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?Epilog Challenge?

I see things entered in the contest that are of other peoples design, is that legal, can I just mine the internet for others designs and enter them?

Question by rosemore    |  last reply

When is the next epilog challenge?

The title says it all, when is the epilog challenge??

Question by Jared_Reabow  

Who won the Epilog contest?

Who won the Epilog contest? The judging ended 2 days ago....

Topic by Rabarbervin    |  last reply

Epilog Challenge: coming soon!

Psst - want to win a laser cutter?UPDATE: The Epilog Challenge has begun! Click here for details.We know you do, so we've teamed up with the fantastic people at Epilog Laser to bring you the Epilog Challenge: to make an awesome project with a green twist!The most incredible project will win an Epilog laser, and runners-up will get the next-best thing: use of a laser cutter, from our friends at Ponoko! Laser cutters are absolutely incredible tools - the sky (or your imagination) is the limit to what you can make.Now a peek at some details from the contest page:What's a green twist? In honor of environmentally-friendly design and our Green Theme for 2009, we want to see at least some clearly-described green component in the design, no matter how small. Simply explain some way your design is energy-efficient, reuses materials, or is helpful to the environment in some way. It doesn't have to be the primary theme for your project - we just want to encourage green thinking at all stages of a project, no matter how small. Whether you've picked LEDs over incandescent lights, made maximally efficient use of scarce resources, or dumpster-dived for materials, we want to hear about the little steps that contribute to permanent changes in behavior.So, inspired yet? Start thinking and building now, since the contest launches next week!

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Epilog Laser Contest - Urgent

I have my Instructable here: and I tried to enter it into the contest, but it doesn't show up under recent entries, and when I go to the contest page itself and click "How to Enter" it says "Your Instructables that are already entered in this contest pending moderator approval."  How long does it normally take to get approved? Am I missing something here? I really want to enter this, and with the deadline less than 4 days away, I need help :-) Thanks, GoDoggie

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Epilog contest page layout

So, I saw the Epilog contest today and when I saw the page, I noticed the different layout for the header, and I liked it. Just stick in the orange and change the "You" bar to white and you have a much slimmer header bar for Instructables. Any thoughts?

Topic by n8man    |  last reply

New Epilog Challenge Coming Soon

Coming soon, very soon, is another Epilog Challenge! That's right, we'll be giving away a Zing laser cutter to the most awesome Instructable entered.

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

Where is Epilog V Contest Page?

I noticed that Epilog V Contest disappeared from the current contest page? (Today July 28, 2013)

Topic by sath02    |  last reply

Epilog and Pocket sized electronics challenges

Hi, I would like to submit an instructable to the Epilog and Pocket sized electronics challenges. It is a spark/electric arc generator, which has many uses such as using it as a spark gap radio transmitter, igniting flammable gasses or liquids (camping stoves), or using the high voltage to charge capacitors. The circuit is based on that of a DIY stun gun, so the project could be used as a stun gun. In the rules it says the project can't be 'potentially dangerous'. So would this project be disqualified from the challenges for being too dangerous? I would of course warn people not to use it as a stun gun in the instructable.   Thanks in advance :) Detective Inspector Me

Topic by Detective Inspector Me    |  last reply

What would you build with a new laser cutter?

If you won, what's on the project building agenda? This isn't part of the contest, I'm just curious.

Topic by lebowski    |  last reply

Unboxing our new Epilog Laser Cutter!

We got something awesome in the mail today - our new Epilog laser cutter!Check out the unboxing photos - I'll post more once we've got it set up and running.It's a 75 watt Epilog laser with a 24"x36" bed - we're going to make some awesome stuff with this one. If you have some great ideas for things to laser cut, bring your plans and materials to to one of our build nights and try it out. (PM me if you have any questions.)You can do almost anything with a good laser cutter - expect to see lots of fantastic projects posted soon!

Topic by canida    |  last reply

How do you vote in Epilog without scrolling through hundreds of projects?

I want to have vote for an Epilog project but I have to 1) scroll through a bunch of projects to find the one I want or 2) click a bunch to get a button on the project page. Is there an easier way? .

Topic by joiek    |  last reply

New Ideas

Hey i have a couple ideas to enter in the epilog laser contest If you have any post em and get them reviewed. One idea i have is a Laser Pistol! its an old technique of stimulating photons. If it is run under the best conditions it can be up to 1,000,000 Watts at 1 ms bursts, post your new ideas

Topic by itsthatsguy    |  last reply

how hot is a laser cutter beam? Answered

How hot is a laser cutter beam? I was thinking of using a magnifying glass and the sun to burn into metal or stone.  And when I say magnifying glass I meant using a giant frens lense Overall my goal is to carve into metal, stone or brick.

