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Weed Killer?

Dose anyone know the mixture amounts for Spraying parsnips and Carrots with Kerosene and White Petrol to kill the we weeds that grow between them. Thanks. Ian.

Question by Ian Wollstein  

Ant Killer!

It seems every year we get ants in our kitchen. I don't know if its a seasonal thing or just coincidence.This time, however, we were able to effectively combat them with a home remedy. We mixed boric acid & sugar in water and set the concoction in a few little lids across the kitchen. We used roughly a 1:1:1 ratio, but it isn't an exact science. It's also not important if it doesn't dissolve completely.The idea behind this is that the boric acid will not kill the ants instentaneously. In fact, the sugar will lure ants to it. Also, this amount of boric acid isn't harmful, even to most pets. I don't have any pictures to do an instructable, so I thought I'd share it here. If someone else does this, feel free to do an instructable. (no credit needed)

Topic by zachninme  

lawn weed killer

I was wondering if anyone knows of a homemade weed killer that will not harm the surrounding grass.

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Mosquito Killer Bat

Hi I found my mosquito killer bat not working, i replaced its battery two times no use. one of its no named capacitor is leaking a wax like thing. How to fix this ? any circuits available ?This is the batMosquito Killer Bat

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killer knex gun

It it actually possable to kill with a knex gun (this is not and excuse to actually try it- shoot something thats already dead (like a piece of meat))

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help killer homework

Help you have 3 hours to find the life cycle of a hermit crab for me i need a diagram and if possible adaptation though im ok on it. help help help help help

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DIY USB Killer? Answered

I am fully aware of the legal consequences of property damage and in no way do I endorse it. I am curious however about the technology behind the attack method of the USB KIller  On their product page there is a picture of the device without it's cover and it appears to be mostly an array of capacitors. My current guess is that when plugged into the target device the capacitors are charged and once the array reaches a certain voltage it is shorted across the data terminals. I was wondering if anyone had bought one and could confirm this or if anyone had any alternative ideas about its operation.

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Blanket weed killer

My pond gets blanket weed each year. One of the causes is excess nitrogen, but since some of this is due to run-off from farmland, I can only control it to a small extent. I have seen electronic devices sold which are a control box, with some wires which wrap around and around the pipe from the pump/filter - obviously some kind of magnetic or pulsed field is created and this wrecks the blanket weed cells without harming other plants or animals in the water - has anyone any idea how to make one? As you can see from pic2 we get tadpoles, small fish and things - the blanketweed can get so thick that the little fish get trapped in it! I have to pull it out, but often you end up pulling fish etc with it, so I'd like to resolve it. We use barley straw to prevent green algae, but it does not prevent blanketweed.

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I've got aggressive monster blue black wasps that won't die with wasp killer spray!!!! Help me please? Answered

I live in Massachusetts. I have an inground pool and the nest is under the edging of the pool. They're HUGE like 2 inches long and they're black with a blueish hue and frequently carry grasshoppers into the nest. I'm not sure but from researching they might be digger wasps That's what wikipedia says but when I google image search them it's not the same looking wasp. I've tried killing them with wasp/hornet spray but the dam things are invincible and the spray doesn't even phase them! Last year I killed a handful of them by stalking and smacking with my flip flop which isn't easy because they're fast and very aggressive. You can't get within 10 feet of the nest and they after you. I have dogs, curious dogs. And kids. Kids with friends that like to come swim but everyone's afraid to go out there because of these things. What's the right chemical to kill them with I've tried this wasp killer

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I've been at it again, in washington.

Well after my trip to linuxhaxors house and wrecking his fence I went to washington on my way back to put shampoo in sunbank's coffee but didn't stop there, I got a little randy and have started a new plague in washington university, my spawn have run wild all over the campus attacking students and bicycles, apparently the cause of the attacks are because my young uns are so damn cute that people try and get close to them, causing them to charge.You can't even get near the fountain... Bent bikes, slashed tyres and broken shins are the order of the

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How to make a laser moquito killer

I would like to make a DIY laser mosquito killer. Can anyone help if experience. thanks

Question by abimboos    |  last reply

knex knife

What would u call this if u want me to build just comment please

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What Happened to Killerk? Answered

I tried searching his username, but nothing by him comes up. He seems like some kind of legend to me, because everyone keeps on talking bout his epic knex gun. Who was he anyways? Did he make the first K'nex gun EBBAR?

