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Plumbing Lathe!

Here you can see a "The Boy Mechanic" idea, a Lathe you can make with Plumbing Material!

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Buying a new lathe?

Dose anyone own or has used the 7x16 metal lathe from micro-mark?  I'm looking for something I can do both metal and wood work on the off week ends.

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Budget Bowl Lathe

I salvaged an AC motor from an old water pump I found on the side of the road and want to use it to make a simple lathe for turning green wood bowls and cups.  I was thinking about using a floor flange as the face plate, a nipple for the shaft and pillow bearing blocks to support it.  This assembly would be driven by a v belt and controlled by the speed controller from a jig saw.  I attached pictures of the components and a simple cad drawing of the assembly. Do you think this would be functional? Any recommendations?        

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home made lathe?

If anyone has made a SAFE lathe or jury rigged a motor/drill SAFELY i would like to see pics, or an instructable...

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wf & j barnes lathe?

We are an animal charity that has been donated an antique wf & j barnes lathe. Any idea of its value and what can we do with it?

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Should I bother with this lathe?

My father-in-law told me that he has an old lathe in the basement, it was his father-in-law's. I've been wanting to get a lathe, but not really being able to afford anything, but I'm not sure if this is any good or even worth trying to work with. I don't know what's missing (but I know things are missing). Missing parts may be in the basement, but I have no clue what I'm looking for. Edit: I got the picture of just the lathe to upload finally.

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Dust shield for midi-lathe?

I recently snagged a midi lathe to teach myself how to lathe. However, I live in a studio apartment. My landlord has approved the lathe and use of it, however, I did not realize just how much dust this produces. As such, I was wondering if anyone has made or knows of someone who has made a dust shield for a midi lathe. Preferable, collapsible. 

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wood lathe by sears-dunlap ? Answered

I have a old Dunlap wood lathe model 103 - 0602. would like to have a live tail shaft for it . or is this possible. any help would be helpful. Thanks Roger.

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question about a sip lathe? Answered

I am going to get a sip 1 metre wood lathe starter pack but there are a few things i wish to clarify before i get it: .do i need a faceplate or a chuck to hold the wood and if so where can i get one to fit my lathe? .the lathe bed is in 2 pieces so can i take the second piece off for turning small pieces? .is the bed sturdy enough to use on it's own or will it need to be mounted? i really aprecieate any help anyone can give me and i would love it if you could point me in the direction of woodturning advice!!! thanks!!! cm

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Centre drill without a lathe

Can anyone suggest a simple way to accurately drill a hole in the end of a dowel so that it's perfectly centred and parallel to the sides? I want to install hardware in two brush shafts to make a break-down pole that will support a tarp, and will fit in a car boot. If you imagine the brass hardware you see in a snooker cue, you'll get the idea. I could make a jig to hold, and align, the drill and dowel but it's a lot of fuss for a rig I probably won't ever use again.

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Where to buy a used metal lathe

I am looking for a used table top metal lathe (old or new) for around $200.I would also like to manual inspect it for dammage.Anyone know where I can find one?

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limit breaking on the Mini Mill/ Lathe

This is a general discussion of limit-breaking for small tools

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Machining Service (Lathe and Milling Machine)

Hi Everyone, I'm a self employed engineer from Lincolnshire, England. I have a Lathe and Milling machine for doing small jobs and projects. I would like to offer my services at to the instructables at very competitive prices. If you email me a sketch of what you need making I can draw it in CAD for you to approve. We can sort out payment and delivery on a job by job basis. Thanks for reading. Pleas PM me if you're interested.

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Help identify this tool? Lathe turning woodworking tool?

Can someone please help me identify this tool? I believe it is a tool for wood turning possibly. Wheel is approx 3-1/8" diameter. Length of tool is approx 17" from butt to wheel shaft. Wheel has small, flat cut teeth. Parts appear to be steel and brass. There are no mfgr stamps or hallmarks.

