So, you're an Instructables junkie? Welcome to the Ibles 12 step!

So, you've recently discovered you're addiction to Instructables. Its alright, this 12 step program will help even the most entangled Instructables junkie to become more tangled than ever before! Step 1:       Admission of the problem and the fact that it is inadequate compared to where you want to be, quite a few people have admitted they have a problem already Step 2:      Give up trying to get worse, you cant and its not your fault. Look to the robot for help, The androgen will assist you on your quest of self destruction. Step 3:       Make the decision to turn a larger amount of time over to the robot as it is the way to more. Step 4:       Look back at your Instructables browsing history and see for yourself that you have not visited enough! There is always more fix waiting here! Step 5:       Admit everything about your habitual abuse to a site member or two(they can be found [ here]) (conventional 12-steps also say to admit your issue to the higher power and yourself, but both you and the robot know your habits) Step 6:      Now that you have exposed your inadequite browsing habits, you must be ready to let the robot overlord help you. Step 7:       Ask our androgenous overlord to aid you in becoming a more addicted internet unit. Step 8:       List the I'bles you havent visited, made/finished.submitted, entered into contests, voted for in contests, commented on, colab'd on, faved, or rated, forums you havent visited, made, or commented on, questiones you havent asked, or tried to answer, groups not visited, joined, made, or contributed to, and commit yourself to changing all that. Step 9:       Do everything you listed to fix in step 8, then go and do more that you havent thought of yet. Step 10:       Reevaluate your limited addiction again and compare it to your first realization of your problem. Step 11:       Think about your questionable morals and habits(pertaining solely to the robot and its web domain) and find every avenue imaginable to exploit them. Step 12:       Now, being a more addicted individual and worthy of praise, you must assist the n00b junkies get to a currently unatainable level of addiction.

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Instructables junkie, are you one? Know the signs.

Are you an Instructables junkie? (if you or a friend/loved one apply to 3 or more of these, please indicate it so that we may be enablers to your self destructive/constructive behaviors. Please be honest) If I feel nice, I might make a personalized I'bles member card for those who ask(domindude10). Symptoms include: - Spending more then 5 straight hours on the site - Commenting excessively - PMing excessively - Trying way to hard for any patches you can find, no matter how lame they are - Replying to all your comments, within less than 15 minutes of comment being posted - Posting the most unrelated stuff to the subject at hand - Neglecting things in the real world that are more important then your attention-seeking behavior here, like homework, or your job - Complaining about things that aren't worth anyone's breath or time - Making many I'bles solely for contest entries - Using terms like I'bles, 'able, OB, O-board, (more to be amended) - Making excessive forum topics - Those who post *some* things Knex (like guns. its not all bad, the ramp stuff is cool) - You roam the Instructables chatroom (meaning you are more than just a casual user) sub-note - you also troll the I'bles IRC much more then necessary - You have lots of partial projects lying around the house, but not being able to prioritize them because they are all so equally Instructableizeable(or you lack the funds to finish them(possibly from your lack of attention to the real world)). - Your response to pretty much everything that happens around you is "That would make a good Instructable." - Your first choice of a search engine is Instructables and not Google, even when you're not searching instructions. - You pressure everyone you know to join/submit Instructables/use them. - You brag to no end to everyone about how cool Instructables is and how it is your whole online life (possibly real life too) - Asking yourself, "What would Kiteman do?" - Praising the robot or Eric whenever it is totally unnecessary. (list to be amended with new whore attributes when they are identified) List of confirmed Instructables junkies: 1) Dj Radio 2) Killer~Safe[Cracker] 3) Kiteman 4) ripstikfan 5) domindude10 6) PKM 7) Nova Hawk 8) V-Man737 9) Izanagi Telos 10) lemonie 11) smilee 12) Berkin 13) mg0930mg 14) logangina 15) conadia 16) The Jamalam 17) hiyadudez 18) Kryptonite 19) Seleziona 20) daywalker42 21) Bartboy 22) MrMystery96 23) sharlston 24) RavingMadStudios 25) joshualater If you have found that you are are indubitably a junkie, you may think about joining the 12 step program.

