Running applications.

 IF you want to run applications that are not enabled by defult, right-click and select 'run as administrator' that's it. it's that simple. you still can't install anything but you can play most games/ run most apps with this simple trick. Have fun =P

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Launcher application

At my school they have a program called launcher.exe on all of the shortcuts in the start menu. so if I wanted to open SketchUp for example it goes "do you want to run sketchUp (licenced to SCHOOL NAME) yes or no?" I looked at the shortcut and the target is "//admin/programs/launcher.exe sketchup.exe" Any ideas what the code is behind this. I want a program that will do something simmilar but let me change the app it opens using the commnad line.

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application for exchange

My skills include: Electronics, metalworking, programming, social engineering What I'd like to make for someone:  Not sure, something clever and usefull I'd be willing to make this size gift package for someone (choose all that apply): Small or medium I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else: Yes What I like:  Beer, food, whiskey, coffee, Audio, electronics, computers, anything clever or dangerous What I don't like:  girly stuff I absolutely can't have:  Nothing Type of thing I'd love to receive:  Something clever and awesome that makes me smile Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country?   preferably not Confirm that are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you have the approval of a parent or guardian:   I am over 18

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how to crack audio manager ?

I wanna see the images 

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Can I use instructables as a referee

Hello, This might seem like a very strange question.  I am looking to apply for a bursary from The Worshipful Company Of Turners. They require two referees who are happy to stand by my skills and character.  I have already asked the chairman of my local wood turning club who I think would be a great traditional reference for me. But I think instructables would be an awesome reference to show a wider reaching impact than most people could think of. (Hopefully this could give me a bit of an advantage over people who might pick only people who happen to be within a relatively small proximity).  I hope that my engagement within the instructables community will leave you feeling very positive about backing me up for this application.   I would require a name address and post code in order to use instructables within this application and would really love to be able to do this.  Kind regards, Philip Bradley / AKA World of Woodcraft PS for more information regarding the bursary here is a URL

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College Application Items ? Answered

I'm a Junior, and I've being thinking (like I should be) about my college apps. I've got good grades; but I know that's not everything to the admissions office. I haven't done much around school for extracurricular, but I'm not sure what I can count for that. I'm really into my church youth program, and I have been for about five years now. We've done a lot as a group; we've gone on mission trips to places like Chattanooga and Baltimore; put on fundraiser productions (plays, dinner theaters, et cetera), taken in foreign exchange students, and general service to the area. The mission trips were more service-based than worship-based. Can I count any of this as "extracurricular" on my apps? Or does it all need to be via the school I go to?

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Applications of color sensor

Hello everyoneI'm a student looking for an applications of color sensor either used in sorting,mixing or anythings. but this application should be have a benefit for life for the companies or community.

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HTA application help

Hello fellow friends, I have an HTA (HTML application) and im trying to create a button to change the "img src". Im attemping this by using a variable, but it doesnt work heres my code so far: Sub Window_Onload a="msgbox.jpg" End Sub Sub RunScript a="test.jpg" End Sub   Thanks in advance, -animan

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LM3916 Usage and Application

I am new to the world of electronics so I don't have a ton of experience and lets hope my questions isn't a stupid one wasting everyone's time. I started playing with the LM3914 for a VU meter and got it it work somewhat successfully. It was recommended that I not use this chip and go to the LM3016 instead due to its accepting any music emitting device input. 1) I want to drive in excess of the 10 LEDs you can add to the 3916 and 2) I'm looking for a circuit diagram to do it. Does any one have one that can help me out? Also, what else can be done with a 3916? Thanks,

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vehicle vinyl application

I'm working on a large project with a deadline, and falling temperatures in the Northeast are influencing my work performance. What I need is a portable, efficient, and safe device and/or method that can quickly heat the outside of a car.I am working with temporary adhesive vinyl panels that are being applied to the entire hood and trunk of New York City taxi cabs. We can only apply these panels for about 2 more weeks, and we are trying to cover as many taxis as possible. The weather, however, has been slowing our progress. When the temperature gets to about 60 degrees F and lower, the panels become very brittle, almost like paper, and lose some of their adhesive properties. Application becomes very difficult. We're able to keep the panels in a heated vehicle, which helps a bit. But the outside of the cars, particularly the trunks, are too cold for a proper application. The hood can be easier if the engine has been running for a bit, because this warms the panel and restores its malleability.Does anyone have any suggestions concerning a fast, efficient, portable, and safe method for heating the coachwork of a vehicle? If you can't meet all of the criteria, the device and/or method must at least be portable. But I'm curious to hear any other suggestions, as well. I've come up with a whole slew of ideas that are plenty fast but are in no way safe. Let's face it, though, they're still fun to think about.Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have faith in the creativity of Instructablers! And think of it this way; your help can contribute to a really excellent project. If anyone would like more info, Rock on.

