Pumpkin Carving

So it's almost Halloween…and I need pumpkin ideas. Keep in mind that I'm a kid and I'm not that good. I've looked only for ideas online but haven't found any. The picture is what I did last year (i wasn't done though) but I'm looking for something a little more advanced then it.

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Pumpkin Carving

Get ready for Halloween by planning out the perfect jack-o-lantern. Whether you've never carved a pumpkin before or are looking for something more advanced, we have 10 great Instructables that will help you out.Make something awesome, document it, and be sure to enter it into our DIY Halloween Contest!Also see: Halloween Decorations Halloween Costumes Halloween for Kids Halloween Makeup Halloween Party Halloween Masks Neat and Easy Pumpkin Carving Step by Step Instructable by kmd08 Learn the basics of hollowing out a pumpkin and transferring a design to cut out. Make a spooky Darth Vader Pumpkin! by Markp.com Bring the Force to your front porch with this Star Wars jack-o-lantern. Bas Relief Light Sculpture by stripmind Use different depths on the pumpkin to get a really unique effect! Life-size Skeleton Pumpkin Carving! by mcraghead Use the pumpkin as a raw material and you can make your own bones and ribcage to make a complete skeleton! More work, but worth it for the look. dry ice pumpkin for Halloween by dave spencer Carve out a face with a puckered mouth and put in some dry ice to create a fog-spewing creature! Laser Pumpkin by novalasers Ditch the candles and upgrade to a full on laser show. Combine with a fog machine to get the full effect. Super Mario Bros. LED Mushroom Halloween Pumpkin! by Joe426 Lasers a bit too much? Then toss in some color-changing LEDs and bring a retro image to life. Animated Jack-O-Lantern by J_Hodgie HIf the regular jack-o-lantern is a little too static, you can make it move and really surprise those trick-or-treaters. Mac-O-Lanterns by Fusebox Old technology is spoooooky. Those old drives must be harboring some evil thoughts so why not make them look evil as well? Roasted Pumpkin Seeds by canida Remember all that goop you scooped out of the pumpkin? Save it! Roast the seeds for an excellent fall snack.

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I want to make necklace that will last 1,000 years... Answered

I like to carve bone and wood, and I was wondering if there is a carvable material out there that will last for a long time. Possibly something inorganic, like a plastic. The material needs to be carvable, colorfast, waterproof, and pretty strong. Any ideas? I've though of Corian, but I hear it's quite brittle.

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pumpkin carvings :P

Well I got a little hyped up for halloween and I carved the first pumpkin for this year :D. I think it came out pretty great. (unfortunately it will probably wither and die before halloween in two weeks)

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Carve and cast moulds

Hello I was wondering if anyone was interested in buying the molds I created to make the cast and carve chocolates in my instructable.  https://www.instructables.com/id/Carve-an-cast-chocolate-treets/ It means you don't have to go through the pesky business of carving or making our own molds to end up with some fun chocolates.. or you could use something like plaster and end up with some nice casts. 

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Pumpkin-carving resource

I know it's early, but there's no harm in being prepared, and, who knows, you might want to practice? I came across the Extreme Pumpkins website via Randy Cassingham's This Is True* newsletter. It's full of photos of past years' pumpkins, as well as free patterns and pumpkin-related tutorials (such as how to illuminate your carvings with road flares, and the proper use of power tools when carving). Go, be inspired, and then come back and show us what you made. *If you are afraid of thought-provoking journalism, do not subscribe to the This is True newsletter.

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What are the things needed to carve TOOTH (like carving IVORY)?

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How to carve wooden flowers?

I have a need to hand carve wooden flowers and plants for outdoor use.

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Carving a Pipe for my husband

Hi, This will be a new expierience for me.  I'd like to carve a "simple" smoker's pipe for my husband.  I've got several tools, and have made wooden earrings..........any idea's for me? Thanks, Jankc

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What's a good thing to carve stuff out of?

