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The 7 pound bike

The wheels are barely over 700 grams for the pair and weight has been shaved off of every possible spot to create a ride that weighs in at 3,195 grams or just over 7 pounds. Damn. I used to have a beast of a cruiser that was easily over 50 pounds. This bike isn't just for show either. The owner has ridden 1,000 kilometers a week on it! link

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160,000 pounds of ink...

From Juxtapoz Magazine: All you wanted to do was have a smooth commute this morning but of course it takes you an addition two hours because of an overturned tracker-trailer, what a way to start the day right? Well this morning outside of Boston, we can imagine commuters were rubber-necking more than usual as they got to see one hell of a sight . . . 160,000 pounds of industrial printer ink splattered over a 500 foot stretch of road…   I'm not sure it's actually 160,000 lbs of ink, since that's over 72 tonnes.  Let's call it 16,000 lbs, that works out as over $10,000,000 worth of colourful drain flush. I wonder if the driver still has a job?  

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£ (pound) sign in the title

I cant get a £ sign in the title of my instructable. it works fine in the main text body of the 'ible but just not in the title! all i get is a little box with FFFD written in it. someone said type alt+0163 rather than shift+3 but it didnt do anything. im not clued up on code speak so if answers could be aimed at the layman i am that would be great. any help?

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 in front of every pound sign.

Whenever I preview or save and return to my instructable all the £ have a  in front. I have tried removing them and re-saving but they just don't budge. Any help? Edit: as you can see it's come up in the text here and even in the keywords! rarrr

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GBP (Pound sign) messed up on site £

No-one's reported this, strangely. It is probably related to the Alt codes bug, but since I'm typing directly into the Instructables editor (rather than copying and pasting) I'm starting a new bug report. ‚£ comes out wrong. There really shouldn't be that  in front of it! It leaves the  in there if you hit back to edit from the preview, as well. And you can't use &GBP; either, as we cannot use the Alt codes for HTML in comments. Edit: As you can see, every time you preview then edit, another A appears. It grew to £ this time.

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How to make a blimp that will lift 1 pound and weights a max of 5 pounds?

Please I need help Being controlled in yaw, altitude (less than 500ft agl), airspeed (less than 5kts), and basic position in space Rapid deployment  Multi-sensor equipping  eg. compact digital camera, weather sensors, etc Max gross weight less than 5 lbs  Lifting a nominal payload (1.5 lb)

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Selling over 30 pounds of K'NEX

Asking $200. Pics: For pickup in Northern Virginia or shipped at additional cost. The roller coaster tubing has been cut into sections of varying length.

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leg and arm weights

Will someone write up the plans for a HEAVY-DUTY ankle and wrist weight. I have been searching online for a company that will make custom weighted wrist and ankle weights but there aren't any. I'm wanting to make a 50 lb for the arms and 100 lb for the legs. I'm thinking along the lines of several iron or lead bars strapped together with a nylon fiber or other strong material. I've only ever done projects in high-school, where materials were provided, so I don't really know where to get the materials needed. Please help.

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Pound sign seems to mess up forum!

Take a look at my forum topic below "GBP Pound sign messed up on site £", and you will see what is shown in the screen cap. Clearly a bug, and something to do with the dreaded GBP symbol, I bet.

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how do I make a pulse jet engine with 100 pounds of thrust?

I want to make a pulse jet which will produce about 100 pounds of thrust.

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Can I get a 20 pound CO2 cylinder filled with Helium? Answered

I recently got a 20 pound CO2 cylinder and was wondering if I would be able to get it filled with helium gas.

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Where can I find four 50 pound lift or higher magnets that's round and flat? Answered

They need to be flat and not too thick and I would prefer in a circle shape but square will also do. They have to be at least 50 pounds of lift. Price doesn't matter but I would prefer each one is at most $20.

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What resistance in pounds is needed to pull this cart up the incline? Answered

Or better yet what would be the formula when the angle of incline, cart weight and hanging weight vary?

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hand drill problems?? Answered

I bought a old hand drill for really cheaply it just needed cleaning up im having some problems how do i remove the chuck its stuck it dosent have any screws in the chuck so how do i remove it?

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i got this from a 1 pound shop what can i do with it? Answered

It a solar led thing it has a solar panel on the back and what looks like 3 button cell batteries and a button the led are very bright so what could I use this for.

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Yep, I'm Officially Scared.

Robotics company Boston Dynamics has made a vehicle for the military, its called the Big Dog.Its got four legs, and weighs 235 pounds, and can carry a payload of 340 pounds.The video is just too creepy..O_oBoston Dynamics: Big Dog

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How would I make a bidirectional hand pump like an air mattress pump?

I'm looking for a resistance machine like a pneumatic  air mattress pump; two types. One pump could handle maybe 120 pounds pressure. The other would be for about 80 pounds.

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Tensor skateboard trucks?