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Should i submit only instructions, that most of people can made? Answered

For example I've made a item, that most parts made by lathe (metal) and i think it's cool enough to submit. Is it good or is it bad, because it is too specialized and not everyone has access to a lathe or is owner of one (like me)? On the other hand, i see many things submitted here are made by a 3D printer, that many people, like me too, not own.

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Whats the best height for a spring pole lathe? Answered

 Ive been interested in building a spring pole lathe and have noticed many are about 8 feet tall. Im planning on using a bungee cord as the spring so as long as theres room for the spring to stretch would 6 feet work as well. Thanks

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How do I build a gouge for a lathe? Answered

I recently built a spring pole lathe and I have not been able to turn any thing yet due to my lack of tools. The cheap set I ordered turned out to be small, flimsy, and arrived broken, they are being returned for a refund. I need a good gouge but dont want to spend 20 bucks for the tool when the whole lathe cost 14 bucks. I was thinking of taking a steel electrical EMS pipe and cutting it in half. Then sharpening the inside edge with a file. Would this work? Is there a better way of doing this or do I just need to go ahead and but the 20 dollar gouge for Harbor Freight. Thanks

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Removing the pulley on a Dunlap 103-0602 lathe?

I've got an old Dunlap 103-0602 wood lathe ( - not my post but that's what I have), but the measurements for the pulley seem very strange and irregular.  Anybody know of a 4-step pulley with 2-3/4", 2-1/4", 1-3/8", and 15/16" steps? It's 2.5" wide total on a 5/8" arbor, which are easy to find on McMaster Carr and the like, but those measurements aren't evenly spaced or findable anywhere I've looked online so far. So, first question is does anybody know where I can find a pulley like that?  And if not, anybody know a way to easily get the pulley off the arbor? It's pretty old and gunked up - some WD-40 loosened up the bearing like butter, but no such luck on the pulley itself, squirting through the set-screw holes.  I've got a motor and everything, I'd love to make this usable, but need some advice.  Got any?

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how to install a tv on a lath and plaster wall?

I was wanting to install my tv on my wall but i have a lath and plaster wall so i need to know the best way since it is a plasma and is quite heavy

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Should I pick up this old metal lathe? Answered

There's an older metal lathe that's going to the scrap yard, a reed-prentice co., looks to be from the 40's, and I could probably get it for scrap price. Would it be worth fixing up and using? I don't need to hit super-tight tolearances with it, just turning parts as a hobbyist / beginner. What questions should I ask about it? What should be there for it to be complete?

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can you convert single phase to three phase easily?

I have a three phase lathe, but only single phase in my shop. Is there a way to easily convert single phase to three phase?

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What needs to be considered before buying a wood lathe? Answered

I am thinking of investing on a wood lathe. I have seen a few lathes of different sizes. I would like to turn bowls, dishes, chalice and even mortars out of wood. What should I need to look for on a lathe? It is size important? Thank you very much once again! You are the best!

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What tool would be best to power a pen lathe?

Ive been working on building a lathe for a couple months. My first idea was a spring pole lathe but for several reason that did not work. What cheap tool would be best to power a small pen lathe. Ive been looking around and have seen several people use drills. Is there a better option. I will probably order it from harbor freight . Thanks

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Old Dunlap Model 103-0602 wood lathe Answered

Hi, I have an old Dunlap Model 103-0602 wood lathe. It has step pulleys to adjust the speed. One pulley is on the lathe head and turns the center shaft. The other pulley is on the shaft of the motor. The motor is 1/3 HP ,  1725 rpm's and has a 5/8 shaft. The pulley on the motor shaft is       4", 3 1/4",  2 1/2" and 1 3/4 " .  I am having trouble measuring around the pulley on the head of the lathe are they usually the same size? Well can anyone help me? Thanks Frank

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100% home made lathe by catwood sept.20 2007

Sir, Catwood posted about a 100% homemade lathe. where I can find measure drawings of the lathe?so I caould buld one. Mike

