idea, if that has anything to do with my ips ( germany ) or has a different cause, but at the moment. tested from various providers, browsers and operating systems.

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How to improve !

Hi, I am web designer so I will be specific. These little things bug me but they must drive crazy those ordinary PC users. It seriously degrades the overall user experience on this web ! Here I will point to current problems and show you how to fix it. All following is about EDIT MODE. Constructive critisism, right ? :) UPLOAD IMAGES I know you are using jQuery UI 1.8.11 on this site. Now there is no indicator IF the file uploads at all and/or in case of bigger file/slower connection how long it needs yet ! You have it already in use, when "updating" small progress bar I saw used in images area. Use following it will do miracles: UPLOAD IMAGES AGAIN :) Put buttons SELECT FILES + UPLOAD FILES side by side ! Imagine adding 20 images the upload button goes down. Do not force user to think let alone to do things extra, hide buttons from him ! Thanks. And not to forget ADD there tiny link sor of button to DELETE ALL IMAGES before uploading. What if you choose by accident wrong folder and upload 20 images you do not want to. Sort of CHECK ALL + DELETE function so you can for instance uncheck those you want to leave there. Thanks. CLOSED WINDOW BY ACCIDENT = SAVE This happens. You edit for a while, close window only to realise content is not saved. Could you implement: * AUTO SAVE function after like 5 mins ? * if NOT saved ! = give him JavaScript pop up with "You have unsaved draft. Do you want to continue or save first ?" * IF SAVED = let user close window, no big deal * if saved = add to left small greyish message Saved ... or the button itself * NEW content = button says SAVE NOW * if saved = itself could go grey and have text SAVED = when content changes, turn it orange again ! * the same functionality that GMAIL uses, it is simple REORDER STEP Biggest pain here ! I can have like 20 steps, want to move 1/2 of them for instance. Let us reorder ALL STEPS simply ! Click on the reorder button and offer, let us reorder, offer us small OK button or some function to toggle the "moving" state back to stationary. ADD STEP + vs. INSERT STEP Enlighten me please if mistaken. Do you realise these 2 buttons EACH NEXT to each other do the EXACTLY same thing ? Delete one :) EDIT AREA FOR TEXT The window is too small. Lenghty steps are pain to write and review on such size. Enable resizing handle the same you already have in forums post edit mode ! ERROR WARNING MESSAGES Get rid of those ugly default JavaScript message windows please. Use this and style it to your web orange :) Dear look at screenshots for better reference. Do not let me waste two hours of my time figuring out stuff and writing this post. Thanks :) Best regards -- Krsiak Daniel

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Why Is So Awesome?

Why Is So Awesome?

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Ok, seems like others are having similar issues - when I open in Google Chrome, it blocks the access and tells me it's unsafe. I know is perfectly safe, so I'd like to notify you so that your reputation does not get smudged. Screenshot attached. Hope you can resolve this soon.

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How is the homepage made?

Now this may be a stupid question, but I was wondering how the animated portion of the homepage was made.  It is very eye catching and I was just wondering how it was done.  

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why is charging for membership?

We think of it, build it, create it, write the instructions, we take the photos and videos, then post it on and they get paid for your work. Whats wrong with this picture? GO TO YOUTUBE and get paid for posting your creations.

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why is so awesome?

Why is it so awesome?

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I'm somewhat disappointed that a site like this hasn't moved over to https by default, especially for the login form / while logged in. Further, when manually initiating https connections to I get a certificate error as you're using a certificate for, and mixed content warnings about things coming through unencrypted.  Is there any plan to correct the https configuration of the site?

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IDEA - IRC integration in

I just had an amazing (i think) idea....Instructables should host an IRC would allow people to ask specific questions (often not necessary to archive) and chat without the necessary delay that a forum presents... the forum would still be the way to communicate with the group (whether they're online at the same time as you or not) but the IRC channel would allow for higher speed exchanges as well, thereby improving the ability to collaborate on projects, ask questions, and share insights.The IRC channel should be moderated, and public transcripts should be logged on the site in an openly accessible mannerThis allows others to benefit from previous topics breached in the channel, helps keep it clean, and provides a level of protection for children / young teens who use the site. The logs would be slightly behind the active chat (updated hourly) to discourage lurkers.The IRC channel's current viewers should be posted on the site, as well as an IRC protocol ink to the channel.that way, people can see what sort of activity is present on the server before joining.I believe Instructables has a lively enough membership to support such an endeavor, and that it would enrich the community, and bring us all much closer. I welcome anyone else's input on this idea, and hope the 'Ibles staff will take it under advisement.btw, I'd love a job... the bay area is much nicer than VT for the creatively minded

