Webcam Motion Capture.

I came across a youtube video recently where they use 4 webcams and motion capture software to do a cheap diy version of motion capture. Info seems pretty limited here and I can definitely use it for my indie film.  Please let me know if you've used such a set up and what software you used

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Instructacon BBQ Seagull Capture.

Seagull attack! We couldn't trap this slick beast. But the BBQ was fun anyway. Hope to see more of you here next year, and check out some pictures here!-bg

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How could I capture the signal from an IR remote for a toy so that I could program my own remote? Answered

I have a toy that came with a simple IR remote; the remote has a couple different buttons that make the toy do different things like light up.  I want to create my own one-button remote that mimics one of the buttons from the original remote.  How could I capture the signal from the original remote and program it into my new remote?

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What is the best recording program to use with a dazzle video recorder?

I have been using Arcsoft Total Media Extreme for a while, but it doesn't let me record beyond 10 minutes. Any suggestions? Must be/have: -Dazzle friendly -Decent Quality & frame rate -Can Record for at least 30 minutes without freezin, breaking, or losing the file. Thank You!

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Green Roofs Capture Carbon

"Recently, Royal Dutch Shell PLC received $865 million from the Canadian government for a carbon capture and storage (CCS) project. Green roofs, rooftops with plants, can capture and store carbon, according to a new study by Michigan State University in East Lansing. The technology to build green roofs already exists, and they can be created for much cheaper than a CCS project."The key to fighting global warming is capturing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in new reservoirs that weren't storing carbon before," lead researcher Kristin Getter said...."This looked like a rather elegant answer to the Green Question.  

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Capture stills from a .mov? Answered

I need to capture stills from a .mov file

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Netflix streaming capture question?

This question on Netflix streaming capture is mostly for educational purpose at the moment, I guess. I was thinking of switching to Netflix streaming only subscription and downgrade or even give up dvd rentals, since they are planning to switch plans any time soon. I don't wanna hog up the computer for watching streaming movies all the time so I was wondering if it's possible to capture Netflix streaming in some way and save Netflix streaming movies to hdd. Any ideas on how it could be done,  theoretically of course?

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Indefinite capture on PC camera?

I got a cheap usb PC Camera but I need a way of getting indefinite capture, as in I need it to keep the shutter open (it uses a cmos visual detector not shutters). How would I do that? I was using a software I downloaded free from the internet. setting a really slow frame rate doesn't work for this. What software should I use, and what would I need to do to get the indefinite capture?

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Schematic capture / artworking software.

There are a dozen or so free electronic schematic capture and layout packages around (as node-limited versions of commercial packages). I've briefly tried a few (PCB Elegance, 123 and a couple more) but is there one which is head and shoulders above the rest? I'm looking for good library search and easy component placement and routing. Standard generic symbols as well as specifics, and autorouting and placement. Also ability to save as GIF or JPG. What would other users recommend? Incredible - When I was in electronic design for a living (a fair few years ago) my company spent hundreds of thousands of Pounds on a schematic capture and routing package and the SparcStations to run it on.

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Methane Captured from Cows

So we all know that Cows are killing the planet in that they are producing a huge amount of Methane from their farts. I say we build a massive bubble around the pastures, and we capture the gases, burn them for fuel, and clean up the waste gas as much as possible. The ideal situation would be for people to stop eating beef and using cows all together, but alas steak is tasty. I am aware that they have been treating the cows manure and getting gases from that, which they then burn. However as the cows fart, they punch massive holes in the ozone. To conclude, the cows must die...steak for all, dibs on the ribs...

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$25 Million for Capturing Carbon

Gore and Branson have teamed up to sponsor an X-prize-like competition for capturing carbon dioxide. I love these types of competitions. Is anyone here on Instructables in a position to enter? With a bit of industry-sponsorship, this would make for a series of fantastic Ph.D projects. From: multi-million dollar prize is on offer to anyone who can invent a device that will remove significant amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As one of the largest science prizes on offer, it is likely to attract huge interest globally in a bid to combat climate change.The initiative was launched today by British billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson and former US Vice-President Al Gore in London.The US$25 million "Virgin Earth Challenge" Prize can be claimed for any invention that will remove "significant" amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere - perhaps in the order of a billion tonnes a year. Current global emissions are more than 7 billion tonnes per year."The winner must be able to demonstrate a commercially viable design which will result in the net removal of anthropogenic, atmospheric, greenhouse gases each year for at least ten years without countervailing harmful effects," state the written rules of the competition. It must "contribute materially to the stability of the Earth's climate".The winning entry could be anything from manufacturing bacteria to install in industrial emissions pipes, to creating a system that buries CO2 underground, or even inventing artificial trees to breathe in the gas from the air.

