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Constest participation

Hello, I would know how Instructables chose the countries that can participate in the contest. Because I would participate but Spain isn't in the list, so I can't :(

Question by qmontserrat    |  last reply

Quebec participants

Hello, I would like to know why people from the province of Quebec aren't allowed to participate in any contest?

Topic by John.Henry.    |  last reply

Contest participation (France) Answered

Hi I'm willing to participate in some of the contests, but I am French, and I didn't see any mentions of France in the official rules. Can I participate and, maybe win prizes ? Does it means extra charges (shipping for exemple) ? Thanks for your answers (Sorry if it's in the wrong category)

Question by RisaotaO    |  last reply

Participate from Brazil

I can not be living in Brazil? why? The design can be based on an existing idea on Instructables?

Topic by gustavol    |  last reply

Countries allowed to participate contests

Contest rules says: "THE CONTEST IS OPEN ONLY TO NATURAL PERSONS WHO, AT THE TIME OF ENTRY, ARE REGISTERED MEMBERS OF THE SITE, WHO ARE AT LEAST FOURTEEN (14) YEARS OLD (FIFTEEN [15] YEARS OLD FOR RESIDENTS OF NORWAY AND EIGHTEEN [18] YEARS OLD FOR RESIDENTS OF GERMANY), AND ARE LEGAL RESIDENTS OF THE 50 UNITED STATES (INCLUDING THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA BUT EXCLUDING PUERTO RICO), CANADA (EXCLUDING THE PROVINCE OF QUEBEC, CANADA), UNITED KINGDOM, AUSTRALIA, BELGIUM, CHINA, THE NETHERLANDS, COLOMBIA, DENMARK, GERMANY, INDIA, NORWAY, OR SWITZERLAND." So, I just want to ask, why citizens of Poland cannot participate to contests? I'm sure, there a lot Polish, who made something nice and would show his/her project in that way. Poland is in EU, NATO, it is not so bad country (until you live there, eh). Our politicians sucks, thats a fact, but there are a lot creative young people, let them show, what they can. Regards. p.

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Can I participate in this contest ?

My name is Shahrukh Saleem, I am from Pakistan. I wanted to participate in the soldering contest, but in Sec A rules of contest it is written that "THE CONTEST IS OPEN ONLY TO NATURAL PERSONS WHO, AT THE TIME OF ENTRY, ARE REGISTERED MEMBERS OF THE SITE.... AND ARE LEGAL RESIDENTS OF THE 50 UNITED STATES (INCLUDING THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA BUT EXCLUDING PUERTO RICO), CANADA (EXCLUDING THE PROVINCE OF QUEBEC, CANADA), UNITED KINGDOM, AUSTRALIA, BELGIUM, CHINA, THE NETHERLANDS, COLOMBIA, DENMARK, GERMANY, INDIA, NORWAY, NEW ZEALAND OR SWITZERLAND" Why Pakistan is not listed here ? it is also written that a national or resident of Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria or any other country for which trade with the United States has been prohibited or restricted by any statute, regulation, order, rule, treaty, or other law of the United States or any other applicable jurisdiction in any manner that would prevent the awarding or delivery of any prize to the entrant; US hasn't restricted trade with Pakistan. So Can I participate ?

Topic by Shahrukh49    |  last reply

Why participate in Pepsi greenwash?