Question by Houdinipeter    |  last reply

What would you make with a EPILOG Zing laser?

What would be your first or favorite thing to make with an EPILOG Zing laser?

Topic by nepheron    |  last reply

Epilog Challenge - How can you find the instructable you want to vote for??????

Is there a way to find an instructable to vote for in the Epilog Challenge without scrolling through all 400? Why can't a person vote from the page for the instructables or search by instructable name? This is way too hard! Or, I'm missing something. HELP!

Topic by joiek    |  last reply

Epilog Contest rules: instructables must "not contain or incorporate the intellectual property of any third party" Answered

Does this mean that we can't say brand names of supplies or store names of where we got our materials? I do not want to be disqualified for this! : - )

Question by FeedTheGrid    |  last reply

How to cut different plastics using epilog legend 32, 30 watt laser cuter/engraver?

So my school has an epilog legend 32 laser cutter engraver. I'm trying to cut some plastics but at slow speeds it barely touches the top and melts it. i have tryed higher speed and lower power but i get the same results. the frequency is at 2500 and can go to 5000. any sort of advice to how to configure the laser to cut plastics right and with out it burning?

Question by Travpena    |  last reply

Get ready! Epilog Challenge V is starting on Monday!

We're so excited to announce that the Epilog Challenge is back for its fifth year! We've teamed up with Epilog to give you the opportunity to win a fantastic Zing 16 Laser, power tools, and Instructables prize packs. Epilog Challenge V is open April 15th through July 15th - so you've got a long time to build something awesome. We can't wait to see what you make! Head to the Epilog Challenge V contest page to get all the details.

Topic by jessyratfink    |  last reply

International Epliog entries

I would like some clarification regarding this year's Epilog Challenge. It states "International entries are accepted." but there is someone in the comments (Culturespy) authoritatively  claiming "International entries are not allowed due to international shipping restrictions on lasers. Sorry guys." Is Culturespy right, or misguided? My contest entry is going to cost me more then any of the other prizes are worth, so it is only worth me pursuing if I have a shot at the laser cutter.

Topic by NathanWilliams    |  last reply

Have you entered our latest Epilog Contest yet?

It's only got a week left, and we know there are so many fantastic projects out there that haven't been entered. You should have a look through your recently published projects and enter them al! Just as a reminder, we are looking for ANY awesome project you've made. It doesn't have to be a huge build or something tech-y - as long as you created something it can be entered! The Grand Prize is a Epilog Zing 16 laser cutter and three FIrst Prize winners will also get their choice of one of three power tools! :D Instructables must be published between April 15, 2013 and July 15, 2013.  Check out the official contest page for more details.

Topic by jessyratfink    |  last reply

How Many Are You Planning on Entering?

I'm just wondering how many entries that other people are planning to enter into this contest. I personally have two entries that I want to enter.

Topic by Gjdj3    |  last reply

Extreme laser cutting - First reason to enter the Epilog contest.

I was doing my daily rounds, one of which is to search 'steampunk' on flickr, when i happened across these. With the upcoming Epilog contest, i thought they were most relevant.From, Flickr user Jared most of his good work (for a quick glance) is in his lased Flickr setIf your looking for an incentive to enter, just have a browse through these pictures. My personal favorites are the cool cubes. Which i think would look great on any desk.There is alot more to be found, if you have a browse. Any of you on flickr, be sure to drop some nice comments.

Topic by gmjhowe    |  last reply

Why does my instructable keep getting rejected for the Epilog Challenge? Answered

Https:// Why does this keep getting rejected from the Epilog Challenge? It says it's eligible but I keep receiving rejections anyway.

Question by pyro1234567890    |  last reply

Multiple Contests?

My screen name is Fallental, I entered my instructable, "Duct Tape Tool Tote", to 3 contests. Craftsman tools contest, Epilog Challenge Contest, and the Duct Tape Tough contest. It was accepted into the Epilog Challenge very fast. 48 hours are not up for it to be accepted into the Duct Tape Tough contest, but I was wondering if it was going to be accepted or not because its already in another contest (Epilog challenge)? I really want it in the duct tape contest. Thank you, Fallental  

Topic by fallental    |  last reply

What happens if you enable another promo code

Right now I have a 3 month pro membership, but I got another 1 year pro membership for being a finalist in the epilog contest.  What happens if I enable the 1 year membership.  Will it just add on, or will is "erase" the 3 months, and just be a year?  I am pretty sure that it will just tack on, but I just wanted to be sure that there wasn't a bug.  Thanks in Advance! AI (soon to be TTR)

Topic by JaredsProjects    |  last reply

Distinguishing laser colors? Answered

Do you know of a way to distinguish colors in laser diodes?The method has to be doable without turning the diode on.

