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Is there a limit on Favorites? Answered

Sorry to ask this again but I've rec'd no answers yet: Is there a limit to the # of Instructables we can add as "Favorites"? I don't want to lose my older Faves when adding new ones. (Not sure if the -ibles I first "faved" are deleted to make room for newly tagged faves, once a limit is reached.) I'd really appreciate an answer--thanks so much!

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Limit of a subwoofer

Guys the question sounds like stupid but the thing is how should i know a subwoofer reached it's max excursion limit before blowing the coil.If it starts to distort does it means it reached it's limit or the amplifier can't provide much juice the speaker needs.

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Posting Limit

Wondering if there is a posting limit for Pro members. I know in the past if we tried to upload more than 3 instructables on any given day (with our non-pro account) we got an email telling us we couldn't.

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Limiting Switch? Answered

I don't have time to do the research right now, but I am going to make a projector mount that comes out f the ceiling, does anyone know how to set it up so that when it reaches the bottom the motor auto stops. It will be a two way switch, one for up position and one for down position.

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Limiting current?

Good day, I am interested in an effective way of limiting current for a TEC application. This application involves using the TEC's (12V @ 1A) to reduce the incoming air temperature in a noise isolating enclosure from ambient temp to about  5-10 deg C cooler. In doing some research on implementing the TEC's I have found that these units operate at their greatest efficiency around 1/3 of max amp input and lower when you do not have a large heat load to "pump" away. So all of this being said I would like to operate a number of TEC's at  this low amperage range, and to be able to cap their maximum current draw between .1 and .3 amp.  Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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Volume limit

My friend bought a ipod nano 2gb recently n i happen to have the same nano bought this july....but problem is his lower/bottom is made of some sort of steel whereas my nano seems to be same from both front and back!!!!but the main HUGE problem is his max volume level is way higher than mine>>>>I have tried everything in the pod to match that level=no useI want to know is there a way that i cud get it modified to that levelPLZ HELP

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Speed Limiting hinge? Answered

Ok, I'm building a motorized projector screen, almost exactly like this: , except on a much larger scale. The actual screen will be made out of blackout cloth (what the back of curtains are made out of), and the screens construction will be similar to this: . The screen's size will be somewhere around 20x20 (feet), because it will be used in a fairly large auditorium. The screen will hinge up and reside (when not in use) above the stage. The top of the screen will have some hinges attached, so the screen can "fold up" into the ceiling. Toward the bottom, on the back of the screen, there will be a steel cable attached to the frame. This steel cable will be fed into an electric winch, which will be mounted on the ceiling. So, when the electric winch is activated, the screen will either hinge out, or it will hinge up into the ceiling. I know its hard to understand, I've done all the explaining I can. Ask questions if you have to. Anyway, the problem is this: What if this steel cable broke/got frayed and snapped/got chewed up by a darn rat, etc? The projector screen would come hurtling forward, knocking out anyone in its way. So, I need something that limits the speed that the screen can be lowered. I need some kind of hinge that limits how fast the screen can be lowered, so if the cable does snap among other things, the projector screen will make a graceful descent and people will have enough time to get the hell off the stage. Now, Do I think the steel cable is going to snap? Hell no. In fact, the steel cable I'm planning on using will handle over 1000 lbs. The total weight of the projector screen? Maybe 70 Pounds, at the most. These speed limiting hinges are just for that "extra" step of safety. So, does anyone have any suggestions?

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is there a limit to the weel size?

Why is there a limit to how big the wheels can be and to how long the lever arm is?

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Instructable entry limit

Is there a limit on the amount of instructables I can submit for this contest, I have two in mind but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to enter both.

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Volume limiter circuit?

I need help designing a circuit (off of another circuit) that will limit the output voltage to X. I need X to be adjustable from between 0-700 mV. However, I need it so as the input voltage goes up, the output voltage will stay at what it was set to. Without clipping. Any advice? Thanks!

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Netflix streaming limit?

