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SNES controller idea

I thought that it would be a cool idea to stick into a SNES controller along with a teensy to automate the buttons. Would this work? I thought this would be cool to play snes9x for android on a TV.

Topic by qquuiinn  

Wireless SNES Controller

I found this guide to make a wireless NES controller, but it has a few drawbacks. The range is only 3-4 feet and you can only push one button at a time. It got me thinking, and what I would like to do is make my SNES controller wireless, possibly with an IR transmitter and reciever. I would think that this will take some programing to encode and decode the signal. I want to learn as much as I can from this project, but I don't know where to start. Can anyone help?

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Play SNES on your iPad

There are more and more gaming apps coming to the iPad all the time, but if you have a retro gaming itch that you want to scratch you can play SNES games on it with a Wiimote. Lifehacker breaks it down into four easy steps so you can see if you can still get high scores on the classics. How to Play SNES on your iPad in Four Easy Steps

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how to disable a snes controller

Hi iam making a snes arcade machine and i want to add a coin operate timer , i dont want to turn off the tv or console after time is over, i only want to disable/lock the controller, so i see that the brown cable is ground and white is power, if i unplug any of this cable the controller wont work so i connected the brown cable to a negative ac 5v  charger or the white cable to the positive cable but the controller dont work this way, so i hope someone can help me with this.thanks

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Playing SNES on a 19" LCD

I have a 19" LCD that I use as an external monitor for my laptop but I would also like to be able to hook up my SNES to it and play some of my old games since my only TV is a little 13". Does anyone know how to make a box that has inputs for RCA video and coax cable and outputs video to a computer monitor (with DVI conection). I know there are emulators on the internet that I could play on my computer but it's just not the same without the SNES controllers.

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can i portalbilize a snes?

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Favorite NES + SNES Games?

Break out those old game consoles! At first I made this just a NES question but since I like SNES as well I've decided to ask you all what NES AND SNES games you like the most. Here are my favorites! Favorite NES games?: 1) T & C Surf Designs: Wood And Water Rage 2) Double Dragon II: The Revenge 3) Bucky O'Hare 4) StarTropics 5) Adventure Island Favorite SNES Games?: 1) Blackthorne 2) Demon's Crest 3) Super Mario All-Stars 4) Super Mario World 5) Zombies Ate My Neighbors

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EarthBound for SNES (Mother 2)

Hello, I recently played some earthbound, and found it to be fantastic.  So, I know there are some hardcore EB* fans out there, just gonna say, I'm not one of them.  So, really I made this for people to chat about EB and discuss problems they have in the game. So, say,"Fuzzy pickles"! *EarthBound

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why is the NES better than the SNES? Answered

I just wanderd why the NES is better than the SNES although its older??? if anyone agrees with me on this then pkease could you say why you think so. in my opinion its because it saved the gaming industry (from atari) and the controller is so simple to use and it had more epic games than the SNES.

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How easy is it to create an N64 or SNES portable?

How long will it take? Are there any good tutorials out there?

Question by aj_j    |  last reply

trying to make a snes controller work with gamecube

Im trying to get a snes controller to work with a gamecube plug on a wii i bought the controller and cord but dont have them yet i have the pinouts but im not sure if just connecting those will be all that i need???any suggestions,comments,or info will be helpful. here are the links to the pinouts

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NES/SNES Emulator on Unmodded PS2 or XBOX

Does anyway know of a simple, easy to use and set up, nes and/or snes emulator for the ps2 or xbox, without modding or altering the system in any permanant way?

Topic by wingman246    |  last reply

Good nes, snes, gbc, or gba games?

Does anyone have any really good games for the nintendo, super nintendo, gameboy colour, or gameboy advanced games that i should buy? i really like rpgs, but any type will work. (im not asking to buy them from u if ur thinking that haha)

Question by octopuscabbage    |  last reply

Is there a way to hook up my SNES to my laptop?