I don't know about the rest of Instructables community, but I am extremely reluctant to contribute anything to Pepsi's latest (  greenwash campaign, well, anything except criticism. PepsiCo (PEP) is a company that produces semi-addictive, food-like consumables that, in the aggregate, are actually harming people's health. They're also littering the world with PET plastic bottles. Previous Instructables alliances with companies that make tools or building supplies (Black and Decker, Leatherman, Gorilla Glue), these alliances made sense to me since these companies actually make products to help people to build things. PepsiCo is essentially a manufacturer of recreational over-the-counter drugs, similar to beer, liquor, cigarettes.  Thus alliances with entertainment industry (e.g. ball games, car racing, crappy pop musicians) would make sense to me, but not an alliance with, whom I like to think is doing something more noble than just crass, brain-numbing entertainment. If you'd like to see PepsiCo's official explanation of this "Refresh the World" business, but without being tracked by DoubleClick, the direct link is: Pepsi says they want to change the world, but I think they just want to sell more soft drinks.  I don't see them as a serious agent for change in the world.  IMHO, the revolution will NOT go better with Pepsi! Update:  Many of people responding to this topic seem to think that I'm lobbying for the prohibition of soft drinks, but this is not my goal. In truth I wish more recreational drugs would be allowed to have the same legal "white market" status that sweetened drinks and snack foods enjoy. The point I was trying to make is that Pepsi is an inappropriate choice for an Instructables alliance because the basic values of the two companies are so different. Pepsi does not embody the DIY (do it yourself) philosophy. Rather the values of PepsiCo are convenience and instant gratification. This is essentially a SEDIFY philosophy (somebody else do it for you), the polar opposite of DIY. The reason I mentioned harm to the heath of people and the planet, is just to demonstrate that Pepsi does have cause to want to improve, or greenwash, their image, which is I suspect the point of their "refresh project", not just pure philanthropy.

Topic by Jack A Lopez    |  last reply

Contests are worldwide ? Answered

I live in Argentina and I want to participate in the contest , can I get in from here ?

Question by Diegojavbau    |  last reply

Can I participate in Europe in the contests,?

Can I participate in Europe in the contests, In the 3D DESIGN CONTEST and in the FORMLABS CONTEST  Thanks for your Answer! --Martin Steiner

Question by stooni  

Why I Can't participate or win

Why if Im from Chile I can't be part of the contest and things like that. Only because I'm not from the USA? just for that? I really wanted to participate and start writing instructables of everything I'm learning, but I also wanna enter the contest that are in instructable, so please, give me an answer :( why I can't participate? I mean, yes I can participate... but if I win, I will automatically loose, because on the contest rules said that if you're not from one or another country, you're not legible to win or things like that... BUT WHY?!!!??!

Topic by soyellalo    |  last reply

Can I participate in your contests?

Sorry for my English, I don't use it very often. I'm from Europe, from Spain and I love your web, but I don't know if I can participate in your constest. I have read the new rules: "Eligibility. THE CONTEST IS OPEN ONLY TO NATURAL PERSONS WHO, AT THE TIME OF ENTRY, ARE REGISTERED MEMBERS OF THE SITE, WHO ARE AT LEAST FOURTEEN (14) YEARS OLD (FIFTEEN [15] YEARS OLD FOR RESIDENTS OF NORWAY AND EIGHTEEN [18] YEARS OLD FOR RESIDENTS OF GERMANY), AND ARE LEGAL RESIDENTS OF THE 50 UNITED STATES (INCLUDING THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA BUT EXCLUDING PUERTO RICO), CANADA (EXCLUDING THE PROVINCE OF QUEBEC, CANADA), UNITED KINGDOM, AUSTRALIA, BELGIUM, CHINA, THE NETHERLANDS, COLOMBIA, DENMARK, GERMANY, INDIA, NORWAY, OR SWITZERLAND." In my country, your are an adult if you are 18 years old. I'm older, so I haven't this problem. But my country, Spain, doesn't appear in your list. Can we participate? Or there is some problem with the post or the laws to send the prices? Thank for your time!

Topic by Nemra    |  last reply

Call for Participation: 3lectromode - DIY Wearables

3lectromode is looking for designers/programmers interested in doing an internship to co-develop future D-I-Y projects. In particular, we are looking for fashion designers skilled in pattern making with an interest in textile design and programmers interested in further developing the Arduino platform for wearables. Respond before May 1 w/ cv & portfolio. Founded and directed by designer-artist Valérie Lamontagne, 3lectromode holds the vision of innovating in the field of wearables by combining technology with customizable prêt-â-porter fashion. We aim to inspire a future where wearables are democratized, aestheticized, and performative. We are a small design group interested in developing accessible wearables which combine D-I-Y technology with current fashion research. We are fascinated with the potential for technology to create new modalities of interaction between the body and its environment, and are interested in the performative potential of technology. Key to our design ethos is a to create a library of open sourced tools which can be used easily by anyone. We develop wearables which we hope will be meaningful to the wearers by enriching everyday experiences with an awareness of both ourselves and the world around us. We see our work as creating a further connection between humans and the world at large of machines, information patterns, environmental data, and organic material. Associate designer at 3lectromode is Magalie Coulombe-Noël, a trained fashion designer and technologist. Fellow collaborators include: Elio Bidinost, physical computing expert; Claudine Lamothe, web programmer and technologist. 3lectromode was founded in 2010 and is located in Montréal, Canada. Contact: 3lectromode: democratized, aestheticized, performative wearables. 

