Hey Instructabl-ERS! I got this swank old SwiMP3 player, meant to blast rockin tunes straight into your skull via bone conduction, and I'm growing flippers in sweaty anticipation of tuning in, turning on, diving in, and rocking out. BUT. it has this wonky old pinout, and their customer service hasn't gotten back to me yet to tell me how to swiftly solder up a new one. And I wanna load my tunes and charge the internal batteries and stuff. So I pose this question to YOU, instructables! Do you have one of these with a cable I can copy? Do you have one of these and know what the pinout is? electrically yours! --Star

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what is a pinout? Answered

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USB pinouts

Would it be possible to buy a 4x AA battery relay from Radioshack and splice the output into a Micro USB cable to make a 6 volt emergency charger for a smartphone? Or do I need little electrical bits (resistors or somesuch) in between the output from the juice pack and the +5v pin on the USB? Thanks.

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video pinout

Hello, I am trying to connect the LCD from a Toshiba 4020 to a raspberry pi but i cannot find the pinouts of the video connector, and I cant find anything online about this laptop, does anybody know how to convert this connector to HDMI or would i need a converter? 

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Electronic/Electrical Pinouts

. has pinout diagrams for just about everything.. From their home page: "We are collecting information about hardware interfaces of modern and obsolete hardware, including pinouts of ports, expansion slots, and other connectors of computers and different digital devices. This information is essential for everyone who wants to analyze insights of modern computer hardware, explore ways it's works, design devices with computer connection."

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Zune HD pinout

Hello every one.  Here is the short version: I would like to know the pinout of the Zune HD (connector).   Now, as there may be more than one solution to my problem (and for those of you who are curious :P), here is the rest of the story: I had a Zune 4gb and an Altec Lansing speaker dock that went with it. I recently purchased a Zune HD 16gb. I love it, but the only problem is that the pinout of the two Zunes are not the same (or at least that’s what I’m assuming), so I am not able to use my speakers with my new Zune. I am only able to use it as a charging dock. Here’s what I know so far:   -I know most of the pins on the old Zune, thanks to -I know the speaker is still functional; I tested it with my old Zune. -And I know the new and old Zunes share at least one ground wire, one +5v supply wire, and both USB data transfer wires, as the dock charges both Zunes, and I am able to sync and charge both Zunes with both new and old sync cables.   Once I find out which pins are for audio, I am planning on opening the speaker case and reconnecting the audio wires (which I was able to identify using the old Zune pinout) to accept the pinout of the new Zune.  I have plenty of experience with electronics of all kinds, so I would be more that comfortable doing something like this, but I am more than open to any solution that is… less invasive, as I would like to avoid the risk of damaging my speakers.   If any of you fine folks have any answers about the pinout or suggestions for alternate solutions, or comments at all for that matter, I would be very grateful.   Thanks all, -jpenn  

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Help with Viewfinder Pinout??

Well guys, I've had this viewfinder sitting around in a drawer for TOO long. I ripped if off an old camcorder in the dump like 2-3 months ago, remembering a few different projects I've seen on here (and other sites) such as: (sorry the hyperlink part of instructables never works for me) I know I've seen a project somewhere online too where a guy used one of these TINY crt's for a miniature arcade machine, just to name an example. I've ran into a bit of a wall here though, it would seem as though everyone else's viewfinders have indivigual wires coming off the board for power and video input. Mine doesn't, it has ONE ribbon connection (although mangled a bit, I still have the ribbon cable that goes with it). This is a really simple looking circuit board, but as I don't exactly have lab quality tools sitting around, I don't wanna solder wires onto it until I know for sure which is for power, I'd hate to fry it on the first time! I tried following the traces on the board but I've never been too good at that, is there some way I can probe around with a voltmeter to determine what is for video input and what is power? I've tried googling numbers off the board and tube and that didn't help either. If anyone can help me power this tube, please tell me!!

