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Left over Campaign Signs Answered

I just heard on NPR that this year's combined electoral candidates collectively spent over 4 billion dollars on advertising this year.  I believe about half of that is on those ubiquitous road side campain signs that now litter seemingly all roadways.  Any ideas on what to make/ recycle/ upcycle them to?

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Create a LEGO online-campaign!

Hi everyone,If you have a passion for LEGO and would like to work on a online viral-campaign, now you have your chance!!LEGO has asked the brand new company to post a brief in which you can make money with YOUR ideas. The objective is to come up with ideas for either one strong overall campaign idea or a series of viral messages that are so intriguing, fun and engaging that kids just have to see it and send it on to their friends. The brief comes from the heart of the communication development in the LEGO Company –LEGO IN-House Agency.We want the creators to help us develop a viral brand campaign that captures the greatness of the LEGO brand – and having a global appeal.You can win $ 12000 if you come up with the best idea!! So, don’t waste any time and register at to be a part of this new experience. If you have any further questions about BootB or the LEGO-Brief, please feel free to ask me!Regards,MarkI am a BootB-official. Verify this posting at and enter code: jchds4auz

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Crowdfunding campaign MAKER @MIT | #FromMakerToEntrepreneur

Dear MAKERs community!My name is Dmitrii, I am also known for the Grow It Yourself (GIY) projectToday I launch the crowdfunding campaign #FromMakerToEntrepreneurThe campaign is aimed to raise funds for EDUCATION @MIT I strongly believe that this huge community that we have built together can have an impact! The support & share is truly appreciated YOU in advance!

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Help me to share my campaign on indiegogo

Hello,  My name is Konrad, some of you may know me some of you not, but today is the day when you can do something for me. How? I have just started my campaign on indiegogo. I would like to get tools to give you more instructables.  SO... I am asking you to check it out my campaign and maybe share it, maybe contribute... It will be your choice ;) Of course every contributor will get something... I have prepared some stickers design that you will get after contributing. Thank you in advance for sharing, contributing and reading my instructables! AND REMEMBER: YOU ARE AWESOME! And... here is the link: LINK

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For Wallace and Grommit fans, a great ad campaign...

Http:// Animations (the Wallace and Grommit folks) have produced a series of short adverts for Leonard Cheshire Disability to raise awareness around people with disabilities. If you're a W&G; fan, you'll enjoy the production values, and hopefully you'll take away the message as well!Yes, that is a seeing-eye ladybug

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Purdue University -- I AM A MAKER

From NBitWonder by way of the MAKE blog, Purdue University has made Makers their Homecoming theme: I think work should be about making things work. Better. Faster. Smaller. Smarter. So I build bridges between what's known and what's not. I tinker. I toil. I write poetically in an abundance of languages (including code). I hack. I dissect. I have an insatiable desire to un-complicate the complicated. I am easily inspired. I believe that just because it hasn't been thought of doesn't mean it won't be. Potential is my thrill ride. Imagination is my most-used tool. I am a maker, and I am what moves the world forward. First Obama, now this. What's the world coming to, anyway? Something good, I hope!

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What is a good way to effectively make witty posters for a high school campaign?

I'm campaign managing for a friend of mine whose running for president. We've got a slew of ideas, but does any one know of an instructable on making lots of effective posters and/or does anyone have any good ideas? Its an all guys school, so the posters can be as stupid as possible. Thanks! --xD

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Greenpeace You Are My Sunshine Compact Flourescent Campaign

Use an energy efficient light until light shines out of your ...

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Canning for Beginners - Recipes My Mother Never Told Me - Kickstarter Campaign

Hello All I started a Kickstarter Campaign to get funding to product a waterproof cookbook, of 10 of my favorites canning recipes that I do every summer and fall. I want to share this with beginners.  I need backers for the campaign. I also need to know if this is a good concept. Waterproof page printing is pretty expensive, but it pays off in the long run.  Here is my link for the Kickstarter campaign - only 23 days to go.................