Question by Derin    |  last reply

Why is that Puerto Rico residents are excluded from some of the contests?

I feel very disappointed and discriminated by instructables, after I was looking at the Make it Stick Contest 2, and the Epilog Challenge, and I find out that I can't participate, because Puerto Rico is excluded. Please I personally request some more information about this subject. 

Question by skizzikpr    |  last reply


Check out the New innovation in construction using discarded plastic bottles...Think it is not strong enough ? heres the link to the instructable..

Topic by nav.sparx    |  last reply


I just submit my newspaper tray instructable today and the system says could not enter the contest. Why? I want to participate in the Epilog contest. Please answer

Topic by cremolada    |  last reply

Can not enter contest,message says my instructable was posted before the contest started

I am trying to enter the father's day contest with this, But I keep getting a message that says my instructable was posted before the contest started. When I was posting the instructable the toy contest and epilog contest had the same message. So I published the instructable and then I tried to enter the contests. The epilog and toy contests worked fine but the fathers day contest continues to give me the same rejection message.

Topic by artlife  

Is it allowed to make changes after being accepted to a contest?

I have been accepted to the Epilog Challenge and want to make some changes to my instructable. Some questions have come up in the comments and I think some clarifications would be needed.

Topic by Groover    |  last reply

Whenever I post an instructable a bunch of A like symbols appear on the instructable, how can you get rid of them? Answered

My instructable is for a big paper mache shark and its on the 4th epilog challenge see it if you can help that would be appriciated (voting would be to)

Question by DELETED_professor awsome    |  last reply

Being accepted into contest?

Its been four days since i submitted my instructable into the jury rig and epilog contests and was just wondering if you get a notification when its been accepted or do you get on if you aren't accepted. Thanks!

Question by whosLiam    |  last reply

Full Spectrum Lasers

Hey Everyone, Recently I have been looking at different C02 laser manufacturers to see if there was anything that was affordable but still of professional quality, and I stumbled accross Full Spectrum Lasers.  I am wondering if anyone on the site has any experience with their products and their customer service. The reason I am asking is because their prices almost seem too low; comparable Epilog lasers seem to cost at least twice as much.  I know that Epilog is probably one of the biggest names in the industry and have apparently been around the longest, but I don't see how that alone could cause such a price difference. So basically, if any of you have had good or bad experiences with Full Spectrum your knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Nathanael Scheffler

Topic by NathanaelScheffler  

Laser cutting and engraving machine

Hey i wanted to ask you people that has any one used Epilog Mini 18"x12" company's (U.S.A.) laser cutting and engraving machine as am planning to buy in sometime so i want to know hows its performance :) as am from india so suggest me accordingly

Topic by dj_square    |  last reply

Wondering time frame to receive a prize?

I was a runner-up in the 4th epilog laser challenge.  I got the instructables prize pack about two weeks after the contest ended. However I still haven't gotten the leatherman juice.  I was just wondering if this was normal.  Any further light would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Topic by pastprimitive    |  last reply

Moderation Rules in a Contest

I submitted my instructable into the epilog contest BEFORE the closing time, however is hasnt been reviwed yet. If my instructable is reviewed AFTER the contest closes will my instructable still be entered as I dont want to miss out.TomHere is my instructable

Topic by DELETED_whizzkidtom    |  last reply

New bathroom signs at the office

Woohoo! We now have new signs for our bathrooms. Now people will know exactly what to do when they see them. Both of these were cut with the Epilog laser cutter. The first sign has foamcore cutouts on top of black acrylic. The second one is white acrylic with black sprapyaint applied on top.

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

Judgement Dates Past Due

Hey, I like to watch the contests and all because I'm interested to see who wins (plus I'm rooting for one in particular, but that's neither here nor there). But the Epilog and Pocket-Sized challenges judging end dates keep getting pushed back. Is there a reason for this? Can someone pretty please help me understand? Thanks! -Me

Topic by tjorgensen1    |  last reply

(newsletter) Twittering Office Chair, Commodore 64 Laptop, Glowing Alien...