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sensor bar pinout? Answered

Hey is anyone in the possesion or knows the wii sensorbar pinout? im attempting to make a usb adaptor for it, but i dont want to cut the cord to splice

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camcorder viewfinder pinout

I have recently come across a panasonic wv-vf01 crt viewfinder. i dont know the model camera it  was from, but i  Would like to drive it. i have already found video, i just need the voltage and pinouts. it has a 6 pin connector. and i plan on hooking the crt to my raspberry pi and show the time on it

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Lighting to USB pinout

Hello forums! I am having an issue and I desperately need help. It's easy enough to find a USB to lighting connector with the breakout already done for you on the PCB, but I can't for the life of me find the actually 9 to 4 pin diagram for conversion. Can any help me????

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What is the pinout for a telephone handset? Answered

I need to know which of the four wires that are in a RJ11 connector, is for the microphone and which ones for the speaker on a telephone handset. Thank you very much for your help.

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Dose anyone know the button connections, power, audio, and video pinouts in a gameboy cartridge slot? Thanks so much. Zombeastly

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Pinout on Delta EADP-180BB?

I have a power supply that is rated at 12V on a couple of pins (8 pin connector) but it does not seem to work. I suspect that one pin (called remote) needs to be activated, but I am not sure what would make it stay up. I have included a drawing from the power supply label.

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pinouts of an mp3 player module? Answered

I have an mp3 player module whch i took out from a home theatre main unit. I want to know the use of some features or the pins which are given in it because i am a beginner to electronics and stuff. I am using it as a player using headphones because it needs amplifier to play in speakers, but headphones work with medium sound. It has usb and sd card port for input. Also have 3 pushbuttons , play pause, next , previous. It has the following pinouts. Basic ones which I know: +5v  GND L_OUT R_OUT These must be for pushbuttons: P4.1 GND P4.2 P1.2 P4.4 (but there are only 3 buttons)??? IR (this could be infrared remote control) These I want to know what are for??? +5v GND SDA     SCL P5.7 RST

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My APPLE IPOD 3rd gen 1gb(DUPLICATE STUFF) broke. imagei DEsoldered all the parts. I want the PINOUT of the LCD. It has a non standard (20 pins) number of pins. PLEASE help. i know 16 pin connection but not this. Its size is 2inches(diagonal)thank u in advance

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What's the pinout pattern for the Giro Tuneups cable on the 4 conductor 2.5mm phone side?

It's apparently different than the pattern for my Droid 2 Global so I need to know so I can wire up an adaptor from the 2.5mm Tuneups male to the Droid's 3.5mm female so the whole phone and iPod function will work inside my ski helmet.

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How do i wire a condenser mic into my audio input of my PC/Computer? Answered

Ok, I answered it myself but I looked long and hard so hear is one option for connecting a condenser mic to a pc. This is 20 year old microphone that shipped with my family's Apple LC in 1992.  The mic works well with one of my laptops audio card... Not sure what the Zenner diode value is but its probably pretty small. I measured the voltage across the mic + to ground and it was 3.5volts. I saw another guy that only found a diode on his condenser mic so maybe newer audio cards can work without all the extra parts...

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There's a pinout for a Grundig LC 400 camcorder DC-IN connector? Answered

Good morning  at all, I've found a Grunding camcorder (model LC 400) that works, but I've no battery charger or DC cable: before open the camera and try to understand the power schematics (and make some BIG disaster...), sombody have the connector's pinout / model / schematics? The connector's shape is like a small 12 V Molex and on the camera's bottom there's a label with operative voltage: 6 V DC or 4.8 V (battery). Thank you very much, Mattia.

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color code on a samsung LCD? Answered

I had this old laptop wich had a burned out motherboard, so i took it apart for parts. obviously, the LCD screen caught my eye. this thing has 1 connector, with  bout 40 pins. 5 wires are going to the inverter (i guess taht's it at least) and the rest goes to a circuitry on the back of the LCD. now, there are 15 wires (D-sub standard right?) going to the LCD, and i would love to know how to wire them, that is, what wire takes what voltage, data, or whatever it needs. btw, the connector to the circuitry has 20 pins, dunno what that means (multiple ground lines?) the only chip on the circuitry is labeled: LXD91810                                                           VS246AB note, the 6 could also be an 8, some genius used a permanent marker to write a 3 over it, wich makes i very hard to read... is there any site online that is about these kind of mods? i was looking but couldnt find any... i have included pictures of what i think is important, please ask if theyr either unclear, you need anything else or whatever :P any info is welcome and greatly apreciated!