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the reason I love

If you compare comments on these posts with the comments on the original ones (and generally everywhere on instructables) you'll understand the reason why I love instructables so much! People don't come on instructables to criticize our ideas, you'll rarely read a comment where someone don't thank you to sharing your work. Often they suggest other techniques or solutions, and they always do it with respect. Nobody ask them to comment the instructables, and it's clear that the absence of comments means the project didn't obtain any interest. This fact is so strong that sometimes it makes you wish more criticism about your ibles, but the reality is that it's a pleasure draw up a project for a such welcoming  audience. This is the great virtue of instructables community.

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I noticed that is running quite slow for some days now. I also receive tons of timeouts - is this a (known) server problem?  Many thanks in advance! NrDesign

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How many subscribers are there currently to

How many subscribers are there currently to I am interested in both people who have signed up for the newsletter, and those who have chosen to upgrade to a paid account. This is for school, i'm not just nosy, promise!!

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Free Nerf Wallpapers by Nerfrocketeer of

Free Nerf Wallpapers! From Nerfrocketeer of NerfWalls presented by Nerfrocketeer (NK). All pictures are free for your use, (as long as you attribute to Nerfrocketeer,, and Nerf/Buzzbee). Created, taken, and edited by Nerfrocketeer. I am also giving tips on how to take pictures like these. Feel free to ask for more info. You can use these pictures for your instructables as well!            By using any or all of these pictures, you hereby agree attribute all pictures to Nerfrocketeer,, Nerf, and/or Buzzbee. You MAY NOT use these pictures in any inappropriate, disparaging, unlawful, plagiaristic, or spam-related media or other creation. Nerfrocketeer and instructables are NOT affiliated with Nerf, Hasbro, or Buzzbee. Nerfrocketeer, instructables, Nerf, Hasbro, and Buzzbee are NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PROBLEMS, LOSSES, or ACCIDENTS CAUSED BY THE CREATION AND/OR USE OF THESE PICTURES. Use at your own risk. Pictures may be recalled at any time with little to no notice given. 

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Does need a URL Shortener?

Hi everyone! Do you think needs a URL shortener that works like Just like YouTube has their shortener,, Instructables could have That way, instead of a URL like this... You could have this... Very handy for sharing your stuff on Twitter, Buzz, Bebo and Orkut. Cast your vote here.

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Is there a "remember me" type option for Answered

I keep getting logged out of Instructables so would like to have my details remembered or be always logged in. Cheers.

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How did you find ?

- How I found Instructables ? and what was the first Instrutable I visited ? Wall-E Robot was the first Instructable I visited and I found it on a Persian technology website . There was a link to here , and that was the first time I visit ! When I visit that Instructable I enjoy from it very much , but that was so hard for me to make a Wall-e Robot ! So I went to Instructables home page and open other Instructables projects . "Build the Starship Enterprise from useless office supplies" was the second Instructable I visited . I make it very soon but I don't know what is the avail of this Instructable ! Then I understand all of the Instructables are not useful for me ! - Jan 10, 2009 I back to after my school and then I signed-up in Instructables . That was my start ! - Without any doubt , is my favorite website . - Why ? When I found this website I couldn't take high-resolution pictures , I couldn't speak English well and don't know many things about cookery , LED , DIV and etc . Instructables increase my knowledge about many sciences and it's continue yet ... . When I visit a new Instructable , it teach me many things and when I do the steps , it make me more expert . Instructables is a big school for me . Now I can take high-resolution pictures and my English increase much (but is not complete yet !) The photos of my first Instructable made with Macromedia Flash (now is Adobe !) . I don't know how are the contests . so I couldn't add this to a contest . I was in Instructable many times but after two months I left it (because I was darned on Instructables) ; and after a few month I back to Instructables again ! Also I referd I share my adventures in , so please let me know how do you found and what is you comment about this website !