If I heard it right, there's gonna be a Netflix streaming limit that's only gonna let you stream one movie at a time. Well that just sucks, I wanna be able to watch Netflix streaming movies on more devices since I don't always want to watch the same movie the rest of the family is watching. So is there any way to download Netflix movies and work around that Netflix movie streaming rule or anything like that?

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Is it a current limiter or what???

when rebuilding a battery pack for a Sears cordless drill,I encountered a tiny diode or fuse or thermistor of sorts,in the wire coming from the negative pole.It appears this is only active during charging. At any rate,what is it and where do you find a new one??

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Limited Time Offer

Alright mis amigos, I'm feeling kind of generous and very bored. As such, I'm going to personally hand draw and scan digital patches for people until I get tired of doing it and give up. This offer may go on for an hour, a day or even a week. It is hard to say right now. If you want a digital patch, tell me the following: 1) What you would like me to draw for you. 2) Why you think you deserve this digital patch. All custom drawn digital patches will be awarded at my discretion, so think carefully before you answer these two questions (seriously). Also, please keep in mind, drawing things with a Sharpie, scanning them and (sometimes) coloring these images takes time. Please be patient. UPDATE: Drawings coming along nicely. I will start scanning and distributing them tomorrow.

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Current in IC chip

Hello, It's a bit stupid to ask (I think), but essential to me. From all schematic I readed over intructables I never saw anything or anybody that cared for that. If a IC have a maximum and minimum current to respect ie: 6mA to 10mA, do we even care? Do I need to limit the current somehow? As I said, every schematic I readed never added any resistor or talked about anything relate to limiting the current on the VCC for the integrated circuit. I'm currently building a device that use one 555 timer IC in astable and a few others IC and they are all connected in parralel to the power suply. Thanks

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what is the limitation of milk tea?

I want to know the limitations of the milk tea.

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Is there an age limit for pay pal?

Is there an age limit for getting a pay pal account? If you are 16 and already have a bank account can you get a pay pal account for making purchases through Ebay? Thanks.

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Scientific Experimentations with limited ressources ?

Hey everyone, I've searched instructables about interesting scientific/chimic experimentations , but you always need fancy stuff you can find only on internet , I've enjoyed the green fire instructables , it had only two items requiered , easily found in pharmacy and in Supermarket but I really want more to do ! Thank you for reading.

Question by Anykey  

Motherboard limits your choice? Answered

Does your Motherboard choose the type of Graphics card you need or can you use any brand of graphics card for any motherboard?

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"5 volt limit" circuit? Answered

Is there a circuit that will take a range of voltages and make all of the voltages that are over 5 volts be 5 volts  like so: 3.5 => 3.5  4.2 => 4.2 4.9 => 4.9 5.1 => 5.0 6.3 => 5.0

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Isolation transformer current limit

I want to make small isolation transformer mainly for working with LED lighting. Can i put 1.36μF capacitor in series with transformer (primary or secondary?) to limit current to 100mA? (24W Max) could this somehow deform waveform preventing capacitive droppers or other common LED drivers to work properly? Inductor used for same purpose would need to be horribly big and resistor would be cooking.

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Limit to words on step-by-step

I've got to a certain point on my instructable (I've come back after a day) and when I typed up another paragraph and saved it, the text had disappeared? And no matter how much I typed it up and saved it again and again (my instructable is now published) the text doesn't seem to appear. Anyone else got this? My instructable is also a competition entry which is a problem!

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Limiting AMP Draw of a Transformer?

Hello guys. So i hacked a microwave transformer open and changed the primary coil out. It now has 10 windings and so i get around 15-16kV on the secondary coil. (which i need for a tesla coil) Now the problem is the transformer draws more than 16A and so the fuses in my home "go out" ? (I hope you know what i mean; European household -> 230v 16A) How can i limit how mutch Amps are getting "used" by the transformer ?