Topic by 3lectromode    |  last reply


I live in Pakistan and I want to participate in the LED contest. I dont have any one in USA who can proxy me. This contest should be open for all those who have interest and are handy men. I have a very good project on LEDs If I am allowed I can upload my LED project I hope my request will be considered Thank you

Topic by ramizsattar    |  last reply

Why Romanians can not participate in competitions on

Hello! My name is Alexander and I'm so upsed because I can't participate in contests! Why other contries like Romania can't do that?! :(

Question by Gabriel Alexandru    |  last reply

Looking for Focus Group Participants for New Inventions

Science Channel's All-American Makers is looking for focus group participants: people who want to give their opinions on new exciting inventions before they hit the marketplace.  We will be filming throughout October in Jersey City.  TIME COMMITMENT: 4-5 hours COMPENSATION: $100 Anyone who is interested or who knows of someone who might be interested, email or call 212-993-8518.  Tech-savvy consumers, parents on the go, grillers, bikers, car owners, etc. People of all ages. 

Topic by Christopher Bray  

XinCheJian participation at The Great Global Hackerspace Challenge

XinCheJian (, the first Hackerspace in China, is one of the 30 Hackerspaces across the globe that have been selected to participate in the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge (GGHC) competition. The objective of the competition is to create an electronics build that will make a real and positive difference in an educational establishment. The competition runs for six weeks, from Monday March 21st to April 30th 2011. The winning project is evaluated on the following: How reproducible is the final project? How easily can the parts be sourced in locations around the world? How low cost is the final output? How well are the plans documented? How relevant is the project to helping education today? How inventive and creative is the design and build of the project? The selection of our participation proposal includes a 5900 RMB (US$900) budget in electronic components (including the required microcontroller and portable power source) generously provided by Every Hackerspace that completes their project receives 10 soldering setups while the three semi-finalist Hackerspaces will each receive over 13000 RMB (US$2000) worth of electronic tools. The Hackerspace with the winning project gets a Tektronix MSO2024 oscilloscope worth over 36000 RMB (around US$5,600)! As an extra incentive, semi-finalists will be invited at the California Maker Faire 2011. To address the objectives of the competition, XinCheJian will focus on getting elementary and/or high school students acquainted with the intellectual processes of cooperative problem solving with out-of-the-box thinking. This will translate into an interactive and intelligent educational toy that stimulates students into a variety of challenging experiences. Want to join or help our team? Contact us at: To reach the competition organizers, contact About the competition: About XinCheJian ( this Hackerspace serves as a beacon of free spirited and unhibited creation, both artistic and technological, to serve people that hunger for intellectual and economic advancement. It is a community of westerners and Chinese, young and old, experienced or not, artistic or cartesian. The Hackerspace location is at Shanghai AnHua Road Number 76, Suite 301 in the Changning district, metro line 2 or 11 at the Jiangsu Rd Stop Exit No.4. 

Topic by xinchejian  

Can i participate in multiple contest with one project ?

Please sagest me ASAP 

Topic by AmitK14    |  last reply

I'm from Mexico why can't I participate?

I've read the rules and it says that people should be from the US or some other countries... why is that? I really want to participate... What can I do?

Topic by yulyx    |  last reply

Help participants submit their data - Citizen Science Contest

The SciStarter Citizen Science Contest is live! This is your opportunity to help millions of citizen scientists contribute to real scientific discovery. Make their experiences better by coming up with solutions to some real annoyances that hinder their participation. To get you started, here is a specific--and very real--challenge sent to us by project organizers. HELP PARTICIPANTS SUBMIT THEIR DATA Background: Project BudBurst engages the public in making careful observations of phenophases, such as first leafing, first flower, and first fruit ripening. Scientists compare this valuable environmental information to historical records and learn about the prevailing climatic characteristics in a region over time. The Problem: Prospective and current volunteers are often unsure if they have correctly identified plants and phenophases. This may lead to them not submit the data they've collected. Other volunteers simply forget to add their data. The Challenge: Find a way to encourage and remind participants to submit data after making field observations. Enter now! Contest closes January 21, 2013

Topic by scistarter    |  last reply

PhD design research study on Furbys - Please participate!