I want to know how good/bad you think tensor skateboard trucks are. Here are a few key points I want to know: How heavy are they, I cant find a specific weight any where? (in pounds or grams) Do they snap in two? Are they work 40 dollars? my current truck weights 13/16ths of a pound so like a little more 3/4ths of a pound I'm only like 112 lbs so I doubt I could ever snap any trucks but still.

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What Grocery stores have the most reasonable prices for turkeys per pound?

Seeing that the economy has gone absolutely crazy with the outrageous prices for food!!!! I would like to ask my fellow community members if you have noticed any grocery stores who are having good deals on turkeys per pound? I live here in Northeastern Ohio and at Save a Lot(Discount food store) a turkey was $1.79 a pound. Please can somebody possibly give me some feedback on how a family of three can have a decent meal without spending my whole paycheck?

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Long bow sizing questions? Answered

I was wondering what the actual length of a long bow with a string length of 48inch amo would be I basically want to know what the length of the bow itself with the string on would be??  Also wondering if a 30 pound draw or 20 pound draw would be better for a small person small game hunting?? Thanks!! 

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Electomagnetic help!!! How to build a small electromagnet that holds 20-25 pounds?

I want to build an electromagnet that holds 15-25 pounds but is small enough to strap three of them on my forearm. Because it will be on my body, I want to make the magnet in a way that won't be very hot. I'm kinda a noob at this kind of thing, so please be specific!!! Also, would a doughnut shaped electromagnet work? If you have any questions or anything that needs to be clarified, please comment and I'll try to explain in greater detail. If you've read this far, thank you so much, and please help!!!! God bless

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What is the average k'nex pieces to weight ratio?

Like taking a random 100 pieces out of a box (assuming that commonness is a factor), and how much it weights. I'd like to know how many I have, but I'm too lazy... lol. Also, pounds or ounces is preferred, but I can find a calc for metric.

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What's wrong with my ruler? Answered

I bought this steel rule for a pound from Wilkinson's today, but there appears to be a slight problem with it . . .

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how much ...

I have 6000 knex which is about 50 pounds how much should the i sale them for,thank you in advance?

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Ive been looking to buy some new arrows that can withstand a 50 pound bow and durable, maybe carbon fiber? any help would be appreciated!

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Anybody know how i can get a car under 200 - 100 pounds?

I'm trying to get a car for a project , It will help if it runs , Interior doesn't need to be perfect but i'd like to not do too much welding etc on the exterir ?

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whats a good design for a mini balsa wood bridge? it has to hold 100 pounds!?

Must have: mass- 45.0 grams or less length- must be longer than 38.0 centimeters (2.0 cm by 2.0 cm square rod must be able to pass through full length of roadway surface) height & depth- can't extend more than 12.0 cm above test support surface and 10.0 cm below it. roadway- will support 100lbs load, cannot be more than 2.0 cm above test support surface BRIDGES CAN'T BE WEDGED INTO SUPPORTS) someone please help, i'm stuck!

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Who wants knex

Who wants 27 pounds of knex(more than enough for a tr36 and a ksayer all at once) plus tons of rubberbands make an offer.

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Black Holes aren’t Black they are Gray?

Ok so 40 years ago Stephen Hawking came up with the theory of Black holes and today they are not black but gray. It turns out that the black holes Hawking wrote about in 1974 — those places in the space-time continuum that can devour galaxies and even trap light forever — may not exist in the way that he proposed decades ago. So I read the paper. I found it a bit dry compared to A Brief History of Time but that is the life of a paper. I have always believed a theory is just that and no more, prone to evolve or be disproved with the advent of new theories and facts. After all it is just a theory and not a fact even though many of these theories enable us to the most amazing things. Which reminds me of a joke. A Canadian fisherman was down south fly fishing with an American fisherman that happen to be a marine biologist. Soon the Canadian fisherman caught a one pound brook trout and stated it was just a baby and threw it back. The American marine biologist not objecting to catch and release, objected to the Canadian calling a one pound Salvelinus fontinalis a baby. He explained to the Canadian fisherman that the Salvelinus fontinalis is genetically unable to grow larger than one pound. The Canadian fisherman retorted I catch five pounders in the Boyne River all the time and that was just a baby where he comes from. The American marine biologist objected to the Canadian calling a one pound Salvelinus fontinalis a baby. Again he explained to the Canadian fisherman that the Salvelinus fontinalis is genetically unable to grow larger than one pound. Not wanting to argue the Canadian fisherman let the subject lye and spent the rest of the day fishing throwing their catch back. At the end of the day they exchanged addresses and parted friends. A month later the American marine biologist received a parcel in the mail in it was a frozen five pound brook trout, distraught he began to write the Canadian fisherman a letter. “Dear Mr. Fuddel Duddel Thank you for the five pound specimen of the Salvelinus fontinalis, and thank you very much for ruining perfectly good science with a fact. Sincerely John Doe”

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How can I use woven plastic feed bags (dog food, bird seed, etc) to make grow bags for vegetables?