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New to - some questions on contests

Hi there, I have just singed up to this website today, and have found a contest that i am interested in entering. I have a few questions though. Roughly how many people enter a contest? Roughly, how many 'votes' does a winner of a contest receive? What is it that get's you more 'votes' in a contest? Thank you

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Are Spammers following me via ?

I am an Instructables Pro member and I have never posted an instructable. So, I'm always curious when another Instructables members decides to "follow" me. Why are they following me when I never submit anything? I recently received e-mail from Instructables that I am being followed by The California Business Directory. I love Instructables but the possibility that my membership information is being exploited for business purposes or used to send me unsolicited advertising is very disturbing. Please advise.

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Graphic / Interactive Designer wanted for

This position has been filled!We need a designer to make Instructables better, more fun, easier to use and nicer to look at. We're looking for the best talent we can find and then we'll figure out how to make it work for both parties. You don't have to be available for full time work and you don't have to work in the office or even in the same country.Great visual design skills are our most important criteria. You'll also need to be able to turn your designs into cross-platform CSS and XHTML that integrate with our existing style sheets. Some level of Flash experience will also be required.Please send your cover letter, rates and portfolio to iwannawork [at] instructables [dot] comWe look forward to hearing from you!

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My 'retirement' from K'Nex on

Well. I have decided to retire from K'Nex on this website. I will still be an active member on Knexables ( and Knex Innovation ( but I have no longer got time for this website. I will still post some projects about music and guitar, but no more K'Nex. I simply don't have any time to pick up my K'Nex with my paper run and my guitar, and because I have exams in two weeks and then I have a massive project due, I may not get the chance to use it till about 6 weeks away. I WILL however do one last project before I leave here. I have got an Idea but I want some community suggestions. If it is possible, I will post an ible.Till then. ajleece

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May 2019 site changes: my observations and thoughts

In early May 2019, Instructables' website has been radically reworked with a revamp. Changes I have observed include:Navigation: Many categories and subcategories have been eliminated and instead reworked under other folders as part of the changes (there is no "Play" category and subcategories such as "NERF" and "Paper Airplanes" no longer exist) "Recent" filtering is not directly available to people browsing the site--you must sift through the categories and get through at least two pages to find a way to filter the selected category for "recent" (i.e. Homepage -> Circuits -> Projects -> (Page at which you may select "recent")) There are no filters for searches On the front page and in the categories' main pages, featured projects are emphasizedThe Forum/"Community": Without manually typing in the URL, there is no direct way to access the "community" page Buttons to access the forum among in the category pages are tied to the community pages for that category (as a result. They do not allow you to see the general forum posts of the community without viewers manually deleting the category from the URL and going from thereThe way people navigate about sites controls what they can see and how they see if, so all of these things will change the flow and behavior of Instructables' viewers versus how it was before. Versus before, it is more cumbersome for viewers to get to recent content while featured content is more readily available. This will influence where people go and what they see.----------------------------------What do I believe this means for the future?Drawing on my decade of experience on this site, I suspect viewership of non-featured Instructables will drop. Thus, the viewership gap--between those projects that have been featured and those that have not--will then widen.Of these changes I think people will say you either "get featured or get buried."

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Does sell our email addresses ?!!!

Hi, I subscribed to the newsletter for only a couple of days (with an email address I hardly use) and since that I received a bunch of spams in my mailbox ! Weird coincidence, isn't it ? Does sell our email addresses ?!!! >-(

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2 emails and no response from

11 days ago, I contacted the other Anolon winners (Thanksgiving challenge) to see if their cookware had arrived.  It hadn't.  As per a suggestion from mikeasaurus, I sent an email to regarding the prizes.  Didn't hear back, so I emailed again last week.  Still no word. Is there a different robot I should be contacting? ;-)

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Why Romanians can not participate in competitions on

Hello! My name is Alexander and I'm so upsed because I can't participate in contests! Why other contries like Romania can't do that?! :(

Question by Gabriel Alexandru   |  last reply can't login to the site using IE10

There is an issue where IE10 and above users cannot log in to, due to the cache headers sent to IE with the URL redirection response. To reproduce, simply navigate to and attempt to log in using IE10. Notice nothing happens upon submitting credentials. The issue is upon redirection to;=/id/edit. This redirection response is sometimes sent with a Cache Header, ( with Cache-control:private, max-age:86400) and sometimes is sent with Cache-control:no-cache, in which case it works correctly. So wininet caches it, since in urlmon we set INTERNET_OPTION-ENABLE_REDIRECT_CACHE_READ. Now, when we enter credentials and login, we again try to get to with the right cookies. But since we have cached the redirect, instead of resending HTTP request we again end up on the login page.  

