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Batch file to copy files

Some body help me to create batch file which can copy files from a folder one by one into many folders. For example if one folder has 10 files then I have to copy those files (one in each) in each subdirectory of a given directory.

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Batch Files Answered

How do you get a batch file to emit text in multiple colors?

Question by batch master    |  last reply

AD_PRT files

I have a set of plans from this site which are in a very strange form, nothing seems to open them. What free programme on the net opens them? Why on earth would anyone use something so difficult.

Topic by anthonygdw    |  last reply

com files

I know how to convert batch(.bat) files to executable(.exe) file and to .com files but how do I convert first .com files into batch(.bat) files? and if its possible executable(.exe) files into batch(.bat) files? Thanks in advance

Topic by J.W    |  last reply

File types

Please turn down contributers that use .TMP files, and other weird types, that standard programs wont open

Topic by dwhite0    |  last reply

pdf file

The PDF file on my instructables is not update by the steps i published. how can i replace the file to a new one?

Topic by yaeliv    |  last reply

Pepakura files

Can anyone help me with finding some good Pepakura file sharing websites? I already know: But is there any other sites? or links to files?

Topic by jcbcrtr    |  last reply

Internet Files

I read this topic, was wondering if there was any way to open a video file, avi, swf, flv, mpeg, and copy it like you would a music file?Thanks in advance.

Topic by Garuda_Zeromus    |  last reply

autorun file

Wat does the autorun file of our drive contain i want the whole code,....bcz mine is modified by some means

Question by DNR  

batch files

Can you get a batch to send itself over the internet

Topic by azid    |  last reply

SVG Files

I signed up as a premium member and when I did it said I have access to download files. I need to know where I can get the svg files for the pulse generator. Can anyone help me as this was the main reson I signed up.

Question by crwhite57  

Error:No files.

I was putting the finishing touches on my newest instructable  and when I try to upload the photos that I need it says "Error: No files." Anyone know a workaround?

Topic by bravoechonovember1    |  last reply

Uploading Files

Just a quick question, I'm using Firefox. can i set a few files uploading for my 'able, then go to a new tab and do stuff there? what if i set files uploading in I.E and use Firefox to browse? anyone know? Thanks. Fudge.

Topic by Da_Fudge    |  last reply

An old file

I was cleaning my CPU hard drive and found a really old file. It's a story. I guess I should finish it, but first tell me what you think.the story

Topic by Ratchet and Clank    |  last reply

Files for knives?

Hey, i am kind of a novice when working with knives, i hope to learn more, but, can someone tell me if i can get my knife honed on a regular file without ruining it? it is already edged, i just need to make it a bit sharper because it ha gotten dull.It is a Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops just in case you want to know.

Topic by PyroManiac96    |  last reply

PDF Files

Alright, well the PDFS are REALLY annoying, since it pins the comments, advertisements, and banner of instructables right on there. I also wonder if anyone knows how to change PDF files so that I don't need to look at the terrible spelling of some users. Thoughts?

Topic by A good name    |  last reply

corrupted file!

Hello, i'm a pro-member since today, and i've became only for download the pdf about how to make your own 3d scanning with the technique of structured light. But when i try to download it appears the message saying that the file is corrupted. Im not sure if it's the place where to say it, but... I would like to get this pdf, please. some help? thanks

Topic by rojele    |  last reply

Batch files?

Hey people! Just so you know, im sorta new at this whole 'computer' tech thing. I was wondering how i could learn how to write batch, VBS, HTML, and JAVAScript. Please help, thanks

Topic by B.F.L.M    |  last reply

Uploading Files?

When making my step-by-step "Homemade Hedbanz Game" Instructable, I tried uploading my Microsoft Word files the same way I uploaded my pictures. They would say they downloaded 100% but I could never find them in my uploaded gallery, nor in my Instructable (I checked the "add to this step" box). I can't figure out how to do it, and I am scared my contest entries won't win because of it (I entered it into the Craft Contest and the Toy Contest). Please help!!

Question by jnbyrd    |  last reply

hex file?

I want the hex of this asm code but when u= i compile it in mplab ide it gives error 113 so how can i fix this or plz give me the hex file the asm code ;**************************************************************** ;* Name of Project: Flash A LED on RB0 *; ;**************************************************************** list P = 16f84 ;microcontroller identity ; e.g: 0x033 = hex value __Config 0x3FF5 ;**************************************************************** ;Program ;**************************************************************** org 0x00 ;start of program bsf status,rp0 ; select bank 1 movlw b'00001110' ; movwf option_reg bcf trisB,0 ; make bit,0 of Port B output bcf status,rp0 ;select programming area - bank0 movlw b'00000001' ; xorwf portB,f ; sleep end a simple program i wrote to blink an led 

Question by robot1398    |  last reply

collate notepad file to excel file?

