flex arm chandliers

Hi, I would like to make a large chandlier and I would like to purchase bending arms such as the one seen on this website. Can anyone please direct me to where I can source / find these bending arms. Kind regards, flaxseed http://www.keslighting.co.uk/metal-lux-flex-adjustable-18-light-pendant-12831800?gclid=CN-hrP75lrsCFeXnwgodIy8Atg

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Does someone have a flexdex longboard? i am getting the classic 29. has any one ridden the classic 29?Also my bro has the pro 40. the pro 40 is amazing! please tell me if you have ridden the flexdex classic 29

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Arduino Leonardo with Flex Sensors

I am trying to build a flex sensor gloves that acts as the input and translate the bend of the flex sensors into output in the PC. But it seems i cant get the coding right. I am using the Arduino Leonardo as my microprocessor. Creating atleast 3 input which operate the right, left and up button to be used in a basic car game. Anyone can help me constructing this project? Thankyou. Appreciated.

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flex sensor glove with max/msp

Basically the situation is that i’m in my final year of university and wanted to do something ambitious for my final major project. I wanted to make a glove to control effects built in max/msp. I wanted to know if anyone has personally tried this, how difficult it was to make it work with max and what materials they used (flex sensors etc). Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced.

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Can I wire RGB LED flex ribbon with cat5?

I made 4 custom light boxes using rgb led flex ribbon, can I power and wire these using cat5 cable or is that too thin for 6 amp 12v power supply these things are going to? the longest run from one box to the powersupply will be 20 feet

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Garmin nuvi suffers an untimely end

Help me save my Nuvi.  I was replacing a battery that would not hold a charge when the screen module slipped taking with it the flexible circuit connection to the main circuit board.  My attempt to revive the Nuvi is now on life support as I'm not sure if the connection is mechanical or uses some kind of adhesive... If anyone can shed light on this pesky problem it would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Got any tips on replacing an exhaust flex pipe? Answered

So, the flex pipe on my good old Mercury Mystique is almost fully cracked on one end.  The place where the flex pipe and braiding are connected to the solid exhaust pipe is only about 25% intact.  The result is that my car sounds like a hot rod when it's running, has about as much power as a scooter, and is likely leaking carbon monoxide and other nastiness into the cabin. Obviously, this needs to be fixed. Normally, I'd take my car to an exhaust shop to have it fixed.  This time, I have neither the cash (likely at least $600, but probably more like $800) nor the inclination (spend 800 bucks on a car that would sell for 500? no thanks!) to have a pro fix it for me.  So, I want to do it myself. I've already purchased the proper length of flex pipe with the intention of grafting it in.  I have a saw to cut out the old pipe, ramps to get under the car, and flux-core wire welder.  So, mechanically-inclined friends, have you got any tips for me?  Can I weld in the new pipe while everything is attached to the car, or do I have to remove the exhaust system and weld in the new flex pipe on the bench? Can I save myself the hassle of welding the pipe and simply clamp it in place?

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selling LED Neon Flex light

Manufacturer ,competitive items are: 1.LED Neon Flex light ( effect : single color,muti-color,7 colors changing ) contact ways: Eml:Babuler@gmail.com YM messager:zbabuler@yahoo.com Msn:babuler@hotmail.com

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How to fix the stem of the Philips Sonicare tooth brush? (Flex Care & Flex Care +)

I broke 2 Philips Sonicare tooth brushes and would like help in fixing them.   The problem is the stems have gotten loose and the replacement toothbrush head does not fit tight anymore.  Is their a repair person who is familiar with this problem or is there someone who could tell me what to do to fix it myself?   Mine have become loose right after the 2 year warranty is over.

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www.yescell.com Motorola Z6M V9m V8 Housing LCD Flex LCD factory

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Can I repair a flex ribbon cable? Answered

Is there a way to basically bond or splice two ribbon cables together? I have an expensive mouse and it was dropped. The cable was severed, and I want to know if I can repair it, because it's sort of oddly shaped and isn't just a straight cable like the kind I could buy from Digi-Key or something? It is attached to the ball control circuit thing of an iMac mouse. It can't just be replaced because it's built into a tiny flexible circuit. It is the kapton type.

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How do i wiring my Cyber Glove (Arduino Mega + Flex Sensors + Bluetooth + Gyroscope) ?