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How do you help a video game Junkie? Answered

My brother is a huge video game addict. Hes up in the morning with the wii and late in the evening with the Xbox. Hes always on and disconnects from the outside world, forgetting all work or jobs. If some on else is playing he either whines to them to get off or does this annoying "stare over your shoulder" thing that bugs me (To simulate play a handheld while someone has there jaw half a inch above your shoulder, staring intently a your game). My parents constantly take the video games away but he just goes to his friends house to play more 360. Whenever he is out in the real world he is always either talking or ,worst, acting out video games(there is a funny story involving my brother, CoD4 and JFK international).He never gets any excersise or fresh air and he is annoying to play with.

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 missed probation appointment and have not got reason why did not turn up for two days

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I like jumping

A few days ago my friend challenged me to leapfrog a parking meter, and i did and now im just jumping over everything in sight. It's actually pretty fun erm dangerous but being a little bit of a energy drink adrenaline junkie jumping wrestling and stuff like that is always fun, are there any other adrenaline junkies on instructables?;=24081209

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Why is "Danger is my middle name" filling the site with junky posts?

I get the intern stuff, but it detracts from the 'recent' material to dig through useless collection after useless collection of other people's work. Knock it off. And I  thought 30,000 K'nex posts were a waste of space.

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Arp Odyssey 1975 Help

Hello,  I recently found an old arp Odyssey from 1975, however it does not work. I have tried to clean the sliders because they were really junky and I tested the power supply and I know it outputs 15v and 5v, although I think its supposed to be -+15v. I really like to do electronics and I just need some pointers on what I should focus on what might be wrong. Thanks

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Heeeelllloooo Everyone!

Hello everyone!I'd like to join in the community of 3D printer junkies! I just purchased a Solidoodle 3rd Gen 3D printer and I hope to learn something from it. A little bit about me, I live/construct in my apartment but have the ambition to complete large projects. Like my screen name explains, I enjoy failure. Its a useful moment to learn from. Im preparing to setup a place for the printer, is there some setup/location tips someone can recommend? 

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1992 Mitsubishi eclipse odd power surges?

I have a 1992 Mitsubishi eclipse that has odd power surges.  It is sluggish about 90% of the time and then it has random boosts where I leave about 4 yards of rubber on the road.  I was wondering if anybody has any ideas on how to fix this.  i intend to give thew car to my girlfriend but i have a bit more experience on junky cars than she dose and i don't want her spinning here tires in the snow due to the boosts in power.  

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Contest/Challenge/Catagory Idea: Instructables for the short-on-time bunch!

I'm somewhat of an instructables/DIY junkie, but all too frequently I find a great project that I know I won't have time to finish for years. So, unless it's already been done and I haven't seen it, I propose an instructables challenge for one hour projects, maybe limited to household object, or a ~$50 budget. Not sure if this is the correct forum to be broaching the subject, but it can't hurt to try. Someone Please email/PM me if this catches on! Thanks!

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Knife's Edge- Sketch Up

This is a design I came up with and drew (i guess is the term) into sketch up. The Wings swivel up (shown in second Set of pics). This took about 10-15 hrs of drawing and about 2 hrs of rendering. The wings swivel to maneuver and when landing inside atmosphere. I haven't added weaponry and such so it's still a WIP. But suggestions are welcomed. Tech Specs: - Engines:             10 engines (4 small  large) -Take Off type:       VTOL - Class:                  Frigate - Operation zone: Space/ Atmosphere And for you sketch Up and rendering junkies...  used 40 passes in each render.

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Last Meal

I'm a television junkie and I recently watched an episode of King of the Hill in which Dale, Bill, Boomhauer and Khan get together to make what would be their last meal, if they knew they were going to be executed the next day.  I was thinking about this....what would my last meal be? A Japanese bento with tonkatsu, teriyaki chicken, tempura veg, various sushi, Grandma's green chile, and her black mole (mo-lay) and my Mom's rice......and some Ghiradelli dark chocolate. What would your last meal be? I think I want to get some friends together and do my own "Last Meal Party."....In time for Halloween.

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2x Questions - Techy

First question - Does RadioShack sell female USB ports? Ones like those that you would use for a mouse, so I could plug in a USB powered device (mp3 player) to charge through, say, a car or wall? It doesn't matter what other type of end it has on it, I'm just going to cut it off anyway. 2nd - Does RadioShack (that's the only electronics around here) sell power adapters, you know, that plug into the wall and output DC power, that output around 5v of power and around 500mA? I'll probably go 'round to garage sales and stuff to find junky electronics, but would like to know if there was an alternative if I happened to not find one. Again, 'tis to be used as a charger for my mp3 player. Thank y'all for your help!

