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Would you like to see a FAQ on here?

Is there an interest in an FAQ? If so, what are some questions you'd like to see on it?

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adding to a existing instructable

I have a question about  a  instructable. I am getting ready to install a  outside triton camping hot water heater to  my existing modern outhouse instructable.  I was wondering if i should just add it to the existing modern out house instructable and if so would it be eligible for a future contest or should i just  make a whole new  instructable  ?                                                                                                                    Thanks  Jim

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Msdb no longer exists? Answered

I have a problem with the hard drive on which was Windows 2008 SBS server. Drive is faulty and no longer works. I was able to restore Windows 2008 SBS server but the SBSMONITORING msdb no longer exists. Backup no. What you can do in this case?

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Does such a microcontroller exist? Answered

I am looking for an easily programmed (arduino compatible preferably) chip like an atmega but with an internal 16mhz clock. does anyone know of such a thing?

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Does this switch exist? Answered

It may just be my google-fu failing me, but I can't find switch I am sure must exist: A sliding switch with reversing (DC) polarity. At one end of the slider, power is full "forward".  Slide the controller, and power decreases.  Reach the centre, and power is zero/off.  Slide past the centre, and power increases again, but with reversed polarity, ie in reverse.

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Existing Crocheted Instructables

I know there are so many cool instructables already out there about crocheted things. Anybody want to share any for inspiration for the contest? I love my muppets: They're actually on display at the American Textile Museum right now. And I did make Animal, I just haven't photographed him yet.

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Enter existing instructable into contest

How do I enter an existing instructable into a contest?

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Non existing Reply button

The Reply button seems to be missing in some answers.

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How many instructables exist?

Is there a way to tell how many instructables are currently on the site? Also, if you magically know the answer to the first question, can you tell how many existed 6 months ago?

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weapons that dont exist but should

I was looking at the Uncyclopedia article called ''Weapons that don't exist, but should''. I was thinking if any of you guys can think of new  ones that are not in the article.It could be any thing from suicide sheep to landmines that explode into attack dogs.

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Is this a novel idea and or exists already? Answered

I'v been creating this idea in my head of a led back light that changes color based on the color of your monitor. Using sets of Red Green and Blue leds to create all the color combos, it would find an "average" color of your screen. Essentially including your peripheral vision in your games/movies.  Im curious if this is already exists in some form i could purchase or if it is something I would have to build (any suggestions)?

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Insualtion of an existing tin roof?

Hi, I have an existing summer room with a single skin, 4" corrogated tin roof. It is attached to the roof of the home and I do not wish to rip it apart. I was thinking to install a none bearing set of 4"x2" timbers, a half in from the existin roof, then insulating with 1" x 4'x8' sheets of styrafoam sheets, then a vapour barrier nder this. My main concern is the condensation produced on the inside of the tin roof, when it warms up. If I insualet the way I,m intending to,will this stop this condensation or do i need to do more to prevent it.

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How to find existing groups?

Hi all, I'm want to find a list of groups here at to look one/some where I can fit/help. But if I look in the search box, I found a lot of things, ibles, posts, related to groups but not one list... Maybe a Group's button can be inserted anywhere in the instructables's home...

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RSS Feature: Does it exist?

One of my other favorite sites,, has a feature where you can filter OUT keywords from your RSS feed. I'd like to filter out knex from my RSS feed, so I don't see any more knex guns. Not that they aren't worthy of the site, it's just that I don't have any knex, and even if I did, I wouldn't make guns with them. Do we have that here? If not, can we get it? Thanks

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Why does this forum exist?

Okay, my topic is attention-getting and risks offending those that read it, however this is quite opposite of my purpose... It's long been my belief that the Instructables and Maker communities are populated by artists in their own right. There is nothing about finding the kinds of solutions that we find that says to me "this isn't art". I think that I'm biased though because I always think of my 'creations' through the lens of an artistic eye. Not necessarily that I have to make something "pretty", or value that over function, but that the function inevitably has an artistic aspect to it whether intentional or not. I'm not in a position now to make a lengthy essay to explain (or defend) my meaning, but I'm curious if there are other like-minded individuals that have something to say.

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Instructables - New vs Update Existing Answered

I have a couple of projects I've posted that I've made substantial changes to that I'd like to share. What is your stance on posting these changes as a new instructable vs updating the existing one?

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Do Imaginary friends really exist?

