This is posted in Help: AuthorsWhat exactly is this category for? Help with spelling and grammar? Writing styles?Or is it for people looking for other authors to collaborate with?

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Favorite Authors?

I wanted to know who your guys' favorite authors are. My favorite author would have to be Robert Cormier(until further notice). Plus I like what I have read of Dean Koontz and Stephen King, but I think everybody does, and I like Robert Louis Stevenson.

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Authoring question

Hello, I'm working on an Instructable (aren't we all?), and was wondering: with a standard membership, can you add multiple authors to an Instructable? This would be very helpful, especially because my brother was the taste tester for this recipe, and he helped me with it. Thanks! Jason

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Featured author

 I'm just curious,  How does one become a featured author? I enjoy this  site so much . It's kinda one of my next goals...                                               Thanks                                                                Jim

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For Italian Authors! :)

Hi everybody! Me and Lindarose92 are creating an unofficial Facebook Group for Italian Authors! After I've published my Understanding Italian Gestures ible, I found that there are a lot of users and authors from Italy on this magical website! So, we create this page in order to share ideas, comments and news about our hobbies! Here's the link, if you are Italian and you are on Instructalbes, come and join us! ^^

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Subscribe to Author?

I had an idea... You know how YouTube allows you to subscribe to a "channel" (an account)? Perhaps we should have that for our authors, or Ibl'ers or whatever we call ourselves. The Ibles Robot may be a bit busy, but his girlfriend/secretary might be willing to PM me whenever whoever I've subscribed to posts something new. Kiteman had a good point: Make Groups subscribe-to-able Just a thought.

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Author Spotlight Interviews: Nominate an author!

We recently began a new round of author spotlight interviews. For the first interview, we chose to reach out and chat with Nikus, who recently won the grand prize in this year's Epilog Contest. You can check out our interview here: Author Spotlight: NikusThese interviews are a great way to learn a little more about individual contributing authors here on Instructables, and see what makes them tick! Is there someone who is an active author that you'd be interested in learning more about? Now's your chance to nominate a fellow author. There are no set requirements to be eligible to be nominated. But generally, we're looking for authors who've shared a good handful of high-quality projects, which made a notable splash within the Instructables community.And yes, if you're feeling bold, you may certainly nominate yourself! : )

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What's an author intro? Answered

What exactly is an author intro and how do you write it?

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Pro Author Bios

You can now display an author bio at the top of your Instructables. Check mine, or look at the image for an example. Who will be the first to discover where we've hidden it?

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No more author names?

I have noticed that the author's names are not attatched to the posts anymore, i.e. -"My Post" By:Tinker83- in the intro. is this going to be a permanent fixture or is it something temporary? it's not a huge problem, but its kind of nice to just look up and see who wrote it.

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Author image stuck?

I think my author image and stats card is stuck. I know it should probably be showing at least 100 more views than it currently is and it is not showing my change of avatar. Nothing huge, just thought it should be pointed out.

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Overly Featured Authors

I'm happy to see the ladies on the front page and their work is fantastic, but I'm on the site every day and it seems that 75% of the time I am seeing giannyl (published in March) and 25% of the time jessyratfink (published in May).  I haven't see the April dude on the front page once.  Did you have a "Sexy Bunny vs. Guy Who Dresses Very French" focus group? How exactly it this rotation determined and why does it rotate back to one person?  Is it based on views? Regardless, perhaps it could be changed up a bit to allow other authors some front page time? And just a quick aside on the 50s era wording "much more than a pretty face"...Will you please continue to reference how authors look in future features?  I would love to see "For a handsome dude, this guy sure knows a lot of math!" or  "This moderately attractive author has created some gorgeous pieces" or even "At least his soldering iron is hot."

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Featured Author: TinkeringProductions

Check out our most recent featured author, TinkeringProductions!  Got a question I didn't ask?  Ask it here!

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Featured Author: DeandrasCrafts

Did you see our newest featured author interview with DeandrasCrafts?  Is there a question you wish I had asked?  Now's your chance!  Ask it here!

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Featured Author: bricobart

Hey everyone!  Check out our latest featured author interview, bricobart!  Got something to say?  Questions you wish I asked?  Now's your chance!  Share it here!

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Featured Author: dtextor

Check out the interview I conducted with maker extraordinaire, dtextor (aka Dominik Textor)! Leave your comments and questions for Dominik in the comments of this post.