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How much music do YOU have?? (Poll Question)

Music, it's an important part of life, and I'm pretty sure pretty much everyone listens to it. But the question is how much do you listen to? What kind of genre is your forte? Do you have 3 cd's or 500 cd's? Post your answers, screenshots, thoughts. Here's what I've got: 1381 Songs, 3.9 days of continuous music, 8.93 GB worth (You'd think I have like 5,000 songs, but quality is more important than quantity). I listen to genres such as Peter Gabriel to Tupac Shakur (2pac to you rap junkies), RATM, ZZ - Top and more. I have like 20 torrents of music/discographies (YAY peter gab discography on the way) downloading right now and that should add a few more GB of weight to my HD.

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Need some help with hookin up my solar setup

Hi i hope someone can help me with this im not totally new to electronics but some things still kind of not sure about, that being said i bought three 4.5V/90mA (mine avg 3.2V in direct sun) solar cells and a and i know how to hook it, up but what im wondering is if i bought 3 more of the 4.5V/90mA cells could i hook 2 sets of 3 cells kind of of like this --[ + - ]--[ + - ]--[ + - ]-- --[ + - ]--[ + - ]--[ + - ]-- and tie each set together and hook them in the controller am i right in thinking that the volts would not’t go up but the amps would, and also if anyone could give me an example on the math how i would figure out the mA of the cells all hooked up this way if it would work. the math parts the biggest prob i have with all the electronics ( should have paid more attention in school lol ) Thank you in advance for any help William

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In the process of hacking the rather cheaply made RS digital voice recorder I bought recently...

Remember the pic of the voice recorder I had in my April Fools entry ? It looked like the first pic below. It uses a cheap speaker for both speaker and mic. The sound from it is less then desirable, but not because of the chip used, but because costs were cut by using the speaker instead of a decent little Electret mic :-( Well, I have started to work on changing this (as it was unusable as it was): I first soldered in a little mic from an old dictation machine (yeah, it used reel tapes) and this helped. But I wanted it to be more under my control, so I added a switch inline to the mic. Now the sound is great, but it is still barely audible, so the next step is to make a 5X or 10X amp for the playback. I might even get ambitious and put a preamp inline with the mic. This I have been working on in my "spare time" and also hope to get a CAKE (torte) entered into the contest on Monday.....busy busy busy :-)

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i am trying hook up my solar set up and i got it working but need pointers on a way to make it better? Answered

Hi i hope someone can help me with this im not totally new to electronics but some things still kind of not sure about, that being said i bought three 4.5V/90mA (mine avg 3.2V in direct sun) solar cells and a and i know how to hook it, up but what im wondering is if i bought 3 more of the 4.5V/90mA cells could i hook 2 sets of 3 cells kind of of like this --[ + - ]--[ + - ]--[ + - ]-- --[ + - ]--[ + - ]--[ + - ]-- and tie each set together and hook them in the controller am i right in thinking that the volts would not go up but the amps would, and also if anyone could give me an example on the math how i would figure out the mA of the cells all hooked up this way if it would work. the math parts the biggest prob i have with all the electronics ( should have paid more attention in school lol ) Thank you in advance for any help William

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needing a little advice on Microcontrollers Answered

Ok i am hoping someone can help me with this, i am not real new to electronics but i am to Microcontroller's i have done a lot with 555 and 4017s and transistors and so on the basic stuff. but my wife's letting me pick out what i want for my b'day and i am thinking about getting the picaxe from Sparkfun ( ). and i am not sure what all i need i know i need the programing cable ( ), but do i need this stuff the Ceramic Resonator ( ) the PICAXE Bread Board Adapter ( ) Breadboard Power Supply 5V/3.3V ( ). also i do have a decent homemade breadboard pic included to make sure its ok for gettin started in microcontroller's provided links to make my question easyer to answer (i hope), also i dont know any programing but i am wanting to learn i am just wondering if this would be the way to get started and what i would need. Thanks in advanced for any help? William

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How do I get more volts to power 4--24 volt drill motors, used in a electric power vehicle? Answered

O.K. so here's the project I'm under taking. I am taking a Power wheels Big Foot. One of the old school originals. I made it a 4by4 with independent motors on each wheel (4 motors total). Well the only way I've found to get more speed out of it is to add more volts. I hooked up an 18volt Ryobi drill battery to the circuit system, got some good speed. But it died very fast do to the overwhelming power drain from all motors in sequence. So Other then putting either an 18 or 24 volt battery to each wheel/motor, How would I crank more speed and power out of this thing? I've tried a 12v car battery, but I get more speed out of the drill battery. But the car battery lasts longer. My hope is to make this be able to carry me @about 20-25 mph for a decent distance. Hopefully theres some other electrical junkies out there a little better off in this type of knowledge then me. Thanks again either way guys.