I have an old SNES which I still play and I was wondering if there is a way I can hook it up to my laptop.

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Hacking a SNES & NES controller with a USB Keyboard Chip

I been wanting to buy Retrolink's SNES & NES controller but I would love the vintage feel of the REAL SNES Controller and my crazy idea was to hack up a USB Keyboard and mod the SNES & NES controller to be played on my Macbook using nestopia emulator, and my question is this (look at the next line for my question) Is it possible to hack up a USB Keyboard's chip and then Solder the wire to the contact points of the controller without modding it in any way or just nab a converter that does the job? I wanna bring new life to a scrapped USB Keyboard's chip instead of getting Retrolink's SNES Controller to plug and play. So how I can mod the controller without destorying the old chip inside?

Topic by SuperScourge    |  last reply

Is there a way to make my SNES controller have a USB adapter to plug and play on my Windows 7 PC?

I would like to take my SNES controller and make a PC gamepad out of it to play my old SNES games through a ROM. I know retrolink has  similar products but I was not satisfied with it and would rather build my own. If it is possible please explain how. If it isn't please explain why not. THANKS!

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Trim Circuit Board?

Hey guys. I'm new to these forms so please bear with me. I'm looking to undertake this project:    Snes bluetooth Controller Mod   My goal is to be able to fit the keyboard into the Snes controller. My question is would you be able to cut off some of the unused keys on the bluetooth keyboard and still keep it functional?

Topic by Vega 034    |  last reply

What the difference between SNES roms with different filename spellings? ([!] [h1] [t1])

I've seen these ("codes?)" all over the place, and I have no clue what they mean... Usually a ZIP file will come with 3 roms, each spelled different. Any help would be great... Thanks. -Shadow Ops

Question by Arbitror    |  last reply

I am making a parallel port controller using my SNES controller. How do i hook up the pins so that it will work?

I don't have a DB25 female port on my laptop, i only have a DB15. I've seen that someone has been able to do it, but I can't figure it out. Also, I am taking the power from the usb port right next to the parallel port, so i only need help with the other 3 pins. Thanks

Question by jelly.turf    |  last reply

Anyone Help me

I have an old super nintendo , what can do with it to turn it into something cool ?

Topic by KeanWei  

Anyone Help me

I have an old super nintendo , what can do with it to turn it into something cool ?

Topic by KeanWei    |  last reply

Could i wire a USB memory stick inside a USB controller ?

I have a modified SNES USB controller and wanted to know i i can solder a usb stick directly on the inside so it mounts it when inserting to the controller.Like a portable usb emulator.

Topic by jacobstom    |  last reply

Wireless Interface? Answered

Hello, Instructables.      I know it seems like I ask too many questions and post too little ibles, But trust me. I'm working on one right now. And thats why I am here. I am working on a wireless snes controller for PC, and am having problems finding a wireless interface for it. I know theres the XBee, which, being on a limited budget, is off the table. theres Bluetooth, which i have VERY little expirience in, but considering that just makes it sound like it would be fun, and, last but not least, there is InfaRed, which, having recently recieved a IR LED assortment from Electronic Goldmine, might be an option. i will look more into BT, since i do have a bluetooth enable pc anyway.

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How do I hook up a SNES controller to a Game Boy Advance SP?

I would really like to build this but with a SNES controller instead of the joystick controller so I can still play games that require front bumper buttons. The problem is, I have a minimum of knowledge of advanced electronics, and any online information I could find about what the various pins in the controller plug do is just so much Greek to me. If anyone could detail to me exactly what wires I'll get at the end of the SNES controller and what they do before I start taking it apart and find they all look the same I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

Question by octochan  

Papercraft gaming

Hi. I was just wondering if anyone has paper craft instuctables for gamers????

