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Post the best instructables about airsoft here, discussions are encouraged.

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Does anyone know how an airsoft gun works. Like its mechanism?

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If you could have any airsoft gun, what would you get?

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Ideas for airsoft backyard battles

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What guns do you guys have?

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I want to know how to make airsoft guns but i dont know where to start, i need help.

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How many of you have played around with something dangerous and want to share about it?

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backyard airsoft

I live in Ohio and i was wondering if i can play airsoft in my back yard.  i only have one fence one one side of my yard

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Airsoft Grenade

Check out an airsoft grenade at :

Topic by Fudge911  

Airsoft Grenade

Does anyone have a clue how to make an airsoft grenade?

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Airsoft gun?

I need a new airsoft gun. Under 100 dollars. Please suggest.

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Airsoft Grenade? Answered

I need to know how to make an effective airsoft grenade without explosives. Please Help!!!

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Airsoft Ideas

Besides having a war, I need ideas of things to do with airsoft guns for my brothers b-day party.

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Airsoft Grenade? Answered

I have been looking at instructables about airsoft grenades with firecrackers, I just need to know the name of the firecrackers, and where you got them. Thanks!!

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Airsoft Rules? Answered

I play airsoft with 3 other people(can't find too many people who want to play, ane we play more of a recreational/backyard airsoft) and I need an Idea on what rules we should play by that would be suitable for a few amount of people(and will take a somewhat long time to play). Any suggestions and game types are welcome for an answer.

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Airsoft Mortar

My homemade marble cannon the MC-200 has, and can be repurposed to fire hundreds of airsoft bb's at once. It is too dangerous (not to mention hefty... It's 6 feet long!) to fire directly at people, so it makes a good mortar. I only ended up paying $20 for it is the best part too.

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nerf or airsoft

ok so this is kinda hard but  airsoft has much more detail and it does hurt more. i have to go with modded nerf guns only because you can customize it and make it an airsoft gun. well plz answer if you havn't and change your answer if you have.

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Airsoft guns

Hello everybody! This is knexsniper1 with yet another forum topic :)in this one, i would like to know who on this website plays with or wants to play with airsoft guns. not only that, but if you currently play with airsoft guns, or are interested in them, then i and many other people would appreciate it if you would provide a link, or a location that you get airsoft guns from. please specifiy if the website is one that is reliable, because i along with many other people do not trust websites unless we have proof of their reputation. also, in this forum, you are welcome to share any updates on airsoft guns (new models, new attachements, etc...) and discuss your experiences with your guns, so that others may decide which is a better choice. if  you own an airsoft gun, then please tell us what type it is, your opinion on it, and some statistics so that others may base their decisions off of your experiences :)Have fun everybody!-ksp

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airsoft stuff

Anyone have any good airsoft ideas, devices, bombs, claymores, or other things to help you get the upper hand in an airsoft war, because I'm getting owned by higher fps guns with a faster rate of fire. Any sort or non toxic smoke bomb would be nice. Just post anything related to airsoft here...

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Homemade Airsoft

Hey guys. Im trying to make a homemade airsoft gun, and have many ideas about it but im stuck on one thing. How does the BB stay in without rolling. If i have a magazing, as long as the pellet doesn't move i can have a gravity/spring fed magazine without a problem. someone please help! How does the pellet not roll in the barrel when it is chambered and ready to go? thanks, tristan

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Airsoft Gun? Answered

I was wondering what people on here think about a CM.028s AK 47. Should I get it? Here is the link.

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Airsofters opinion.

I know this site has a fair amount of people who truly do airsoft. I just got one and i was wondering what you think. It's a Colt M1911A1 i got from Dick's sporting goods. I'm not doing battles or anything, it's just for fun. Price: $34.99 Ammo i use: 20 gram white pellet Magazine capacity: 12 Firing: spring Material: mostly plastic, but mechanics are metal. FPS: 315 So, what do think? 1-10.

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Airsoft Equipment? Answered

Hey guys, I have an upcoming air soft field game coming up and was wondering what other gear I should get and what i should use. As of right now I have: Echo1 Tactical M4 Red Dot/Flip Up/Carry Handle Sight Grenade Launcher/Bi pod/Fore grip Secondary Gas Blow-back M1911 Modded Spring shotgun Rpg Tactical Gear Camo Shirt Pants Mag pouch Holster Gloves Boots Tactical Backpack

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Beginner airsoft? Answered

Yo 'iblers i was wondering what a good starter airsoft gun for under 50$ I would like it to be an AEG please. I have found a couple i like but i was wondering what gun that you guys would recomend

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Airsofters Weekly!!

I have a new blog called Airsofters Weekly! Please visit and follow! This isn't spam, I just want you to get more info on airsoft.

Topic by imshanedulong  

Airsoft Equipment?

Hey guys, I have an upcoming air soft field game coming up and was wondering what other gear I should get and what i should use. As of right now I have:     Echo1 Tactical M4     Red Dot/Flip Up/Carry Handle Sight     Grenade Launcher/Bi pod/Fore grip Secondary     Gas Blow-back M1911     Modded Spring shotgun     Rpg Tactical Gear     Camo Shirt Pants     Mag pouch     Holster     Gloves     Boots     Tactical Backpack

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Airsoft scope?

I am wondering if I got a good deal. I bought a 2.5x 32mm hunting scope for $5. Also what mounts do I need to attach it to a standard airsoft R.I.S. rail system?