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Why won't remember that I'm logged in? Answered

No matter where I log in, whether it's on the top of the page, on the dedicated login page, or on the pop-up box when I click "View all on one page", I always have to log back in when viewing a new instructable.  This happens at work, using IE7, and at home, using FF3.6. And yes, I'm checking the "keep me logged in" box.

Question by yoyology   |  last reply is Celebrating 30 Million Unique Users!

We’re excited to announce that just hit 30 million unique monthly users! Thank you so much for being a part of this fantastic, supportive, and inspiring community. You all are awesome. We are a community of makers, and we’re all striving to improve our skills. What makes Instructables special is that we’re also sharing what we learn, and in the process, we are becoming better teachers. The two things feed off of each other: improving skills and then teaching them. If I break down my build and explain it to someone else after I'm done, it gives me a chance to examine the how and why in my process that I might not have otherwise done. Creating an Instructable for a project is a chance to reflect and improve upon my design. All that is to say that I love the Instructables community, and I think it is making a positive difference in the world. We live in interesting times. As Instructables author Dominik Textor put it, “things you couldn’t find in a library in the past and had to travel far to learn can be learnt now in moments.” Instructables is a repository for a lot of knowledge, and it is growing every day. I can’t wait to see what you make next!

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how do you download e-books on

I can't downoad e-books~

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How to search on for folders with a bunch of instructables inside?

Sometimes they popup on the search, but i want to specifically search only for folders or amalgamations of instructables!

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What user on has the most ever Instructables? Answered

It should be easily found by looking at their icon, right? The most I've seen is like 160 from randofo, but if you have seen more, please please please leave a post!

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Does track where their traffic is coming from?

One of my instructables has received several hundred hits just today.  It usually gets about 20-30 hits per day.  Is there a way to tell where the traffic is coming from? Thank you, Annabelle

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Not accepting 3rd party cookies at preventing commenting

I've turned off acceptance of all 3rd party cookies in my browser. Because of this, I am not able to post a comment to anyone's Instructable. I get how analytics help drive your business, so you need to use a server based solution vs using client-side (using 3rd party click/data capture) to do so [I'm accepting cookies from your domain]. Blocking 3rd party cookies is pretty common.  [Mozzilla was even considering making it the default, before enough lobbyists have complained that Congress sent a letter to Mozzilla asking that they not do that] Accepting the quantserve cookie, as a REQUIREMENT for commenting is just not kewl!

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Hi, I'm new to instructables. Introduction.

Hi, my name is Adam Solo. I'm new here at, great site by the way, full of useful information. I also have a website about how to get things done. I will promote by providing a link in my site to Cheers Adam Solo --------------------------------- Site:

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Hello i have to say that sometimes when i turn on my computer and keep my self logged in to it logs me off. i would like to be logged on unless i log off. help please!

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How much do you think makes a year?

How about, make magazine? name your favorite blog here I'm kinda clueless on web statistics, traffic counting, demographics etc but I find it amazing. Anyone know roughly what a few popular websites make? thanks

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I believe someone misuses for his own agenda

Hi, i believe there is someone using for some kind of SEO scam. I believe it goes like this:- Post a mediocre/repeating guide- Add links to different websites, for example to as seen in Have a highly valued site ( link to cheap sites- ???- ProfitI believe the ??? would eventually be remove the guide and point to some site that seels some crap. This is called a SEO scam if i remember correctly.So far i have catched 5 different usernames using that scheme (i believe the same person is behind all of them): out the guides, they are basically all the same with a link in the first part at least repeated twice. It all points to the same server and even CMS, however, different hostnames are used.I would like to hear a second opinion.

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RSS Feed don't work. -> RSS Feed don't work.Check please.

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Link syntax and Parens

This "({ Hawai'i}," (with square instead of curly brackets) renders as "Hawai'i(". Why does the paren move to after the link?Putting a space between the paren and the bracket seems to fix it.Compare:({ hi}) -> (hi)( { hi}) -> ( hi)

Topic by aneel