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Feeling kinda hardcore

So, my brother and I found ourselves locked out of the house with the only possible help hours away. Not to be defeated, we unscrewed the lock on the garage door, grabbed my keys (which I had left in there) and got inside the house. This is probably kiddie stuff compared to most of you but I'm still feeling kinda awesome and wanted to share.

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guitar pedals and pedal bords? Answered

What i really mean is how to they all connect into one guitar and 1 amplifeir

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Hardening Play Doh Kinda Stuff

Hi There! I need some kind of stuff, that acts like Play Doh at first and after a while gets really hard without any heat or preassure ore anything applied. Since I don't exactly know what I'm looking for or how to call, I haven't been able to search anywhere... I need to use a small amount on a hinge on my headphones. The hinge looks kinda like this: |     | |     | |-T-|    |  /   \ with the T part able to rotate. The little horizontal part is kinda broken, so that the T sometimes slips out, which is kinda annyoing while listening to music ;) I don't want to glue it in, because then it won't be able to rotate anymore. So if you have any idea how to call the stuff I'm looking for, or even better, got a recipe how to do it myself, I would really appreciate it! Thank you very much!

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Strange Youtube Error (kinda funny)

Hey, look what I got after trying to send a message to another Youtube user. It said something about an internal service error 500, or somethin' like that. Highly trained monkeys? LMFAO!!!!Here's a link to a bigger version of that picture.And, because I'm bored, a funny video!

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I have fixed a bug! (kinda)

I have fixed a bug! I took kiteman's profile and edited it (to look like a ghost for halloween) and I went to post it on his orangeboard but then an "i made it "pop up popped up! and it said "did you make it or are you just adding photos" so I pressed "just adding photos" but i couldn't press anything. then today I used chrome's "inspect element and went through it and found that if you delete "modal-backdrop fade in" you can click stuff again! the gray area should go behind the pop-up instead of in front of it

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what kinda water pump would do ? Answered

Hey guys im working on a little project and i need a water pump to finish my work but i do not know what kinda pump do  i need , ive built several pumps but none seems to work well and i cant go too high because i need the minimum power ... heres the sketch i made for you , can anyone help me ? i need to suck the water though green pipe and pump the water back to tank  through that red pipe .. tnx 

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Diy kinda mCable/HD elite cable

Hello, I would like to make my own mCable / HDElite cable. Basically I don't care about getting a cable, but I wanna find out how to grab a source, apply a "filter" to it and send it to the tv/monitor. I don't want to try a capture card, if they can make a cable, I'm sure we can do something cool. I was searching on raspberry pi, but there's too much lag with a capture card. Any help/clue ? Thanks!

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gotta admit, kinda bummed by contest results

I recently entered a contest with what I thought was a good project. I'm no wizz and surely expect there to be strong competitors out there all with different projects. I have no idea what criteria is used in judging but to have several versions of the same thing (a bluetooth speaker) win several slots in the contest left me both bummed and scratching my head. What's done is done but I feel like this is akin to running a contest of car repair and having 3 entries on How to Change a Tire win.

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Kinda not really a bug but it certainly bugs people....

Hi All, First: great work with the App.  Love the layout and the relative ease I can get around with it.  Works like it's suppose to it seems. Bug:  Videos don't show.  I commented on an 'ible about the lack of explanation on how it works( and then the author replied ot me asking if I'd seen the vid?  Vid? What vid?  So I logged into the site with my browser and lo-and-behold, there was the video in his 'ible!  Wait a he just pulling a fast one, put the vids up and trying to mess with me....*checks app* nope, vids are definitely not there. So, please....either embed the vids or at least give us the link to them!

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Can anybody make some sort of robot kinda thing?


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hay i kinda skrewed up my psp....

Whenever i try to play the stick is off center and it moves the curser auto. which basicly makes it impossible to use can sum1 tell me wat 2 do

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What kinda project in assembly should I do ?

I'm studdying Assembly in 8051, so I need to do a final project about this microcontroller. Don't need be something complex but that be inovator and simple. Show me some good ideas. Please. Thanks. 

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What kinda engine would be suitable for a moped bike?

I am looking into making a moped out of my bike to increase fuel efficiency. I am looking to find out where i could find a suitable engine within laws for NH. Around here, According to the DMV a moped or scooter must meet the following restrictions: It must have an engine of 50 cubic centimeters or less. It cannot exceed 30 mph on level terrain. It cannot shift. It cannot exceed two horsepower. As i said, im not sure where to find a suitable engine to meet those criteria that i can scavenge. I am looking to make a chain drive bike not a roller driven due to inneficiency,maintence,and traction of the roller on the wheel being lack. Couldnt find any chain driven conversions on here. If you can offer any information it would be much appreciated.

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I'm getting kinda bored, is somebody posting something worthy then tell me

If you post something crappy and you tell me I'll rate 0.5*

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Why isn't my instructable showing up?

I just made an apollo spacecraft out of legos. Sadly, however, it is not showing up. KINDA SAD KINDA MAD!!! 

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cool simple designs, you could kinda change my life!

Im trying to find cool simple designs to decorate my room any suggestions?

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im kinda new to knex can any one help???