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how to limit to current to led's? Answered

Hi all I have a diy led project.  My batteries are dying really fast, I did a litte bit a research and find out that my led are drawing alot of current from my 3 AA's I wire my 36 led's in a parallel fashion voltage supply 4.5v vf = 3.4 per each led If = 20 ma  currently Not running any resistor through the leds.  What is the best way to make the battery last longer or to limit the current that is being supply led's? thanks in advance!!!!!

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Laser Driver with Limited Parts?

I have been working on a laser engraver for some time now, and have just recently gotten the laser parts.  I need to make a laser power supply, which I currently have a 5-volt fixed regulator which turns 15v 380ma into (obviously) 5v with roughly 400ma (value on label is not completely accurate).  I know that diodes will drop ~.6-volts, which I have a line of about 7 of them for testing, giving me 2-volts with the same current.  The problem I'm having is, I put proper resistors into the circuit to give 200ma to the diode, but every time I attach the laser to test the current it always reads 17ma on my volt meter.  Why is this?  How am I able to build a proper laser driver with limited parts (limited to a large supply of resistors and mixed caps, no adjustable regulator)?

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Limiting power to dc motors

I have 2 dc motors that i will control using an arduino using pwm, my input voltage is 9.6 volts from a battery, but i will use a 5v voltage regulator to power the arduino, the motors are 3v motors. How would i limit the voltage to them using resistors, i have two motors here are their specs Typical operating voltage:  3 V Free-run motor shaft speed @ 3V:  12300 rpm Free-run current @ 3V:  150 mA Stall current @ 3V:  2100 mA Motor shaft stall torque @ 3V:  0.5 oz·in

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current limiting for phone battery? Answered

I have a very old phone and its battery is outdated, I am replacing the battery with a new one but that is rated differently Phone ratings: 3.7V DC ; 350mA New battery rating: 3.7V DC ; 860mAh ; 3.2Wh >what is the difference in "mA" & "mAh"? >My main question is ; do I need to put some resistor in between the battery and phone input to limit the current or the current flow depends upon the load ?, do I need to put resistor in series b/w the phone and battery or in parallel. Try to provide a schematic to make answers more clear NOTE: I dont want to replace the phone and am working on it as a restoration project. Thanks in advance!

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Road Speed limit project

Hello, I'ts my first post here, so dont get mad if it's not the right subforum for this topic. I would just like some ideas/opinions for my project, because maybe I am forgetting something in addition to i am new with arduino the idea is a device that tracks a car's speeds and omits a message to the driving control authority, in case the car exceeds the speed limit. so What I am trying to build,is a Speed limit notification system that can sense my location and speed using GPS then compare it to defined speed for the current road using algorithm then send data over GSM network to my webserver or mobile phone warning me if i exceed the speed limit . What I need to achieve (and my plans to do so) are: 1. Arduino Uno 2. GPS module 3. GSM shield for network connection or sms sending 4. GSM + GPS shield (Replace 2 and 3 ) 5. so i will defined  maybe two or three roads using this techniques and define any speed i want Is these parts good ? is it ok to connect GPS module through gsm shield to Arduino ? or replace both with one shield (GPS and GSM ) I'm working on this project alone, maybe I have missed something, maybe theres a better solution for something, maybe someone else has some great ideas they are willing to share, regarding this idea and how to pull it off. Thanks all and sorry about my english

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Ideas Welcome- Piece limited

Hey. Yeah, haven't really been k'nexing much lately nor do I think I'll be doing it much longer. Long story short, I'm taking college classes for my last semester of high school for credits in both and yada yada so I have more and less time. More because I don't have much homework and I only have one class on Thursdays which means an entire open afternoon but less because I'm a lot more occupied on other days with other activities. But I decided to crack out the K'nex again. I need something somewhat innovative. Or maybe not innovative but just something that we don't have enough of. For example, an updated BAW was one of my ideas. The problem is that I have limited pieces. Take a look at my updated UMP, folding gun, or my BAW (red rodded stock version) for a general idea of how limited I am in pieces. So I'm obviously looking to make something compact. I was also thinking of expanding on my charging handle pin concept. Perhaps combine BAW and TBAG concepts for a shelled weapon. We still lack practical shell guns. As much of a hassle as they are compared to chamber action weapons and turrets, shells are still a perfectly reasonable (and more so, less complicated and less bulky respectively) method to get more range. But it's up to you what I build. So any requests?