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Clean Your Sinuses, Homemade Lathe, Disco Coaster...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. Sept. 27, 2007 Welcome back!October is right around the corner so get started for our DIY Halloween 2007 Contest! If you want some inspiration for what you want to make for the best holiday of the year, check out these cool projects. How to Clean Your Sinuses You can clean your sinuses really effectively just using warm water, salt, and something called a Neti Pot. posted by noahw on Sep 25, 2007 IKEA Power Charging Box with individual switches Charge up select devices without wasting power on other chargers.posted by PROD on Sep 24, 2007 Trekking Pole Tripod Get steady shots in the outback without lugging any extra gear. posted by jeffkobi on Sep 24, 2007 This week's newsletter is sponsored byToyota 100% Homemade Lathe Put together your own lathe for around $100. posted by catwood on Sep 21, 2007 Disco Drinks Coaster Bring the feeling of Las Vegas into your living room with a colorful array of 100 LEDs.posted by ebenupton on Sep 22, 2007 PLAY AND RECHARGE IPOD USING OLD BOOMBOX - Hints and tips A guide to help you through some of the common problems with boombox modding.posted by unknownuser2007 on Sep 21, 2007 How to Install Standard-and-Bracket Book Shelves Why use PVC pipe for plumbing when you can glue it together to form a sniper rifle with a scope that can shoot at over 300 fps?posted by ewilhelm on Sep 22, 2007 Puri - similar to chapati but fried Normally prepared on festival days, delicate and delectable puris means pure pleasure guaranteed.posted by avinash on Sep 21, 2007 Wearable Disco Ball Visor Become a moving lightshow with this generous use of flexible mirror. posted by BIGDaddy504 on Sep 25, 2007 Rope into backpack Commonly known as the "butterfly coil," this is a very handy and quick way to carry any long rope. posted by sam noyoun on Sep 25, 2007 See who won! Halloween Contest 2007! Get a free shirt! Now go build something awesome, and I'll see you next week! -Eric

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can anyone identify this lathe attachment (used for turning disks into "bowls") ?

Hey I'm looking for the name and/or other informations about this lathe attachment used for turning (silver) disks into "bowls"  (I'm talking about the attachment used for holding the disks) really hope you can help me!! thanks :)

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Anyone in the uk with a lathe. I need some simple turning done.

Is there anyone in the UK that could do this for me at a reasonable price? I have some pieces of aluminium 25mm round bar that I need some simple turning work done on. I need one end of the bar taking down to 24mm and a 25mm deep hole threaded to take a 1/4 UNC bolt in the other end, Other aluminium 25mm round bars need a 25mm deep hole threaded to take a 1/4 UNC bolt in one end and a 25mm deep hole threaded to take a 3/8 UNC bolt in the other end. I am in Reading Berkshire.

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Ever seen a rotary tool that used a large flywheel?

Has anyone ever seen or built any kind of rotary tool that was driven by the inertia of a large, heavy flywheel? I have seen kick wheels for pottery, but i am curious about a vertical flywheel. Lathe, Grinder, pump.... Seems like you could attach a treadle to a pedal assebly of an old bicycle to drive the flywheel....if the pedal assembly was the free wheeling kind, and there was something pulling the treadle back up, it would only power the flywheel when the treadle was pushed down.

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Could you use a small size of Tube Metal ?

You could tack/spot weld a small size of tube steal a  (1/2" or 1")  underneath  the bottom side of the angle iron @ the 90 degree bend. This would make the Lathe rails/bed a lot stronger. Tube Steel would be the best option because it wouldn't bend or Flex like Roll Steel might. You can hold a long say a 10' piece of roll steal up and you can see it bow some. Then hold a 10' piece of Tube Steel up and compare the difference of bow in the two. Angle iron would be a second choice. PK

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Machine shop training course.