Most people (mainly mothers) think that imaginary friends are something to do with loneliness or depression but are they real? do they really exist? Is it really something wrong in our heads that cause it? Can you help me answer my question? Thanks -Cherish

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How to convert existing website to wordpress?

Step by step guide for a newbie...liek you are epxlaining it to a housekeeper..dummy it down

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How to enter a contest with an existing instructable?

Hi, I already made an instructable, and posted it after the start of the home improvement contest, but im having trouble entering the contest.

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Cloud sync existing outlook emails?

Hi all, i want to essentially clone my outlook(2010 pro plus) into the cloud so i can access old emails whilst away from home. so emails (with folder structure), calendar & contacts. a free option would be appreciated.

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Do pre-programmed PICs exist?

I'm trying to complete an instructable however I ran across a small problem: I need to program a PIC. Unfortunately, the devices used to program the PICs (Pickit2) are too expensive for something that I'll use maybe once or twice. Is there a way to buy pre-programmed PICs with custom code? Thanks. 

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Linking Facebook profile to existing profile

Hi there, I've got a profile on Instructables, that's been on here since 2008, and now I've just posted an instructable using my Facebook log-in, is there anyway to link the 2 together so that I can log in via either and get to the same profile? Profile name: Blyzz Facebook login: Jim Sher Thanks Jim

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Will "preformatted" text be fixed for existing 'ibles?

Just noticed today that the instances of preformatting I've included in past instructables don't display correctly. The three-bracket "tag" that works like the "pre" tag in HTML... Currently, it changes to a fixed width "courier"-like font, but no returns in the formatting are recognized, so the text just disappears off the right column (and doesn't wrap, either.) Same for old formatting in the 'ible comments, too. No returns in the PDF, either...

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How to Modify an existing circuit board?

Using a separate on/off switch wired directly instead of that supplied with this amazon product EL Wire, ESCOLITE EL Wire Kit Neon Lights Battery . How can I alter the circuit board to always go directly to fast strobe only? See the circuit board in this pic/video.As you can see in the last pic, I have removed the on off switch which was set up so each time you activate it toggles between / on, slow strobe , fast strobe, & off. The switch seemed to be just an on off mechanism, am I wrong?Amazon product is;=1

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Make It Yourself... Call For Existing Works

Cybersonica with Openlab Workshops and Manchester Art Gallery present: Make It Yourself CALL FOR EXISTING WORKS Make It Yourself is an exhibition of inventive Arduino and DIY electronic-circuitry projects to accompany the major solo exhibition Recorders by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer at Manchester Art Gallery between 18 September 2010 to 30 January 2011. See for more information. A rapidly expanding community of people worldwide is taking advantage of new, cheaper technology and a growing pool of shared knowledge to make things for themselves – useful things, clever things, silly things, unique things. Make It Yourself is a ‘small but perfectly formed’ show of a handpicked half-dozen of these hand-made devices. We are now accepting submissions of existing Arduino and DIY electronic-circuitry projects from artists, hobbyists, hackers, DIY musicians and anyone interested in making things for themselves wishing to exhibit their work as part of Make It Yourself. We are looking for pieces that reveal and demonstrate: unique devices born out of imagination or happy accident how everyday artefacts actually work custom-made tools born out of a frustration that nothing else quite does the job modified consumer products that now do something their manufacturers never conceived of Overall we are looking for inventive projects that demonstrate a wide range of function and form, simplicity and complexity, humour and intent. We expect creators of selected works to provide a project ‘info pack’ of design schematics, component lists, code and step-by-step assembly instructions. Deadline: Monday, 13 September 2010 Notification: Friday 17 September 2010 Download: application PDF available for download from

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Building boxes to fit existing doors

I have about five Tasmanian Oak cupboard doors and they are an odd size (W:490cm x H:575cm). I want to use some of them on low-hung overhead cupboards in the kitchen. They have a board insert with a plan board on top and sides. They would look good, I think, just lightly stained and sealed or painted white in the farmhouse style. Problem is, because they are not a standard size and I cannot by stock cupboards to fit. I thought I could buy mdf or pine boxes to attach them to but the odd size makes this difficult too. So then I thought - I will have to build them myself. As I am a total novice, does anyone know how I can do this, tactically and in the most economic way? Thank you in advance ...