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Airsoft minigun

Here is an awesome easy airsoft gun I built from Nighthawkinlight. link:http:// Highly recomended!!!! I built it for about 30$. My plan i am working on right now is to use the same compressed air method to build a paintball pistol with a 8 cap mag, its working out great so far. Here are the stats for the gun pictured. PROS Compressed air powered!!! (to me this is awesome so i dont have to spend $ on Co2, or a battery that you need to charge) great range 250ft! lighter than it looks high rate of fire 50/ sec sturdy design very accurate CONS uses ammo up quickly kinda large takes a while to pump PLZ RATE AND COMMENT PLZ

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Airsoft pistol

I need airsoft pistol mods

Topic by Monkeyfisher    |  last reply

Airsoft Miniguns?

Hey, does anyone know where I can get an Airsoft Minigun? I WANT ONE!!!

Topic by DrWeird117    |  last reply

airsoft guns

No matter what u think airsoft guns break windows. Me or my friends broke my neighbors window. He is a cop but luckly ke was laid back about it so be careful

Topic by NinjaFreak102    |  last reply

Airsoft Fort?

I have an airsoft team and as sniper i always want to do a fort defend i want to have a good fort that we can stand on the roof (sniper tower) with a trench and others please submit ideas Also could you give me some blueprint websites to make it out on Pics welcome

Question by captocommando    |  last reply

Airsoft fps

I have a Super 9 bolt action sniper rifle. Problem is, the guns that I use now have higher FPS then the sniper rifle, which means that a pistol would shoot farther then it. I would love to know of a way to ramp up the FPS in the sniper so that it won't be out gunned by a pistol.

Topic by Spl1nt3rC3ll    |  last reply

Airsoft Bolt Action?

I was wondering on how to make a bolt action for an homemade airsoft gun. Im open to any suggestions

Question by JuriusV  

Paintball VS. Airsoft

What one do you think is better, Airsoft or Paintball?

Topic by The Greene    |  last reply

funny airsoft storys

Tell us a story

Topic by goeon    |  last reply

Airsoft target floating

Hello.Y make the airsoft targets floating and didn t work...y make all like in the blog,it s somebody who make and it s working?Y trie whit a compressor and y don t now if it s to please

Question by AndreeaS19    |  last reply

Homemade airsoft guns

Have a good idea or gust showing your home made airsoft gun, post it here.

Topic by IX Smith XI    |  last reply

I Love airsoft!

I have the Crosman R34 asssault rifle. Its awesome! I also have the Crosman Stinger P9. I just wanted to show what guns ive got even tho this is a nerf group.....

Topic by sniper99    |  last reply

Airsoft team roles

IM attempting to create a airsoft team and I thought it would be good if all of us had our own roles. I have some but I am looking for more heres what i have so far Roles I have so far: sniper assault gunner suppressive fire grenadier/Door Kicker scout Designated marksman CQC Team leader

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REAL airsoft gun?

Can an all-metal airsoft gun be moddedto fire real ammo?

Question by 5H4D03    |  last reply

airsoft/paintball ideas

I need ideas! homemade airsoft grenades, mines, or anything else that can give you an edge on my next game in the woods.

Topic by airsoftsniper#1    |  last reply

Airsofters? HELP ME!!!

I want (and need) a good airsoft machine gun, any ideas? (under $50 would be the best) also ihere that the gun(s) in the pics are crap is this true???

Question by animan1    |  last reply

airsoft rpg wooooooot

Ok i made a airsoft rpg (fill the cap with bbs and the water bottel and it soots and drops bbs everwhere (also i have a mod so you can acutaly put a airsoft grenade in it) well ill put pictures of the first 2nd 3rd 4th one that led up to the final rpg o yea it also have recoil and when you shoot it you can feel a blast of air comign back at you (i acutaly mean reocil!!!)

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airsoft vs. paintball

 which ones better

Topic by GianniMora    |  last reply

Airsoft M14 update.

Some of you may already know that ive started to upgrade my airsoft M14. so far, ive bought a scope, a rail, a bipod, a sling, and 2 spare magazines. ive also bought some other airsoft equipment, and i just have a bit more to buy then i can start airsofting. ive spent roughly €500 on all of the equipment and im happy with what ive bought so far. for more pictures go to "My airsoft M14" instructable. im also working on bringing my account back to life, as in posting more things, such as airsoft instructables. tell me what you think!

Topic by ~KGB~    |  last reply

Airsoft props anyone?

Anyone have any smple airsoft props that can be made from things around the house? I made this last year:;=Picture131.jpgYou can lock out the timer which makes for some interesting scenerios. (Locate the player with the key)

Topic by wraith39  

Airsoft gun fix

I bought a crappy ak-47 airsoft rifle, but it broke. Can anybody tell me how to fix it? Before you ask, what happens is it somewhat works on semi, but when it goes to full auto, it works the same as in semi. I can press the trigger very rapidly on full auto and it will go full auto. Can anyone help??

Topic by Thelonelysandwitch    |  last reply

My airsoft gun.

This is my airsoft gun, its a SAS12. it fires at 240fps (1 joule, the max power limit for ireland) and packs a hell of a punch! its very accurate up to about 50-75ft. i painted the top of the barrel, for better looks, and the notches on the ironsights white, for easier aiming. its magazine capacity is 30 rounds. it also featues a safety switch just behind the trigger. it only cost me €50! (€35 for the gun, €10 for the pellets and €5 for the speed loader (holds 100 pellets)) its a brilliant airsoft gun!

Topic by ~KGB~    |  last reply

Airsoft Watergun Modification

I was wondering if anyone has ideas if and how I could convert Airsoft, Nerf, etc. into a more realistic water gun. I was thinking some ideas of being able to shoot these guns, with red dyed water, without a need to wear face or body protection. Magazines could be the storage of the water, and lower fps so, as my main point, was to not wear protective gear. If anyone knows anything, or a website I missed, I have searched everywhere and found only water guns to Airsoft. Thank you for your help.

Topic by zombiefinatic