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how to withdraw my application for Green Design Contest

Who to ask for help, I mistakenly entered the competition before I read in detail the requirements for participation, I would like to withdraw my application since I do not fulfill all the conditions and could eventually receive the award.

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Wish Me Luck!

I'm applying for Tacoma School of the Arts. It's a huge deal. I've got to do interviews, auditions, make a portfolio, get letters of recommendation, and fill out a bunch of forms. I'm going for Filmmaking and Visual Arts. A lot of people have said I should apply, including the DIRECTOR of the school. I won't be here for a few days because I've still got to: A) Create a still life of three common objects, with statement.B) Create a two minute demo of one of my films, with statement.C) Select a piece that represents my best work of 8th or 9th grade from each of these:EnglishScienceHistoryMathematicsForeign LanguageAll this is due tuesday, when I go to my audition. Who knows what I'll have to do there, one kid said you have to do a 30 second quick draw in front of judges. Only 20% out of district applicants (me) make it in, so it's a bloody battle for domination. My Stress-O-Meter is off the charts.

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How do I make a batch file that will open a file from a flash drive (i.e., with a changing drive letter)?

I use PortableApps on my flash drive, and it displays an icon in the menu if there is an application in the PortableApps/whatever directory. Two programs that work off a flashdrive, though not optimized for portable use, are Inkscape and Eagle. Both programs, however, have numerous applications in their main directories, which all appear. What I'm after is a batch file that I can compile to .exe that will open the main program applications. I know that I can just put START C:/directory/application.exe to open an application from a known location, but my flash drive might be anything from E: to L:, depending on where it's used. Is there a command or code that will open a file from the same drive that the batch file is in, regardless of the drive letter?

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Instructables App

So, has anyone else seen the Instructables App? So many brilliant minds, apple/mac people... and it still works better to just use the browser?  Is it still being added to?  Is it being worked on more? I'm sorry to have to say, but this is the first time Instructables has really.. disappointed me.

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What's the coolest application for an Autovent?

Autovents are elegant, amazing wax filled pistons that expand when they get warm and contract when they get cold. They are used to automatically open greenhouse windows when they get too hot. I think they could be used in something like a solar tracker or a kinetic sculpture but I've never seen any innovative applications for them. Have you?

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Adobe Flash to Blackberry application

I haven't developed anything in years (software). Back when I used to, there was an app that converted VB code to Palm apps. Is/are there apps out there that can do this for the Blackberry? I'd specifically like to develop an app with Flash and convert it for use on the Blackberry.

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Are there any LED blinking applications? Answered

 Are there any things you can use on a computer (Mac), that can blink LEDs to music through USB?

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is ohm's law applicable in transformer or not?

In a step up transformer we step up the votage and reduce the current but ohm"S law say V=IR or voltage is directly proportional to current then howz it possible ?

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Creating multiple application in an Arduino

If I want to control lightbulb, garage door, security camera, and a secrity sensor using an Arduino? Can I use only 1 Arduino or I have to use 4 Arduinos? Is there a specific Arduino board should I use?

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Application: Sequential Search in asm ?

Hi  This question and the code works But the problem is that it when u the number not found the prog print both msg help me thank you noor. _____________________________________________________---- write a program that asks the user to enter an integer        By writing Enter the Number ----------------------------- : And then perform the  Linear Search for the user entered number in an Integer Array given below : intArray    SDWORD   -18,40,5,-11,66,4,-7,10,16 If the number is found , it displays , Yes the numbers exists in the list. If the number is not found then it  displays. The number is not found in the list. ___________________________________________---- TITLE sum of the integer .686 .MODEL FLAT,STDCALL .STACK INCLUDE .data a sdword ? str1 byte "enter the number   :  ",0 str2 byte "Yes the numbers exists in the list",0 str3 BYTE "The number is not found in the list",0 intarray sdword -18,40,5,-11,66,4,-7,10,16 .CODE MAIN PROC mov edx,offset str1 call writestring call ReadInt mov a,eax call Search exit main endp Searchproc proc uses ecx jne notfound mov esi,offset intarray mov ecx,lengthof intarray l1: cmp[esi],eax je found add esi,4 loop l1 jmp notfound notfound: mov edx,offset str3 call writestring ;call writeint call crlf found: mov edx,offset str2 call writestring call crlf ret exit Searchendp end main _______________________________________________

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looking for a free simple drawing appication

I'm looking for a free drawing application thats simple like graffiti on facebook but has a few more features.

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Full Screen Apps?