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Any possibility to capture or record Blockbuster videos? Answered

I was wondering if you guys know if there is any possibility to capture or record Blockbuster videos and movies? I was thinking just the other day that it would be great if I could capture and convert blockbuster videos for ipod or something like that so I could watch some movies when I'm going away on vacation. Maybe this idea is far fetched anyways, but I would be curious to take a look at a couple of ways to capture or record Blockbuster videos, if these exist of course. Any help would be very appreciated.

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a good way to capture hydrogen and oxygen from electrolysis?

Well I've managed to actually seperate the hydrogen and oxygen from water, but I'm having alot of trouble capturing it. I want to capture the hydrogen and oxygen together, in one container. Anyone have any ideas? thanks, Joe  

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Is there a (easy, cheap) way to capture biogas from legacy cesspools and how can/would one use such energy capture?

I have a rural property with 3 legacy cesspools that were dug in the 1960's. Cesspools are essentially underground chambers that are hermetically sealed from the surface but which let fluids leach out through the bottom and sides. Our waste water drains into the cesspools. One cesspool gets no poop, just graywater. The others get the full mix. My understanding is that poop and everything else that goes down the drain decomposes anerobically. So I wonder is there something interesting to do to capture some energy...? tks. I

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How can I use the native IR port on my Dell to capture IR TV remote signals?

I liked this article about capturing IR signals, but what if I already have an IR device on the side of my Dell Latitude (D610, if it matters)? Is there some software that can tell the port to listen for remote control signals and save them as raw data?

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How to record or capture Footytube videos ? Answered

Hi, Can you guys help me on this? I found this footytube website, which is pretty useful whenever I wanna watch  all sorts of  football videos but unfortunately I cannot access it on my cell phone also. So I was thinking if maybe anyone has some idea on how to record or capture, download and save Footytube videos for cell phone. Is there something like a Footytube Downloader I could maybe try? Any help would be so great!

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Automated Delivery Gate Image Capture

Hi everyone, I wanted to see if you guys can give me some advice or point me in the right direction (preferably towards an instructable) to achive my goal.  I am trying to improve upon an access gate. Currently It just opens with a remote controller. The improvements I want to implement are the following: 1. Place cameras to automatically take pictures of the vehicle as soon as it arrives from all angels     I was thinking maybe with an IR sensor of some sort 2. send those images to an email or to a database. 3. have the driver be able to scan documents and upload them to the database or send to an email, and be alerted when they have done so.  I want something like they have at the border checkpoints with those cameras, and also with the document upload. Any feedback is welcome. thank you!    

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capture packets in wireshack wont launch

I want to launch my capturing packets but it shows me unrecognized libpcap format

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How to capture Hulu shows and videos? Answered

Just wondering how to capture hulu shows and videos. If I am not mistaking I think I read  somewhere round the web some time ago that it was possible to capture hulu videos for offline viewing but I don't recall ho you actually do this.If anyone has any idea on this I'd love to take a look at it.

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Capturing thin parts in 123D Catch

I'm new to the 123D world and have a question about capturing thin items like handgun grip panels. Is it better to lay something thin down flat or would it be better to somehow stand it either on edge or on the bottom? I want to try to print some new panels and plan to start with the capture program. Thanks, Curt

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Can you download or record video on Hulu?

If possible I would like it to be free.

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Print screen button on keyboard for video capture? Answered

I know there is software for this, but could using a 555 timer and a print screen button on your keyboard make a video capture device? Separate images would be stored, but software could stitch this together.

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Does anyone know how to capture Netflix live video streams? Answered

This question on how to capture Netflix live video streams has been bugging me since a couple of months ago. I have looked around a bit for ways to capture or record Netflix video streaming ,but I since I am still new to this sort of thing I didn't quite understand how this can be done. I was hoping that someone does know how to record Netflix movies and could help me with a couple of ideas.

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Webcam to Video Capture Card (s-video)

I have a webcam (usb) which I want to connect to video capture card (Osprey 100) having s-video input port. How could I do this? Is it possible? 

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Motion sensor capture/record image/video

How to create motion sensor to capture/record image/video using arduino camera using pir sensor and arduino uno.