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Laser Diode Pinout. 4 pins??!!

Hi, I got a DVD Player at an auction, in fully working condition, for $10. So, since I already had one, I decided to remove the insides, and extract the laser diode within. I did so, expecting to have just a normal 50-200mw 3-pin red diode. Instead, I have a 4-pin diode, of unknown wavelength, color, and power. Would anyone happen to have a pinout for it? The pins are arranged as below in the picture.

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Help with understanding pinout on circuit board

I'm an HVAC technician and at school they had a bunch of Carrier EMI thermostats that connect to a router with a module. I'm pretty tech-savvy, but I'm not the greatest when it comes to wireless technology. On the board there are spots labeled: Tx, Rx, A2D2, GNDs, GNDp, and 12vdc. Then there are another 2 labeled OAT and OATC. What do these all mean? All I know is that Tx and Rx are transmitting and receiving. Any help is much appreciated.

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High Voltage Flyback Transformer Pinout HELP!

I pulled out a flyback HV transformer from a CRT television set (I DO know of the dangers involved, and I'm VERY careful to discharge all caps and to short out the flyback).  But the problems is, I have a FB Samsung C31113D.  Very hard to find schematics or specs on.  Rather than fiddling with which pins do what (via battery and multimeter-which I guess I could do), does anyone know of a site that offers pintout schematics for different manufacturers?  I'm anxious to begin my project on building a Jacob's Ladder.  But without knowing which pins do what, I refuse to tinker.  My life is just too important. Is there anyone who may be able to help me out here?  Perhaps checking each pin with a battery is the only way to go, but I would like to avoid that if possible.  Also, what waveform does the FB  Transformer put out?  I've heard square wave, and I've heard D.C.  The only thing I have definitely heard is that sine waves tend to result in smoke from the FB. Thank you!

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how to find flyback transformer pinout?

How to find flyback transformer pinout and i don't hav a datasheet i don't hav anything

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sony ux180p lcd, vga pinout?

Does the lcd for the sony ux180p have a pinout that can be soldered to any vga connection? thanks.

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Ipod Click Wheel Pinout / Commands

Does anybody happen to have the pinouts along with the command strings of an ipod click wheel? Im looking to install one in my car so I can connect my ipod touch to it and use the commands from the click wheel to control the touch.  The wheel i have is from a 2nd gen nano, but im guessing any of the new wheels are similar.

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50 pin JAE connector pinouts? Answered

i just recently got a cd drive from a broken laptop, hoping to use it in a project of mine, but i noticed that it has a very different connector in it for data transfer and power, i read online that it is a 50 Pin JAE connector, and it has 40 pins (just like normal IDE) for data trsnfer and 10 pins for power, sound, and the master/slave/cable select option. what are the pinouts of the JAE connector? the cd drive model is a HP CD-RW/DVD DRIVE model: GCC-4244N (SO5D) FW: 1.01 HW: A Mecha: A Type: MGCO does anybody know the pinouts of this drive?

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Does anyone know the pinout of this chip?

Hello fellow Arduino-ists I've got an old laser mouse (DELL M-UVDEL1) and I want to get my arduino uno or mega (I've got both) to read the data it sends out and print it to the serial monitor. First, can anyone tell me the pinout of the chip on the following picture:, bakside:, then I think I can work from there, unless anyone wants to help me even more by posting an example code, that would be great

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Logitech X 620 sub pinout?

Found a powered subwoofer ( Dumpster!!!) of a 6.1 computer sound system. Not the  6 smaller speakers. The front right speaker would have had the inputs and controls in it . A cable with a VGA connector had to be plugged into the amp in the back. No pinout info was found I have a similar 2.1 system (Logitech Z3), which is all I need for casual use (My real system is unusable due to neighborhood pressure...) The amp contains 2 TDA 7377 chips,and many more components than prescribed by the data sheet (some of it is the power supply)- ( Does more complicated mean better here?). 2 Options: 1) rip the TDA chips out and use one to make a 2.1 or a stereo amp with components according to the datasheet. The other one a stereo or quad for a different project. 2) find out the pinout and use the amp 'as is' (which would mean putting both all R and all L channels together (parallel?) to make a 2.1. A lot less work. (Since I am not going to use the 6.1 configuration, will the sophistication of the design still deliver?)? If anyone knows the pinout I would of course first try working with the existing circuit...