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Modifying an existing instructable or posting a new one

So I have an instructable for a Lego table I'm in the process of building a new one with a better method for the legs and also a track to hold some storage bins should I just modify the existing one, make a whole new instructable with all the steps, or just a new instructable with just highlighting the changes I did

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Cannot Edit Existing Instructables and Forum Topics

We launched a new WYSIWYG editor last night.  While we translate all the existing text on the site into the new editor's format, you can't edit old Instructables and forum topics.  We thought we'd have this taken care of by morning, but it's not done yet.  Sorry!  It will be fixed soon.

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How to pay out with existing paypal balance? Answered

I have had money payed into paypal, and sent out a payment which took the money from my bank account. Is there a setting to pay using the money that I have in my paypal account?

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Does an European alternative to Plasti-Dip exist?

A single can of imported Plasti-Dip in my country (Bosnia) sets me back way more than I'd like it to. Does anyone know any alternatives to it? Appreciate it.

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single wire LEDs - why don't they exist?

Because such a thing would totally solve my LED jewelry problems. I'd love to able to just solder an LED onto a necklace chain without needing to slice the chain. So why can't I? Curious.

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Editing an existing forum topic bypasses Preview?

Just wondering: When I edit one of my existing forum topics, is the Preview Topic button supposed to bypass the preview and just post the edit directly? Because it does. When I post a new topic, the preview button pulls up the preview page (usually, when it doesn't go to the Blank White Screen of Immense Irritatingfulness as previously reported in Bugs), where I can then decide to post or go back and edit some more. Editing an existing topic still displays the Preview Topic button, but clicking it posts the edits immediately with no preview page displayed. This happens in IE8/Win7. I wasn't sure whether this is a bug or a feature....

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best practice for Wiring to an existing pcb switch?

I am attempting to use an NES controller to control a digital picture frame. The picture frame has the switches built into the PCB. need to jump them out to the controller to use it's buttons. I am looking for the best practice to connect to the switch on the PCB of the digital picture frame.

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Can an existing home be eligible for LEED Certification?

My home was built in the early 80's and I've made several environmentally-inspired improvements since I bought it - compost, rainwater harvesting, Energy-Star Appliances, insulatiion, low VOC paint and a 47 panel solar PV system. I've been looking on the Green Building Council's website to see, but all I can find is info on new construction. All I really wanted to do is see if there was a list of possible improvements that can be made on existing residential homes (and possibly the point rating) so I could know if I'm even in the ballpark to meet the LEED certification requirements. I checked into this a few years ago, but with this new 2009 LEED v3.0 it looks like they dropped anything to do with existing residential homes, or maybe I'm just not looking in the right place. So, has anybody else looked into this? Is anybody here familiar with where I can find this information? I want to see what it's like before I register and get inspected so I can tell whether or not it is worth the effort right now.

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Is there an existing diagram to create a USB crossover cable?

I want to transfer files between 2 Linux computers without buying more flash drives, more SD cards, more network cards, more cables, etcetera. I only need this to work once in a great while. Could I simply hack up a male A to male A USB cable and cross the data lines? That is how it goes for all other transfer cables I know of.... I'm guessing that makes the most sense, but I'm still guessing. Can someone tell me if that should be enough to get the hardware "talking" properly. Another question (to post later) will ask about using Linux on the 2 connected systems, but without a proper transfer cable, the second question is moot. TIA.

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how to make a rubber part that doesnt exist ?

Hi good peoples, i work at a place that makes and sells beef jerky and smokies. quite recenty one of the machines we use to cut them from links quit working properly and needs a new rubber pad for the clutch that stops the blade. the problem is the company we bought the machines and all parts for them it died with the owner so we cant replace them. my question is how hard would it be to mold rubber into a new brake pad for the clutch. i will put up pictures of the clutch and pad as soon as i can but i might as well start with the first problem how to cast and mold a rubber sturdy enough to do the job. all info on this would be greatly appreciated side note: now that i have the parts this is what they look like. two very soft rubber wheels with a concave treaded surface. the rubber tread is really worn down hence the need for replacement 

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An Amateur Television Down Converter. Do they exist. Answered

I've read on Wikipedia where it states "ATV transmissions can be viewed by setting a television to cable input and attaching an outdoor 70 cm antenna. For more sensitive reception, some users may use a purposely-built ATV down-converter." How can I build one or can you find it. I could probably get an old cable box but it suggest that you can build a down converter for the purpose of receiving Amateur TV on your television.

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How to install WP Simplicity to existing Blog Site?

Has anyone insalled to an existing Blog Site? Do you need to deactivate existing Plug ins etc?

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How to check if a program exists from a bash script?