I was thinking something with the consistency of linoleum, but i can't find any linoleum cubes or something similar. Anyone know something similar to linoleum that i can carve stuff out of?

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Jesse Hensel, San Francisco Art Institute Ice Art Team Captain

I am a contemporary artist as well as a traditional woodcarver. This will be the third time I have participated in the World Ice Art Championships in my hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska. Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture, San Francisco Art Institute: Expected May 2008 Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Sarah Lawrence College: 2006 Additional Images of my work can be found at: www.jessehensel.com

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how do i put a stem back on my pumpkin? Answered

 my pumpkin's stem fell off but i need it on in order to do my carving in it i already tried hot glue

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How to make corks more solid and hardy? Answered

Hi! I'm trying to create the chess pawns out of corks, i need to carve just a few more of them. But i want to made them more durable. Right now they're tender and fragile (i'm worried that i can break them easily). Is there a way to make them more hardy? like some glue or some kind of paint... I want to keep them rough, without bright or smooth surfaces, but i want them to be harder, what can i do? thanks!! :)

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Are there Dremel attachment(s) meant for removing or shaping solid aluminum? Answered

First, I'll explain the background for my question.  I've been meaning to make a 1000 lumen Maglite (Jayrob from CandlePowerForums conceived the design-look it up, it's awesome).  I can get the heatsink from CPF vendors but they come with a 14.5mm diameter pedestal.  I want to reduce the diameter of the pedestal, ideally to less than 12.5mm in order to use a reflector with a smaller hole. So, which Dremel rotary tool attachment(s) would be appropriate for removing and/or 'shaping' aluminum?  Any ideas, other suggestions, or musings?  Thanks.

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can anyone help me carve a guitar neck?

 im wondering what the steps are. im making my own

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Pencil Tip Carvings by Dalton Ghetti

Artist Dalton Ghetti's pencil sculptures- amazing beauty out of pencil nubs! NY times article on Ghetti.

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Logo Carved onto human hair

Thought I'd share thisBoing Boing Gadgets' Joel Johnson was at McMaster University yesterday where he met a researcher who used a focus ion beam microscope to carve his school's logo on a human hairI find it amazing how well it came out. If we can do this now, just Imagine what well be able to do in the future! Advertisement spaces in hair?!!!

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What is a good wood carving project for beginners????

I need a good wood carving project to do .I have chisel's

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Favorite Wood

For woodcarvers and whittler's, what's your favorite type of wood to use? Personally, I like using Mahogany for it's nice reddish coloring, but I also use Basswood quite often.

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is there a substance out there that once carved reduces in size.

Is there a substance out there that can be carved or moulded that can reduce in size keeping its proportions intact. i know you can get the reverse, a substance that can grow in size keeping proportions intact (Thanks Goodhart). I am trying to sculpt in miniature and its breaking my heart

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Broad-tip calligraphy pen form skewer? Answered

I'm wondering if you can make a calligraphy pen from a bamboo skewer. Gratias, josh1324

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What can i do with a broken up coconut shell? Answered

The only cool stuff i could find used at least half a coconut, I didn't have any near-perfect circle-halves or circle-1/4s (as you can see in the pictures). What can i make with the pieces in the pictures attached?

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New Group: "Woodcarvers & Whittlers"

Link to Group: www.instructables.com/group/woodcarversandwhittlers/ This is to inform all those woodcarvers and whittlers out there of the newly created group for them. You don't have to be proffesional or even nessacarily good to join. As long your interested in it or have it as a hobby/job ... feel free to join!!!

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Any good ideas on how to carve out a few tree stumps into jack o lanterns?


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Woodcarving Patterns

Sometimes woodcarvers will work off of patterns, if you have any patterns you've created and would like to share you can post it here!!!! You can also post an idea for a pattern (including roughly what size you would want it to be) for a woodcarving project, and maybe one of the members of the group can create the pattern for you.

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Instructables robot pumpkin template

I would like to carve a pumpkin with the instructables robot on it. Can anyone make an instructable on how to do this? Thanks!

