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Ten Years

It's been nearly ten years since a load of people got excited about the year 2000 and the 21st century, what did we achieve? Well Fox changed (the logo if nothing else) from 20th to 21st 2001 Wikipedia and iPod launched, World Trade Centre demolished (by uncertain contractor). 2002 The discovery of Quoaoar leads to Pluto being declassified as a planet 2003 Facebook launched 2004 Those robots land on Mars, Indian Ocean earthquake / tsunami 2005 Instructables launched YouTube launched, New Orleans drowns. Chas & Dave play the Holmfirth Picturedrome (img) 2006 (for the mathematicians) the Poincare conjecture is proven (right word?) MySpace launched (subsequently bought by Murdoch at what was definately much more than it's worth) 2008 LHC starts up 2009 LHC starts up again, Moon "bombed" What events the last 10 years mean something to you? *the basis of the list came from New Scientist No2739/40/41

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Ten Thousand Instructables!

I don't know if anyone else noticed, but sometime yesterday the ten thousandth Instructable was contributed to the site. Congratulations to everyone who has contributed to the site and helped create such a vibrant and growing community!

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Ten Full Years!

It has just been pointed out to me that I have passed my tenth anniversary on Instructables - I first signed up January 6th, 2006, and have signed on almost every single day since, holidays and long-haul flights excluded. That's just... Over ten years. Gosh. The only things I've been involved with for longer are my relatives!

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Ten round turret

Hi, I was screwing around with my knex and I made a ten round turret it is really cool looking and I was wondering if someone can make a working gun out of it. If you do make a gun with it I will give a free sub to anyone who makes it, if I have already subbed you I will five any two instructables of your choice. `=~,Smilee,~=`

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any electrical use for the protective skin barriers packets that come with the TENS or NMES device pads? ? Answered

I have been moving them around for a couple of years and really need to get organized and need space, even the container these are in,if there is no use for them i will toss,

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The ten Dollar e-rader

This project needs more exposure for open contributions and from all of you to improve the simple prototype I prepared please feel free to suggest add and improve. The aim is to provide 10 dollar e-readers to as many children as possible. (reading happens before keyboards)The 3d model I uploaded http://10.reads.itIt opens with google sketchup so please junzip it and then open it with google sketch up: i'd like to suggest this app for some future complex instructables it really helps)They erased my Wiki article! @#! anyways here is the updated page10.reads.itThe Ten Dollar E-reader (10ER), is a proposed inexpensive electronic reader intended to be distributed to children around the world, especially to those in developing countries, to provide them with access to literacy, knowledge and the introduction modern forms of education. The electronic reader project aims at developing ten dollar Electronic reader (10ER) jointly with the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) trade association. The 10ER non-profit organization is based in Montreal QC Canada and was founded as a part time project by the Angel A. group.

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I WANT a ten DEGREE KEYBOARD ON MY LAPTOP please help, thanks

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arrey of nine or ten ir leds

Hi i'm making an arrey of ir leds and i will power them with 4.8v 180mAh battery i m using the given arrey. Can some one suggest me some better idea i have 10 leds rated 1.3V at 20mA

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Lady Liberty, Ten Times Larger!

A maze featuring a recreation of the Statue of Liberty 10 times larger than the original has been unveiled in Yorkshire.Composed of more than a million living maize plants and covering about 18 acres, is one of the biggest mazes ever constructed.With a length of 1,300ft it dwarfs the real Statue of Liberty, which is just 111ft high. "As a 'new' York Maze it seemed appropriate to base this year's design on New York," Mr Pearcey said."I also wanted to mark the links between York and New York."The Statue of Liberty is an instantly recognisable image and makes a great maze." Stephen Briganti, president and chief executive of The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, in New York City, said: "We are so pleased to see that the Statue of Liberty is being celebrated in such a unique way in York."Lady Liberty stands as a symbol for all the people in the world but it is especially gratifying to see her linking Old York with New York." Various sources(This post quoted from Daily Telegraph )

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Fully insulated channels?

I was looking to TENS units for experimentation and to try to rid myself of knee pain without meds. I was also looking into potentially building one due to the fact that i could probably do it cheaper depending on how i decide to do it. One of the TENS units i saw said that there was dual channels that were fully insulated, while another one i saw said duel channel but was not fully insulated. What does this fully insulated channel mean, and how would i do that in a DIY TENS unit?