Topic by Zelda and stuff    |  last reply

What can be a good instructables name for this ible? Answered

I will tell you about how to convert, format, manage, de-encrypt, and add the files to your USB stick so that you can make it an Multi-Gaming console! You will be able to play GBA games, NDS games, SNES games, Gamecube games and more! So what would be a good name for this Multi-Gaming console for you computer on a USB stick? I will be pleased to give a patch to the best answer!

Question by vishalapr    |  last reply

How to make handhelds out of consoles? Answered

Hi I want to make handelds out of gaming consoles like the Sega Master ( for better quality than a game gear), the SNES, the Colecovision, the Intellivison, the Atari 7800 and maybe the Atari Jaguar to name a few. Basically, I want to make a collection of portable consoles. Can somebody help me find tutorials or anything?

Question by Clemasterable    |  last reply

How can I turn my PC Joystick into a controller? Such as for SNES, GBA, etc?

The joystick is a Saitek ST290 Pro: I don't need to retain all of the buttons, it doesn't matter to me. I'll probably wait awhile, then bust this thing open myself and go crazy :D Thanks for any help in advance!

Question by Jakaris  

could this mod work?

On the ds all that is blocking the gb games from going in is two tabs. could you take these tabs off and make it work? like the SNES with famicom games

Question by dude22072    |  last reply

playing old games on my new tv

I have a saga megadrive an atari 2600 and a snes and a nice digital tv but when i put the tv on analog i cant seem to find any of the consoles any clue how to get them to work?

Question by nonamesleft    |  last reply

multiple console configeration?

What would be the best way to set up a tv to be able to switch between xbox 360, wii, nes, snes, nintendo 64, playstation 1 & 2, sega, sega mega drive and game cube, without needing to swap cords each time you change consoles?

Question by Rebelist    |  last reply

classic game controller buttons

So, I have a bunch of old game controller buttons form sega, gamecube, n64, xbox, and snes controllers, and really want to make use of them but dont know what to do with them. Any ideas? I have already made some into pushpins

Topic by 00beever  

question on an unknown super Nintendo accessory

When i got my super nintendo i bought it used and it came with the little box in the picture. i can't find anything about it online. on the box end it looks like a computer gameport and on the other end its a snes controller plug it seas total control. an answer as to what it is will be greatly appreciated.

Question by mr.mountaineer    |  last reply

Can someone make a video of them making a portable nes and post it on youtube and give me a link?

I've seached hundreds of websites trying to find one and i can't find one single video exept that dumb system video for n64 that's really chunky. Can someone make a video or at least help me find one? I want it kind of like this but for the nes not snes.

Question by mariorocks    |  last reply

New Mod Blog

I just started a new mod blog,! "I do not claim to have perfect mods, but I am a mod purist. I strive to keep my mods looking as original as possible, unless the intention is to be specifically not original looking." Topics: Retro Nintendo Nintendo mods Retro Apple Macintosh Apple Mods Unix Music Woodworking Guitars Virtual Machines Internet of Things It is still new, and is being populated with my 'older' mods, and once up to date, will be posted with new mods. My hopes is for this to be big enough to make it worth the work, so please visit and tell your friends! Please visit me, and let me know what you think! Let me know if you are a mod purist too! Thank you! Yes, I will post Instructables of some of my creations if it is a popular request!

Topic by TheRealDanielJ  

Post the Nintendo game systems you have owned!

What Ninty game systems have you owned?I have owned:Gameboy Colour x2 *Gameboy Advance *Gameboy Advance SPNintendo DSNintendo DS Lite *and a Wii. *I'm pretty new to Nintendo consoles, but I've been through many handhelds. * means I still own.

Topic by Noodle93    |  last reply

Playlists! (What Games Are You Playing Now, part two)

OK, now give each game you're playing a score. Out of five, ten, whatever, I don't care.Halo 3 - Xbox 360 - 5/5Guitar Hero 2 - Xbox 360 - 5/5Guitar Hero 3 - Xbox 360 - 5/5Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow - GameCube - 2/5Oh man, Ubi Shanghai really dropped the ball on Pandora Tomorrow. Also, it's the GameCube version. GameCube versions of Splinter Cell always suck.Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory for Xbox, soon hopefully (getting it cheap (used) off Amazon).