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Where can I get a good set of woodworking tools for relatively cheap?

I've just gotten interested in wood carving and don't have good tools to carve stuff, so wanted to know where to get one, including both types of gouges and chisels and whatnot.  I'm also not really sure about what pricing is normal for these tools since I'm just starting wood carving.  Yeah let me know if you know somewhere good! Thanks, Peace Out!

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Malware on bone

I recently watched Bones (it was on FOX) , and they had a computer genius who somehow killed a person, arranged a code out of the victim's spine, and carved malware onto bone, shutting off their computer system's fans. My question is this: is it possible to carve a worm/bug/virus on to bone (or anything for that matter) so that, when scanned, it wreaks havoc on computers or mainframes?

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Ice Art Alaska: San Francisco Art Institute Team

INTRODUCTION:In March 2008, a team of five graduate students from the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) are determined to participate in the World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska. Four sculptors will compete in the Multi-Block Classic event, which involves carving over 700 cubic feet of ice in under 132 hours. Additionally, we are bringing one archivist who will record and write about our experience. We seriously consider Ice Art as an opportunity to enhance our artistic knowledge and ingenuity, as well as to positively impact the communities involved.TEAM:Jesse Hensel, Team CaptainEric ReyesStephanie InagakiJesse WaltonLaura Rogers, ArchivistCONTEXTIce Art brings together communities from various countries -consistently from Canada, Norway, Russia, Japan, and China - and at all career levels including professional artists, students, and local residents. Each team has a different approach. Some will celebrate traditional craft while others will pursue edgy artistic expressions. Some will produce monumental forms while others will carve small-scale objects. For six long days, the SFAI team will work intensely together in the harsh Alaskan environment. During morning and evening meals they will reenergize and discuss different carving techniques and landscape traditions with other participants. This experience will undoubtedly benefit those in the competition in addition to educating and entertaining audiences worldwide.For general information about the competition visit: http://www.icealaska.com/COMMUNITY PARTNERS1. San Francisco Art Institute2. Make Magazine3. Morrow and Hensel Consulting4. Instructables

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Getting Started

I'm looking to get started at wood-carving, and am wondering what I need to get to get started. What tools? and where to get them? What are good woods? What are good first-time projects? Thanks

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Precision Pumpkin Carving, Easy Home Brewing, Where the Wild Things Are Hat

Precision Pumpkin Carving Easy Home Brewing Where the Wild Things Are Hat Make an Armor Mask Light-Up LED Leggings Army Man Costume Polygon Lamp Kit The Instructables Card Game Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies Mini Altoid Gas Grill 5 Great Lemon Tricks Wooden RC Quadrocopter Fold-Down Workbench Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Sandwich The $0 Coil Gun

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What would be the best bar of soap to use if I was going to make a soap carving?

I want to make a soap carving of a heart for my wife but don't know what matterials I need. What type of bar soap is best? What other tools do I need?

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Advice on lost wax casting

I am looking at the cheapest way to begin casting pewter with the lost wax casting or with creating rtv silicone molds and it looks like dental wax is generally the same as jeweller's wax. I would like to know if this product looks suitable for carving for lost wax casting: http://dentala2z.co.uk/PRE10379/en I would of course melt it to make blocks to carve from. It looks like it would do the job, carving wax seems to be really expensive in whatever form. Im also looking at using silicone and corn starch. thank you

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(newsletter) Make Money with Cards, Underwater ROV, Melon Carving...

