Warframe Projects

I recently started playing a game called Warframe and in this game, they have little "sentinels" that you can make to help shoot enemies. I decided I wanted to build my favorite which is basically a cube that is equipped with a mini-gun, the Dethcube. The only problem is, I can't seem to come up with any ideas on how to make it hover above my shoulder. Anybody got any ideas on how I could make it float?

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Wifi Dish Umberella

I'm pretty new to the WiFi dish stuff and picked it up pretty quickly. What I wanted to know is if anyone has thought of modding an umbrella slightly to use as a dish and what might be involved. I thought of this when watching The Matrix Revolutions(again)when a dish thing comes out of one of the Sentinels.

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how do you make a laser that can melt,(cut) through solids?

A laser,(like a sentinel beam in halo) that can burn through a solid,(ex:metal). i know that there is something like this in the world and isnt science fiction, but it sounds like the laser is just a focused beam of heat. (is there an easy way to make something like this?)

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DIY Tinkerers Making Cool Stuff

This article in the Orlando Sentinel does a nice job of giving an overview of a few people in the DIY community. They even give Instructables a nice mention and then go on to talk about this guy:He has posted more than 50 projects on Instructables, including a sound-activated camera made from a disposable camera and an old computer speaker, and a method for taking ultraviolet photography using a broken black-light bulb.Hmm... who could that be? Link

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Ten Years and One Day - every day - on Polaroid

I recently came across this story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and wanted to share it with the Instructables community. Artist Marc Tasman made a Polaroid self-portrait every day for 3,654 consecutive days--July 24, 1999- July 24, 2009--that's 10 years and 1 day. He says that if you laid the nearly 4700 photos made in that time side by side, they would stretch about 4 football fields or a quarter mile! The "Ten Years and One Day" video mashes time -- 5 minutes and 27 seconds of it -- compressing that distance (and decade) into a trippy package. You can view his work at the followitng sites: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfChFFwbWIw http://www.vimeo.com/8302692 http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/43324 http://gimundo.com/videos/view/10-years-and-1-day/ The 10-year-long instant portrait Marc Tasman turns decade of life into art via daily Polaroids http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/entertainment/79448062.html I hope your find this interesting and decide to use it on your site. Yours, Noelle steffenn@uwm.edu

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