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eletronic stimulation device

Hello fellow builders, I am having some trouble, for a rather important school project i need to perform some test and for one of the set of tests i need a device to deliver electric impulses on a person on regular basis. so i immediatly thought of medical devices like a TENS or EMS (if i remember correctly) unit. no the big problem is they are almost unobtainable in working conditions or they cost a fortune in shipping and stuff. is it possible to make a unit like this on my own ? 

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Zombie Makeup, Ten Best Costumes, Arduino Pong

Zombie Makeup Ten Best Costumes Arduino Pong Wizard Staff Hot Dog Burgers Become a Zombie Realistic Wound FX Iron Man Repulsor Beam Time-Lapse Smart Phone Enclosure Toddler Costumes Open Source LED Driver Giant Spider Decoration Giant Robot Costume Candy Corn Goblin Spooky Spirit Panel - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

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Ten Years and One Day - every day - on Polaroid

I recently came across this story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and wanted to share it with the Instructables community. Artist Marc Tasman made a Polaroid self-portrait every day for 3,654 consecutive days--July 24, 1999- July 24, 2009--that's 10 years and 1 day. He says that if you laid the nearly 4700 photos made in that time side by side, they would stretch about 4 football fields or a quarter mile! The "Ten Years and One Day" video mashes time -- 5 minutes and 27 seconds of it -- compressing that distance (and decade) into a trippy package. You can view his work at the followitng sites: The 10-year-long instant portrait Marc Tasman turns decade of life into art via daily Polaroids I hope your find this interesting and decide to use it on your site. Yours, Noelle

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Ten year old boy builds a snow machine!

"WEST LINN, Ore. - Talk about ingenuity - a 10-year-old boy built his own snow machine and filled his backyard with enough snow to make it look like a blizzard had blown through."Read More...3 feet of snow in one night!

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Using three pots, and an arduino to controll ten rgb leds?

I was wondering if it was possible to do something like this LINK with ten leds not just one. He uses three pots to control the amount of each color. I havent been able to find anything else like this. Any help will  be appriciated.

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Looking for design help for ten folded paper hat patterns. ?

I can follow folding directions, but lack the three dimensional skills to come up with the actual pattern to follow. I have photos of of some hats already constucted. I would like to express thanks for help on this project with some kind of reimbursment, but since I am a newbie to Instructables, I don't know what is appropriate. Thanks!  

Question by fernandwillow  

Five to ten 10MM LED require what power supply?

I am planning on making a LED reading light for my nephew, but I'm not sure what kind of power supply would be needed, or how long it would last. I have bought plenty of 10mm LED's and I'm planning on using one or two per light points, with there being five light points in an 8x11 inch space. What kind of power supply would I need for these? I was thinking of going with AA batteries, since they're readily available, but I'm not sure if I'd need one or four (put into one of those cheap battery holders, I think they're setup in series.) Also, is there a way to do it without resisters, or would resisters be required, no matter what? Thanks for any assistance! The Atomic Soul

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What animal can you put in a ten gallon fish tank?

No fish ! im interested in tarantulas but i dont know if they would be happy in that sized environment thanks Sincerley, Ctholden

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Your essential "tools of the trade" ? / Ten Tools you couldn't live without?

I'm interested in starting to buy some tools to keep around for any things I may want to attempt to build. There are just so many different kinds of tools out there..and they are expensive. So before buying anything I'd like to know your top ten tools that you couldn't live without (excluding the really basic tools like screwdriver, hammer, pliers, wrench etc.)Also please share your experience with different brand name tools. Which brands would you reccomend, and which would you stay away from?

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Long (ten hour) delay between writing an answer and seeing "Answer: 1" in list

Yesterday evening (at 10:42) I answered the question shown below. This morning at 8:20 the list of questions still claims the question is unanswered. The database usually isn't this slow to update.

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3 phase AC motor for electric kart with 12 volt , ten batteries in series?

If it is possible to run motor please give me what motor power i need , how many watt power motor i need ?

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3m/1year PRO Codes

I have ten 3 month and ten 1 year pro codes if anyone wants them, send me a message and I'll send you the code. 

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Can anyone see their best answer count ?

If I cannot see the best answers accrued in ten years my ten years, my life is over !

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What's in your Tool Kit? Answered

I wish to start building and need a tool kit.  What are the top ten tools that I should get in order to be able to construct most instructables?  Also I am on a budget and live in a flat (no garden=no garden shed).

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How easy would it be to fix this ipod? Answered

On a scale of one to ten (one being a 2 second fix, ten being i should not attempt at all), how easy is it for me fix this ipod, the screen appears fine. Also, how would i go about fixing it?