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Emulators on the DS

I would really like to get a Nintendo DS. I do have one question though; how well do NES and SNES emulators work on the DS? I ask this because my friend recently got an R4 card which he uses to play such emulators on his DS. When he plays games like Super Metroid and Super Mario Brothers 3, the graphics are extremely choppy and in some cases unplayable. It is not just those roms either, the DS seems to have trouble with nearly all of the emulator games. Is there a way to fix this? I would really appreciate anyone who can help answer either of my questions.

Topic by SC-Ghost    |  last reply

old video games

I have about 4 boxes full of old video games. I have xboxs ps1 NES SNEs game cubes sega genesis gn twin. I do not have any of the plugs or controllers I do not know if they are in working order So am just selling them for 5 dollars each These are AS IS This is good for people who likes to repair potential broken systems. I have about 100 system in total... REMEMBER I DO NOT BACK UP ANY OF THESE SYSTEMS THEY MIGHT NOT WORK. BUT IF YOU KNOW HOW TO REPAIRS THEM THEN YOU WILL BE ABLE TO REPAIR IF IT IS BROKEN AND MAKE SOME MONEY OFF OF THEM.. 5 DOLLARS A PIECE. please email me at

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320x240 tft screen as computer's monitor?

So, I'm running low on cash but I was thinking about how to make a portable gaming console. I can get old computer for as low as 5$, which solve the problem with emulation. The question is: Can I use 240x320 screen as monitor? All I want is playing MAME, NES, SNES, Gameboy and GBA games on that computer. I have a few of those tft availlable with me right now. Getting an old CRT to plug in is cheap but it's heavy. And if it's not possible, is there any other cheap altenative? I'm apologize for my bad English, I don't come from an English-speaking country. Any help will be welcome

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Fixing A CRT TV

I am planning on buying some classic consoles soon, (NES,SNES,SEGA Genesis,N64, etc) and I want to be able to play them on the kind of screen they were made for, a CRT. I have one that a friend gave me, but due to being moved a lot, and probably not gently, the picture has fallen out of alignment. Specifically it cuts off a large portion of the screen on the left, (leaving a thick space of black on the right) and is at a slight angle. It is not all that big of a shift, but it is a real pain in games with items in that section, because ammo counts, health bars, treasure chests, and even chunks of text can be hidden in that space. Could anyone tell me how to fix this issue? And how hard it is to do?

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N64 Controller to PC

Hey guys, I recently pulled out my N64 and played Mario Kart 64 for some old-time fun. It was a rush.Anyways, I saw a video on youtube of someone who hooked up their N64 controller to their PC, and all the buttons worked.Now I recently saw an instructable on something similar to this: I'm not sure if that same method would work or not.I also found this: is pretty much what I'm looking for, but I want to see if there's another way that doesn't involve the creation of a circuit with IC Chips.Anyone know? THanks.

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Video Game Console Cabinet

Hey so I recently pulled out my old game systems and played them. We normally keep them in the attic but i want easy access so i can play them whenever. I was considering making squares just stacked up on eachother but that's boring. does anybody have any ideas? And also I wonder if cabinets would be better or just have them open so you can see the systems. For an idea of how much room I need I have an Nes, Snes, Atari, N64, Ps2, Xbox, Wii and i would like a few extra in case i get more. I also need space for games and accessories. Does anybody have any ideas for how i could make this look really cool? Thanks.

Topic by Blinktwice    |  last reply

Need some help with my Redcode program.