Question by DELETED_vhein    |  last reply

A dangerous acid is in schools

I would like to start a poll here.Dihydrogen Monoxide is a dangerous acid that can kill in a multitude of simple ways. It is all over schools and I would like to know:Do you think it should be banned?pleases leave your comment in the appropriate area below, and at the end of the week, I'll tell you what it is. (and if you do know what it is, please don't spoil it) I would like to see your respinse before you research.======ANSWER======Ready?..................IT'S WATER!Dihydrogen mononoxide - H2O , water.Some students at ATM University sent around a research study and a poll and around 80% of the student population voted to ban it. This is an interesting effect of how ingnorance can have a significant affect on life. Moral: DO THE RESEARCH!

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My tribute to The Dunkis

Here is my tribute to The Dunkis!!

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Micro K'nex Killer Kobra roller coaster Update 1

Hooray!!! Update!!!! Thanks to the people of instructables I have been able to make progress on my micro knex killer kobra. Thanks to your votes I have added a Zero-G roll. Apart from that I have added a cutback and a small hill. Now I have two more options for you to choose from. The last two pictures show what each one is. Option 1: Barrel roll Option 2: Helix Just so you know right after one of these elements I will add a propulsion system that will hopefully give me enough speed to add a few more elements. The first element to get 4 votes wins.

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How can i make homemade brush killer???

I don't want to buy it and I need it bad! I have a lot of horse weeds and I hate them I need them killed. any body know how to make it.

Question by johnman45    |  last reply

KillerK Magnum Mods

This is a forum for posting all Killerk's Magnum mods. this is his gun: Well have fun and keep the language clean!

Topic by Ratchet and Clank    |  last reply

Oodammo vs. Yellow rods??

I want to know if people want more Oodammo guns or guns that shoot yellow rods?? It only takes 10 seconds to reply. Killer~SafeCracker

Topic by Killer~SafeCracker    |  last reply

TBOS (Thunder Bolt Oodammo Sidearm)

Here is my newest, and best pistol so far. It has a great range and accuracy. Check it out!!Killer~SafeCracker

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Micro K'nex Killer Kobra roller coaster

This is Killer Kobra, my first tube-supported coaster, and I want you (the people of instructables) to help me with the layout. So far I have made the lift and a drop. Now I need you to choose what I should do next out of the options below: option 1:Loop option 2:Zero-G roll The last two pictures show a loop and a Zero-G roll. After the first 7 comments are posted the element with the most votes will be added to the roller coaster. Check back for Updates on what I should do next.

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Cell Phone Killer & Now Texting Problems

I need help! The ditsy blonds , brunets, and red heads are trying to crash into me. They are on their cell phones, everywhere. Need someone to invent a signal blocker (killer) that cuts the signal when a cell phone is brought near a persons head in a vehicle! Cops are not enforcing the law. People are crashing. Wait till the statistics come out. One in four ? or more! Help, can anyone invent this dearly needed device? Maybe get them installed in all new cars? Now its young people TEXTING and crashing and dying! 3,000 this year from Texting Auto Accidents, they were not accidents, they were stupid texting idiots. lLife is more important than stupid messaging! Wake up, stop TEXTING, and live!

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~~Hello everyone,~~ ~~This is my orangeboard now. My real orangeboard is messed up so here is my new orangeboard.~~ ~~Thanks~~ ~~Killer~SafeCracker~~ EDIT: My Orangeboard works again so comment there instead of here.

Topic by Killer~SafeCracker    |  last reply

Should I build the BR36?? Answered

Should I build the BR36?? Which is better the BR18 or BR36?? I can build it but should I take the time and pieces?? I just don't want to waste my time and pieces. If I do build what kind of mods should I use??Thanks, and I will give out best answer.Killer~SafeCracker

Question by Killer~SafeCracker    |  last reply

Which members have the power to feature an instructable?? Answered

Which members of Instructables have the power to feature an Instructable?? I will give out best answer. Killer~SafeCracker

Question by Killer~SafeCracker    |  last reply

How to make a teardrop shape Killer Klowns hammock?

I want to know how to make a teardrop shape hammock so I can turn it into a Cotton Candy Cocoon from the movie "Killer Klowns" Needs to be teardrop shape & once I put the pink colored cotton sheath over the rope / hook, I can zipp up the cocoon to my head like in the movie. :D

Topic by elkaddalek  

how to kill wasp,hornet,cicada killer nests that r burrowed in&on sand all around our pool?

