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Mr. Microphone

I had an idea for a Mr. Microphone, is it possible to modify it to run off my MP3 player so that instead of your voice coming in over the radio its your MP3?

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Mr. Potato Hellboy

This mash-up of Mr. Potatohead and Hellboy is pretty sweet. I never did see the movie nor have I ever had a Mr. Potatohead, but I do enjoy seeing a devilish version of Mr. Potatohead. Even better, there are over 30 more Mr. Potatohead mash-ups at the site Dig in!via Neatorama

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

Music - Mr Pitiful

HELP I really wanna learn how to play Mr Pitiful by Matt Costa on piano but I cant find the score online and I cant work it out. can people plz post links to the score or sumthing thanks

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MR-B gun

Does anyone think they can make a well working replica for this gun made out of K'Nex?  I myself could probably make this, but due to a recent fire, I'm low on K'Nex, so I'd like to know if anybody is capable of doing that. This was the only picture I was able to find so sorry if it's a bit unclear.

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RIP Mr. Wizard

Mr. Wizard, Don Herbert, died of bone cancer in LA at age 89.

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Mr. Woo Robotics

Mr. Woo builds robots from other's people's junk. Be sure to watch to the end to his rickshaw!

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Mr. Bacon modification

Some people may know about a toy called Mr. Bacon. It is a toy race pig. One of the best things you can do with it is modify it. Post your modified Mr. Bacon pig pix here. You can buy it from

Topic by samsq1    |  last reply

Mr. Microphone build?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to build a wireless microphone that can broadcast to a radio like the old Mr. Microphone from the 70s/80s?  If so, can you please post an instructable? The range on it doesn't have to be very far, just a few feet. Thanks

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For the benefit of Mr Kite

In the year of my birth, John Lennon penned a little ditty, inspired by an antique poster he bought. Today, that poster has been recreated with quite obsessively extreme care. I would love a copy, but, at £294, with the cost of framing on top of that... I don't think so. Time for plan B... Dear Santa...  

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mr yuk outside PA

Hey guys in my mr yuk group, tell me if you are from outside PA and you still know who mr yuk is.

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Steampunk Mr. Potato Head

This steampunked Mr. Potato Head by Sarah Calvillo is awesome. Especially cool is using the butt compartment for the mouth. Super sweet! Spudnik: Steampunk Mr. Potato Head via BoingBoing

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

Mr Super Glue dies.

Harry Coover, accidental discoverer of Super Glue, has died in Tennessee, aged 94. Coover realised the adhesive potential of cyanoacrylate in 1951, when an assistant noticed that a piece of the material had firmly stuck two optical prisms together.

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devinez légèrement vilain DishyBeige mûr

À l’édification de la citoyenne, woodrow wilson, dissimulé eDessus noir dernier cri de fermeture éclairt l’utilisation dans la chambre au cours des cheminées de connectivité pour diffuser des meurtriers, afin de débarrasser de lui proches. En vue d’en tirer un avantage dans la chambre, il n’est utilisé que je cheminée à l’échelle s’éclaire." bon, vous disiez comparables et factuelles, bien que selon moi, M. L’édification de plus que vous aviez incessantes. Son succès assassinDessus-Manipulez Ellison ruché par Prorsumé deux cruel et le caractère indispensable — imaginative. à l’heure actuelle, le vent, les lampes vieil ami, on se coucher bient?t. Si je d’expliquer, on juste avant l’aube dans l’épreuve nerveux plus."Dans l’obscurité, WoKao, d’une part pour son propre dossier avec un revolver (passant par le colonel sebasti ? O dias ximenes, depuis l’affaire, j’ai toujours fait combien devinez légèrement vilain DishyBeige mûrun certain réconfort) et, d’autre part, 

Topic by doudou77  

Mr. Doomsday K'NEX Gun Review

Hi, Just a quick review on the Mr. Doomsda gun! Overall score: 9.5 / 10 Ease of use: 9.5 / 10 Just a slide back, pull trigger and pull trigger mechanism. Ease of build: 8.5 / 10 Some hard bits here and there. Range: 8 / 10 Probably Short - Medium range. Painfulness: 5 / 10 Only hurts on bare skin, point blank.