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Featured Author: Ashleyjlong

Hi everyone! Recently I had the joy of interviewing the author Ashleyjlong.  If you haven't read it yet just head on over here and read it, I'll wait... Now that you've returned this is your opportunity to ask any questions you have for Ashley!

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No Replies from Authors

Dear Instructables Management, There is an all too common phenomenon of authors who publish their projects and then NEVER reply back to enquirers. I`ve sent a message to without any reply from her.  I need to understand something from her project.  So how do I solve this. In another case a person has been waiting for 10 (TEN) MONTHS and still no reply. It just seems to me that authors are looking for the limelight and then disappear.  NOT ACCEPTABLE. Regards, HendrikB7

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Featured Author: Kludge77

Hi! I recently had the chance to interview Kludge77. Not only does he have quite an extensive instructables profile, but he has his own YouTube channel. Check out the interview!  If you think of a question I didn't ask, ask him here! 

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Featured Author: Liquidhandwash

Hi! I recently had the chance to interview liquidhandwash. He has quite an amazing instructables profile that he uses to teach his high school students. Check out the interview! If you think of a question I didn't ask, ask him here!

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Featured Author: Doodlecraft

Hello! I recently had the joy of interviewing Doodlecraft! Not only does she have an amazing blog of her own, but she shares her awesome projects with the Instructables community on a regular basis--often winning a fun prize in the process! Check out her fun featured author interview! If you have any more questions that you would like Doodlecraft to answer, here's the place to do it!

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Featured Author: Tomatoskins

Hello! I recently had the joy of interviewing Tomatoskins. Not only is he an awesome maker, but he's also a Community Manager here at Instructables! Check out his interview! If you have any more questions that you would like tomatoskins to answer, here's the place to do it!

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Problem with author stats

They do not seem to be updating at the moment. Views are still showing at 0 on my new instructable, whereas before the site update they were showing almost instantly...

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Deleting comments as author?

If i am the author of an instructable, shouldnt i be able to delete comments? i can delete my own but not those posted my others.. hope fully i wont have to resort to my other option....(making 30 accounts and flagging it with every single one of them lol)

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Featured Author: Shazni

Hello! I recently had the joy of interviewing Shazni.  As a long time author she had a lot of interesting answers and I highly recommend reading the interview. But if you have any more questions that you would like Shazni to answer, here's the place to do it!  Seriously how could not want to know more about the person that won that many instructables t-shirts!

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Calling all Authors

I am staring a new Instructables group called Instructable Writers. It is aimed at beginners who want to write Instructables but maybe don't know how or aren't good with computers. Any Instructable related to this website is welcome.

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what happened to featured authors?

What happened to the featured author interviews? the last on was back in february

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How can you tell if you are a featured author? Answered

How can you tell if you are a featured author?

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Pro can't enable 'author intro' tick box

It's not as if I've got anything interesting to say, but when I tick the 'author intro' & click save settings, nuttin' happens.Error in page says:Line:484Char: 3Error: 'feedBack' is undefinedCode:0URL:'m using IE 6 SP2 on winXP.

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pro: can't add author notes to top of instructables

Not that there is anything interesting to read but I can't change the user preferences - I tick or untick the boxes in the user preferences and hit submit and nothing happens. Neithermy work Win XP IE 6 SP2 pc works neither does the iPhone.

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Is it a bug? Answered

In Community : help : feedback does not appears the name of the author. Another suggestion: In each "Featured Author" would be good that the photo/avatar of that author be visible.

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Thanks, Instructables!

Author Newsletter Top Authors A quick word of appreciation to Instructables for their sending a Leatherman as a prize for us. Most unexpected, and greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!

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Why was I invited to the ice cream social? Answered

Just wondering why I was invited to the instructables social. The email says that it is for authors, but I haven't been a featured author on instructables. Why send it to me?

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Who is the real "Kiteman"?

I found this at Who is the real "Kiteman"? Both authors has the same alias. (Actually I already know the answer! hehehe.)

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How to become a featured author? Answered

I was wondering how you can become a featured author? does anyone know.

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What Happened to the "Author Box'

There used to a "author box"(with the name of the author, date published, etc), on forum topics and questions.  What happened to it, it's kind of annoying, because every time I want to see who the author is, it isn't there. Does anyone else fine this annoying? P.S. sorry if someone else already made a topic on this, I looked and couldn't fine any. AI

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Favorite 20th Century Author

I'm not sure how many people out there enjoy reading but I sure do.  I'm also always curious as to what kind of books other people enjoy.  So I'm going to be you all what is your favorite 20th century author and book. This does not mean an author born in the 20th century, but rather one that has published a book in said century. If any of you are wondering what mine are then I'd say my favorite author is John Stienbeck, and my favorite book would be Brave New World By Aldous Huxley.

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Featured Author: The King of Random

Check out our most recent featured author interview with The King of Random!  Got a question I didn't ask?  Ask it here!

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Featured Author: Tarun Upadhyaya

Hey everyone!  Check out our latest featured author interview, Tarun Upadhyaya!  Got something to say?  Questions you wish I asked?  Now's your chance!  Share it here!

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Help page: author, the answers

Q1. How can I change password? A1. Press setting then click, password. Q2. Why is my instrutable is not update? A2. Because, it take time to update your instrutable. Q3. I want to make new group but where? A3. Click on, Submit, then click on, Make a new group, but make sure you don't have the same name of the group as the other group.  

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(removed by author or community request)

Why can't Instructables do away with the "removed by author or blah blah blah" thing. It just clutters things up, and doesn't really serve a purpose. If instructables wants the person that made the comment to know it was removed, email them. Any time we have to remove something that can't be edited, it leaves behind this garbage. Before, there was a set rhyme and reason to deleting posts and not having that happen (bottoms up!), but recently I created a post which was the first reply to the first comment in my $1 security hardware instructable, and noticed a glaring error in it and IMMEDIATELY deleted it (because there was no EDIT function) and it left one of these steaming piles of Yak poo in the comment thread. PLEASE - GET RID OF THESE ANNOYANCES! Win7 Ultimate Google Chrome Version 32.0.1700.19 beta-m Aura $1 PC Hardware Security Power Lockout deleting reply

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Featured Author: Mark Montano

I just got to interview crafter extraordinaire Mark Montano, check it out here.  If you have more questions that I didn't ask here's the place to voice them!

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Featured Author Interview: Andrea Biffi!

I just got to interview  Andrea Biffi, artist and engineer! Check it out here and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Leave a comment, and Andrea will surely get back to you with an answer (and perhaps a string of emoticons). 

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Subtle non-bug with new "(author)" comment identifier

As I've noted in a separate thread, there's a new feature in comments -- any comment by the original author of the Topic, I'ble, Answer, whatever, is identified with "(author)" next to their name, and now with a blue background on the full comment text. There's a subtle bug involved with this. When the original author first creates a comment, either at the top level or by replying to someone in a thread, their comment shows up without the annotation. It is only after reloading the page that the "(author)" and blue background appear. UPDATE 3 Feb 2009: As Lebowski has noted below, this is not actually a bug, and definitely isn't important to "fix" :-)

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New Featured Author Group!

This is for all the Featured Authors on the site! We've created a Featured Authors Group to keep all of you and your interviews organized.  Please join the group if you have had a Featured Author Interview!

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Created Instructable Draft and want to transfer author credit

A fellow member was working on a project he was talking to me about. I encouraged him to write it up as an instructable but he's still in the thick of it. I created an instructable draft outlining his project adding links he'd sent me. The text is all pretty much directly from our conversations and I just wanted to help him get started since his work should really be out there. I've added him as a collaborator on the project, so he can edit it but I want to give him full control to publish it and show up as the author since I figure he'll be taking over at this point. Is there a way to do this?

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Featured Author Interview: marshon

Hello! I recently had the opportunity to interview marshon. If you have any more questions that you would like him to answer, here's the place to do it! Check out his interview here!

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My Favorite Food Author

I like the instructables here. They are good. But the most useful food instructions  I have seen are from Mark Bittman of the NYT  His column was called the Minimalist and they are on youtube Here is an example, fresh pea soup.

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collaboration authors not credited in Instructable

Hi- I recently collaborated with a friend on an instructable, and while it recognizes the collaboration enough to allow me to edit, it never credits me on the instructable page. How can we fix that?

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Instructables Author on Anderson Cooper

Instructables author Brennn10 will be appearing on Anderson Cooper's syndicated talk show today, October 24th, for his upcycled Altiod LED Flashlight.  He will be demonstrating his project, and answering some questions as an expert "tinnovator." You can see a clip from the show here If you want to catch Brennn10's segement, check out for airing times in your area. 

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