How would I validate that a program exists? It should then either return an error and exit or continue with the script.  Can someone help me???

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If i wanted to add something to my existing instructable

If i wanted to add something to my existing instructable . Say i improved on a instructable . Do i just  add pictures to it and then republish it or can i collaborate with just myself ?

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How do I enter a contest with an existing instructable?

I made an instructable and want to enter it in the fashion contest, but when I click ENTER NOW!, all it says is create a new instructable. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong and how to enter? Thank you.

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Need pictures of all existing star wars guns.

I'm going to try to make every star wars gun from paper.  Yes, I'm crazy, but I'll have alot of instructibles by the end ot this. Post them in the comments and I'll get to work.

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Does it exist? 120v inductive indicator light system.

 I run a car wash and I need a way to quickly tell if equipment located in hard to get to places is on and working or not. What would be great would be a remote bank of lights that came on when a device was drawing current. What would be perfect is if I didn't have to wire it into everything - for instance inductive sensors (like the cheap ones you can buy at HD that beep and flash when current or voltage is present) that can be placed on the outside of a wire run and report back to the bank of lights whether or not there is current flowing. Anybody ever seen anything like this? Murphm7

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does a small ethernet to ethernet wireless adapter exist? Answered

I need to know in order to use the internet and get updates on xbmc because the wifi program doesn't work but ethernet does so can anyone help me as far as where to get such an adapeter or where I can get some parts to make it.

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License plate spray to emulate (PhotoBlocker) existing products

I want to learn how to make my own photoblocker spray so I can use the tollway without my plates being photographed. I know PhotoBlocker already works but wondering if you geniuses can come up with an at home, DIY for this purpose. MANY thanks!

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Does a current activated switch as small as an OR Gate exist?

I have a type of connector that has two wires. two on one side and two on the other. One of the "connectors/wires" is red with ~5V and the other is white with a varying current/voltage of ~10mV to 3.3V which goes in either direction. This connector is meant to be plugged in, in either direction. So at any given time, only one side is receiving current. The bottom of the connector if thought of as a box comes into contact with a grounding panel, which shorts out the connector, and it does not function. What I need is to have a sort of switch, that when activated by current, can "turn" off the bottom pins when plugged in one way, and then the other pins when plugged in another way. I have thought about it and I can use a simple OR Gate, for the constant 5V, but OR Gates will not work going in two directions or at a varying voltage of 10mV to 3.3V. I was thinking that perhaps a current activated switch would work, but it needs to be a very small chip, and relatively low cost. Anybody have any ideas? Sorry for the poor picture. I am not an artist. ;) Thanks, in Advance. -Sterling

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Help with adding LED's and mini fan to existing circuit.

Hello, and thank you in advanced for taking the time to read through this and give me feed back. I greatly appreciate it. So I have a working circuit that is running off a 3 prong 120 V AC 10 amp power supply. I thought i would pretty it up by adding a led lit power switch and another plane led in a different spot, and make it a bit more reliable by adding a fan on the inside of the enclosure. I downloaded and app that calculated how much Resistance I need from the power supply to each led and fan (all in parallel). After i hooked everything up to what i thought would be an easy mod. to my surprise I smoked the resistors in under 60 seconds.   I talked to a friend who gave me some basic direction but couldn't give me technical stats. He said i needed to start with a transformer (i believe is the term he used) to drop the voltage, then to go to a bridge rectifier to turn the AC current into DC, then after that i would need a current regulating switch to give the proper supply for the LED's and Fan. Then from there he said i would be able to calculate the Resistance needed for each Led and fan and would be able to hook up the resistors needed with out damaging them. If this is the correct steps to take I can understand that; however, he was not able to give me any technical info on any of these components and what i would require. If these steps are correct, what i need help with is to determine what specs i would need for each piece, Including the resistors after the current regulating switch. (Technical Info) The 1st LED im using is a Switch that lights up when on and has leads just for the LED (the switch is already being used and works). I could only find the style i wanted from an automotive shop so it says for the led 12V only(unfortunately i couldn't find specs on the amperage the LED takes, but the switch itself is rated at 5amps). The second Led is a basic Green Led that i Purchased from radio shack, It is 2.1 V and runs on 30 MA, The fan im using is from an old game console and is 5V and runs on 80MA. Thank you for any and all help you give, this went from what i thought was an easy stylish mod to me ripping my hair out and scouring the internet for info, i finally gave up and decided to join this great community to ask for help with my specif conditions. Thanks Instructable Fam.!

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