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From trash, let's make things

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How to Make Homeopathic Vodka.

Now you can have all the benefits of Vodka, with none of the unpleasant side-effects, thanks to the clever chaps at the 10:23 Campaign.

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What's the most eye-catching / attractive Instructable you have ever seen?

Something that really impresses you.

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Education in 2008

This is a video I did as part of an advertising campaign for Education in '08, which is running on Instructables in the few weeks left before the election. You might have seen the video and ad running here, but if not, here it is. They simply asked me to "talk about education."

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Crowd Funding Promote ?

Hello I have a Crowd Funding electronic project, Where Can I post link to promote my campaign ? To know my project & give me a better answer please take a look : Thank you all

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Contest offering a LIX 3D pen - a no show for thousands of backers for last 2 years !

How odd to find a contest ( offering a LIX 3D Pen as a prize when thousands of backers on their KickStarter campaign are still waiting to get theirs after some two years of run around and non-delivery of the paid for rewards, very same 3D Pen. Insctructables might want to retract LIX as a sponsor given they have not been able to deliver their product to thousands of individuals over last two years.  They cercainly have not earned any (free) advertisement from anyone. Go check the comments at the KickStarter's campaign :

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really need support

My name is Akin Yildiz. I am an inventor/entrepreneur. Just over two years ago I started an online plants & electronics research project,  the Plant Doctor - Plant Care Instruments. I have recently launched a small scale crowdfunding campaign to bring more awareness to the overall project.  We offer DIY kits that teach you how to program, build circuits and garden.  open source hardware + software, our latest design; I would truly appreciate it if you could take a look at the campaign and hopefully support & share with friends and family; love & peace akin,

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Instructables overview no longer shows number of views

Https:// shows a list of myinctructables. It used to show the number of views on each instructable. This is how I tracked performance, especially if I have a campaign. Now it just shows the number of pages in the instructable, which is of marginal value.

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microsoft's 235 patents ...

Microsoft claims the opensource community (mainly Linux) violates up to 235 of their patents. Though, as Microsoft don't provide any list of these patents, some says it's just a campaign of fear and destabilization ... Do you know some examples of Microsoft's patents that are actually violated by Linux ?

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When the printrbot 3d files are released, how much would someone on here charge me to print them for me?

The printrbot is amazing, but I don't have a 3d printer to make one.  I was thinking I might be able to get someone to print me off one because I missed the kickstarter campaign.

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Black Ops or Modern Warfare 3? Answered

Which is better overall, Black Ops or Modern Warfare 3? Which has better campaign? Which one can you play two player (one on one match)? Which is more fun on the Wii? Any info is appreciated!

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some suggestions about the possibility of 3d printer based on LCD display

Hey guys, I saw some guys started a campaign on indiegogo. The pictures of printed pieces are quite impressive, could anyone give suggestions about the possibility and actual performance? thanks in advance. john

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Adland - video - how many ads can you spot?

This rather nice video crams in parts of well-known ad' campaigns. It is UK-biased, but some of these will be global. Includes a cake-car, a fish on a bike, bunnies, a transforming car, and kids running through walls, which should have been seen a lot?

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ASUS EeePC review and Laser Etching

Asus, a sponsor of Instructables, has put together WePC where they are asking for input on their next generation laptops. As part of their sponsorship, they've asked my opinion on various aspects of laptops. Most recently ASUS EeePC review and Laser Etching.As part of this campaign, Asus was kind enough to lend me an EeePC. I gave it to an intern at Instructables, Matthew Dalton, who was really excited to try it out for note taking in class, and general portable computer usage -- his review follows below. Since I've been writing about how important it is to customize your laptop, I also asked Matthew to give the EeePC a laser tatoo, and you can see the results were beautiful! Matthew' review continues here.Finally, I'd like to know what you have thought about this Asus campaign. If you would be kind enough to take this survey, I would really appreciate it. Comments here are also good. Thanks!