Hi all. I just recently got into the sport of Core Wars, and have started writing my first warrior. However, every time it is run, it ends up crashing. Here is the code: JMP 6 DAT 0,0 DAT 0,3 SPL 0 DAT 0,9 DAT 0,-7 ADD #2,-1 MOV -4,@-2 ADD #-2,@-4 MOV -6,@-5 SNE 6,-7 JMP 2 JMP -6 ADD #1, -12 MOV -13, @-13 JMP -2 DAT 0,0 The idea here is to lay down SPL 0 bombs throughout the core and then hit it with a DAT 0,0 carpet when it wraps around to itself. But, when it's run, it gets hit with it's own bombs. I can't figure out what is the matter. I would be extremely grateful for some help.

Question by dungeon runner  

iMac G5 external monitor

Hi there! I'm currently working on a project, and I really need some help from you guys. What I'm basically trying to do is putting a Raspberry Pi with Retropie installed into a iMac G5 case (24'') and use it as a Retro-Gaming-Machine. Things I already have: - iMac G5 24inch - Raspberry Pi Model B+ with RetroPie installed - 2 SNES Controller with an Adapter to USB - Cables and stuff And now to my problem: I want to use the iMac's LCD panel (Product number: LM240WU2), which of course requires an inverter as well as a controller board. The inverter is stuck to the panel, and can be used I think. But the controller board seems to be integrated into the Logic Board, so I can't use it. I already found a suiting controller on AliExpress, but unfortunately it's not available. So I'm kind of running out of options where to get one. Does anybody know where to get a working controller? It shouldn't be too expensive, because otherwise I could just buy a 17'' or 20'' iMac G5 and use it, because these are built a bit differently and work just over DVI. I would love to make a Instructable out of the project, in case I'm able to solve that Problem! Thanks, Nick

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RPi Zero and GameBoy - Can the New & Old Work Together?

So I recently found out about the Raspberry Pi Zero earlier last week. After looking at the size of the board and comparing it to the size of a GameBoy/Color/Advance/SP cartridge along with the back of a Gameboy Color/SP system, I had an interesting thought. I know that the RPi's have a great use as a video game emulator (with some case or hardware modification to the original gameboy system). I even saw one DIY article that had a GameBoy cartridge hollowed out and a Micro SD card adapter put into it, just so a heavily modded GameBoy Brick with most of its guts replaced with other techbits (mainly an RPi Zero and plenty of wires) could be used to play NES, SNES and GameBoy games while on the go. So since the Zero is slightly larger than a GBA cartridge, would it be possible to make the Zero connect to the hardware of say a GameBoy Color via the cartridge slot on the back of the console? Or what about other RPi's with other GameBoy consoles? I would try to find out about this myself, but i missed out on buying a Zero when they were first announced and i dont want to buy one from a scalper.

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To which gaming console this gamepad belong to and can i use it with a pc? Answered

Hello! I'm new at Instructables. Plz give reply to my question. During childhood I used to have a game console just like the NES, SNES, etc. I don't own it now but i still have its gamepad and cassettes. I want to use it with my pc as a HID device to play games. But i don't know that which console i had and so I don't know the type of communication its gamepad had with the console (serial, analogue, or digital). So i'm unable to use it with my pc.  It has a DB 9 plug but not all the 9 pin holes are accomodated. Only five of them are, ie, it has only five wires. I have given the images of the cassette ( that contained the roms) and the plug (DB9) and the internal circuitry. As you can see there is no complex circuit in it. It just has a big black dot which contains the program of the game pad. This gamepad used to perform 8 different actions ( up, down, left, right, select, start, A, and B). The rest of the buttons are just like a turbo button for A and B buttons. If you know which console it belongs to, plz tell me and if you also know the way to hook it up to a pc the it is much better. Thanks in advance.