Hi guys! I need  a help on wiring for my Cyber Glove and i'll be using  1) Arduino Mega 2) Bluetooth Module (Cytron) & Bluetooth Shield (Cytron) 3) 2 Flex Sensors 4) 3 Gyroscope Can anyone help me on the wiring by showing the schematic and etc.  Thanks :)

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Dyna-Flex PowerBall Tachometer Hack HELP !?! Is their anybody out their????

I'm looking for a way to Hack this Dyna-Flex PowerBall Tachometer ( Speedometer ) I wish to use this LCD device to Time ,register shutter speed,& motor speed for 16mm & 35mm Motion Picture Cameras. The Tachometer displayes RPM's, I need to know the exact speed of the camera, ie: 1800 RPM's = 24 fps ( frames per second )I'm not sure how this unit works ? Induction current ? The Dyna-Flex Gyro Ball has coils & a magnet that is incorporated in the Ball. The Tachometer will only register the RPM's if it is on top of the PowerBalls window, and not on the side of the ball.This unit could be used for many other applications. Since it is the size of a Silver Dollar and uses little or no power, with the right pick up ( magnetic ? ) it could be of great technical use with other HACK projects.

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the touch screen is grey color but still functional could it be the flex?

The touch screen have a grey color the light is fine,the touch is fine but it doesn`t show the colors properly i the ds lite opened didnt touch anything and after I close the ds the touch screen looked like that could it be the flex or something worse?

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Are there any inexpensive ways to make a material flex/contract when an electrical current is applied to it? Answered

I'm working on a small-scale prototype toy and it would be nice to have the ability to apply a charge to a piece of material and have it flex or contract. I kind of see it working a bit like a mechanical solenoid (and that is a possible option here although they would have to be tiny!) in that if the material looks like ____________ to begin with, when you apply a charge to it it becomes like __/\__ (excuse the poor ascii art!)

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Light(ish) and non flexible.

I am toying with the idea of putting together a non flexible notebook case. I really liked the look of my Timbuk2 sleeve and other sleeves out there, but they always leave out adequate support to prevent flex when in a messenger bag. I am pretty sure that being flexed across my back while cycling with a good amount of weight pressing on it killed the motherboard (twice!) on my old notebook and would like to avoid it again. I need some materials suggestions though. I need a non-flexible material to act as plates to be sewn into the outside covering of the case. Ceramic plate would be ideal, but the things that I have found are anti-ballistic and ridiculously expensive. Plate steel would work but it is heavy. Anyone out there with experience with plate steel or aluminum that can tell me how thin I can go without flex, or maybe some advice on materials that I haven't thought of?

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Detect finger movements while playing a piano?

I'm planning on generating the sheet music automatically while playing  a piano. However i need to first find a method to differentiate the notes played by the left hand from the right hand. My lecturer suggested i find out the points in the wrist where pressure is exerted when each finger is flexed (left hand). Is there a way to do this simply? Or are there any products, such as wristbands with in-built sensors to sense when a finger is flexed? I only need to know how many fingers of my left hand are used at a particular moment while playing.

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Possible project with 433Mhz RF Transmitter + Receiver Module Link Using multiple analog sensors

Is it possible to send multiple sensor readings via through a 433Mhz RF Transmitter + Receiver Module Link?..Meaning, assume that I have a three Flex sensors on the transmitter side and three servos on the receiver side. I have the project almost complete however I would like to make it wireless with these rf modules. When you bend a flex sensor its corresponding servo motor will turn depending on how far the sensor is bent. I do not know if this is possible using these modules since there are multiple flex sensors and they are analog (I'm not sure if analog is the correct term but what I mean is since the sensors will output an array of values I don't know if it will work since its not digital) If anyone knows if this is possible please let me know and also if you can I would need help with the code, I have never made anything wireless before but it seams really neat. Thanks to all those who reply!

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RGB Led lighting design help?

