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I have been trying FOREVER to change my password but cannot! I am having to use my temporary password they sent to my e-mail... it is WAY too hard to remember, not to mention the length of it. I see a lot of other people are having the same problem- anyone found out exactly how we go about doing this? It seems like everytime I try to use and find things, I am always running into problems! I am about to just delete this site all together. It just gets too frustrating EVERYTIME I come on this web-site. Can anyone tell me if it is worth staying on here? I belong to a lot of different web-sites, but NEVER had I had this much difficulty maneuvering around any of them. I would just like someone's advice about whether or not to stay on or just go ahead and leave (honestly :) !                            Thanks! Junehearn

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admin password ?

How do I rest my admin password I forgot it

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password activation

Keep getting email from 'robot' with password activation code. When used to verify password, only response is 'no activation' with another screen box to fill in password code and two password blank boxes. What am I doing wrong? indianasmitty

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Password reset

I'm not sure if this is a true bug, but here goes nothing: I tried to log in to add a comment to an Instructable, but I couldn't seem to recall my password, so I used the (lost username/password?) link at the bottom of the dialog screen and entered my e-mail. Sure enough, I received an email from you letting me log in using a reset code: Username: taserian Reset code: [CODE REPLACED] Reset here: [LINK REPLACED] But when I try to reset my password, it still asks me for my old one, which is what I couldn't remember in the first place. The reset code and link only allowed me to enter the site using my account, but won't allow me to reset my password without using my older one. To re-enter my account after shutting down my computer, I would have to resend a request for a lost username/password. The reset link should drop you into a page that allows you to reset your password. Thank you.

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Password change

When I go to change my password I but in the old/new/new and hit change password but it co,es back with 'error on page'

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HELP! Password= ???????

HELP! There is now a password for the chat room! I do not know it! WAHHH! Can anyone help me? ( I have PMed a few of the mods)

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Windows passwords? Answered

Does anyone know where you can find your password under windows? is it even possible to find it? i recently installed linux ubuntu on a trashed server and it allready had win2k on it but i do not have the passwords for the windows part. how do i retreive them? >update<  wow i did not think so many people would answer this question so thank you all! could you give me all the sites/ programs you know for reseting/retrieving passwords please? that would be even better! thanks and merry christmas!  ho and to do this i have access to the ubuntu partition of my server and NOT to the windows one. on the windows one, i do not have any passwords. I did try the "administrator" trick but as i thought it does not work.

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Password isn't working!

I just noticed that no matter what you type into the password box, instructables logs in. this needs to be fixed!

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how to reset password

I tried to change my password, but the site won't accept my old password. I don't understand. I'm logged in, why can't I change my password? Is there a way to just reset it?

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Reset password not working

I recently received a temp password for my account, and now that I am logged in and trying to change it to a new one of my own, I am running into a problem. When I enter the temp pass in the 'old password' window one, I get an error message saying "wrong password" I know the temp passes are often limited in functionality to a short time window, so am hoping for a rapid reply & help on this problem.  Mary

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Password reset not working

Every time I attempt to log on to the site, I am forced to reset my password. Whatever I set it to, it is rejected the next time I log on. This happens on multiple browsers on multiple operating systems. It happens with passwords I type in myself and with long passwords entered for me by KeePass. I have cleared cookies, with no luck. This has been happening for the last several weeks. Not super annoying, since I don't often have to log back in, but it still feels janky to be resetting my password so frequently. I'd rather my account not be disabled due to suspicious activity! Anyone else seeing this?

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Password Recovery Program

OK...SOOOOO...heres my problem...I have an 8GB ATP ToughDrive (A Flash Drive) that I can only access 1.41GB of because the Encryption software created a partition in the drive...UNFORTUNATELY the original password set by ATP does not work. i called the, company and they pretty much said eff off...SOOO i am stuck with a dillema...i need the best possible DECRYPTION software, or Password Recovery Software that i can get for free...i have tried google searches, yahoo searches, etc. and every time nothing seems to find the password, or just isnt meant to recover a password in general...Help please?!  NOTE: I would prefer the program to be free, HOWEVER...if i have to pay for it, i wont mind as long as it wont break the bank. Thanks In Advanced For Your Help!!! Sokami Wohali

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password re-set

I have encountered a flaw in password reset. i have made a membership..not pro. but i made the account last summer and i started using this site again after about 4 months of being in-active. i started using this site again everyday for the past week. starting guessing on actual days but lets say it was Monday because i cant remember what day it was. i opened the site got to log in. cant remember password. OK. used the password reset manager. made a new pass word. that all worked. next day. Tuesday. i go to log in. my password isn't what i reset it too. so i go and reset my password again. same thing its nice and dandy. works. lets me in. next day same error occurred. happens everyday. any explanations? any fixes? am i doing something wrong?