Are you interested in electronic companions such as Hasbro's Furby? Do you like storytelling? If so, I would like to extend an invitation to take part in my research study. The Stories Tell Objects Project aims to understand the role that storytelling plays in people’s interactions with electronic companions - such as Hasbro’s Electronic Furby - and the relationships we form with them. Participation in this study involves responding to scenarios depicting Furbys, and/or completing two brief questionnaires. If you would like to learn more, or are interested in participating in this study, please visit: Thanks! Catherine Caudwell PhD Candidate School of Design Victoria University Wellington 6011 New Zealand

Topic by catherine233    |  last reply

Warrior Dash 2010

Http:// If this is coming to an area near you and you want to participate ^here's the link Also, I am trying to have a costume made for this event if anyone's interested I have put a post with the title  Warrior Dash Costume in the forum

Topic by apeworld    |  last reply

Warrior Dash Costume This event is coming to Florida and I am going to participate in it with a few of my friends. Before this competition takes place I would like to have a costume made for me to wear during the race. So my challenge to any DIY'ers who would like to engage is to make a costume I could wear to Warrior Dash. The creator who makes the best costume will be rewarded by me wearing it to this event. Usually the people in costumes are the ones the film crews capture video of at all the Warrior Dash Events so there's a strong possibility your costume could show up. I will pay shipping and handling if required. Tomorrow I will post up my measurements. I would need this costume made & shipped to me before the 22nd of January 2011. Costume requirements: Can be any design relative to Warrior Dash or vikings, knights, animals, any tribes/clans/kingdoms, video game characters, etc. Whole costume not required could be anything from just a mask, gloves, body armor, signs, leggings, gloves, accessories Creators are encouraged to collaborate in order to be more efficient and merge ideas together Best of Luck Thanks, to anyone's intrigue I may have peaked

Topic by apeworld  

Are there any other cool things on instructables where we can participate? Answered

like online chatting(I know that one), so anything like that Thanks!

Question by vishalapr    |  last reply

Why is it that Mexico isn't included on the list of countries eligible to participate in contests? Answered

I thought there was a Canada-U.S.-Mexico trade agreement in place? We´re next-door neighbors! :(

Question by MaskMarvl    |  last reply

Epic thread patch contest! UPDATED - All gone! Thanks for participating!

I seem to be flush with all these shiny patches! They're burning a hole in my pocket, and I can't wait to give them away.So here's the deal: start or reply to an epic thread on this topic. Comment exchanges that are Epic in some way (epically funny, epically fail, epically thoughtful, epically intelligent, involving epic numbers of staff (where staff number > 0 = EPIC) or any other kind of epic) win all epic participants patches!! Exchanges on other topics or instructables - published AFTER 7/24 10:12 PM Central time - are also eligible for submission, but comments on here are preferred. ;)So go on, make my day with an epic posting!UPDATEWow, you guys are pretty epic!! I've got two epic patches left to give - I'm going to make you work much, much harder for the last two. ;) Last epic patches go to especially epic posts. You have to make me either literally laugh out loud or cry (or both). Seeing as how this is a more demanding requirement, the prize is a little sweeter - I'll give you any * patch you want! *see instructables TOS for pertinent exceptionsUPDATE: All gone! Wow! Ya'll are really epic!!

Topic by Lithium Rain    |  last reply

i am from nepal. cani participate in the contest. i dont understand the terms and conditions :D ?

I am dumb. plz help. i want to participate in contests and i dont get the terms and conditions

Question by sbhandari3    |  last reply

Sort instructables by votes or views, contest participants or in general. And detailed stats too?

Hello.No doubt we need this function, to see what is trending and what is requested and what is popular. Can we?Also. Stats are great, but giving me "bare" domain without actual referring page is pretty useless, don't you think so? like say I have 100 visits from "", which is twitter domain, but usefulness of that data is close to 0, if I don't know the actual tweet(s) which caused traffic to here, right?

Question by AceSound    |  last reply

I live in Puerto Rico. Can I participate in the full spectrum laser contest?