I have a project that uses a programable RGB Led flex light strip in a tube , I have been able to install that with no problem. What I need is at the end of the tube I would like to have the light project outward from the end , the problem is the flex strip can not be bent to go around the inside diameter of the tube which is about 2 1/2 inches. I was thinking if I could find a circular PCB that I could install RGB Leds into and then fit that into the end , this would fix  my problem. Any other suggestion would be helpful. Thank You! David Ciciotti

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Name brand vs generic dremel? Answered

I'm doing a project that involves grinding PCB slots off of an aluminum enclosure and making everything fit right - due to the shape of the enclosure it looks like I will need a flexible shaft in order to get into the case. A Dremel seems to be a good tool to use, however I am looking for something that will be able to grind aluminum fairly fast. Dremels, at least with flex shafts, are expensive. I'm looking for around $40, and this seems to fit. Has anyone had any luck grinding aluminum with a non-name-brand dremel? What about Dremel branded accessories vs ebay accessories? Edit: currently the one I'm looking at is this

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Can anyone help wih robot hands? Answered

I am wanting to make a robotic hand that senses a Flex sensor and then uses, preferably, picaxe components... Any suggestions, help, hints, anything would be greaty appreciated :) Tom

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C3 Corvette Stingray to Flex Fuel/Swapping engines? Or, Tell my if my boyhood fantasy can be a reality

Short story: How hard would it be to drop a new, maybe flex-fuel, oh-say-maybe-an Impala engine into a C3 Corvette? Long story: I love Corvettes. A lot. I have decided to save up enough money over the next two years to purchase a C3 (1968-82) Corvette, and bring it up to modern motoring glory. I've been poking around, and looks like I can get a POS for about 10-15 grandios americanos. ANYWAY I'd like to replace the old engine with a nice new fuel injected, computer controlled, more efficient engine then whatever is inside. All I'm really after is the body. Frumpy 70's interior and matching engine numbers be screwed. My question to you: Several new Chevys are flex fuel, how hard would it be to get a wrecked car (I'm thinking an Impala might be about right), take out the engine and computer control goodness, and stick it in said 'Vette? My plans for the Corvette, I'm thinking a '80-'82 if I have choice, I'd totally get a '64 split window, but they be EXPENSIVE: ~Complete interior overhaul; brushed aluminum dash (retro-motorfied-Apple-esque?), sound system etc... ~New paint job; blue with silver racing stripes (like the new Shelby Cobra, reversed) ~New engine, and what ever mechanical tune-ups are required. ~I might make the sunroof removable ~Whatever else comes to mind in my owner ship of the most awesome thing on 4 wheels Thanks!!

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Homemade Wolverine Claws

These DIY Wolverine claws let you get a little more into the popular X-Men character. These claws release by flexing a muscle and can totally take on an army of mutant cardboard boxes. Homemade Real Wolverine Like Claws X-Men - The best home videos are herevia Gizmodo

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How in the world do you gleek?!?!?!?

For all you tards out there:gleeking is the act of making pure clean saliva squirt directly out of your salavary glands. i know its something to do with flexing your tounge but i dont know exactly which way so if you could tell me here or write an instructable that would be great!

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For Sale Nextel i870 i860 i830 i730 i710 Refurbished mobile phone housing flex cable lcd

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I accidentally poked small hole in freezer cooling line, can I patch it with flex seal or something like it?

Was de-icing my haier mini fridge, when I accidentally punctured a tiny hole in  freezer wall cooling line, it hissed for like 2 seconds. Is it safe to plug back in? and can I patch the hole?

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Easiest and Cheapest way to paint a latex mask?

Hey every one. With Halloween coming I’m preparing to make my Two Face costume. Because I don’t want to paint half of my face I’m using half of an (modified) store bought latex mask. My last step should be the most difficult, painting it. The half of a mask will be doing a lot of moving so I need a flexible paint. I’m only an amateur, but have read some about painting latex. Most methods I’ve seen require mixing different substances. I’d like to get away from that if any was possible, I’d like to make this as easy as I can. The other thing is that it has to be very cheap. I’ve already spent too much money on this costume, and would like to not spend too much more. If anyone knows a type of paint that is flexible and cheap please tell me, because I really need one. Thanks every one. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Adjustable Keyboard Tray

Trying to figure out how to make an adjustable Keyboard/Mouse tray for ergonomic purposes. Seems like it might be relatively easy with some kind of flexible tubing e.g. flex eletrical conduit. and piece of wood for the tray. Very surprised to find near 0 content on the web with this, especially since these trays aren't exactly cheap.

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How to Make a precision metal tube?