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Laptop Password Help

OK, so I'm typing on this laptop...It was assigned to Kitewife by an ex employer who seems to have forgotten they assigned it to her several years ago.If they ever ask for it back, we will happily hand it back, but they treated Kitewife very badly for quite some time before she left, so we have forgotten that we have it.Anyhoo, it works OK, little slow, but fine for the boys to use. Except that it's software hasn't been updated for at least three years. There are whole chunks of the internet that are invisible to it. The Flash, Java, Adobe, even the anti-virus are stupidly out of date.Unfortunately, the laptop has an admin password.Now, I could ask Kitewife's ex employer what the password is, but they might remember that she has it.So...Any ideas?I've had a look at the various password "hack" ibles, but they haven't been any help.

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Android Password Saver

The result of boredom. Numbers layer tells you what each dot is labeled. The x-y layers represent the paths. X is the first dot, y is the one you move to after that. Just make the layers visible. I didn't bother making any long diagonals because I didn't feel like it and they're hard to use anyways. I find it useful to load a jpg on my miniSD so if I forget, I can go back and see what it was before I unlocked it. (I know it's overdone, but if I'm going to be using it all the time, I might as well make it pretty)

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how to hack passwords?

i want to hack my admins password to download adobe flash player in my pc

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Can not change password?

Have tried several times to change password with no luck . Can you please help me? jc4548

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usb password hacker

What if you took a usb mp3 player with a screen and some how make it where when you put it into a somputer it tells you the password

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password hacking with a usb?

How do i hack a password but not harming,deleting,or leaveing a trace that i hack into a computer with a usb without internet and without causeing a virus

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changing admins password

Ok i was wonding if it would be possible to change the admin's password using cmd being run as administrator (net user administrator *) then signing in with that account then going to control panel internet options and unblocking it that is my idea but would this be safe and can you even sign in with the admins account on your laptop

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Change Password: Error on Page

Change Image(s) Quick Links Inbox (0 new) Following Image Library Chief Cook Age: 62 Gender: MALE Member Since: Aug 17, 2008 View Profile | Edit Profile You InstructablesDiscussionsSettingsPro Membership ProfileCustomizeProfile ImagesEmail AlertsChange EmailDefault LicensePasswordPrivate RSS FeedsGroups Change Password Old Password: ****** New Password: ********* Retype Password:********* Change Password Error on Page       This appears on the status bar and the bottom of the page. This happens every time.  The passwork does not change. My PC is an HP Pavilion a1520n.  The OS is Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.  I am running IE version 8.0.6001.18702. Submitted by: Chief Cook

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I can not change my password

How do I change my password? ... ... ... The "Normal" links do not work! ... ... ... I have been trying to change it through the "YOU" section. ... ... ... I keep getting "Done" and "Error on page" at the bottom of my browser! ... ... ... I never get an acknolegement or go to another page. ... ... ... I have been trying since Saturday night, May 23. ... ... ... My PDA was stolen with all of my personal information on it and I need to change my password "Like Yesterday"!

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where do I change my password?

I have seen others ask this question in the question category but I saw no answers. I do not see a settings menu. I see a 'YOU' with a dropbox menu. 'YOU' does not suggest a place for password changing nor does it seem to be a profile really. What is the answer to this question?? thank you and my password manager thanks thinks you are way too 'old'....

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can some one recommand me a good software to remove some kinds of password,like office, windows

Can some one recommand me a good software to remove some kinds of password,like office, windows

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pass word

It isn't possible to change my password...

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lost password and linked email

Is there some way to recover a password to an account other than through email. my old email got hacked and now im locked out of it.

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PLEASE HELP? Drivelock password

Do you have any software that will unlock a drive loc. When booting laptop it says hd drivelock. I didn't put a pw on it, but it appears to have onet. When I go into setup the drivelock pw is grayed out. Will not let me access it. PLEASE HELP?

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Password reset emails not being received

I'm not receiving emails to reset my password when I request them. I do get other emails (notification of group add requests, patches being sent to me, etc) from robot regularly. I don't have a spam folder.

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Recieved Password change from the robot.