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My Arduino countdown timer will randomly start subtracting by tens when its set to ones why? Answered

I made a little small scale hydroponics system controlled by my Arduino mega it's supposed to count down from 300 seconds (5 mins) and when it hits 0 activate a pump for one minute then reset and do the cycle all over again. But after a couple of cycles it will randomly start counting down by tens or hundreds. Here is the code: #include LiquidCrystal lcd(8, 9, 4, 5, 6, 7); int pump = 53; int time = 300; void setup(){   pinMode(pump, OUTPUT);   lcd.begin(16,2);   lcd.print("PLANT WATERER =D");   delay(5000);   lcd.clear(); } void loop(){    if(time == 0){   lcd.clear();   lcd.print("WATERING");   digitalWrite(pump, HIGH);   delay(60000);   lcd.clear();   lcd.print("FINISHED");   delay(800);   lcd.clear();   digitalWrite(pump,LOW);     (time = 300);   } (time --);   delay(1000);   lcd.setCursor(0,0);   lcd.print("watering in:");   lcd.setCursor(0,1);   lcd.print(time);   } Help would be greatly appreciated. thanks a bunch:      Harry

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Hello! I think that the sack boy doll will win! please look at it! it was made by a ten year old!

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convertin a 10 pin joystick to a usb ?

So i came across the sidewinder pro 3d pro joystick, at a local recycling depot it is the old ten pin connection , i would like to know if it is possible to convert the connection from the ten pin to usb. any suggestions would be helpful. many thanks

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what is the best(in your opinion) all inclusive resort in jamaica for under $2500?( ten night stay)? HELP!?

Hi Im going to go to jamaica with my mom and my best friend who has never traveled anywhere out of nebraska and Iowa in 2016 Im looking at a 4 grand budget all together for everything so I want to spend under three grand for a all inclusive resort My preferable range though for ten nights is $2500 This is all your opinion and It does't have to be a five star resort but it does have to be a 3 star or higher my preference is beachfront and please tell me how the food at the resort is if it is good or bad remember OPINIONS COUNT HERE.

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I want to buy Halo 3, but I don't have Xbox Live. $60 for a ten hour game?

I'm a huge Halo nerd, and so I really wanna buy Halo 3. I know the Campaign is awesome, because I've played it at my friend's house. The thing is, I don't have high-speed internet, so I can't play on Xbox Live, so I don't know if I wanna pay 60 bucks for a ten hour game, and 2 player split-screen every now and then with my brother, who isn't very good at it, so it's too easy. I can wait a month or two and maybe my friends (they're twin brothers) will let me borrow it from them eventually, but they play it a lot (and they played Halo 2 a lot before that too), so I might/probably not be able to get it from them. Of course, I can rent it too, but if I rent it I'll just want to buy it afterwards. I don't have very much money, I get $50 for my birthday from my grandparents every year, and this year I got lucky and got $60 from my great grandma. So I don't know what to do. I really wanna buy it, I know I'll have a lot of fun with it, but on the other hand, I just don't want to pay 60 bucks for a ten hour game.

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solar cell amperes

Lets say I have a solar panel that gives off 5 volts at 30mA. if I were to put a ten ohm resistor in series with it would There be basically no effect because a 10ohm resistor woulkd limit it to half an amp, which is way more. Or does the solar panel act like ~ 167 ohm resistor, and adding a ten ohm resistor will limit it to 28mA?

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Here are some opinions of what one person considered the TEN most annoying programs gotten from the Internet...

Tech Republic lists what it considers the 10 most annoying programs from the you take issue with any of them ? "...Here are just 10 of the guilty parties that try to do the impossible: to make us hate the Internet and wish it had never been invented — and which very nearly succeed. "HERE is the link to the blogOh and I forgot to mention the Top 5 worst downloads of the Spring of 2009 - blog...

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The "N-Word". The bad one!

Ok, I hear lots of name calling out there. Sometimes I even hear the N-Word. Not just one N-Word but multiple N-Words. So clue me in. Which is worse, a "noob", a "nerd", a "ninny" or a "numpty"? I just need to know how serious the name calling is. So give me the offensiveness levels of the previously mentioned N-Words on a scale from one to ten (with ten as the most offensive).

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Six Diamond or Regular Mesh or Traditional?

 Do you guys prefer six diamond mesh, or regular ten diamond, or traditional? If one why?