I recently bought a mini metal lathe. I'm making an airsoft gun on it, and i need to make a barrel. The particular gun I'm making is the ppsh-41 (for all of you guys that play cod5, you know what i'm talking about! and for those who don't know, it's pronounced peh-peh-sha), which requires a barrel length of 270mm (found from the blueprints). This is just under a foot, and about the max my lathe can handle (but mind you it can still handle it! ). For an airsoft barrel, the inner diameter should be 6.01mm (as BB's are 6 mm in diameter and you want a tight seal for max accuracy). How can i create a precision barrel like this? My plan for the most part is to take a brass tube with an ID slightly smaller than this, and put it on my metal lathe and then fine tune the inside. The only problem is is that i would need a 1 foot long (or i suppose 6 inch long if I go from both ends, but it might affect the bb where the 2 cuts meet at the center) cutting tool that's less than 5mm (leaving some room for error) in diameter, and won't flex pretty much at all along it's 1 foot length. Or does the flex part not matter because it would flex a consistent amount the whole way? Anyone ever do something like this before?

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9 inch relaxed S shaped fat fake tounge that can flex under pressure, but will always snap back to original position?

I'm making a 9 inch tounge for a krampus mask, it needs to be an S like shape, be flexible enough to bend but always snap back to position, and Ideas how I can make this on the cheap?

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I need help switching power back and forth between 2 120v solinoids that are attached to air valve for a flailing prop Answered

I need to fire one side of the valve and than the other side quickly for 15 seconds or so Im lost on this one. I have a modified motion sensor to trigger it and a flex timer for the duration of it , but getting it to cycle is an issue. Thanks for the help

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Replacement flanges for 2002 Ranger exhaust?

I'm replacing the rear half of the exhaust on my 02 ranger. (consists of the intermediate pipe the muffler and the exhaust pipe) There's a spring load gasket asssembly between the exhaust pipe (going to muffler) and the cat. converter. The flange on the cats pipe is rusted out. Anyone know if a split flange repair kit (or something akin) is available. I'd rather not do a chop job (remove the flanges on both pipes and install a flex pipe etc.)

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flywheel replacement step by step on 94 gmc 1500

My truck has an auto transmission and a v6 i would like to know if anyone knows were i can find a step by step or somethin along those lines. im pretty handy and ive done it once before, but it was on a v8 mustang, so i would like to be able to go over some instructions. thanks

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What is the ultimate glass glue?

I've been looking for the ultimate glass glue. I have tried many that claim to be, but in reality they are pretty much Testors model glue in a different package. All I have come across dry a bit rubbery and while it may be desirable in some projects, with a little flexing, the glue peals away. I have seen glass glued to glass that was clear, rigid and unyielding. So I know that it does exist. Suggestions.....

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IWhat's the most flexible, clear or translucent white, plastic tubing? Answered

I'm working on a multicolored mask with EL wire and want to string the wire through tubing. I need tubing that's got an ID of .5" (at least), and is preferably frosted (translucent) white (though clear will work), and quite flexible. I had originally thought of using Nylon-12 flex tubing in a natural color, but I'm not sure that the natural color is translucent. Does anyone know of a specific product like this?

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Building a Small Giant Piano? Can i just wire switches to the key contacts on a electronic keyboard?

Im thinking a wooden frame with Lexan keys ...When stepped on Lexan flexs and depresses a switch underneath. Ive researched RasberryPI and other things of this nature ...but couldnt I just wire the switches into a keyboard... replacing what happens when you press a key? Its for an exhibit for kids.....this thing is going to get serious punishment! I need simple and reliable.

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I want to build a cruiser board, but what type of wood should I use?

I want to make a homemade cruiser board about 10" x 36". I don't want much flex in the board, so what type of wood should I use. I do want to bend the wood before I cut out the initial design. Birch wood or just standard plywood? How many ply s should I use? It will be used for more cruising and not tricks.

Question by ghostlywackness   |  last reply

Need some help with my topload

Hey coilers,                     I have recently completed a tesla coil, but im having some trouble with the topload. I built a toriod of automotive preheat flex duct. It helped to increase the spark length from around 1-1/2 inches to 4-5 inches. The problem is, it is discharging from the secondary coil to the primary, ive tried a couple different things an it does the same thing. If anyone can help or has some useful tips or advice, they would be very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

Question by Seth the Man   |  last reply

Hi, I'm looking into buying a dremel rotary tool 200 series, are there advantages to buying the 300 series instead?