Sep 25, 2008 Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; } window.open("/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup1","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); } Welcome back! The Craft Skills Contest closes for entries this weekend. Submit your own crafty project and win a Singer sewing machine! The latest round of Burning Questions has launched! Help us with your answers and win a cool prize pack! Enter your food hack into the Hungry Scientist Contest and win your choice of some sweet prizes. The Forbes Fabergé-Style Egg Contest needs your eggs! Take an egg (real or fake) and decorate it inside and out in homage to the classic Faberge style. You can win a Sonos music system, and get your egg featured in the Forbes Galleries in New York City! Live near San Francisco or planning a trip? Stop by for one of our build nights and make something cool in our office! October 2: Intro to Chainmail.Upcoming... Get ready for the biggest and best Halloween contest ever! October will be here soon, so start working on an elaborate costume and creepy decorations! Don't forget, anything posted since the close of last year's contest is eligible. How to make your fortune at cards by KaptinScarlet Make a superhero cape! by jessyratfink Build a wind turbine by mdavis19 Build a Surfboard Episode 1: Shaping by TimAnderson Closes for entries this weekend!Share your best food hacks! Joint Boards without a Jointer by Phil B Expandable Hydroponics System by wiley coyote Sliding pants rack by phantazn Illuminated Stained Glass Egg by RadBear Easy garlic bread and cheese by robbyt1961 Zombie Friend by Poe-tate-o Underwater ROV by SpaceShipOne Simple Melon Carving by dustinbikes 10 great outfit ideas to check out Unleash your decorating skills Easy T-Shirt Bleach Sketching by goosezilla Contemporary Street Number Plaque by cornflake_81 How to paint walls by dragonvpm Halloween decor werewolf head by missmonster Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; } window.open("/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup2","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); }

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What is the best construction technique for a 4-foot tall sculpture of a human face? Answered

Must be somewhat portable (ie. not carved out of stone, not using a ton of steel as a frame). Can have less detail or be more stylized than the images shown. UPDATE: I used sheets of polystyrene which I glued together and carved. Will post link to an Instructable soon!

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Gothic & Sacred Heart Pumpkins

I carved around thirty different pumpkins for the Halloween carnival this year. While the traditional jack-o-lanterns and extreme pumpkins were popular. Two of my favorites were these departures from the more typical carvings. The Sacred Heart Boo pumpkin was inspired by a Mom tattoo that I saw recently. The Gothic Boo pumpkin was started with a small bat cookie cutter which I used to transfer the design to the pumpkin with a small mallet. I found a gothic type style that I liked and printed it out and used a awl to transfer the design to the pumpkin. Finally, the bat shape cutter was used to punch holes on the back side to throw bat light patterns on the wall when lit. These sold the day I cut them, so I did not get the chance to take night photos. Regarding technique - The carvings where made with an Xacto saw blade, small wood gouges and lino-cutters (print block cutters).

Topic by jamestown 11 years ago

Wooden Bird Sculptures For Sale

All of My Hand Carved "Birds in Flight" are wonderful gifts to give for any occasion, especially for art lovers, and those who are hard to please. Who wouldn't want a beautiful, lifelike,life size bird sculpture of their own to display with pride, especially since You never need to clean their cage ? Please contact me with any special orders as I am sure I can create the Bird You love most, in a flying pose. This sort of carving is very rare, with wings open, and are made with all the love and care I can possibly conjur up.Each Piece is Unique sculpture, and original, never duplicated, one of a kind Sculpture, and sure to be a great conversation piece !Please contact PoconoPat@gmail.com for More details and prices.Thank You !See more of My artwork Here !http://www.woodenbirdsinflight.art.officelive.com

Topic by PoconoPat 10 years ago



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Dentists/Lost Wax casting artists, advice about product please? Answered

I am looking at the cheapest way to begin casting pewter with the lost wax casting or with creating rtv silicone molds and it looks like dental wax is generally the same as jeweller's wax. I would like to know if this product looks suitable for carving for lost wax casting: http://dentala2z.co.uk/PRE10379/en I would of course melt it to make blocks to carve from. It looks like it would do the job, carving wax seems to be really expensive in whatever form. Im also looking at using silicone and corn starch. thank you

Question by lsadwdwadw 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

3D cutter or mechanism to hold various power tools controlled via computer

I'm looking for a project or site where I can find knowledge on building a rig to enable the carving of an item from a top down point of view.I've seen images of people's engraving setup's which is close to what I'd like, but I need it to be more. As a simple example of what I'd like to do is if I had a cube block of wood, use this rig to say carve/shape a pyramid. I'd write myself a program to control various motors based on some sort of data that held the model of the pyramid. Thanks.