Sign-up for this newsletter: WARNING: LAST CALL to submit your awesome projects to win an Epilog Laser and Ponoko gift certificates, or books from Klutz! Klutz Rubber Band-Powered Contest - Open to any rubber band-powered contraption. Win cool books from Klutz! Closes for entries this Sunday, April 19! Epilog Challenge - Enter any awesome project with a green twist for the chance to win an Epilog Zing laser cutter or gift certificates from Ponoko! Closes for entries this Sunday, April 19! Earthjustice United States of Efficiency Contest - Create an energy-saving Instructable and you could win a MacBook Pro! The April Fools Contest and Burning Questions 7 winners have been announced! See who won here and here. The ThinkGeek Hacks Contest winners will be announced tomorrow. Press Aluminum Cans into Wall Tiles Toothpaste Squeezer The Green Twist Machine Commodore 64 Laptop Closes for entries this Sunday! Win a MacBook Pro! Glowing Alien in a Jar Build an Eskimohut in wood! Movable Record Player Greeting Card Sharpen Your Drill Bits Featured questions from our new Answers section: How can I get crispy french fries at home? Could a prism and lenses be used to make a stereoscopic video with only one camera? Needle Tatting a Necklace Vehicle Efficiency Upgrades Auto Spy Remote Make a Brass Bird Cage Dress Closes for entries on Sunday! Dozens of tips Foot Operated Computer Mouse Recycled Cardboard Lamp - This Way Up! Make a Ceramic Sphericon The Twittering Office Chair Sign-up for this newsletter:

Topic by fungus amungus  

Copyright , exclusive and non-exclusive rights, as it relates to publishing an instructable?

Exactly what rights does one provide to the instructables community when publishing an instructable? Am I still able to publish the information used in an instructable in a magazine? I'm thinking about entering the Epilog instructable challenge. I kind of gathering that publishing something here I am providing a non-exclusive right. Does anyone know?

Question by jiovine    |  last reply

home page error

Every time i go on instructables since Tuesday the home page acts up. (most likely for attention) The part that is normally orange is now white. (This only happens on the home page) This didn't bother me at all until i tried to look at the Epilog contest. I realized that the contest section is missing. I can still navigate my way there but it is kinda tedious and frustrating. Not to much of a problem but time consuming. Any suggestions?

Topic by fearme36    |  last reply

Going Professional with information from project upload

I've never seen an instructable that had information on how to turn a project into a weekend business?  I don't know if there removed from the sight, or nobodies done one yet?  I'm not suggesting any one business contact, or link.  Just some loose ideas on how to make a Saturday Market booth.  What I need to know is would putting that information into my instructable exclude me from the epilog contest?

Topic by cfuhr1    |  last reply

Maker Faire 2009: Scott Landon Woodturning and Lasercutting

Wood-turner Scott Landon was hanging out in the shop building at Maker Faire. He's trained as a machinist, but now spends most of his time at the Sawdust Shop working wood on the lathe and experimenting with the ways he can use the shop's Epilog laser cutter to do new things with wood. He's come up with some pretty amazing stuff!Traditional veneer inlays are quite tricky, so he's been experimenting with using the laser cutter to etch the space for the inlay then testing different materials to fill the gap. Check the pictures below for examples using thread, laser-cut fabric, laser-cut paper, and polymer clay as inlay materials. These materials are more conformal than wood veneers, and can span the curved edges of a bowl nicely. For those interested in following up on his experiments, he swears by Gorilla Wood Glue as it apparently dries without cloudiness. We'll definitely be trying some of his ideas here at with our own Epilog laser! I bought one of his small laser-cut paper pendants (see the red piece below) to put up at Instructables as inspiration.

Topic by canida    |  last reply

How do you control 2 motors, 4 servos and 2 stepper motors for a RC airplane? Answered

For the upcoming Epilog challenge I was wondering if there is a 4 servo 2 motor controller for a R/C airplane.If there is can you give me the specifications on what to look for? Is there also a way to control 2 stepper motors from the signal from the transmitter, it has to be semi-light, or light enough for a RC airplane. How could a program both the motor/servo control and the stepper controller?

Question by squirt8500    |  last reply

Laser etching photos on wood

I am using an epilog 40 watt laser to etch photos of animals on 4 x 6 pieces of wood such as cherry, maple, and bamboo. In the final product the image lacks luster and the "wow" look I am wanting.  If anyone had advice as to improving the processing and post processing, please let me know.  If I need to apply a coating in post processing, please recommend one.  I tried Olde English but wicking became an issue and the image became too dark.   Any advice will be appreciated!

Topic by mjones0731    |  last reply