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Pro membership for exchange of donations for a friend fighting cancer

I'm organizing a gofundme campaign on behalf of a friend, mother of three young kids, fighting advanced stage cervical cancer . And I have many pro memberships to exchange for donations. For a $5 donation, I will give you a 3-month pro membership, $10 donation a 6-month pro membership, and $20 donation a 1-year pro membership. I thank you a million times for your kind help!

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Commercial Steam Powered iPod (USB) Charger: Poll

I am interested to see how many people would buy a steam powered iPod or USB charger. It would come with a boiler, engine and generator, as well as a USB charger with interchangeable fuses ext for different voltage. Please Reply to let me know what you think A kickstarter campaign may follow if there is enough hype. If anybody knows a website for polls or surveys, please let me know.

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How do you get past the annoying tutorial training thing that comes up in modern warfare for nintendo ds?

I just got the game 2day and i already know how to play but this training thing where you have 2 shoot targets and other things keeps coming up and it is really long and i just want to start my campaign and enter quickplay. can anyone give me more info?

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DIY Palette Gear - Possible

I have been looking at the old Kickstarter campaign for the I have been looking for possibilities to create one myself for much less of the money's :) . I already have many anologue switches and buttons and stuff. The issue is making them talk to premier pro, ext. Could you hack their software to work with your own hardware or something. Another simular company has made this Ideas?

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Wanted: Infrared Laser Tag Technology for a New Drone Game

Hi, I'm looking for someone to develop infrared laser tag technology that enables drones to chase, shoot and record 'hits' on participating drones.      Here are the features I'm looking for: a)  Used primarily indoors to avoid problems with FAA, BVLOS, wind etc. b)  IR LEDs detectable @ 30 m c)  Indicates 'hits' by light and sound d)  Detection proximity + -  12" diameter e)  FPV not required for MVP- line-of-sight ok f)  'Shield' feature preferred g)  Self contained rechargeable battery h)  Smartphone integration preferred i)  After a certain number of 'shots', cannon briefly disabled    If you are an laser tag developer and this is something you can do please get in touch.     I will pay, or glad to cut you in on a Kickstarter / crowdfunding campaign revenue share if you prefer (or a combination of both).  I'm a Kickstarter specialist and plan on featuring it on a crowdfunding campaign.    I don't come onto the board very often, so please email me directly at: Earl Brown 805-984-2925 Santa Barbara, CA  USA

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Food as art

A few photos from the BBC -Photographer Carl Warner has painstakingly captured all kinds of food in a series of still lifes. He says his 'Foodscapes' were partly inspired by healthy eating campaigns. But they have not persuaded his own children to take up the five-a-day pledge.The photos must be shopped in some way, because they were apparently "taken in layers", so that part of the image didn't wilt whilst the rest was being prepared.Link to other images:

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Help Give Kids Their Dream Halloween Costume

You might remember instructables author Ryanthedude who made this amazing Halloween costume for his son who is in a wheelchair. He's doing a kickstarter campaign to raise money to build more awesome wheelchair costumes for kids and is sporting a robot t-shirt in the kickstarter video! Check it out and consider donating a few bucks to help give a kid a Halloween they will never forget!

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Energy Revolution

Greenpeace writes:Our Energy Revolution outlines a global plan for a sustainable renewable economic future. It shows us how we can get from where we are now, to where we need to be to avoid a climate change disaster. It was developed with specialists from the Institute of Technical Thermodynamics at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and more than 30 scientists and engineers from universities, institutes and the renewable energy industry around the world.More info on

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Have a heart and help Abigail heal.

Long-time Instructables member supersoftdrink and her family have been through a lot the past six years: her daughter has had four open heart surgeries and her husband suffers from anxiety & depression. A GiveForward campaign has been set up to help them get back on track and we hope that you consider donating.  If you'd like to learn more about congenital heart defects and how they are treated, visit her Instructable on how doctors treat a hypoplastic heart. 

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PETA's exploitation of Autism Spectrum

I have just been informed that PETA has a billboard program out there to exploit Autism by means of misinformation.  "Recently, the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) launched a new ad campaign entitled, "Got Autism?", misleadingly implying that the consumption of milk is associated with the cause of the autism spectrum. PETA is misinforming the public about autism and thus joining a long line of unscrupulous groups that have sought to try and spread fear about autism as a means of pushing their particular agendas." Further information on this can be found at WRONG PLANET.  

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Laser cut sheet metal

I just got a couple designs back form the laser cutters. This is 12 gage sheet metal cut with a 2400 watt laser. Pretty cool right? It’s amazing the kind of edge it can leave behind. Just wanted to share with everyone. This is part of my ambition for putting together project kits, which help you create items from metal. Soon I’ll have a kickstarter campaign going to help launch 13 kits. These particular designs are based off of the salamander pendant and Excalibur letter opener.

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Glowforge - Anyone got their laser delivered?

I was playing with the tought of getting one of these fance Glowforge lasers on day... So I was watching their Kickstarter campaign and some related forums for the development and what's happening. Right now it seems Glowforge overestimated their capabilities in several areas. Supporters from the first days are still waiting for their machines, those few claiming that they already got one complain about ongoing issues and a lack of support. Since they also sponsored a contest here not so long ago I was wondering if anyone actually got their machines delivered and would be able to provide some first hand feedback?

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X Marks the Spot

Many of you will know about International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Some of you will know that there's a national election in the UK soon. In the UK, Captain Tom has lost a bet, and has to stand for parliament. Why should this interest us as Makers? Because he is going to fix Broken Britain by sending a free roll of duct tape to every home! Excellent - #2 Son is desperate to turn 18 to vote for him. Have a look at his campaign site.  London-based readers can help with his nomination. Vote for Cap'n Tom! He has policies. He has experience. He has a duck on his head.

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My Calendar is on Kickstarter, go get it!

I'm doing another campaign on Kickstarter for my Big Picture calendar. You should totally get one. There are still cheap early bird calendars available. The calendar is a 24" x 36" calendar and it's really the best wall calendar ever made. Yes, I'm biased, but several people who have used the 2013 calendar have said that as well. Geekdad even called it "simply perfect." Big Picture Calendar 2014 So go and check it out. If you want to DIY it there's also a PDF you can print across 10 pages. 

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We love seeing our authors transform their ideas into a reality, and we want to help in whatever ways we can. Below are some of the campaigns our authors are working to get funded. We'll do our best to keep this list current, so please check out their projects, and help fellow makers in our community find success!  Current Campaigns i-mimic the animation made easy, Device capturing human motion directly in 3D animation software in real-time & without plugins. by Instructabler nawres102 Open Source DIY Automatic Tail Light, A fun and easy to assemble light sensor kit.  By Instructabler Solarcycle Tiq probe, it defines a new category of electronic debug & test tools for makers & professionals - filling the gap between DMMs & 'scopes. By Instructabler markhen57 If you have a project you're trying to get funded, let us know!  Completed Campaigns  Doughnut Safe, Turn your spare tire into a strong box.  By Instructabler Mrballeng The fumeFan, The fume Fan is a soldering fume extractor, work lamp, helping hands tool and a project organiser for hobbyists, makers and creators.  By Instructabler hertzgamma SOLARPAD Open Source 5 Watt Smart Phone Solar USB Charger, Strap this water-resistant solar panel and battery to backpacks or mount it to tripods for camping, hiking, and cycling.  By Instructabler Solarcycle Fish Bone, A no knots cord tightener specifically designed for paracord by author Mrballeng - Funded by almost 9000% of goal! Would you Woodwork, a funny and informational woodworking webseries by author Few Bits - Funded by 100% of goal!  Zero to Maker, a re-skilling guide for new makers by David Lang - Funded by almost 2000% of goal! Arabic Alphabet Fun Flashcards, cute and kid friendly learning tool by author acraftyarab - Funded and met goal! PIXEL: Interactive LED Art, an interactive LED-based display for retro pixel art by author alinke - Funded by over 600% of goal! Blinky Fish, a tiny fish-shaped board that fits on an Arduino to help teach, by author marc.cryan - Funded by almost 600% of goal! Chipper, the ATtiny Programming and Prototyping Shield, by author Hammock Boy - funded by over 1000% of goal! Piranha, a follow-up knotless gear tie for paracord, by author Mrballeng - funded by over 1400% of goal! The Question Block Lamp, a Mario-inspired, interactive lamp for your inner geek, gamer and child, by author bduxbury - funded by almost 150% of goal! Out of Time - A patina weathered I-Beam with moving gears by Instructabler hack818 Maker Kase - Universal Maker cabinet. Perfect for 3D printers, model makers, small CNC machines and open frame Bitcoin Miners by Instructabler bmc.loughlin Have you started your own Kickstarter or Indiegogo to help fund your project? Let us know! Please leave the link in the comments, along with a brief description. We'll add your project to our up-to-date campaign list above, and promote it across our channels. If you have any questions, or want to add any additional info, please email me at Thanks!

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3D Printers for Special Needs Makers

Cameron is a wheelchair-bound maker in Colorado using 3D Printing.  He's especially interested in creating a head motion-controlled robotic arm that would use 3D Printing to make the brackets and fixtures to mount a portable system onto a wheelchair.  This robotic arm would really help people like Cameron navigate the world, but it could also be used at a workbench by non-handicapped makers as a 3rd arm.   So, an Indigogo campaign was started to raise funds to help Makers with specific physical needs get access to 3d printing: Go, look, it's cool.

Topic by Kiteman  

We're all gonna die!!!

If you've seen the news you might have seen that the state of Florida is in the path of a tropical storm. However if you are in the state, seeing local coverage, you'll know that we're in the path of a Class 12 DeathStorm!!! In reality, the situation is even more dire than even the local news reports, I'm down to my last beer. One plus, it only took an imminent natural disaster to get our governor to visit the state, he's been too busy campaigning for mccain. I just want you to know, that is I don't make it out this time, the gold is buried under a big W!

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Benazir Bhutto 1953-2007

What are your thoughts about the Benazir Bhutto assassination on December 27? For those who have not yet heard, Benazir Bhutto, a former Prime Minister of Pakistan, and the chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), was assassinated as she was leaving a campaign rally for her party. When she got into her vehicle, a man fired multiple shots at Benazir Bhutto. Moments after, possibly the same gunman, detonated explosives on himself, killing about 20 people. Her 19-year old son has taken over her position as chairman of the PPP, under the care of his father. What are your thoughts about this matter, and the turmoil and mourning currently going on in Pakistan.

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Small change release

Just a few changes this time around.  You'll notice the header - we made it a bit shorter to use less screen real estate, and less ... orange (personally I liked the orange but many found it distracting). The main thing is that we've opened up Guide writing to all Pro users.  We're soft-starting this, it's not being announced anywhere but here as yet, so we can start out easy and see how it goes.  Guides are awfully useful and we figure more should be better but it's also good to start small sometimes. Also we're starting a new ad campaign with Dremel and there's some special content we had to prepare for that.  You'll see it very shortly!

Topic by rachel  

A more efficient way to stamp paint

Hi all! I have been working on a crowd source campaign for elaborately designed dice for a while now and have a problem with my home manufacturing process...hopefully, someone can give me some ideas. I need to find a quick and efficient way to apply paint to the raised surfaces of the dice faces. You can see in the rendered pic the 3d printed file that I'll be making the mold from. I made the numbers extend out instead of going in to simplify the painting but need to get down a system of applying the paint. I was thinking some sort of stamping but thought that was only good with ink. Any input is appreciated...

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Universal 3d printer cabinet

Hi everyone... just wanted to share with you a new campaign we launched live today on Kick Starter. Its a universal 3d printer cabinet we have been working on for a while... Its got almost 4 cubic feet of storage and can be accessed from a front door and the top of the cabinet...its ready to be customized with multiple knock out's to really get the results you want... We are producing in Black, White and solid Stainless Steel... I appreciate you taking a look and your time! Regards, Brian McLoughlin Maker Kase

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The Big Ideas Worldwide Invention Contest

During the month of February xClosure is running a national search campaign to find 5 products to market nationally. Winning the contest involves 3 steps: 1. Fill out the application here before March 1st 2. 10 finalists will present in person or via the web to a panel of live judges on March 21st 3. 5 winners will be selected to have their product marketed This is an opportunity to tap into the talent of an experienced marketing team. All product descriptions, details and files submitted are protected under a mutual NDA/non-compete/non-circumvent agreement to protect your idea and product. So take 10 minutes to fill out the application at and good luck!

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Interesting bservation regarding current political events (UK)

A referendum on 5 May 2011 will ask UK voters whether they want to change how MPs are elected in General Elections. Instead of just voting for one candidate voters could rank candidates in order of preference, and these preferences could be used to decide the outcome in places where no candidate wins more than 50% of votes cast. (BBC Explanation of AV) Interesting to note... The UK has three main political parties. Two of them are campaigning against AV, claiming, amongst other things, that AV would make no real difference to election results. However... Both parties use AV-style processes to elect their leaders. And... If both parties had used first-past-the-post, both parties would have different leaders to those they now have. Nine letters, begins with an "h"....

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Which should I buy for xbox 360 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3? Answered

Okay so I know this is probably going to be an endless discussion between fans from both games. But i wanted to know has anyone played them both, and can tell me why one is better than the other? I have only played mw3 and i really liked the survival mode, but on the other hand the campaign was kinda *&$@ And with battlefield you can use vehicles in the multiplayer and i think that's stupid. Please if you think you have the answer give a few good arguments, anjd no comments like: "MW3 is just stupid." or something like that. Thanks AUG-5OM3

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Latest Kickstarter

Hey Everyone, It’s been a year since I last launched a project on Kickstarter. Now that the dust has settled from the all the excitement (and learning curve), my brother and I are jumping back into the arena. I took all the documentation from “Doughnut Safe” and put it into a new campaign. Other ideas are in the works so keep your eyes peeled. But in the meantime please let me know what you think. Good, bad, and ugly. And if you're feeling it, share the link. If you have a project you’re considering doing yourself, I’m happy to give any advice I can. The beauty of it all is if people want it, it’ll show and you can use the funds from there. If there’s not enough interest in it then all that’s lost is a little pride. Much better than spending thousands on a patent or production with no traction. Thanks, Brent.

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Cross Marketing Idea for Instructables

I was checking out the instructable for the coffee bag wallet and had a great idea. You know how grocery stores have recipe cards seeded around the store? I think  Instructables should hook up with Target stores and make recipe cards of  recycling crafts,  placed in front of the product areas. In the past I have seen Target run a recipe card campaign on their own, versus relying on product manufacturers to place the cards and i know they are a perfect fit for the demographic of both this website and their market. Imagine how many altoids tins, coffee bags they could move!!  Another idea - Ikea! - How many times are those lack tables used in projects? Tons! for Ikea, an instore "re-craft show" would be super cool! Did anyone ever see all the marketing that Gallo wines put into bottle reuse - or their booth at Makerfaire? Made me go out an buy a bottle... It's all win-win!

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Vinatge 2 1/4 inch Button Maker with Accessories

Anybody looking to start making buttons?  i just listed a vintage Badge-A-Minit press with all accessories you need to get started. Press, cutter, and parts are for making 2 1/4 inch buttons.  It's a really cool press but in the years I've had it I just never find myself needing to make buttons this large. More details in the listing if you're interested. It's a great "starter kit" bundle since it comes with 95 or so button parts too. The image uploader here doesn't seem to want to work, but there are good photos on the listing page. PM me with any questions or contact via eBay.

Topic by ashleyjlong