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max7219 arduino random

Hi does anyone know how it must work with the max7219, and arduino.a matrix of 8 x 8 led to a random to let go?? I have this set;=item20d4fa8074 who knows a sketch or want one for me????

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calculating MAX7219 resistor value?

I want to use the 7219 to drive two 3digit 7segment displays with these specs. I want to use 1.85v and 18mA. Here's what the MAX7219 datasheet states as resistor values to be used. I'm too dumb to figure out how the resistor value is calculated. Can someone help? What would the resistor value be for 1.85v 18mA?

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MAX7219 Matrix LED TIMER

Hello everyone!Im trying to make a simple stopwatch with Arduino using a MAX7219 Matrix module and a button. Ive seen several codes for the MAX7219 Red 8 Bit Digital Tube LED but they don't work for the Matrix.My intention is to create a stopwatch that with one press of the button activates, with a second press it stops, and with the third one it restarts. Does anyone know how to incorporate a stopwatch into the MAX7219 Matrix?Thanks!!

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DIY LED Sign with MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module STM8S003F3 MCU for AVR PIC MSP430 Arduino ARM STM32

To satisfy electronic DIY hobbyists, ICStation has developed MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module. It uses the Max7219 chip which do a great job on saving of MCU I/O. It can not only control each point individually, but also can be extended without limitation to meet your requirements on LED Sign, Team Logo and so on. What's more, it's controlled by the STM8S003F3 MCU with 1K data storge space which is low cost, low power consumption, very powerful. Major Building Portions of Electronic DIY Kits: 1. The 16pcs of MAX7219 Dot Matrix Kits are ready 2. Decomposition the pin header 3. Welding the SMD and max7219 Chip 4. Welding the electrolytic capacitor 5. Welding the pin header 6. Assembling the PCB 7. Setup the Dot Matrix 8. Wire Connection 9. Power the Dot Matrix and testing with our Code Follow the steps:

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Arduino LED matrix scoreboard with buttons code?

The project I want to make is an scoreboard for my Airhockey table that counts score with arcade buttons. I found some examples but have not anything that is exactly like I want to do. What I have bought is: Arduino Uno starter kit with all basic stuff and three 8x8 LED Matrix with MAX7219 drive. I think I should use 5 buttons, 4 for up and down score and 1 for start and reset.  I'am a newbie in Arduino coding and need some help with inputs how I should do. Do someone of you have any code for this or can help me where I can find? I searched on here and Github but I find no one that I think was for me. Here is how I will set it up:

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how do i drive a dual color led display with an arduino?

I bought a dual color RG 8x8 LED display from sparkfun, and how do i use it in an arduino project with MAX7221 controllers? it is a coomon cathode display with 24 pins. here is the item page: here is the datasheet: am trying to make a simple 3 color clock (or something like that) with a dual color RG led matrix and an arduino.can someone tell me how to wire up the matrix to the arduino, because the arduino doesn't have enough pins to run 2 colors of 8x8'smore than 3 colors ( R , G , RG ) would also be nice with the arduino :)

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