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arduino bt and LM34 temperature help with code

I have an issue i hope someone can help me with. i have an arduino bt and would like to use 3 LM 34 temperature sensors. I have found code for one of these sensors and works well. My problem is with code...i don't know any. I would like to add 2 more of these same sensors and have them print out like the current program that someone has written, i have posted the code below.// Define which analog input pin we have connected to the temperature sensor#define TEMP_SENSOR_PIN 0#define ANALOG_VOTLAGE_REFERENCE 5void setup() {Serial.begin(115200);}void loop() {// prints the currrent temperature with 2 place after the decimal pointprintFloat(getTemperature(), 2);// print a carriage returnSerial.println();// rest 1000 millisecondsdelay(1000);}float CtoF(float c) {return ((c -32.0) * 5.0 / 9.0 ) * 9.0 / 5.0 + 32.0 ;}float analogInToDegreesC(int inputValue) {return inputValue / 1023.0 * ANALOG_VOTLAGE_REFERENCE * 100.0;}float getTemperature() {return CtoF(analogInToDegreesC(analogRead(TEMP_SENSOR_PIN)));}void printFloat(float value, int places) {int digit;float tens = 0.1;int tenscount = 0;int i;float tempfloat = value;float d = 0.5;if (value < 0)d *= -1.0;// divide by ten for each decimal placefor (i = 0; i < places; i++)d/= 10.0;// this small addition, combined with truncation will round our values properlytempfloat += d;if (value < 0)tempfloat *= -1.0;while ((tens * 10.0) <= tempfloat) {tens *= 10.0;tenscount += 1;}// write out the negative if neededif (value < 0)Serial.print('-');if (tenscount == 0)Serial.print(0, DEC);for (i=0; i< tenscount; i++) {digit = (int) (tempfloat/tens);Serial.print(digit, DEC);tempfloat = tempfloat - ((float)digit * tens);tens /= 10.0;}// if no places after decimal, stop now and returnif (places <= 0)return;// otherwise, write the point and continue onSerial.print('.');for (i = 0; i < places; i++) {tempfloat *= 10.0;digit = (int) tempfloat;Serial.print(digit,DEC);// once written, subtract off that digittempfloat = tempfloat - (float) digit;}}

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Who's your favorite food blogger?

Mine are Bakerella, Picky Palate, and Sweetapolita. Who makes your top ten lists?

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Difficulty Rating System

Why don`t you guys have a difficulty meter like the Instructables robot or a star one being easy to, say, ten being difficult. Just a thought.

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21 Halloween guides because you procrastinated!

Great Halloween Costumes Last Minute Ideas DIY Makeup Lady GaGa Costumes Amazing Pumpkin Carving Iron Man Guide Star Wars Costumes Baby Costumes Halloween Treats Dog Costumes Cheap and Amazing Costumes Make a Mask Gamer Costumes Halloween Decorations Mario Costumes Become Batman Halloween Crafts Haunted House Props Witchy Wonders Ten Costumes You'll Never Make Ten Costumes You Can't Believe Someone Made - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

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How do you fix an LCD monitor that appears to be fine when you turn it on but then turns black after about ten seconds?

The monitor shows picture when you first turn it on, but their is a weird buzzing sound in the back. After a few seconds the screen goes black and the sound goes away, but the green light stays on. It may be the backlight, but I have not been able to take the cover off (unscrewed all the screws but the case will not come apart, neither does the base come off). Any advice ("good advice") would be helpful. Monitor: HP L1706

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: (

Well, tomorrow at ten I'm getting all four wisdom teeth pulled out, plus two others. They were supposed to be out the day after Christmas, but I was so stressed I actually got too sick for the surgery to be done safely.

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Coilgun stages? Answered

I want to make a coilgun, but i didn't know if I should use 1 or 2 stages. I want to use capacitors  rated 450v, 1000uf, I have ten of this capacitors. Thanks AMD

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Need a maths geek to answer a question about boiling water.

Hi all. I'm finally starting the prototype of my solar condenser this week, though this question doesn't relate to it directly, but to using it to power a steam distiller to purify water. How much water will ten kilowatt hours boil? ie, if I have one kilowatt of solar energy coming in over ten hours and 100% of it goes into heating the water. Also, for extra credit, assume the water is in a black plastic container also in the sun, so the water is preheated to whatever temperature that would be likely to heat it to. cheers!

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my brother is turning 10 soon..

Hes turning ten soon and i told him that i would make him a sweet instructable... any ideas? for more info. just ask.

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not able to publish?

Ive been tring to publish my instructable for a couple hrs and keep getting the add description before publishing notice. All my steps have title and I have hit save on each one at least ten times.....   :*( please help

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