when refilling a ink cartridge with micr ink do i need to add regular ink to it as well??

I have tried refilling ink cartridge with micr ink but when i print u can barely see the ink what do i do

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how to make micr ink or ferrofluids?

Need to find out how to make it . required for reading checks

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How To make an magnetic Ink Scanner? Answered

I'll be wanting to make this for my vending machine project but I can only get to work with coins not bills, my problem is that it does not identify if it's a 1$ bill of a 5$. my Research concludes that magnetic ink scanner is the most used ways to read a bill and identify its value.

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what is the easiest way to make magnetic ink to print checks with?

Checks require "micr" ink to be read by buisness check readers. there has to be a way to make it for almost nothing

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How can I hook up a VCR video drum motor to a microcontroller or other power source, without the big VCR circuit board? Answered

It is not a DC motor, I think it is a brushless motor. It's the big round one that moves the the tape.

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How can i create a speedometer using Atmega16 Microcontroller?

I have knowledge about using DC motor and LCD Interfacing in AVR(Atmega16) Microcontroller. I am working on a project "A line follower robot". I have almost completed my project, just want to add speedometer into it. Please help! Thanks in advance!

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how would i attach a small led onto a cycling glove?

I am doing a project at college and i am redesigning a cycling glove, i have decided to design it with a led lighting system as indicators i have done drawings and come up with some good designs how ever i do not know electrics at all. i am asking any one who can help me please to give me some idea so i know where to start. the led prfereable wants to be small with a micr switch. thanks

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