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Desktops of September - Finished for this month

Thats all the patches for this month! Get working on your set ups for next month!Happy September, since Joe Martin filled in for me last month, I realised its time I did this months, if a few days late...Me and Han have been at a friends wedding this last weekend, I realise now its only a couple of months till our wedding...I have decided that these desktop show off topics have actually been doing really well. So I am pleased to up the stakes.Free Patch for every submissionThe screenshots have to be different to last monthsThey have to have a description of whats going on (geektool, objectdock, etc)They have to be listed as a new comment below!To take a picture of your desktop on a windows machine use the printscreen key on your keyboard, Open up paint, Edit, Paste and then save this as a png. then upload this onto Instructables.To take a screenshot on a mac use the apple key, Shift and 3. This will save the picture to your desktop then you can upload it to Instructables.To take a screenshot in Linux go to Applications>Accessories>Take screenshot. If this doesn't work blame Lithium Rain ;-)I have a nice new set of wallpapers this month.My main screen is running a Leopard Vector reboot wallpaper, I also have the following running..Geektool, in a range of Helvetica NeueTinkertool, which is keeping my dock in a different style, and puts the eject button in the menubar.My second screen is running a favourite wallpaper of mine, one that I rejigged to fit portrait.Finally, my third screen is running a picture of me and my Fiance Hannah from when we were in Durham.I have added an extra picture of my current screen set up, so you can make more sense of my screenshots!So, get your Desktops and wallpaper screenshotted and sorted, and collect your Patch! (5th picture)- gmjhowe

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Desktops of Oct & Nov - Creative Patch Addition

Want to get another patch? Last months desktop wallpaper thread did excellent, it would seem you loved the idea of getting some patches for your work. This month I am going to ask you to work harder for your patches! I want to encourage your creativity, so dig out one of your best digital photos, whip open photoshop, or show off a great new interface. All unique, creative and personal desktop screenshots will get a patch! Unique, creative and personal means we are looking for something new and fresh, not just a wallpaper grabbed off deviant art! Whether its a custom interface, or a home made wallpaper, just something that is unique to you. This month I have a couple of home made wallpapers to show off, I created both of these from scratch. By scratch I mean I actually cut up those bits of card, and glued those bits of marble. Both wallpapers were then accented and grunged up in photoshop. I then used geektool to match the type already on the card to make the date and time blend in. Tinkertool adds a few extras, including the modded dock, and menu bar items. Little Snitch runs in the menu bar, keeping an eye on what programs are doing. 3rd screen has a picture of my Fiance - as always :D 4th pictures shows my crazy screen set up! What are you waiting for? Post your most creative desktop set up, and claim you patch! Be sure to explain any fancy programs you have running also. To take a picture of your desktop on a windows machine use the printscreen key on your keyboard, Open up paint, Edit, Paste and then save this as a png. then upload this onto Instructables. To take a screenshot on a mac use the apple key, Shift and 3. This will save the picture to your desktop then you can upload it to Instructables. To take a screenshot in Ubuntu go to Applications>Accessories>Take screenshot. If this doesn't work blame Lithium Rain ;-) PS, I know this is like 28 days late, but I have been busy (I get married on the 7th of Nov!), also doing a joint two month edition means I will be able to check back and dish out patches!

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Super Bright Light for Nighttime Video Capture

Introducing the ProdMod Night Vlogger 160!Michael from ProdMod designed a high powered version of his photo light using a Luxeon LED with heatsink - The following project is a neat way to make your own high powered video light to attach to your digital camera or camcorder. I called it the NightVlogger 160 after I read the term on this article of someone willing to use this type of light to allow him to take paparrazi style video at night. At 160 lumen it is very bright and fits in a slim AAA battery holder using only 3 batteries.Make your own or buy the kit.Check out the facts at ProdMod.Then use it to film your Halloween shennanigans and post them here!via: MAKE

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Can I use a digital camera to capture still images from a video source ?

Can a digital camera be used to capture still images from any video source since most cameras have an AV output in place.

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How do I catch majuas (smelt)? Answered

I live in miami Florida and they're every where any suggestions on how to catch them?    

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I want to capture photograph from two cameras how to create a manual twin camera click triger???

I want to capture photograph from two cameras how to create a manual twin camera click triger??? In short two cameras should capture at same moment. from only one switch..... {Its used to capture 3D photographs known as analglyph imageg} Please explain completely.....

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What technology is needed to "capture" a handprint on a t-shirt and evaporate to orginal blank t-shirt form?

I am looking for a technology (I was thinking LED lights) to capture a placed handprint on materials such as cotton t-shirts. Once the handprint is quickly captured, I want the handprint to evaporate through a quick reset procedure or within a few seconds naturally. Is there anything out there that will capture imprints on materials? FYI I have no technology background, so please be kind on choice of words in explaining your thoughts and ideas. Thank you

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A Screen capture software that can export to Quicktime (.mov) !?