Hey guys im new to knex wars and all that so can some one help me like give me some simple knex guns instructions and some guide and like every thing a knex gun person has to know i like to war so i need some good simple guns THANX the pic below is my first gun i ever made

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old people

Old people... kinda like a message in disguise

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Build Wireless guitar system from scratch any kinda advice?

What I need for tools and supplies

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does anybody know what this is? Answered

I found this while i was taking apart a broken pool water heater, it looks like fiberglass but it also kinda looks like asbestos, i took a small sample of it, here is a picture: EDIT: it is also very fine and fibrous, the picture kinda sucks but, i hope someone can help me

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Remote electric detonator with multiple detonation buttons?

I have seen some diy electrical detonators but i kinda need one that has a way of detonating multiple rockets at different times, its hard to explain ...can anyone help? This is kinda what i was talking about...

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My Art In Illustrator

I made this in illustrator last night. Is it good? kinda grungey though...

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I am crocheting a pattern ( kinda skully style).  At the end of the pattern it says to finish sew the brim seam. What is the brim seam?

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Is it possible to turbo boost a turbo? Answered

Question says it all, and is kinda overkill, but did anyone tried it?

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send me a sketch of DSK plz at

Send somtthing i can read nd kinda simple no to crowded

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Ok my dad messed up kinda big this time... (car problems)? Answered

Well basically my dad tried to change the oil in the car... (new-ish Nissan versa) and he accidentally poured oil into the wrong thing and filled the already full transmission... he figured out and removed some and poured the correct amount in... but that was after he took it for a spin... and then he over filled the engine oil thing and now it doesn't register any oil pressure at all... (he removed the excess)... what did he mess up or break and how hard is it to replace and how much would it be to get the part/take it to some place...

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Featured Instructables.

What does it take for an Instructable to be featured? Only one of my 6 Instructables have been featured, so I'm kinda disappointed.

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confusion over forum thread chronology

Sometimes it's a bit confusing.  It's kinda good that one can respond to a specific post, but...

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Really cool ways to do your hair?

 I have hair that is about 7cm past my shoulders, very thick and kinda curly

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face plate

I would like some sinmatics of a steam punk face plate , u know for your face, kinda like a monicle

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how can i make an led flashlight? Answered

I dont no anything about making stuff with leds or anything about led projects, i got 100 assorted leds from a friend who moved, i would really like to make a flashlight with like 12 green or red leds but i dont no what kinda of resister i need or what kinda battery. im completely clueless about this stuff any help would be awesome!!!

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Need recycled idea

I need an idea for a project that could be done in a short amount of time (like a week) that uses recycled materials, but is still kinda cool.

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can you enter in a contest 2 or more times and if you can how ? Answered

Just curios. I kinda need to no by Apr4,10.:D

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The apocalypse of Apocalypse

It was time for the apocalypse of Apocalypse! Destroying it was kinda fun, it isn't every day you do a belly flop into a pile of knex ^.^

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Featured author

 I'm just curious,  How does one become a featured author? I enjoy this  site so much . It's kinda one of my next goals...                                               Thanks                                                                Jim

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How can I create a system where the LED flickers when the person touches it (Kinda like lightning effect)

I'm doing a project where I'm trying to mimic raining effects and I'm wondering how can I create a lightning effect by touch sensor. I need it to be small and light cause I'm trying to make it portable. I'm kinda new to electronics and so far have only built a basic LED circuit. Any help please?

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I'm kinda dyslexic. Just thought I'd warn you all. I might get my words mixed up every now and then. Just for comparison, I'll write a sentence or two without fixing my mistakes: the quick breow2n fox jumped oner the laxy dog. hello, he name is YummyPancekes. I jknow that duslecia is where you get your works mixed up when you read, but it works the same for computer fetboards. So, me typing's kindas weird. Aorrt.

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portal 2 portal gun

Someone make a portal gun and make it work......ok maybe i got ahead of myself but i like portal,kinda.

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This contest is gonna be Da bomb!

Think about it, almost anything can be modded to use batteries, I hope we get some great entries, even if the prize kinda sucks......

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Fun with firecrackers?

Does anyone know how to have a lot of fun with firecrackers, in a weird way kinda, other than putting them in bottles and throwing them?check out my youtube

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Are there many vampire ibles out there? Answered

Well since my boyfriend is a vampire i kinda wanted to know how many people like vampires  so do you???

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About How Many Members are on Instructables? Answered

Hey, i was just wondering about how many people are on instructables, i guess I'm just kinda curious about this...

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My "new" computer

This is my "new" computer. Its a Dell Dimension 2400 loaded with windows xp with service pack 3. I havent done much to it yet, and since i cant really overclock it... im just doing memory, graphics, sound, and looks. The rest of the upgrades i do will be software, programs, wallpapers, music, videos, screensavers, etc...  I hope you like. NOTE: I AM a noob. that is y it kinda sux. but... im kinda young. lol. PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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reusing LCD LED strips

I have just cannibalized an LCD (B156XW02) I managed to save the LED strip and the control board that it attaches to. was kinda wondering how to reuse the LEDS on this strip. any ideas?

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2500 Replies for the Green topic section!

This is kinda pointless, but the Green topic section under Community recently hit 2500 replies!

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