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18650 protection board limitations

Hi ThereI've been lucky enough to stumble across a large quantity of brand new 2600 - 3300mAh 18650 cells and I'm wanting to find some DYI projects to put them to good use. 200W flash light, electric Go Kart or a basic power wall comes to mind. However first things first Ill be needing to build them into a packs and connect them to protection modules but Ive got a few questions:Protection modules come in so many flavors. 2S - 3S - 4S - 5S - 5S5P and bigger.. Do you choose the module based on how many cells you have in total and then just use a DC-DC converter to get the required voltage? Or do you try to get as close as possible to the voltage needed in series first and then find a module that suits? What is the most versatile configuration?Can I connect 5S5P pack to a 5S module? Can I keep increasing in parallel with no consequences? Like for example can I connect a 5S15P pack to a 5S model and expect the module to be able to balance and charge the pack back up? I understand there are Amp draw limits to watch out for too. The module I was looking at is below. this module requires a charge voltage of 21 volts at no more than 5Amps. Where would I be able to find a charger like that? A laptop power brick maybe?Any guidance would be great as I'm keen to learn as much as possible!Thanks in advanced!

Question by Plangy  

Need help designing a current limiting circuit for a DC powered device.

What would the simplest and most energy efficient circuit be to limit the current from a DC transformer?  I have several 12-15VDC plug-in transformers that deliver between 800-1000mA, but a device I need to power requires 12-15VDC at 350mA MAX.  Any thoughts, help, or advice would be appreciated!

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limit breaking on the Mini Mill/ Lathe

This is a general discussion of limit-breaking for small tools

Topic by ikrase  

Limiting Amps on My power supply

I have a PSU that is capable of 45 amps, but I only need 10 amps. How to I limit the amps? I am using the psu to make chlorate.

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What is instructables page/ picture limit? Answered

I had trouble uploading a lot of photos and was wondering if there is a picture limit? Is there a page limit for instructables? Why doesn't spell check work when I hit spell check?  Thanks in advance.

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wiring limit switches on a linear actuator

I am trying to wiring two limit switches onto a linear actuator. One to stop the extend stroke but will allow you to retract the actuator. The other limit switch will stop the retract stroke but allow you to extend the actuator. The actuator is installed on a door I need it to stop on the extend stroke and the retract stroke so it doesn't damage anything. I have an LACT8-500A actuator and the company doesn't make a limit kit for the adctuator.

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Limit current to 170v 5 amps?

So... I connected 120v ac mains power to a bridge rectifier > capacitors to smoothe > switch > output... how can I prevent the breaker from...breaking.  Also the integrated bridge rectifier can only take 6 amps for long amounts of time.  I need to somehow limit current without limiting voltage (at least to much)

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Natural Gas Tankless usage limiter

Looking for a way to stop kids from staying in shower for 12 hours now that we have "endless hotwater"

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Do patches have a time limit? Answered

I got a patch, and it said that I could gaze at it until it wears out after a month, so, do patches have a time limit? Just double checking/wondering.

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High voltage transformer current limiting?

I have modified a MOT to output 10kV as a Tesla coil power supply but when testing I found that there was a very low voltage (maybe 2kV). The primary resistance was measured at 0.2ohm much less than the inductive ballast I've used to current limit. Is the voltage being drawn away from the primary to the ballast? If so how can I resolve this (keep in mind even with the ballast it still needs further current limiting)?