HI, Could someone give me detailed instructions (from start to finish) on how to use the woven plastic feed bags to grow tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, cucumbers, squash, etc?  The bag sizes vary from 10 pound to 50 pound capacities. Thanks everyone.

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Volume of gas from given weight of dry ice?

I'm rusty on basic chem. specifically, molarity, molecular weight... Dry ice, frozen CO2 is sold by the pound. I'd like to know by working formulas, how much volume a pound of dry ice will fill once it returns to gas. Carbon has molecular weight ~ 12.  Oxygen ~16.  But I don't recall what those numbers represent. One mole of gas occupies 22.4 liters, but how much does a mole of CO2 weigh?

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Amateur Chemistry is Dead. :-(

You're now restricted to one pound of fertilizer (or other chemicals that might be usedto make illegal fireworks) per year.Judge's Final OpinionDamn.Background info for Firefox vs CPSC

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What should I do with the last batch of cherries of the season?

I have two pounds of cherries that are about to go off.  What should I do with them?

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My Cuisinart bread machine is wearing out. What is the toughest bread maker available?

I like the bread machine because it makes small, one pound loaves. I never use the 1.5 or 2 pound loaf options because the machine's pan will not stay in place during kneaing stages with the larger loaves. I only use it to make one loaf of Italian or honey wheat per week. Now, however, the pan will no longer stay in place when making the small loaves. Is a tough, durable machine available that will hold up? The machine is only a year or two old.

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are you aloud to advertise stuff to sell on instructables? Answered

If not, then could you make a option to sell stuff except the seller has to pay a pound or something to put it on the site.

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electronically measure poundage of an impact?

I'm looking to make a training device that measures the pound force of impact from a strike. I'm sure the is a sensor out there that does this but I don't know what its called.  

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The Adaptive Knex Rifle

I almost sold all 35+ pounds worth of Knex, but am glad I didn't. I have resurrected my old mag fed design and will be posting it here on Instructables.

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how much does air weigh? Answered

How much does 1 cubic foot of air at 1 atmosphere of pressure weigh? (and for the answerers, a google search returned conflicting answers)

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would like to ride a bike/trike/quad that hold 500+ pounds. Can i make or reinforce a preexsiting bike to work for me?

I want to take and preexsisting bike/ trike/quad and make it hold me. most modern bike have a 200 to 250 limit I weight in around 500+ pounds. I know this is bad and want to change, I loved biking as a child and thought I could buy one. Well I can but it would involve a small loan the cheapest ones are 1300+ dollars I was hoping for some ideas on making or improving plus keeping the cost lower.

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Making coolest self-raising loft bed for kid - please help with hardware!

Hi everybody.  I am going to make a loft bed that will raise automatically when my kid gets out of it.  What I'd like to do (please see attached files) is suspend the bed via pulleys and cables attached to one weight.  The weight would be just a pound or two (trimmable, of course) more than the frame, mattress, bedding, etc. so it will raise itself until the weight hits a stop leaving the bed a few inches from the ceiling.  If necessary some friction could be used to keep the speed reasonable.  At night it should pull down quite easily, and I believe that with this layout, it should come down evenly regardless of where it is being pulled.   I had wanted this to "float", but since it is going to be in a corner anyways, I may run a couple tracks down the wall with hardware to guide the bed and keep it from swinging. The big question I have is how to fasten this to the ceiling.  It is drywall with joists above.  Offhand I'm guessing the bed will be say 110 pounds, so about 225 pounds hanging from the ceiling with the bed empty.  I'd like to have an extra, what, 500 pounds wiggle room?  Worst case scenario, two 150 pound people sitting on the end of the bed...  I mean I can explain that this is a one person only contraption, but I REALLY don't want it coming down regardless of what gets thrown at this thing. Any ideas, criticisms, feedback, will be so greatly appreciated.  I think this could be really awesome, and I know it will make my son flip out!  He's got a very small room, and this will free up so much space. Thanks again.  John

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how do you make an electric motor more powerful?

I am making a battle robot and need to upgrade it to get more torque out of it, in order to lift a 10 pound robot.

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knexmaster14 look here!!!

Http:// you look there it shows my license to gavadangers knex 5 pound gatling gun instructable i made. the one that you plagerised .

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Need a good soldering station (in uk)

Hey guys, im looking for some recommendation for a good soldering station that is available in the uk and less than 60 pound, preferably a well known brand. thanks

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What's the most part-use weapons made of knex? Answered

I have about 105 pounds of knex (yeah yeah look at pics) and I want to build something really big, but I don't want to build the Heavy Cannon v1 because i've built v3 and v5. I also don't want to build the Vivisector because that's (as my friend would say it) weak sauce. So is there any high piece count knex weapons that aren't that boring to build and shoots far?

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Our pet dog gets up every 2 hours at night?

What can I do to determine if my pet dog, 6 pounds, has a kidney infection?

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