I set up an extra monitor on a shelf so that I can watch video from bed. Now i'm looking for some full screen applications i can keep it busy with, and was hoping some of you have ideas? Think along the lines of clocks (but not a clock, or digital picture frame). Volume bars that work via the computers mic or a flash RSS reader would be cool. Thanks!

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Iphone/ipod app

I recently downloaded an Instructables App. - is it legit? - if so, why is there no search option? - if there is one... where is it? - if there isint one... can there be one added? It would make it great!

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How can I make Acrobat 7 open a window the size I want?

Seems that every time I launch Acrobat 7 (no documents open yet) the size of the window is fixed (restore size). I can't find a preference in the application that will set the initial window size. When I launch Acrobat, the window opens real big (not maximized). I resize the window and quit. Then when I re-launch, the window is big again. AAAARG! I tried some reg edit solutions posted in other forums, but they don't work. I have a dual-monitor setup with the desktop extended to both monitors. My taskbar extends across. Windows 2000.

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How do I download new programs in Fedora?

I just successfully installed Fedora 11, but have some questions: I burned install Discs 4, 5, and 6 as CD images, and I can't get their program packages to download to Fedora. Also, how do I download new apps from the internet? Everything I try is usually a tarball, and I don't know how to change it to an RPM. Thanks!

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need automatic switchover between two dc power supplies of 12vdc and 30vdc for the same dc fan.

Before i ask i must say that i am not a student dont have any school educational background but i do love to play around with electronic devices every now and then so i be direct if there is any expert in electronics i am tryin to built a circuit diagram which is actually an automatic switch over between two dc voltage supplies of 12volts and 30 volts for the same load.actually i want to run a dc fan first with 12 volt dc and after some time i want this 12 volts to be completely turned off and automaticaly starts running of off the secondary 30 volt dc and will run continuously then unless switched off manually

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What does it take to become a member of the community team? Answered

I would really like to be a member of the community team on instructables, can anyone tell me if there is a way to do so or is it just not possible for me? Thanks!

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Instructables Windows Phone App

I think that it would be really nice to see an instructables app in the windows phone store, with the windows phone platform growing and becoming more and more successful, I think that a lot of users would be really excited to see an app developed for the windows phone users! Hope this is a possibility because I would really love to see a windows phone app. If progress is currently underway and the app is being developed that would be great, but otherwise I hope that someone will start making one soon.

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Favourite Java-based mobile applications?

Having just got a Java-enabled semi-smart phone, I would like some (free) and good apps to go with it.. It is touchscreen (with no keyboard) so that might effect your app choice.. Something cool, maybe even useful. A media player would be good.. and a fun game.

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what is the application of germanium single crystal

Germanium single crystal, which is made from Ge metal, who can tell me the basic and newly developed application?

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Is there a free video manipulation application out there? Answered

I am planning on helping some friends out on a Youtube channel and require a video manipulation system to clean and excite the shows. I would like it to be free and capable, and would like it to be for the Mac, if possible.

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Physical button to launch a PC application?

So for an upcoming project I need to make a physical button that when pressed launches an application on my PC. I'm going to need to make quite a few of these, each to launch a different app. Ideally it would not be a keystroke from a keyboard, I saw tutorials on dismembering a keyboard and registering a button press to open an app, but I don't want any interferences so I'm looking to avoid that if I can. I'm going for the most cost effective design, not looking to spend much if it can be helped. Any resources or tips would be much appreciated! Thanks guys!

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Video game list and play application? Answered

Hey, guys. I am attempting to make my own console type-device. I need a program, though. It has to be able to list the video games currently installed on a pc and be able to execute them (start playing them from that program.) The program would initialize upon start up of the PC. It would be preferred if it had a nice GUI with cool graphics, but at this point, I'll take what I can get. Oh, and it will either be a Linux or Windows PC, so the program has to run on either one of those OS's. I am pretty sure I will have to write a program at this point, but I hope not. Thanks in advance for the help!

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Interesting tech, looking for practical applications...?

I recently received the gift of a functioning VHS VCR, an older computer scanner, an old blackberry, an MP3 player with a broken screen (power still works), some motherboards, speakers, and a bunch of other tech. I plan on making insane art, but I wanted to know what practical notions for usage anyone here might have for such devices?

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What is the best and most useful app for the iPod Touch/iPhone?

I am thinking of buying some new applications for my iPod Touch. I was just wondering what everyone thought was the best, and most useful application for the iPod Touch/iPhone?

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Recommended reading for beginning app development?

I've just got a niggling interest in programming and want to start off well and nurture the interest so I'm wondering can anyone recommend any books that would help me attain a good understanding while not overwhelming me? Thanks in advance!

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Talk about the DSi Shop and DSiWare here.