Basically i use to collate the data with the help of this batfile command as below copy *txt link.xls i need a help to copy the numbers of txt file to collate in a single excel file with the below specifictions. I have number of text file that text files has its repective name,what i want to do is to collate the set of text files to a single excel file with the column to be added in the excel file with the respective text file names.

Question by mayking4k    |  last reply

How to turn .STL files into .SVG files?

Im looking to laser cut a part but i need to figure out how to get a cross section file saved as an SVG file. I made the part on inventor, exported it and then tried to upload it to 123D design but it wont allow me. What do i do?

Question by LancerRobotics3415    |  last reply

Posted file not downloading with the correct file name

Https:// I attached a NES rom I made to my instructable, and when you click on it it comes up as random letters  with a .TMP extension.  (asdkfj2ljh2l5hkjhlhjaf.tmp).  You can still download it and rename it, but it still shouldn't be doing this. Thanks for the help!

Topic by WhatULive4    |  last reply

Downloading embedded files

When I go to try and download embedded files in instructions that aren't first placed in a zip file, they are downloaded as .tmp files. Here's one example: The downloaded schematic file comes out as FHJASA2GICYB6DA.tmp with a URL of Any help? Thanks in advance!

Topic by cdjolley    |  last reply

Trouble uploading files

Having difficulty uploading files.  I've selected the files and pressed the upload button.  The percentage uploaded increases to 100% but the files stay on the upload list with a status of 100%.  Files are not attached to the step nor do they appear under "your library".  I'm using Firefox 14.0.1.  I've also tried it on Chrome 20.0.1132.57.  Had this problem this morning (Pacific time) and this evening.  This morning I was on a different local network than this evening - so not a network problem.

Topic by talk2bruce    |  last reply

pc file to mac

I have a PC file and i cant open it on my mac, is there way i can make it compatible with my mac?

Topic by ian9114    |  last reply

Batch File Help

Okay, so I figured out how to make one batch file send information to another one. The solution was quite simple. Sejma helped, both witht he final design and for support. I just want to know if there is a way to time an IF command without using CHOICE. Basically, I want to combine the two: ping localhost -n x > nul if %a% equ a goto a If that is even possible, I don;t know. I know I've posted a million questions already, so I'm very sorry about that. Thank you for your time. EDIT: Figured it out. IF %A% EQU A GOTO A & PING LOCALHOST -N x > NUL Now, does anybody know how to convert a .EXE file to a .BAT file?

Question by TheBatchies    |  last reply

Variables in a batch file?

Im working with Vista SP1 and experimenting with batch files, i came up with a problem so i'd see what you thought. This is the code i was using::top@echo offcolor 0aTitle Experiment by Meecho -------------------------------------echo Type a letter between a and d.echo -------------------------------------set /p letter=if %letter%=agoto a:aecho This is the result of entering Apause>nulWhat happens is that the box closes after you enter your letter and press enter, i dont have any more results (i.e. where it says :a) because i found it didnt work

Question by Pawn_of_Prophecy    |  last reply

Can't Delete Files

Hello, I am having some problems deleting images from my image library. Once any image is uploaded, they cannot be deleted, even if they are not assigned to an Instructable, or have ever been. No matter how many times I click on the delete button at the top-right corner of an image, the image disappears for about half a second, and pops right back up. Thanks! 1John310

Topic by 1John310    |  last reply

Gerber files and Eagle

I am just starting to use Eagle for my PCB design and I figured out how to use it for the most part. I want to use Kcam for CNC wich can use Gerber files, but I can't figure out how to make one in Eagle. How do I export a Gerber file? I looked under export but it wasn't there. Does it have something to do with the CAM processor? If so, How do I use it? Please Help! Thanks.

Topic by gimmelotsarobots    |  last reply

Gerber files and Eagle

I am just starting to use Eagle for my PCB design and I figured out how to use it for the most part. I want to use Kcam for CNC wich can use Gerber files, but I can't figure out how to make one in Eagle. How do I export a Gerber file? I looked under export but it wasn't there. Does it have something to do with the CAM processor? If so, How do I use it? Please Help! Thanks.