Hi, I'm looking into buying a dremel rotary tool 200 series, are there any significant advantages to spending a bit more and getting a 300 series or better? I'm new to this equipment, but hope to use it for a wide variety of purposes. Is the variable speed essential? And what about the flex shaft? Any advice, tips, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. ~Mr. Retro~

Question by Mr. Retro   |  last reply

Why does my printer add defects to my prints (nothing to do with slicer)? Answered

So I have a FDM 3D printer which I designed and built, it is very sturdy so I am sure that none of this is caused by flexing/resonances of the printer. My set up makes use of Repetier host and firmware, with cura being my preferred slicer. I have noticed that it has started to add strange details to my prints, both on corners and on rounded sides (see photos). These do not show up on the  slicer preview, and when i switch between slicers (cura and slic3r) they still remain. This has led me to believe that it may be a issue on the printer side. I have watched the printer as it prints and they are definitely being added on purpose by the machine (as in no flexing/resonance/lack of tension in the belts). this made me think it might be a firmware issue. It also does not go away if I slow down the printer. This has only happened recently, but  I can find no settings on the firmware that I have changed in this time period that would indicate something like this should happen. Just to be clear, in the photos, the near circular print should be perfectly circular, and the other print should have a perfectly square cross section. It also happens on both the models and the rafts/brims that I use. Any thoughts or ideas will be much appreciated.

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From Concept To Product

So the frame is 95% done -- the last bits are: 1. Fit into fairing (that top tube thing will be cut down significantly) 2. Powder Coat 3. Debug (we have more torsional flex than we want) But, it's a LOT of fun. You're butt is 7 inches off the ground. You can cruise at a pretty fast speed with relatively little effort (compared to an upright bike). And it is VERY comfortable. Just showing something coming up -- a video on this has been encoding since 11:30 last night, and it says it has 403 minutes remaining :P Feedback?

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How to (properly) glue a SMD leds to (slightly flexible) plastic?

Hi people or robots, For a project of mine I need to glue SMD leds to a transparant piece of plastic. the LEDs need to be glued face down on the plastic so the soldering contacts are facing up. I've already tried super glue (CA glue) but this didn't hold, the LEDs would pop of when the plastic was flexed a bit. What would you (the awesome instructables community) recommend? I've ordered some two part clear epoxy to give that a try, would that work?

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What changes need to be made to a 3d printer and or software to mill/route with it?

I have a Robo 3D R1+, and am about to mount a rotary tool flex shaft on the carriage, other than mounting the dremel what other changes need to be done.  My biggest concern is the software, mattercontrol is what I'm using atm (the stock software that came with it). some of you may wonder why or what I'm going to do with it, yes,  1) because 2) whatever I can do with it.  (to clarify further, will I be milling pcbs or making neet figurines out of brass, aluminum or wood?, yes to those as well)

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Could you use a small size of Tube Metal ?

You could tack/spot weld a small size of tube steal a  (1/2" or 1")  underneath  the bottom side of the angle iron @ the 90 degree bend. This would make the Lathe rails/bed a lot stronger. Tube Steel would be the best option because it wouldn't bend or Flex like Roll Steel might. You can hold a long say a 10' piece of roll steal up and you can see it bow some. Then hold a 10' piece of Tube Steel up and compare the difference of bow in the two. Angle iron would be a second choice. PK

Question by Paul King 

What do Nokia use to glue LCD/ main board cables with ?

Opening a Nokia 1661 mobile phone (its an uber-cheap UK phone ) to replace the LCD, I have the usual orangey flex PCB material off the LCD, basically GLUED to the mating surface on the main  PCB. The old display tails peeled off, but I can't identify the strange grey glue they used to mate the connections. Has anyone any ideas ? It almost looks like partially cooked solder paste, but that would conduct all over, and I can't see any isolation. Its not "rubbery" that I can tell. Thanks Steve

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What hinges do you recommend for a barrel cabinet door? Answered

I restored an old wine barrel and will use it as a kitchen island. I cut a door out of it, but am now stuck on what hinges to buy for it. does anyone have any suggestions on what hinges, and how to mount? The best I can think of right now is to mount inside hinges that flex out allowing clearance for the doors edge. But that seems bulky. Keep in mind that the barrel is rounded and so just straight mounting two simple cabinet hinges won't allow for the curvature and clearance.  Any tips is really appreciated!  Thanks! 

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