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List your favourite store on Facebook

Hi all, My apologies if this post have caused any inconvenience to you. I sincerely hope i can gather some support through this post and hopefully, get some of you to list your favorite stores on my facebook application: Basically, this application allows you to post your favorite stores and recommend them to your network of friends so that they are aware of a good store (i.e. where to find good stores that sell good materials for projects and etc.). Do take a look at the attached pdf for the simple posting procedures. Thank you for your time. Warmest Regards, Sonik

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How could I load a txt file into a HTA (HTML Application) Multi-line Textbox? Answered

Hello, I have an HTA file in it is a multi line textbox, I would like to load a txt file into this textbox. the script language is VBScript here is the textbox   Thanks in advance 1Animan

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Best applications to put on Mac OS 9?

I have an old Mac that I took apart, and I am planning to use it in a project. What programs should I get? I'm pretty bored with the stuff that came on it... Games? Other fun things to do?

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Applications Open for Bazaar Bizarre Maker Faire

Woohoo!Applications are now open for Bazaar Bizarre Maker Faire!!!By now I hope you are all aware of the awesomeness that is Bazaar Bizarre. Pair that with the absolute madness of Maker Faire and you've got one a**-kicking event!So shake your tailfeather and show your stuff this year at the only bazaar this bizarre. Stop by the Instructables booth while you're there and pick up a sticker!Check out the details:Bazaar Bizarre at Maker FaireSaturday, May 30th: 10AM - 8PMSunday, May 31st: 10AM - 6PMAbout Vendor ApplicationsApplications for Bazaar Bizarre will be open from March 9th to April 1st 2009.Final notifications will be April 6th 2009.Bazaar Bizarre wants to support handmade crafters, small business owners and emerging artists in the indie craft community. For More Information and to apply Proceed To This Page

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Application Diagrams for HHO Generator, Carborated Vehicles

Hi everyone. I'm new and don't know anything about these type forums. I am looking for Diagrams on how to hook up a Hydrogen Generator on my older Carborated Vehicle. If anyone has some or can direct me to where I can find some I would appreciate it. I'm trying to avoid paying for something that might not help me or that I can find without costs. Pylgram

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How to connect a mobile phone to a application?

Hi, i'm new to programming and im trying to connect a mobile phone to a vb application, can you help me how? and what is the easiest way to connect the phone? I did a little research and came up with MSCOMM controls but i really don't have any idea on how to use the commands and where.

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Constantly Test Variable in an HTML Application (HTA)? Answered

Hello I have a text area in an HTA form. I want to test if the area is empty, if so, disable a button using (run_button2.Disabled =True/False), if not enable the button. here is my section Script language is VBScript my big problem is that i dont know how to call a sub to repeat maybe i should you Window_onload with a loop but i dont know i that would slow the program down any PLEASE HELP

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USB GPS module tracking with custom application? Answered

I am working on getting some data acquisition integrated with a mini Baja car we're working on, and I would like to be able to track position with GPS, and hopefully speed too, but thats secondary to trying to track position. I'm going to mount a tablet netbook in the dash of the vehicle; can I use a USB GPS module, something like this:;=0&SummaryType;=0&Pagesize;=10&PurchaseMark;=&SelectedRating;=-1&VideoOnlyMark;=False&VendorMark;=&IsFeedbackTab;=true&Page;=2#scrollFullInfo My main concern is it looks like these are made to work as Sat Navs with Microsoft Streets and Trips.  Instead, is there a way to just obtain the position data directly with custom software and record it either as a spreadsheet or graph, or even just something like a comma separated text file? I don't know anything about programming, so I will be finding a programmer to help me out, but I was wondering if this is the best way to go about this or are there gps modules made for this type of application? Thanks!

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Instructables Android Beta Test Dec. 2013

Happy December Instructables users, Are you using our Instructables Android app? In order to make our products better, we cordially invite you to join our Android R1.3 Beta testing. We are interested in your feedback and have provided the beta version for download. The whole UI is re-designed in R1.3, including- 1.       Landing Page 2.       Instructables Detail Page 3.       Login and Sign UP Page 4.       Menu 5.       User Profile Page 6.       Create Instructables and Tutorial Guide for creating instructables 7.       Share Instructables 8.       Feedback In order to use R1.3 Beta build and join Beta testing, you need to install the attached build, it will override your current build. After the testing, you could install back to latest build on Google Play and wait until we publish released R1.3 build in near future. Download Instructables R1.3 Beta We are seeking your feedback in the following areas: 1.       What do you like in comparison to the older Android app? 2.       What do you feel we need to improve in the future? 3.       Any new feature requests for future Android release? 4.       Any problems you are seeing? Big thanks and we look forward to hearing your feedback, Instructables Android team

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