I am thinking of running machine shop training courses in the UK for those interested in learning how to really use lathes and other big shop equipment. The idea is subject to insurance company permission etc. but I wanted to gauge if there was any potential interest from people here (obviously only those based in the UK, unless you really want to commute) I'd expect costs to be something like 50 GBP per day + materials, and no more than two or three people per session, keeping the ratio of machines to people as 1:1. We'll probably try and do "group projects" as well as bring your own. The idea of group projects is that every ones gets to make more than one of something, to get techniques sorted out, and then we combine everyones work into assemblies - collaboration at its finest. Steve

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How will leaving a pulley off my lathe affect its performance? Answered

 I have a variable speed motor from an old fan and I plan on using it for a small lathe. I will be turning foam and soft wood chess pieces and goblets. Will it be ok to leave a pulley system off? 

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Should I get a metal lathe or a milling machine first

Hi there, I have done metal work on lathes and milling machines at school and I found it very interesting and good fun. I am interested in doing some metal work of my own as a hobby. I do not want to go into it all guns blazing straight away incase I do not get on with it very well. My question is should I buy a metal lathe or a milling machine to start with, I have a maximum budget of about £400 but I still want quality machines.  It seems to me that I can make a wider range of projects with a milling machine but a lathe allows me to make screw threads and bore holes etc which would be useful. I have seen lathes which have a milling machine attachment on them but I think it would be better to have it as a separate unit.  I would be very grateful for people opinions on this, but remember that I am a complete beginner with a budget!!! Thanks Ben B.

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Would it be possible to make a wood lathe using a weed wacker motor ? Answered

 Would I be able to power a wood lathe just using a weed wacker motort? Would I be able to hook a chuck right to it or would I have to use a system of pulleys. I just want to be able to turn small wooden goblets and pens.

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can i make CNC shaper with lathe properties also?

Is it necessary to make bull gear for shaper very large? can't we make DESKTOP shaper?

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Does anyone ?have any good plans on how to make a small, simple, Lathe?

I like lathes and have always wanted one. I want to make a very simple, small, lathe for wood. I want it to be pretty simple and easy to build. Perfect for small spindles and similar things. If someone could give me some good instructions on how to make one, I would be very greatful.

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How can I find cheap electric motors?

For an upcoming project(lathe) I need a 1/4 or 1/3 hp motor around 2000 rpm. Are there any tricks to getting them for cheap. The cheapest one Ive seen is 84 bucks.. 

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How do I make a diy egg crafting lathe jig?

I need to measure an egg to make a prop & this is the best device I could fnd.

Question by elkaddalek  

What do I need to know before attempting to hook up a strong motor ( for example 1/4 hp AC)? Answered

The intended use is for a miniature lathe, but I don't know the first thing about hooking up a motor! Can I just solder the connections to a plug and plug it in?

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I'm looking for suggestions on how to machine a slot into an aluminum round rod

Hi All, I need to create a slot as shown in the attached graphic. It needs to be precise and repeatable - ideally in one pass. I have these tools that might help... Lathe Drill Router Grinder I don't have a mill which is what I think I need. Any suggestions? Thanks, Marc    P.S. The squared corners at the top of the slot are not required. They can be round (such as would be created by a drill bit or other rotating tool).

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How do I mount or house a Taper Bearing? Answered

I am wanting to build a lathe for turning larger projects (hollow wooden shells: up to 29" wide, about 30"-32" long, 1.5" thick all the way around). I have the motor, belts, drive wheels, etc... I just need to know what would be the best for mounting or housing a taper bearing. Would I absolutely need two of them (or more)? I am using a taper bearing because it is better for handling larger weight and stress.

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I need help finding instructions on turning candles.

I've been looking everywhere for details on what kind of tools and wax to use. Anyone know any good sites or instructables?

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Woodturning: My First Bowl

Just wanted to post pix of my first bowl, it's turned from endgrain green wood, either Chinese Tallow or Chinaberry, I forget which, found it on the roadside. Finished with wax, it is now slowly drying whilst wrapped in brown paper, hopefully it will dry without cracking.

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Sparks fly when you machine titanium.

Hey everyone, I was surprised at what happens you machine titanium at 3200 rpms. Check out the sparks that flew while machining a 2"x1/8" titanium disc. Some sparks would even combust in mid air like tiny fireworks.   Brent

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