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Make Your Own Fuel from Wine

Mark Armstrong's Alternative Fuel PhilosophyIf you don't like the vehicle or the fuel it drinks, make some of your ownIt's on every billboard, bumpersticker and street placard: Let's Green This City! Urban Streets Greening Project! Each election ushers in new green initiatives, task forces, and elementary school awareness fairs. Another press conference, another earthy guy in an organic-cotton denim shirt and red Crocs stands in front of City Hall pointing an accusatory finger at the uninspired plebes who won't join us, who won't dare follow San Francisco on the righteous path toward a greener tomorrow.Meanwhile, eco-conscious drivers can't get a drop of biodiesel in city limits, while Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and other surrounding cities offer it at public pumps. (In June 2007, city authorities closed the San Francisco Biodiesel Co-op, for - get this - having too many members.) Not one public pump in San Francisco sells ethanol. The few electric car-charging stations that remain are defunct, rundown or hidden in corners of musty garages, forgotten relics of a well-intentioned but poorly executed past. Our performance so far in fostering alternative fuels - the keystone of the green movement - is not just ironic; it's shameful."You know the easiest job in the world is to be a cynic," says Mark Armstrong, lifting his head from the hood of an electric-powered 1980 Plymouth Horizon. "In order to be successful you have to do absolutely nothing." Armstrong brushes his oily hands against his oily jeans and walks to the back of a cavernous concrete-floored warehouse, through a maze of Frankensteinian inventions: an electrolyzer that splits hydrogen and oxygen fuel, junky gas cars that run on golf-cart batteries, gutted petrol engines that gulp alcohol and a Mercedes motor that bakes bread and spits out edible olive oil."What I'm trying to do here is teach people to quit complaining about what they can't get," he adds, pushing his 6-foot-2-inch frame beneath a gutted 1976 Porsche 914 that he and his students are converting to a hydrolic hybrid. "I say if we really want alternative fuel vehicles, let's get off the couch and start making them."Step 1: Build a Carmore

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Cabins/shelter from garbage/recycling and then some- new site/blog- and INDIE BOOK released

D.I.Y. Micro-Shelters: NEW indie book-forum/site- w/cabins from garbage/recycling and then some I figured it was about time to get up off my arse and get an actual account here, as on a few other sites I constantly(!) read. I'll also post a few of the "constructed-from-roadside-trash" cabins I've built soon- here and on my own blog/site (if anyone's interested, if not, I'll resume beer drinking, and general relaxation). I'm also in the process of building a 16 square foot multi-purpose, mobile cabin-sleeper/sauna/greenhouse/ice-fishing shanty that I'll eventually post upon (its one of three cabins in the works in my Sanford N' Son-like backyard)- yeah, my wife is a trooper! In the meantime, after WELL over a year of illustrating and writing, I've now finally completed (through tiny yellow house press) my own small houses/cabins book "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages, Ramshackle Retreats, Funky Forts- And Whatever The Heck Else We Could Squeeze In Here." Clockin' in, coffee-table-book size, at just over 100 pages filled with avalanches of sketches and redneck-thrift/yankee ingenuity projects and ideas, I'm now selling a small initial run of these hand assembled books (you can find all the details on the blog/post). Building your own windows, doors, solar showers, rainbarrels, bridges, furniture, and more from recycled crud, is all covered within. Inspirationally, the books owes good parts of its existence to the work of Lester Walker, David and Jeanie Stiles, D.C. Beard, Dan Price, and Lloyd Kahn. All in all, I'm a small-house book junky, and after the well started drying up a little (I've bought and read all the decent ones I could find) I decided to write my own. Anyway, thanks for looking, and I'll get some small house photos up soon! Happy belated new years to all! -Derek "Deek" Diedricksen

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