We have already tried with no sucess white powered pesticides & soaking them with vineager

Question by gypsy11    |  last reply

How do I edit a group I made?? Answered

How do I edit a group I made?? I want to but can't find were to do it at?? Killer~SafeCracker

Question by Killer~SafeCracker    |  last reply

T.B.S (Thunder Bolt Series)

Here it is every one, The first of many guns in the Thunder Bolt Series.

Topic by Killer~SafeCracker    |  last reply

My solar alarm clock is posted!!

Hey there, My solar alarm clock is posted!! Be sure to check it out. It's also my TNKIT entry. Here you go. Thanks Killer~SafeCracker

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FX-9 Monster Pistol

Every one check out this slideshow. It's a huge pistol with a removable mag that can be preloaded. Tell me what you think.

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Random Knex Contest #1 -CLOSED-


Topic by KnexFreek    |  last reply

Would you prefer to use Oodammo or yellow rods in a knex war?? Answered

Would you prefer to use Oodammo or yellow rods in a knex war?? I am working on a new gun and I want to know. Thanks Killer~SafeCracker

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Which knexers play guitar?

Which knexers on here play guitar?  I was thinking about posting some knex and guitar related ibles, but I want to know what kind of things you want. Any ideas? Thanks, Killer~SafeCracker

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Useful knex office supplies

Recently I made some knex office supplies. They include: A knex inbox A knex pencil holder A letter holder A business card holder And a note book cover What do you think?? Killer~SafeCracker

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TBAR V-2.1

Here is the TBAR V-2.1. I won't be posting it, but it uses a few new things. The main one being a removable mag that uses no cut parts. It has a 40 foot range and good accuracy. Let me know what you think. Killer~SafeCracker

Topic by Killer~SafeCracker    |  last reply

Videos for the TBAR

Here is a video for the TBAR. I will be adding move videos as I get time to make them. I can only make short video at a time, so I'll be making a few of them.Sorry the video is of bad quality. I also added two photos of the trigger.Here is the like to the gun. HereKiller~SafeCracker

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Huge knex builds from

Check out these huge builds from these knex designers on Knex.comHere are some pictures of the biggest knex builds.Which include: The Capitol BuildingThe American Flag The Statue of LibertyAnd a 8 foot portrait of President ObamaThis really shows the endless possibilities from knex.You can read more Here.Killer~SafeCracker

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Can I enter a slideshow in the Gorilla Glue Cardboard Contest?? Answered

I have been working on a big project out of cardboard lately. I don't have the supplies to make another. So can I enter a slideshow in the Gorilla Glue Cardboard Contest?? Thanks Killer~SafeCracker BTW: I will give out best answer.

Question by Killer~SafeCracker    |  last reply

Is the website knexables dead?? Answered

Is the website knexables dead?? I might join but not if it's no longer in use.

Question by Killer~SafeCracker    |  last reply

Is this instructable eligible to enter in the Low & Slow BBQ Contest?? Answered

I entered this instructable in the Low & slow BBQ Contest. And after I read some more I am wondering if this is eligible to enter. Here is the link. I will give out best answer.Thank you Killer~SafeCracker

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So.... What should I do??

Hey guys, So I have no idea what to build right now. I am 100% out of ideas.. So what do you guys want me to build??  Do you want guns or do you want non-gun things?? If so what... Please give me some ideas, Killer~SafeCracker

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Moles! Has anyone invented a mole catcher? or killer! device!!!? Answered

Tried everything from dogs, fumes, water, repellants, & traps but back they come. It's driving me insane!

Question by Webwizzkid    |  last reply

Why the sudden Burst?

First, in June, TheDunkis made the Oodassault and that was that. Until Killer~SafeCracker made the T.B.A.P. Then WHAPOW a huge BURST of oodammo guns. Why?

Topic by NYPA    |  last reply

Where can I find a metal trash can for little to nothing?? Answered

I need to get a metal trash can for a project, but I don't want to spend a lot of money. I need to know where to get one at. I would like a 20 - 30 gallon one. BTW: A large metal pot would work also. Thank you. Killer~SafeCracker

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Comment numbers are wrong!!!

Hey, I like to keep track of how many comments I have posted. So when I went to check, it says I have only posted 1,600. I know for a fact I have posted over 4,000 comments. Like I said, I keep track. So, Whats up with this?? Are you going to be able to get the numbers fixed?? Thanks, And please let me know. Killer~SafeCracker.

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