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NTE2013 as a single darlington pair pinout?

I'm trying to make a simple Darlington Pair amplifier, but I wasn't able to get my hands on a regular BJT or Darlington Transistor, so I'm using a Darlington Array. The problem is, I don't know how I should hook it up, so if anybody can figure it out, I'd appreciate it a lot. Schematic I'm Building:

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help determining stepper motor pinout? Answered

Im trying to build a cnc machine and i just finished the hardware portion. anyways im trying to find out what wires are what on the stepper motors i have. there are 6 pins coming out of the motor and the connections are as follows. pin 1 is not connected to anything, pin 2 has 10ohm to pin 3, pin 4 has 10 ohm to pin 5, and pin 6 is not connected to anything. what are pins 1 and 6 for, and how can i tell if this is a bi or uni polar motor. any ideas? they are made by japan servo co. number kh42jm2b079 if thats any help but i had no luck searching...

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Li-ion 5 pin, pinout?

Good Day Fellow TinkerersI have a battery that came out of a Android Tablet that i want to use for another project.It has a cuircuit board attache to the top which i would assume is a over/under charge protector and it has 5 wires coming off of that. 2 x Red, 1 x White and 2 x Black.The two black wires are connected to the same pad on the "protection circuit" and the two red are connected to the same pad. The white wire is on a separate pad i.e. 3 pads, 1 with 2x red, 1 with 2 x black and 1 with 1 x white.I figure the Red would be positive and the Black negative and then i would assume that the white is the Thermistor connection.My Question :How do i connect this externally from the tablet to charge? I figure red and black are the usual, but how do i connect the white wire?Thanks in advance for any help :)

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i found some audio amp chips. how do i wire them? Answered

Here is the datasheet: i get pins 2-6, but i dont know how to wire the last three (pins 1,8 and 7) help?

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Pinout for disposable SpO2 monitor (Masimo LNCS Adtx)? Answered

When I was in the hospital recently, they used a "disposable" blood oxygenation (SpO2) fingertip monitor. They let me take it home with me afterward (otherwise they'd just discard it!). I would like to find a pinout for it and see what else I can do with a paired LED/photodiode.The model is Masimo LNCS Adtx. The connector is rectangular, but with a "9-pin D" style of pins -- top row five, bottom row 4, and with the second pin in each row removed for keyed insertion.I've been able to find operator's manuals and user guides on the Web, but nothing technical. Anyone out there with medical equipment experience who can point me toward a spec?

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Makeshift laptop charger.......need power layouts? Answered

Okay I've got a Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop without a power supply and HP Pavilion laptop with a spare supply. I cut the tip off the pavilion charger like this (which wires are grnd,neg,pos ??) now whats the layout of the charging port pinout of the Dell Inspiron 5100??  (grnd, neg, pos....according to the numbered pins)

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Can't find the right pins on flyback transformer

 I used various guides to find the negative 0V pin but all outputs give the same values. What can I do to find it? It's one of those 'new' transformers. Also, my transformer to test the thing and use the multimeter is about 14VDC (and the readings when testing give about 16V :P). Should this work? As I live in Europe it should run on 240V. Something else regarding this: Do I really need to make a circuit driver for it or can I use the onboard waveform transformer thingy too? And, if I get this thing to work, could I make a 2N3055 driver but with a different transistor? (I have a IRF630N transistor, would that work? I've also got  C546B and C556B!)

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Printer from protec 6300 fire panel, pinout needed :)

The printer has various labels on which say various things, the labels are listed below: B/NO 088531 40-886-66 MTS63 PRINTER PL 640/02 PRINTER DRIVER (MTS63) WELB010 ISSUE A TR107 089271 PROTEC I am after the pinout for the 10 pin IDC connector Any help welcome :)

Question by Callum Snowden 

I bought a multi colored 3 prong LED and it blinks... what did I buy? Answered

What's the pinout?I have it working, but... I would like to make sure I do not fry it. it's red blue and green but automaticly cycles in an odd pattern with teal... Shouldn't there be a purple? Bought from radioshack. Sorry, no images.