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iRobot PDA or RCX interface

Here are my proposed ideas for the iRobot scholarship package. With todays technology some of the most useful tools are useful because they integrate so well with devices we already have. I have some different ideas about how someone could interface the iRobot with different devices, here are my main ideas. My main goal is to control the iRobot with my Palm Pilot. This could possibly be done via bluetooth or WiFi, but the most convenient solution would be an IR interface. If I succeeded in this I would create an open-source program for the Palm OS that would allow you to remotely control the operation of an iRobot. I'm also interested in interfacing the iRobot with the LEGO RCX (from the Robotics Invention System). Such an interface would allow you to expand off of the iRobot using LEGO components. For example, you could create a robotic arm out of lego, or have the iRobot control a mini lego-bot. Finally, I want to try and use a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) controller to control the iRobot. This control scheme would feel natural to the operator, while allowing him to guide the robot. Optimally this would be combined with the previous idea (LEGO RCX) for even greater flexibility. If I'm selected for a scholarship package I will work hard to achieve as many of my goals as I can, and I'm sure that the community would benefit from and be able to expand off of my ideas. There is much to gain from the interconnection of todays technology.

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Hello Frnds! Yesterday when i was playing " FARCRY 4" a very cool idea struck my mind. But i unable to figure out its proper design and circuitry. So i need ur help. As u all know that playing First Person Games using a gamepad is not so easy and also it doesn't give a realistic feel. So i thought to hack a gamepad and embed a gyrosensor/ accelerometer to control the x, y coordinates of the gun's aim. I have made a basic design of how it will look using an old SNES gamepad's cabinet. The left part of the gamepad is freely rotatable upto 90 degrees clockwise and vice versa. See the given gif animation and then read below. Moreover the LT, LB, RT, and RB buttons will obstruct the action of rotating so we can relocate it to another place (SEE the Image). They can be used a Fire, Reload, Secondary Fire and Throwing Grenade during the game. Lets imagine that we are playing any First Person Game using the gamepad. There is no enemy around us and we are just roaming, discovering. Then suddenly an enemy comes in front of us. We have to kill it but aiming with gamepad analogue stick is tough. Then with our GUNPAD we just have to take the device in "Gun Mode", Aim and Shoot. The enemy's dead and we are safe. Then we can take the GUNPAD back in "Pad Mode" and use the directional buttons to move. SOUNDS COOL!   Now if you have any ideas plz comment or if you can make one plz upload an instructable. Kindly Give my name when performing the latter. Thanks!

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RetroPie system hanging problems

Not too long ago I ordered a Raspberry Pi 3 and used it as my main computer for about a day and while it did most things pretty well, internet browsing, as usual, was painful, with the browser tabs loading very slowly and crashing frequently, probably due to the small about of RAM and poor RAM management. Anyways I decided that while the Pi 3 may still not be suitable for me in desktop use, what about game emulation!?!? ----------- So I download the RetroPie distro and flash that to a quality SD card, and get it set up. I installed a few experimental emulators and messed with the CPU/GPU RAM allocation a bit but any time I try to emulate a system, or even exit an emulator and get back to the emulation station, the entire system hangs!!!! Being a hardware guy, I get the osciloscope and measure the power supply. I did notice that when the PS3 is connected via USB, the red light on the Pi goes out. Surely enough the red light goes out because the nominal 5V input drops to below 4.5V, which causes the 1.1V regulator powering the processor to drop out for some reason. I replaced the dodgy 6 ft USB cable and 5V 2A power adapter with a much shorter 2 foot long and thick micro USB cable and use a quality samsung 5.3V 2.5A charger, and this seemed to fix that problem and reduce the frequency of system hangs. Now I can no longer observe a correlation between a system hang and low voltage dropout. The minimum voltage observed was 4.8V. However I still sometimes get system hangs when exiting emulators, and it is just about guaranteed to hang when trying to use the SNES, N64, and PSP emulators. I might try to reflash RetroPie over this weekend if I have time, but I want to know if anyone else had this problem or might have a solution. The SD card used was a 32GB SONY UHS1 card nominally rated at 40MB/s transfer rate, and benchmarked the highest of all my 32GB cards with 4Kbyte random read/write. I used Win32DiskImager to flash the card in windows 10.

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