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any way to limit internet on a laptop? Answered

My sister has a laptop in her room i have my computer in my room and a family computer down stairs my coumpter and the family computer has VERY slow when my sister is useing the net my dad want me to find a limit to make it so she can use less net also we dont want her to notice or see it

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how to limit dc current at 80A? Answered

Dear Sir,               I have a 48V 100Ah Lead Acid battery pack from which I have to power a electric drive train. I want to limit the current drawn from the battery to 80A & also short-circuit protection feature. Ipreferred MCB for this purpose but it  dint work out well. So I need an alternative for MCB, on searching over the internet I found that DC current limiter may do the job in my condition &. I am newbie in this field. Please guide me through the circuitry which may help me out. Best Regards, Rohit Patel.

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zener diode (limit 9v to 5v)? Answered

Can i use zener diode  to limit voltage from 9v to 5v? ( i would use 5v zener diode ) can this work? what else do i need to use? and  is this way efficient? i was thinking to power my phone with this or to charge my light

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How to limit amp draw of motors?

I am building an ROV that uses four thrusters, each can draw up to a maximum of 3-5 amps (motor says 3, website says 5 here). However, I will need to step up the voltage and I cant find anything that provides more than 10A continuous (currently using this but open to a higher amp option), so how can I limit the current the thrusters use in order to make sure that I dont blow out the DC-DC converter?

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Movable Solar Panel:- Sizing limits.

Hi folks looking to build a tracking solar panel for North and South directions. I have a few drawings made up but im stuck for the maths side of things as I have a size limit I need to stick to in. I need the panel to move by 15° towards north and towards south. So a 30° movement in total. What I have in mind if an arch where the panel will sit on which can be moved with a single piston placed on the South end of the panel. This is to contract and expand to move 15° up and 15° down. My size limit is the panel must not exceed 200mm or 20cm in real money when at its maximum positions. I have assumed a 2 meter long panel (or array of panels in a frame) So because of this im a bit unsure about how to tackle the maths side of things to work out the arch's profile to meet this criteria. Anyone got any words of wisdom? The 200mm limit is the max UK law allows me to play around with the panels maximum position.

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Why is instructables' search so limited? Answered

Hi everyone; What's with instructables' search function? I want to search for "cat run" and I get a bunch of running results. And you can't (or at least I can't) use any boolean search terms or even quotation marks. It is not difficult. THey allow that in tags. What am I missing?

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RGB Color change with limit switch

Hello all. I'm new to the community and I'm working on a project where I need an LED strip to change from a static color (red) to another color (white) for a second or two and back to its static color (red) and be repeatable everytime the switch is pressed. What is the best course of action? I'm super trash at writing code for arduino, but would that be a good solution?

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Too much voltage or will the current limit it?

According to the circuit I need about 6 volts input to run a luxeon star LED. As I understand it, the regulator takes about 3v leaving 3v for the LED and will will provide a fixed current of 320ma which is just fine. My question is, can I use a higher input voltage such as 12v without affecting the luxeon star? Although the current output is fixed, will the output voltage rise as the input voltage rises and burn out the LED?Image reference

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How to limit the electromagnetic valve current?

I know that the current is given by the voltage divided by the resistance.The resistance of the coil in the solenoid valve should be very small.In that case, if the voltage is applied directly, will the current be very large? For example, the voltage of 12V, the coil resistance of the solenoid valve is 1 ohm, is the current of this solenoid valve 12A? I wanted to build a simple model similar to a single-cylinder diesel engine, with solenoid valves to simulate piston motion and provide a compression resistance and push out power.

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Inrush current limiting resistor size?

I am building an application where LED strip lights will be powered off a 12V DC battery and switched on and off using a magnetic reed switch. I've been finding that the reed switch often fails to turn off when the magnet is removed. Searching on the net suggests this is because the contacts are getting fused by a large inrush current and the suggested fix is to wire a resistor in series to prevent this - so far so good but I cannot find anywhere guidance on the rating of the resistor I should use - at least guidance I can understand - as far as I can tell a resistor as low as 1 ohm may be required but not sure if I have got this correct - anyone know? Thanks

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