Topic by gimmelotsarobots    |  last reply

Trouble with the .gif files

When you are typing up comments and such, you cannot view the gifs, so i typed a comment, and my display picure is a gif, people cannot see it move. Is it my problem or...? Tell me if you can see this animating gif and in the comment I posted!

Topic by knex_mepalm    |  last reply

Convert File to Folder? Answered

Is there a way I can use batch file to convert a file to a folder and back to a file again. OS: Windows 7

Question by vorlock    |  last reply

Batch file zip

I need a batch file that will zip up text file with a password that resides on a network drive. Can some one help me with this?

Topic by computerguy    |  last reply

rar file recovery?

If there is an avi file inside a bunch of rar files, it's split into like 40 some files. and one of those files is corrupt. how can i tell winrar or winace or some software to not delete the file after it extracts it and detects that it's corrupt? this way i figure i can use divfix to repair the avi file. anyone got some ideas on this?

Question by Stewartpaul    |  last reply

Forbidden File Access

I have been having some issues with accessing to a file that is attached on an instructable. It is a word document, and people, including me, have been having problems downloading this file. This issue has been wide spread already, and we will really appreciate it if this problem can be fixed. This picture is the screenshot of what it shows when I click on the file.  The page that consists this file is: The file itself is: I hope that this can be fixed! Thanks!:) 

Topic by HBang    |  last reply

Batch file viruses

I need to know how to create a batch file virus, and some works please.

Topic by Beniah    |  last reply

laser cut files

Can I have the laser cut files for the dual axis smart solar tracker.thanks

Question by Mostafa nazmi    |  last reply

Corrupt .dbf file? Answered

Hello guys, Is there any way to perform recovery on a corrupted .dbf file? I will be greatly appreciated for help!

Question by AmMauro    |  last reply

pdf files will not download

PDF files will not download, I am using firefox  3.6.10 on a Windows 7 O.S. PDF files from other sites are  downloading OK . I paid for a pro membership  specifically to enable this feature.

Topic by nick50    |  last reply

Ino files problem

During publishing my the last Instructables project there was a problem with uploading .ino files. It was at beginning of November. There is message "Internal Server Error". It looks, according web description, an error is not on my side. I have asked Instructables team for help. They have answered. issue is known, and promised to do something and solve a problem. But nothing was done for more than four weeks. Other photo files were uploaded, but it looks like a problem is for all text files. Can somebody advice how to upload ino files?

Question by kamil47    |  last reply

corrupted rar file? Answered

Hi, I have a rar of which WinRAR says that the CRC is wrong, and the file is corrupted. I allready tried to "keep broken files" when I extract, and I allready tried to repair the file. It doesn't works. What can I do to extract .rar archive? Thanks in advance.

Question by altenabaste    |  last reply

Corrupted Excel File? Answered

Hi there, We have an Excel file that has become corrupted and even when trying to repair itself an error is produced.

Question by gylesbryan    |  last reply

Batch file menu.

I need a super simple way to have a batch file open other batch files with a menu, that has several options. It is part off me cleaning up my desktop, where you could open the file, and choose the number you want (say pictures or word documents) and it would open a folder with them in it.

Question by XOIIO    |  last reply

Batched file creation

I would like to have a simple batch file that would allow me to copy the entire contents from the system drive (C:) to a signal directory on another drive, In others words I want copy of the entire directory tree including all file but stored in one directory. I assume it can be done with xcopy. I use to right this type file all the time but the year have taken that ability from me. Thank for any help you can give me.

Question by ka3ebe    |  last reply

Matrix Batch File

Please could some one write me a batch file that says makes the command prompt says Will, The Matrix has you...

Topic by bloodsugarsexmagik    |  last reply

Arduino file extension Answered

I haven't been using Arduino for a while but there is something going on with the file extensions. When i rename and save a file the extension gets changed and it can't be opened again. Just adding .pde or .ino doesn't do it. I am using .022 and 1.0.5 for some applications so i think going between them is causing the problem. Is it possible to find a common file name or remove the extension preferences so i can retrieve my sketch. 

Question by WWC    |  last reply

PDF File Not Updating

I editted an instructable that I submitted yesterday. I added new pictures, attached some files, and added some new instructions. These items are shown correctly on the instructables; however, the automatically generated PDF file was not updated. It's contents still show a previous version of my instructable.

Topic by thb43    |  last reply

File download forbidden

Posting this here because e-mail to info@, support@ and has not been answered... I'm a Pro member, trying to download this file: from this page: and receiving this error: "403 Forbidden Request forbidden by administrative rules." Please advise. Thanks, Eric

Topic by ericgoldsmith    |  last reply