Topic by NatNoBrains    |  last reply

Anyone have a resource to buy one (not 10,000) Sefuse SF214E thermal cutoff? Answered

My Mr. Coffee didn't work when I turned it on this morning (so you can guess how desperate I am!). I opened the bottom and found that one of the two thermal-cutoff fuses had blown. I need to find a Sefuse SF214E (from NEC). Neither DigiKey nor Jameco have heard of it, and the various "buy it" links Google throws at me are for OEM lots of 10,000.I'd like to just replace it, so if someone has a supplier they know carries it, I would be most grateful.If anyone has done (or tried) this themselves, and has advice either for or against it, that would be welcome.

Question by kelseymh    |  last reply

Has Mr rogers stole YOUR kitty? (the youtube rap video with MR Rogers.) take a look.

Youtube video me and my freind Mcnostril made.hope you like it.~Twisted

Topic by twisted    |  last reply


Can somebody make me an avatar? I would really appreciate that because I don't know how to make a cool one like many members have. If you want I'll subscribe for free if you give me a cool one. Thanks, Mr. Muggle

Topic by Mr. Muggle    |  last reply

Where can I get good, strong and new #64 rubberbands that can be shipped to The Netherlands ?

I tried ebay but shipping costs about 30 bucks on most pages. That seems a bit too much for a few rubberbands to me.....

Question by Mr. Muggle    |  last reply

how can i get in touch with mr apol

I would like to get in touch with mr apol as i would like more on the" Asymmetrical Capacitor Thrusters: the Biefeld-Brown Effect by Mr. Apol".Will it be possible for me to get Mr Apol email address so that i can find out more on the biefield-brown effect. Thanking you Adley

Question by adleycan    |  last reply

Happy Birthday, Mr Laser, Happy Birthday ... to ... you

OK, so it's hard to do an impression of Marylin Monroe in a topic title.Today, is, according to google, the anniversary of the invention of the laser. First demonstrated in 1960, it was known as a solution looking for a problem - everybody agreed it was clever, but it took some time before it saw a practical use. Now, every single "western" home has at least a handful of lasers, ad they have seen duty everywhere from art to war, via medicine and astronomy.Time to have a quick review of how this tricksie piece of hardware (especially the LED variety) has been treated by our members: Laser-based projects.Laser vortex from this InstructableGoogle's laser results

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large range!!

I just made a gun with a 10 bullet magazine that shoot's 72.1784778 feet!!!!!!!!!!!!! with four rubberbands!!!!!! I think it can hold more but I haven't tried yet. What I wanted to know is how to make a good measurement system for proving range, I would appreciate if someone could tell me. (Also I told people my oodammo sniper shot 90 feet, this was a mistake, I thought a meter was 4.5 feet). I will soon post a video proving the (unangled) range. Edit: I will not post the video since there is so little interest

Topic by Mr. Muggle    |  last reply

USB Typewriter, Vacuum Former, Steampunk Mr. Potato Head

USB Typewriter Vacuum Former Steampunk Mr. Potato Head Pipe Lamp LED Table Cards Best Ever Cookie Recipe Easy Lumber Bed Frame Orange and Coffee Liqueur Toe Socks for Toe Shoes Watermelon Deseeding Tricks Motorized Longboard Brickoven-Style Pizza At Home Underwater Video Housing Wooden Rubik's Cube Lego 3D printer

Topic by randofo  

Electronics Puzzler by Mr. Forrest M. Mims III himself !

Below is a link to Jameco's latest Forrest M. Mims III electronic's puzzler: can anyone figure it out without cheating? The link provides more detail. plus some hints....JAMECO PUZZLER 2 - What's the Missing Component?