I'm looking for a Screen recording software that can export to Quicktime (.mov). I tried capturing what I want in avi format and then converting it, but the quality suffered too much. I want a screen capture that records directly to MOV. I had the Camtasia trial, so I guess I can't download it again... I also have Camstudio, but it can only export to avi or swf. Help??

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Can you capture the data from a radar gun?

Hi, here's my project, I want to create a device that could capture data from a radar gun and be translated into say microsoft excel. Then I could find average speeds, time of day when people speed the most, things like that. I've have some programming knowledge, a little circuitry know-how and i'm wondering if there were any guides out there that could help? I've been looking around but no luck.  I was looking to buy a cheap toy radar gun and capture the data, perhaps using an arduino and then translate the data in excel. if all else fails, I may look into using an arduino with 2 IR outputs. set them a known distance away and measure the time it took to trip the second one after the first one.. thus giving the velocity. If theres any help on this project that would be great. I'm so interested in these kinds of projects I want try to fiddle with my own.

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How do I capture the collapsing field of a coil so I can use it again?

If I energize a coil and then switch it off, I get a collapsing field, I would like to capture this field and use it to energize a seperate coil, is that possible, and how would I do it. Thanks.

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Capturing tiny sparks/flashes of light via video/photo?

Alright, for one of my upcoming Instructables, I need to capture tiny sparks or flashes of light (same thing, just not sure exactly what to call them) on video and take a picture also. I've tried and tried, but no matter how dark the room is, I just can't seem to get it on video. Even if I see it myself, for some reason it doesn't show up on camera. Is it possibly due to the fact that the light I'm trying to capture is ultraviolet light turned into blue light? Thanks!

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My camcorder is DVD based, and encodes into MPEG-2 format.  the quality is poorer than the previous model owned by me, a tape based camcorder with same specs. the difference is the storage media, and the villain is the compression. Now i need the uncompressed video, i don mind the size of resultant file.jus give me a way to raep it in full! i read somewhere that uncompressed vid is passed on to LCD viewfinder. 

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Why Wireshark is not decrypting the captured wpa file even i have correct password and essid ?

I tried to capture a file where network using security as below: [WPA-PSK-CCMP-TKIP] i am trying to insert a WPA Pre-shared Key in wire shark preferences under the protocol of IEEE 802.11 but when i enter a correct key nothing happen anyway to identify and fix this problem?

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Does anyone know how to hook this up so it can capture video?

Does anyone know how to hook this up so it can capture video? i got it out of a cell phone.

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I am looking for help building a solar data capture device.

I need someone to build a device that measures sunlight level data, stores it on the device and outputs via USB. The device needs to be small (soda can size or smaller), battery powered and water proof.

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helloi want to desing a emg working prosthetic arm 1st problem is how to capture emg data.plz fing solution?

I want to desing a emg working prosthetic arm. 1st problem is how to capture emg data.(means circuit for sensor,placement of sensor) plz fing solution?

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Spy Cam?

I have this circuit from an old $20 camera (pic sucks, I was lazy so I used my scanner lol) anyway it requires a computer to capture video (it only holds pictures without one) Is there a way to capture video from it without a computer on me? I'd love to use it as a "spy" cam.....

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Can I use a wireless access point to capture wifi and just plug in my Laptop?

I can get Wifi in my attic but not in my room downstairs. I want to get/make something that will capture the signal so that I can either plug in my laptop using an ethernet cable. I have looked at making things like a cantenna but I can not figure out how to get the signal to my laptop from the coax cable. Can someone please help.

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Can I capture the data from a device it's way to the display, after it has been delt with by the circuitry?

I am looking to hack a complex device, so let's start with something simple...I want to take a pulse oximeter that measures blood oxygen levels and pulse rate, and use this data with my arduino.  Is it possible to capture the data from the pins going to the display and use that? Any help would be appreciated, I don't even know where to start, except testing for voltage on pins and frying things.

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Mountain & Outdoor Photography

Photography is a passion of ours! We enjoy sharing our moments we capture in the field with people who enjoy photography.   Below are a few links of our work, as well as the settings used to capture this photo. We hope you enjoy, share and comment.   500px Facebook

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How can I send the video captured by a web cam using Microcontroller,wireless.???

I am building an All terrain bot which will be wireless controlled from a host computer. So I want to send video from the bot to the host...Can any one suggest any mechanism within a reasonable budget ????

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