Hello! I was reading the rules of several contests, such as the full spectrum laser, and it looks like if I live in Puerto Rico I'm not able to participate. I live in Puerto Rico, and I am U.S. citizen as well. Can I participate, and be eligible for prize if I win even when I live in P.R.? Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Roger  

Topic by RogSal    |  last reply

I live in India and im 15 years old , is it legal for me to participate in a contest? Answered

I live in India and im 15 years old , is it legal for me to participate in a contest...and if I win a prize will it be delivered to here and should i pay extra money ?

Question by Aadhithyan    |  last reply

The winner

Thank you all for participating in the group. I am pleased to announce the winner is... Drum Roll . . . . . . . Ipod Killer and his sniper rifle! Congrats to you. Sorry for taking so long... Im busy. Thanks again for everybody participating!

Topic by Moloro0    |  last reply

Can I participate in an Instructables contest even if i'm not from the region where the contest is applied? Answered

I want to enter a contest here on Instructables but the regions where it is applied don't include where I live... Can I still enter or that is considered cheating?

Question by ZombieMonster    |  last reply

Contests for the French ?

Why in the contests "official rules" I do not see France "the French can Participate" ?

Question by RudyR2    |  last reply

Star Trek: Online

 Is anyone here participating in the Star Trek Online beta?

Topic by TyMan210    |  last reply

about contests? Answered

Hi i live in lebanon in middle east could i participate in contests or not is there any way to get the prizes?

Question by buraqo    |  last reply

Contests Supported Worldwide?

Are these contest are limited to specific countries or for whole world? Is seventeen years old is eligible to participate?

Topic by Do It Yourself    |  last reply

Caribbean Entries

Our students would love to enter your contest but we are in Bahamas. Is there any way we can participate? 

Topic by MichelleM9    |  last reply


Can I participate in holidays gift or another contest? i live in spain and i dont understand very well the conditions

Topic by bellotero69    |  last reply

Foreing contestants

Hello, I'm a Colombian mechanical engineering student. Can i participate in the Make it Real contest? Thanks, Esteban Bernal

Topic by polyto89    |  last reply

Contest.... and countries

I don't understant because SPAIN can't participate in any contest... WHY?????? Before, I was able to take part T_T...

Topic by Arual    |  last reply

Quirky Contest

Hi fellow inventors! Danielle from Quirky here. We're a social product development company that engages participants to collaborate in every aspect of product creation and would like to invite each and everyone of you to join in on the fun. We're just starting to really utilize our social media outreach and would also love you to participate in our Twitter contests (@QuirkyInc) to win free products and idea submissions. Just so you know, it is free to join our community and participate, and anyone who influences the development of a product earns cash for their contribution. You can watch a video that explains more about what we do and how we do it, here:;=player_embedded. Thank you and have an innovative day!  

Topic by QuirkyDanielle  

Free Volunteering

Volunteer south america for free- Participate in a GIC Volunteering in Argentina program and make your time in South America an unforgettable experience! Free Volunteering

Topic by andydavidson    |  last reply

Contests only open to US, UK, Canada and Australia?? Answered

I've been looking at the contests, and lately the contest in wich I can participate in has dropped to zero because of location. I live in Denmark and would really like the chance to participate and win, but for some reason all the contests are now limited to the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. Is there any special reason for this, or are will there be coming new open for all contests??

Question by Jerina    |  last reply

Why not?

Hi :) ,  There's just something I want to know... Why is Quebec excluded of the contests? It says that Canada can participate, excluding Quebec, but why? Thank you for your answer :)

Topic by sailorgirlz    |  last reply


I just submit my newspaper tray instructable today and the system says could not enter the contest. Why? I want to participate in the Epilog contest. Please answer

Topic by cremolada    |  last reply

questions about contests

Hello i have few questions about contests: Iam in middle east, could i participate in the contest how to get the prizes  and I live in Lebanon?

Topic by buraqo    |  last reply

Can I ask for vote in my instructables? Answered

I'm participating in a contest on instructable, so in my instructable can I request for vote?

Question by Tanishq Jaiswal    |  last reply

My first Instructable

Here is my first tutorial... i have know about the site for awhile but have never participated...

Topic by Scribbles    |  last reply