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How to find read pinout of a flyback transformer?

Hello, everyone. I have a picture of the flyback transformer pinout on the circuit board. I was wondering if someone could confirm that the +14v and -14v are for the primary coils and the GND is 0v of the secondary. Thanks. Any other info is very much welcome =) picture:

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Does anybody have a pinout for an iGo charger?

I have a spare car block i'd like to hardwire as a usb power port onto my motorcycle and I'm not sure what each of the six pins purposes is.  I no longer have any of the cables that go with it either

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what would this stepper controller pinout mean?

I salvaged the interesting bits from two gravity fed laserprinters recently, and was delighted to find the stepper motors have small driver boards mounted to them.  Unfortunately, i dont know much about steppers or their drivers.  I'm hoping somebody with more familiarity can point me in the right direction to figuring these out. They are 13.9W 24V steppers, and manually rotating them i can feel 24 jumps, so im guessing they rotate 24 steps per revolution. The pins on the driver are LD, CW, START, GND, DC24V.  Aare those common pins for a stepper driver?

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does anyone know the psp composite tv cable schematic?

I am trying to make a composite tv-out cable for my psp 2000 and i can't seem to find the schematic-pinout specific information anywhere.  does anyone know the psp composite tv cable schematic?

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Intel PIII processor GND and voltage pins?

 I am making the hot plate found at: I want to find the 'voltage' and 'gnd' pins for my Pentium 3 SL4MF processor. The datasheet at: the pinout, but I can't figure out which pins to connect the wires to. Please Help. Kabir

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(home made lightbox) Keeping backlight on - which pins to bridge on monitor psu board

Thought id seek a bit of pro advice from the forums for my first post as im totally drawing blanks on this one!. i am trying to finish my custom lightbox made from an old hanns.g hh281 monitor. at the moment, when powered on, the backlight turns on then off after a few seconds as no pc signal is being received.  i have taken a picture of the connector to the main board as i cannot figure out which 2 pins to bridge to keep the ccfl backlights on :-( i was guessing one of the ground pin and the on/off  would work but didnt want to mess this up on the first go . any input would be a godsend! thanks all!

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Does anyone have an Iriver T10?

One that you wouldn't mind dissasembling to help me. My front button pad broke and I need to know the pinout, all I need are some front and back reference pics of the pad circuit(with the ribbon) with a reference mark as to what is what (like volume up or next track)

Question by The Ideanator 

I have an old Iriver T10 1Gb player, how could I find the FCC id number? Answered

Ok, so I have an old MP3 player that I have decided to recommission. Unfortunately the problem that decommissioned it is still a problem, the front button pad does not work, the traces are so tiny that I cant easily test it by hand, and I cant find any information anywhere on the internals of the T10.I cant find the fcc id # anywhere on the body, I need it because it would allow me to get schematic diagrams for it (according to this I'ble)

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What ipod charge pinout should i use? Answered

I am trying to build an ipod charger that will charge an ipod at 1amp im not sure what pinout i should use as i will be charging different ipods on it. Mostly a 5g nano, and a 2g touch. occasionaly possibly a 2g nano. have hard of many different methods. 150K ohm resistors, shorting out data pins, using lots of resistors, using few resistors...... could i maybe use line out too on my charger?, what is better quality? headphone jack or line out? thx many times

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How can I find the pinout for my flyback transformer?

I have already looked at the lab hv-ps page and cannot find the pinout for my flyback transformer. Can anyone help me?

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7 segment display nsn64r

Hi!Is there anyone having data on nsn64r pinout ? I found a few of them but no pinout instructions.Thanks

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Help with Company Name

I have a Pic searched what i could any one know its an LCD 20 pin cant find pinouts

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Does anyone have the pinout to make a Simple Signaling UPS Cable AP9827- USB to RJ45 for an APC ES 500 UPS?

This is the USB to RJ45 that connects the Battery backup to the computer

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