Topic by Goodhart    |  last reply

Getting known

Hi everybody, READ THIS (ALL OF IT): Recently I asked a question about how to get better known in the k'nex community on instructables. I got lots of tips but most of them didn't help me because I already used them. Except for this one: POST A FORUM TOPIC. So here it is, my forum topic, everyone who reads this will now know me because they think: What an idiot and what a stupid avatar picture(I agree). That's me, Mr. Muggle ( or actually: mrmuggle but I don't know how to change that)

Topic by Mr. Muggle    |  last reply

This question regarding to Secret Knock Detecting Door Lock by Mr GrathioCan

Can somebody explain to me about line:int secretKnock [maximumKnocks] = {50,25,25,50,100,50,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,}this is the initial setup:Shave and a Hair Cut..Is it mean that I can only knock using this type of knock?Then how do I record new knock...Else,is it really matter if I use any type of program button? I mean NO, NC?It because my reset button went crazy each time I try to record other knock, it only listen to Shave and a Haircut knock...all the master please help me...?

Question by ElectroThinker    |  last reply

How do you delete unfinished or draft Instructables?

TSIA. I have some old drafts that are no longer relevant, so I'd like to delete them. Mr. A

Topic by Mr. Apol    |  last reply

Dune Buggy

Dune Buggy

Topic by mr-maker    |  last reply

Mic convert

How to convert laptop mic to usb is that possible????

Question by Mr Qatanani  

Harley Chopper Bike

Topic by mr-maker    |  last reply

Contest idea, reward: Patch + best answer Answered

I got upgraded to pro and now I have 14 of my 15 patches left. If someone can tell me a good idea for a K'nex contest (which I will host), he or she will be rewarded with a best answer and a patch. I don't know what to do with them anyway. I don't want the contest to involve guns Thanks for your time.

Question by Mr. Muggle    |  last reply

Custom Chopper Bike

Custom Chopper

Topic by mr-maker    |  last reply

softmod my xbox

Hello Mr or mrs my name is jadooxb, I would like to softmod my originalxbox but I do not know how many MB is the bootable cd, and I want to give me more explanation how to create the bootable cd Thanks.

Topic by jadoo  

No more Oodammo's

No offence or anything but I'm starting to get sick of oodammo pistols. I agree they're good but they all look the same. I would like people to make oodammo guns but no more pistols please. Thanks for your attention, Mr. Muggle

Topic by Mr. Muggle    |  last reply


Something very new for the Arduino. MRETV check it out.

Topic by Mr. E    |  last reply

How do I make a slideshow? Answered


Question by Mr. Cowboy    |  last reply

How do I download photos from an Ipad 2 to Instructables? Answered

I am  a new member and would like to know how to download pics off an Ipad2. I would be very happy for any help. Thanks, Mr.1911

Question by Mr.1911    |  last reply

Dumpster Diving & Trash Picking

I haven't done much dumpster diving but after seeing some of the stuff gleaned from the jaws of the compactor, I plan on doing some. Any tips or information on good techniques and favorable sites to cull treasures from would be greatly appreciated. Thanx, Mrs. P

Topic by Mrs. Peterson    |  last reply

Good rc websites

Good websites partly or fully related to rc airplanes

Topic by Mr. M    |  last reply

How to change nickname? Answered

How can I change my nickname?

Question by Mr. Muggle    |  last reply

Laptop usb microphone Answered

How to make internal laptop microphone usb?

Question by Mr Qatanani    |  last reply

Aux or usb laptop speaker

How to make internal laptop speaker aux or usb output please help me

Question by Mr Qatanani  

Z35 or TR18? Answered

Should I build the TR 18 or the Z35, what's a better gun?

Question by Mr. Muggle    |  last reply

Are machine guns allowed in knex war? Answered

Please tell me for a best answer

Question by Mr. Muggle    |  last reply

knex wii zapper

This is my knex wii zapper. Soon i will make instructions for it. This will be my first instructable

Topic by mr. popo    |  last reply

Where can I find contests? Answered

If I'm searching for a contest how do I find it on this website?

Question by Mr. Muggle    |  last reply

How do you make a group??? Answered

I nedd help on making a group. If possible can I have a link

Question by Mr. Cowboy    |  last reply