Question by KennethS154 3 months ago  |  last reply 3 months ago

Prop building using Pink Foam sheets?

Found out that Pink Foam is used in building signs,grave stones "beloved tombstone" and other props. they showed examples but lacked the how to's need to know more besides a dremel tool what else can you use with this foam. can you treat it like wood carve patterns in to the foam?

Question by Eyewondery 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Where can I get an old blank wax sealing stamp carved?

I want to buy a nice old blank wax seal and have my own image (bee) engraved. Do you know where I can get that done? http://cgi.ebay.com/SMALL-GEORGIAN-GOLD-CITRINE-BELL-SHAPE-FOB-SEAL-CHARM_W0QQitemZ140372644960QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Jewellery_Watches_VintageFineJewellery_CA?hash=item20aedc9460

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How long should I home dry a large oak log for carving? Answered

Hi, I have a large trunk piece  29" in diameter and 5 feet long with the bark still on it.  I want to dry it out for carving on one side and standing it in my yard for a decoration, similar to a totem pole.  How should I dry it and for how long?  Also, I have two pieces about 10" x 29" thick that I want to hand carve into a large bowls. Same question, how long?  And finally, I have coated the ends of the logs with black roofing tar so that the wood will not  having checking. Will this suffice for the smaller cuts as well? Thanks  Tom

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How can I make a miniature mummy freak-show display? Answered

I want to be able to carve a monster out of a material that will shrink and shrivels somehow. Is there a technique to do such a thing? I have heard of the shriveled apple faces. Anyone think that would work (carving a monster out of an apple and drying it)? Does anyone know of other techniques that result in a convincingly decayed-looking freak? like this:

Question by nepheron 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Halloween contest

Here is my front yard that I do every year for Halloween. I use a variety of techniques, mostly Rigid Foam Insulation that is glued and carved for the tombstones and columns.

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whittle a pipe instructable

Recently i have been in the hobby of whittling smoking pipes from tree branches with a bowie knife. I was wondering if i should post an instructable.to give a basic idea it would entail how to shape, drill the bowl, drill from the mouthpiece to the bowl. how to round the pipe and smooth it. please leave comments, ideas, and tell me if you want me to post and specifics if you want special details on it. thank you for your time. sorry for bad image only have my laptop camera for the moment.

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How can I set up a dental tool as a high speed hobby engraver? Answered

I have this:  http://www.dickblick.com/products/iwata-sprint-jet-studio-compressor/#itemspecs  Compressor and I know it can't run it with something like this:  http://www.treelineusa.com/power-carving/pneumatic-tools/nks-presto-handpiece.html or can I? What I don't know is can it run a dental tool. Something like this:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Portable-Dental-Air-Turbine-Unit-4-Holes-2-High-Speed-Push-Button-Handpiece-/251980511734?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash;=item3aab3579f6 Though that thing says / w compressor... I don't think that thing is a compressor.  Can anyone shed some light on this for me? I would love to be able to carve into wood or eggs or do calligraphy with one of these tools

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can anyone tell me where there is a good place to find or get patterns for carving on walking sticks and canes ?

Have beeb trying to find such any help is greatly appreciated. reply to : shadow061@yahoo.com

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How to make a Custom Figurehead for our boat? Answered

Don't want to spend a fortune and yet want a durable classy custom designed FIGUREHEAD for the bow of our boat.  Hubby wants MY IMAGE of the head/bust with my long braids and possibly Angel wings that wrap around the bow on each side.  Someone suggested it be made out of PVC?  How does MY face/hair/bust get duplicated?  Does anybody do Wood Carving like this anymore?  

Question by pbilling 5 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago