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Trying to make an origami book.Does anybody have a pdf for the same??

Topic by vinitavij    |  last reply

paper origami?

Question by jmanlk456    |  last reply

9 - Step Origami

NOTE: try guessing the final result before reaching the last step.

Topic by JoudA1  

Origami or Zhezhi Sycee?

Does anyone know how to make an origami or zhezhi sycee its hard to find a video or a diagram.

Topic by NInja99    |  last reply

New Category: Origami

Origami needs its own category. Seriously.  Yes, there is a 'paper' category under living and yes, there is a 'paper airplanes' category under play but origami deserves its own home. Even though I've posted a lot of origami in the paper category, I always feel weird doing it since I feel like Living, Paper is for stuff like making paper, books, cards, and maybe paper craft (though this should be under the play category and maybe have a section of its own too). I've also posted a few things in the paper airplane's category because it's flying origami but still don't feel like it's the right place for it. I feel like origami much better fits under the Play area (instead of living) and there is definitely enough of it to warrant its own category. Please give the orphan origami a home. 

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Origami Jack in the Box

Somewhere I saw something about how to make an origami jack in the box and I was wondering if anyone on here knew how to make one that could sort of explain how to make one to me. I looked it up on google but only found a diagram that, for me, was very hard to follow. Can help me with this? Thanks!

Topic by Sunbanks    |  last reply

Amazing Money Origami

Making a shirt of of a dollar bill is a nice trick, but it's absolutely nothing compared to what Won Park can do with money. Check out his gallery for some insanely cool folding. Even better, he's made PDFs and videos to help you make the same stuff. GalleryFish InstructionsVideo tutorialvia Drawn!

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

Bladerunner Origami Unicorn

There were some instructions on the net for this but it was a bit awkward to follow. It would be great if someone could produce an instructions video.

Topic by SteveUK    |  last reply

origami folding Table

i am sorry if this is the wrong place for this but i once saw on the internet a table from a cruise ship i think it was the "grand dining table" but i'm not sure. The table when turned opened to about double or triple its size extra pieces rising from inside and sliding into place to form a "whole" table the point of this is i would love if some one could point me to either the site or how to make one for myself

Topic by LordGormyr    |  last reply

Laser Cutter Origami

The New Yorker printed an article about engineer/physicist turned professional origami artist Robert Lang. He's dropped by Instructables/Squid Labs to use the laser cutter to score curves otherwise impossible to fold; it's some neat stuff. This spawned a comment thread on using origami techniques to mold concrete for the Universal Nut Sheller. (Scroll up one comment for first post in the thread.)I don't know how long the article will be available, so here's the laser cutter's cameo:One clear, chilly day not long ago, I met Lang at Squid Labs, a high-tech research-and-development company headquartered in an enormous concrete building that used to be part of the Alameda Naval Air Station, near Oakland. Lang and his wife and their teen-age son live about twenty miles east of Oakland, in a comfortable ranch-style house that has a separate studio building in the back yard, where Lang works amid a clutter of math books, seashell guides, computers, and a menagerie of paper animals. He was spending the day at Squid Labs to use its industrial laser cutter to help him crease paper for some complex folds. He said that he may be the first origami artist to use a laser cutter, which he dials down to a smidgen of its power, so that it scores the paper rather than slices it. Lang was working on paper prototypes for two commissions: one for an interior-design piece to be made of metal, another for a leather fashion accessory, and on a design he was making for himself, which he didn't want to describe, in case he jinxed it. All three of the designs were so intricate that it would have taken him hours just to crease the paper in preparation for the final folds. He was using large squares of tweedy-looking mauve Hanji paper from Korea, which is sturdy but still slightly translucent, like the flesh of a fish.

Topic by canida    |  last reply

Origami Crease Pattern HELP!!!

I love origami... I have tried to use crease patterns to fold models but am having problems... I need a thorough explanation or tutorial explaining how to fold crease patterns. Thank You.

Topic by DELETED_PatrickSymus    |  last reply

What Fold Is This? Origami Help

I'd like to try my hand at making this myself, but I can't figure out what fold it is so I can search for instructions. Does anybody know? Help much appreciated! - McGooglykins

Topic by McGooglykins    |  last reply

Is there a program that creates origami instructions?

I am an origami enthusiast in some of my spare time, and I have several of my own designs brewing. Does anyone know of any software that can help in the process of creating the step-by-step instructions so that they look nice and elegant? Alternatively, are there any programmers that would like to team up on this project and create one? I have some experience programming and have some other ideas up in my noodle if anyone is interested.

Question by BeanGolem    |  last reply

do you have origami?

Question by jmanlk456    |  last reply

many many more origami

Well i have many more to come some are dogs head,house,doll,cube cube with spikes and much more

Topic by knexsuperbuilderfreak    |  last reply

why isnt there a section for origami questions? Answered

When someone asks a question there are topics like play and living, or workshop. then there are subtopics like knex, paper airplanes. I think there should be an origami subtopic in questions.

Question by instruct39    |  last reply

a special origami thing for school task?

I have this task at school about friday, I have to play 'teacher', and teach my fellow students some origami. the problem is, I do not know what to teach them. it has to be something difficult, but quick ( 7-15 minutes) does anyone on the site have an Idea?

Question by necropolian    |  last reply

Origami Space Ship - Video evidence!

It seems to be real!There is video evidence on the BBC News site - wind-tunnel tests of a folded paper aeroplane up to Mach 7!All we need now is the plan to fold our own...CrunchGear ArticleMainichi Daily News ArticleUnrelated article about boomerangs in space

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

How do I start a community origami club? Answered

After this summer I am going to be teaching an origami class to the public at my local library, but first I would like to create a community club for origami. Anyone know how to start a group?

Question by CrafteroftheArts    |  last reply

So if Origami means "the art of paper folding", why do you sometimes CUT the paper instead of folding it? Answered

I'm just curious.  I understand origami means the art of paper folding, therefore why do we sometimes CUT the paper instead of FOLDING it? Shouldn't origami mean "the art of cutting and folding of paper" if we cut it too?

Question by star_above_the_clouds    |  last reply

how do you make an origami burger?

I've been searching and the only answer I've been given is a link to Ready Made website but I've searched the website and cannot find the instructions on how to make the burger (and not the origami burger set with the fries and soda pop and tray) at all!! Can anyone help me?

Question    |  last reply

how do you make a origami gauntlet?

I was sitting at school my teacher nagging me to do my work when I had the most enormous ideas I've my tiny brain has ever had... a mideval style gauntlet made of paper!

Question by arbbitar    |  last reply

how to make an origami cube folding machine

I want to cover an entire bedroom wall with origami cubes that are made up of 12 identicle pieces. The problem is it takes way to long and i want to make a machine to do some of it or all of it. I relize this may take micro prosessors. i have an old working overhead, 2 servos, and i dumpster dive all the time/ can get parts. any advise or is this to damn crazy?

Topic by unistudmuffin    |  last reply

Conductive Fabric, Bloody Heart, Origami Roses...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. Feb. 21, 2008 Welcome back! The Share the Love: Valentine's Day Speed Contest ends this Sunday, so get your romantic Instructables up this weekend! The winners of the Get the LED Out! Speed Contest have been announced. See who won here! Check out these cool instructables! Conductive Fabric: Make Flexible Circuits Using An Inkjet Printer Easily turn out flexible circuits to create some funky projects. posted by mikey77 on Feb 14, 2008 Remote shutter trigger for digital cameras Make a remote shutter release for your Canon digital camera (and some other brands) for about three bucks in under five minutes. posted by deth2all on Feb 20, 2007 How To Shave Without Getting Razor Bumps Here's how to avoid those little ingrown hairs known as razor bumps. posted by SteamKit on Feb 18, 2008 A better laptop stand for bed Make a simple but incredibly useful Laptop Stand for around $15 and 30-60 minutes! Great for use in bed while typing, browsing, and watching movies. posted by jumpfroggy on Feb 13, 2008 Simulated wood grain for metal boxes Prepare a metal box using a buffing technique that can simulate wood grain, birdseye or other finishes for a sleek look. posted by amz-fx on Feb 15, 2008 Spread the knowledge! Contest closes this weekend! Win a $350 Yoyo! A Dozen Red Origami Roses A unique twist to the traditional giving of roses to a loved one. Handmade origami roses are everlasting and inexpensive to& make. posted by thydzik on Feb 15, 2007 Cardboard Savonius Wind Turbine Build a Savonius wind turbine made out of cardboard to see what works. Low-tech rapid prototyping at its best. posted by rhackenb on Feb 16, 2008 How to Eat a Banana Like a Monkey OK, the actual eating isn't too different from humans. The real magic is in how monkeys peel their banana to get at the goodness inside. posted by fungus amungus on Feb 20, 2008 Build a real bell-striking clock for your PC Sound effects on a computer can't match the nice tones you can get from a real bell. Here's how to put the two together. posted by 5Volt on Feb 18, 2008 Make a Bloody Valentine's Heart Present your loved one with this anatomically-correct heart, a card ("You have my heart!"), and a ring hidden in the heart for a day to remember forever. posted by theprojectmaker on Feb 16, 2008 Show us your yarn! The Lion Brand Yarn Challenge has closed for entries, so it's time to vote for your favorites. Here are some more of the over 450 projects entered - rate your favorites, talk to the crafters, and get inspired. The Lion Brand group lives on, so keep posting your yarn creations! Bike Kippah Skirt Afghan Bootcovers   Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric

Topic by fungus amungus  

pics of models

Show off your origami here!

Topic by BuffaloNickel    |  last reply

Does anyone know how many waterbomb bases are in the origami magic ball

Pretty much what the title says, and if there are halves of them, please count them separate

Question by Sekiha_tenkyoken    |  last reply

how do you sink-fold?

Question by sparkspooky    |  last reply

how do i create an origami star box? Answered

 I have recently stumbled upon an instructable that i have been searching for about an origami star box.  Sadly, this instructable was of no use to me as the pictures were very blurry and the directions really bad.  So if you cold help that would be great!

Question by Near24    |  last reply

Plastic origami earth puzzle. Template and instructions needed.? Answered

Template and Instructions needed for The Dave Swart earth puzzle. Plastic tesselations rather like the IQ Light. Goemetery models and slide together are similar

Question by craftyv    |  last reply

is there a way to half the materials needed in an origami project but make it the same size?

I dont have very much paper, but I love to make origami. If I want to make something that usually takes 1 piece of paper, could I half that but make it the same size, and make it look the same?

Question by mike95    |  last reply

Does anyone know where to find instructions for the Five Intersecting Tetrahedra origami model?

My computer won't load video, so I need some directions.

Question    |  last reply

(newsletter) Origami Roses, Chocolate Truffles, Bath Bombs

Easy Chocolate Truffles Make Bath Bombs A Dozen Red Origami Roses Guy's Guide to Buying Flowers Kissing Cards Solid Perfume Duct Tape Roses Chocolate Covered Strawberries Nut and Bolt Rings Guides Valentines Day Valentines Treats Gifts for Women Gifts for Men - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

Topic by fungus amungus  

Post-It Origami, Bean Bag Couch, Make Plaudough

Post-It Origami Box Bean Bag Couch Make Playdough Munny Speakers T-Shirt to Sexy Top Remove a Tick Get a Free Yacht Build Your Own Guitar Bread from Scratch Cheap Art Cheeseburger Dress Memphis-Style Brisket Paper Walkalong Glider Eight Cord Flat Braid Reclaimed Wood Table

Topic by randofo  

kawasaki rose materials used succesfully not just origami paper?

Pretty ideas that will hold the creases but add a decorative touch to the design

Question by craftyv    |  last reply

can someone give me better pictures on how to assemble the modular origami by mascimo??

 i made twelve of the little origami modules for this, but the pictures on how to put them together are very blurry. could you please either give me better pictures for this, or send me a video? anyone?

Question by the poodleo    |  last reply

Parental Spam

#2 son, Conker-X, has entered the Shopbot Challenge. I doubt it's a top-prize winner, but he'd at least like a couple of comments from people he isn't related to ... Link to Origami Yoda. (Of course, a vote or three wouldn't go amiss, either.)

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

How do i leave?

I think i joined on aciddent D= how do i leave?

Topic by Quenihana    |  last reply

DNA twisted into boxes

A news article in Nature reports on a group that has constructed three dimensional boxes, including a lockable lid, from DNA. Using specifically designed oligonuclitides, the boxes self-assemble chemically from long strands of DNA in solution. According to the article, "It takes only an hour or two for billions of boxes to form by themselves."The article include both "artists conceptions" and electron-microscope images of the actual objects.Update 13 May 2009: The Nature article above has been put into restricted access. Here is a Science News report which is not restricted.

Topic by kelseymh    |  last reply

how do you make origami claws? i really want to make them.

They are like cones but do not put ice cream in them!

Question by aemg01    |  last reply

What happened to Golics?

What ever happened to golics? You know, the awesome papercraft women?

Topic by Flumpkins    |  last reply

A new folding door I just saw on facebook

I would love to see someone build this door.  I believe it is beyond my capabilities

Topic by paqrat    |  last reply

How do I make a Sonobe Polyhedra with 130 modules? I can't connect them right!!!

Okay, so I saw this awesome picture of a Sonobe ball made from 130 modules, and I just can't seem to connect the peices to mine the correct way! Can anyone help me?

Question by IHeartOrigami    |  last reply

(newsletter) Build a Solar Panel, Wearable Electronics, NYC Origami...

Sep 18, 2008 Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; }"/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup1","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); } Welcome back! The Hungry Scientist Contest has launched! Hack your food or kitchen tools to win your choice of some sweet prizes. The Forbes Fabergé-Style Egg Contest needs your eggs! Take an egg (real or fake) and decorate it inside and out in homage to the classic Faberge style. You can win a Sonos music system, and get your egg featured in the Forbes Galleries in New York City! The Craft Skills Contest is well underway - learn a new skill, and submit your own! Live near San Francisco or planning a trip? Stop by for one of our build nights and make something cool in our office! Tonight: Mouse mouse; October 2: Intro to Chainmail. RSVP required - just PM Canida.Upcoming... Get ready for the biggest and best Halloween contest ever! October will be here soon, so start working on an elaborate costume and creepy decorations! Don't forget, anything posted since the close of last year's contest is eligible. Build a 60 Watt Solar Panel by mdavis19 How to make a Portal Gun by chiok Make Single-serving ice cream by otterhopdotcom Origami Cube NYC Style by scopevisions Share your best food hacks!Unleash your decorating skills Heavy Duty Porch Swing by dragonvpm Replace the battery in a Sonicare Elite by AaronX2621 Instant Wearable Electronics with LEDs by stasterisk No Mess Yogurt Making by Poe-tate-o Hydoponic garden - Gravity feed by agatornz DIY Illuminated Design Desk by skyburner Jalapeno Poppers. Fire In the Hole! by Forkable Make your own iPod/iPhone speaker by shteef A list of great costumeInstructables to inspire you Spread the knowledge! TV-B-Gone Hoodie by bekathwia Make A Water Leyden Jar by Plasmana DIY: Mock Tufting by modhomeecteacher Crochet a Mustache Hat Costume by momwithahook Get crafty! There's still time to enter your crafty Instructables in the Craft Skills Contest! Here are some of the Instructables already entered- check them out and then teach us something new! Grocery Bags Journal Decoration Felting Tea Cozies Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; }"/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup2","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); }

Topic by fungus amungus  

I want to make a mobile to hang 1000 origami cranes. What structure should I start with?

I has bamboo poles. Fishing line string. Paper cranes and beads. How can I make the bamboo poles work as a mobile art piece?

Question by jpeek    |  last reply

a Fast Technique for cutting A4 [or any shape~notebook paper] into square(s)? ~Mostly for quick Origami papers and such.

I like to make origami and try out new things, but sometimes I'd find something very interesting to make but it needs many pieces of Square paper, and i don't have any origami paper [readily-cut squares], so i end up having to cut out my own squares from notebook  papers or A4 sheets... and its reeeally annoying and time-wasting >:\ so i end up not being able to make some projects :( So far on instructables, i've seen Many Amazing and ingenious ideas and the Smart people who created them :) Anyways, Based on the Mass of Creativity packed into this site, im sure someone will be able to solve my [laziness] problem! ;P {Whether it's a "Technique" or a "Devise" that i'd have to make, or any other way, I am Grateful and will be happy by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!} -Thank You ;P

Question by HowTo-Creative    |  last reply

Glaze/Plastic/Glass Look for Paper?

So I am planning on making an Origami figure as a birthday present for a special friend I am going to be investing at least 24 hours just for the Origami and additional time with the accompanying objects. I want the present to last so i was wondering if there is any like spray on plastic, glaze, epoxy or something that looks like glass or see through plastic so it will make it look pretty and increase durability? It would be also nice if it were water proof. Since i am investing a lot of time into this "Project" any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, AWX

Topic by angelwingzx    |  last reply