Hi - Recieved a password change emial fromt he instructables robot on the 7th this month - i haven't been on line to request a change. Followed the email link - it does return to instructables and i did go ahead and re input my original password for the change. - then it said my account wasn't active when i attempted log-in? Then the email change form claimed it was sending a activation notice to my email??? then that my accoutn was now active - then i attempted log in and IE claimed encountering an error. came back and i'm in logged in now. but - never requested the first password change - for all the other bugs if you will and IE error /crash to happen. thoght you should know in case it's important. or if it something i should be aware of about password spoof mail. thanks -chase-

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'forgot password' link sends no activation code

So I forgot my password and hit the "forgot password" link. I get a form telling me to submit an activation code that I will get in my email, but this is the email I get:Welcome to Instructables! Log in at;=ZZZZZYour account information is as follows:Username: abcEmail: xxx@yyyJoin Date: Jul 24, 2008. 9:31 AMCheers,Instructables RobotIf I follow the link, it just gets redirected to

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Need to reset my password everytime i want to login

Since a couple of days I cannot login anymore. Worked fine for the last two years on the same system. The site does not remember me, and when I enter my username/password to login manually I cannot login. (username unknown or password doesn't match) The only method that works now is the following: 1) click 'forgot password' in the logon screen 2) follow the confirmation link in the e-mail that is sent 3) type the SAME password as before :-) This will log me in, but I have to repeat these steps EVERYTIME I want to use instructables. Anybody else having this problem? What is wrong? Please help... System: Windows Vista + IE

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Can't remember the bios password Toshiba satellite laptop C75D-A7286

I have a Toshiba satellite laptop C75D-A7286 that i have forgot the bios password. I have tried the Esc and F2 start up as well as taking out the cmos battery to no avail. Any ideas ?

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how can i access administrator account in vista without modifying the original password?

Hi... My brother has blocked me from accessing a drive in vista by keeping a password for administrator.... I want to access that drive without his knowledge n without modifying the original one... Please help me out.. If possible also tell the same for windows 7......

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how do i recover my password if i forgot my second security questioned. and now im locked out of my account?

I forgot my password and answer to my security question how do i recover my password and also forgot how to get into my other accounts it is linked to.

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how do i logon to windows xp professional without knowing what the admin password is?

 I have been given a computer from a school, but they haven't given me the user information (this was last year). I have tried using administrator as the username and leaving the field blank but i am not getting on

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how can i log on to windows xp after my son made a user account and password he cant remember without software or disks?

On the welcome screen it has his account name as TYLER. He does not remember what he put as a password. how can i get back onto my windows xp desktop without fancy software or a disk?

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Can I produce an image in Microsoft Paint and assign that image to a &quot;hotkey&quot;?

I would like to use that image as a character in the password for my computer. This is so a dictionary program wouldn't be able to break through a password for my computer. Is this possible?

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Locked out of Vista laptop Answered

Sony Vaio running Windows Vista Home. I bought a mac and didnt use the Sony for almost a year. Tried to log on and password is not accepted. This is the ADMIN user account. There are no other users. Please help. I own it, It's not stolen.

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Live Person Please?

I have submitted for password retreival several times over the last 2 weeks. I never receive the email. No, I do not have a spam box. I found my password but I suspect it get's changed when one submits a retreival form since I still can not log in. So, now, I had to create a new account just to be able to post this! All I want now is for some real person (erm... no fake ppl please) to email me and help me be able to log in with my real account. I'd like to remove this account. Oh no, I hope that is possible too. Anyone working for Instructables want to email me so I can give you my other account's user id and email? So from there you can email that account a new password or whatever the procedure is? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? *weeps*

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I can not sign in

Everytime I try to login in Instructable I can not sign in even if the pw is correct. I always have to request a new pw and reset it. Can anyone help me?

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Password Security:Time delay lock

I've been reading about how easy it is for a computer to try 1000 passwords per second to get into your account. A human being could probably only try 1 every 10 seconds.  So why not put a timer on the gate?  If you enter the wrong password, you have to wait 10 seconds before trying another.

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windows XP login password problems

I have never been prompted to enter a username or password to login to my PC computer running windows XP since I purchased my computer 4-6- years ago. I had it unplugged for about 2 weeks while I moved recently. When I plugged it back in, it prompted me for a password and since I never had one or set up the computer to use one to login, its impossible to use the computer or login. I would appreciate any help with this that doesn't require formatting the hard drive. I also don't understand why windows all of a sudden asked me for a password and won't let me login without one or at least run me through the process of setting up one since I never had to use one for this computer.

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XS-3868 bluetooth module, pairing password?

Hi, was thinking buying this blittle board in the future, but I can see in description that it has a pairing password, (which is 0000). I did not like this option, its any way to remove it? this gave me problems because I need something wont ask for a password, which is not good for audio devices. This is the item. Is there any other option as good as this because that does not ask for any password? Thanks so much.

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